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this is how to defeat the STRONGEST BOSS in Modded Terraria...

May 13, 2021
it's all good it's all good yeah as you can see we have a line of memes here put it in the sand okay look at that dps holy hello everyone welcome back to another Terraria video today we go Let's put our hall of fame with overpowered insta kill weapons against one of the



es in modern terrariums and that is eck death now eck death is a super strong


who can survive most of the extremely powerful weapons and also can kill you in god mode, which is pretty crazy, so we're about to see, you know what? hall of fame weapons that we have checked in our past, can Terraria bosses survive these series of weapons?
this is how to defeat the strongest boss in modded terraria
And we have a good couple here now, obviously, I had a judgment call about whether these weapons killed the calamity bosses and pretty much jumped over all the hurdles I wanted. to see them jump and we have a pretty good selection, I could throw the infinity gauntlet here because that was the weapon that the series started with, so you know, it's like you know that a nostalgia thing, you have to throw the gauntlet of the infinite from adoration. him, so let's go ahead and do that, we could try


one the last two, don't worry until then, yeah, as you can see, we have a bad alignment here, we have both the greater manipulation tome and the black hole tome, both from the juicy mod after that we have the black hole pickaxe from the rebs mod


pickaxe literally sends things into the void and then we got the multiverse sword the best sword in the swords mod universe and people are like raiders from the game , it's good material.
this is how to defeat the strongest boss in modded terraria

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this is how to defeat the strongest boss in modded terraria...

I'm about to prove a bunch of fools wrong here because some people just said there is a stronger sword, well guess what you see, what is it a material for, oh it's just a material for a group of collectors of chests that come after that. we got the ender prism, i made sure to pick the one that shoots 100 beams, this was just a great prism type weapon and it accomplished a lot in the video i used it in and last but not least we got the real shortsword of iron and Last but not least, we just added just for nostalgia's sake the gauntlet, the weapon that started the whole series, but yeah, it acts like death, let's go ahead and grab all of these and let's do it. uh, I could put them in a certain order here. let me put them in a certain order just because you know I want to save the best for last or at least some of the best for last so let me put an order here so fighting death obviously we have to be a little careful because it could kill us even if we are in god mode so we have to be very careful uh here is the order of the weapons is that an eyeball here is the order of the weapons that I have here tome of black hole black hole pickaxe true iron short sword sword in the ender prism of the multiverse, tell them further manipulation and then the gauntlet will be the last, no matter what, yeah, let's go ahead and try the first one here, the black hole tome actually appears on the left or right, believe.
this is how to defeat the strongest boss in modded terraria
I'm pretty sure it's always the left, so let's generate it and then the black hole, Tom, okay, black holes get a good start in death, they get gigantic. I'm pretty sure the death egg can grow to the sides of the screen if you let it. and you know, oh, this is, I didn't know there were multiple phases, uh, it's all good, it's all good, but don't kill me, I mean, I think we're keeping it at bay, is the screen still shaking, but I think we killed him. I don't know, is he still here in this area somewhere?
this is how to defeat the strongest boss in modded terraria
No, I don't see it anymore. The screen shakes permanently, but I'll consider it a success. I didn't know. Death breaks blocks. I didn't know there was a second phase. Honestly, it's surprising that death is still new to this series. We've only seen her for three or four episodes, so honestly this is just weird, I think it's weird. I have to re-register the world to make it stop shaking, so I think the reason it couldn't really touch us is because the black hole, if you haven't seen this weapon before, is like it sucks enemies into the black. . a hole and kind of keeping them there keeps them at bay and once they get to the center I think that's when they get killed instantly or take a lot more damage, so it might have been difficult to act dead given their size, but already You know, Consider that a w didn't kill me, so it has to be a w next to the peak of the black hole.
I'm honestly interested to see how this goes because the black hole spike, if you legit hit something with it, it just disappears, uh. for example here if i hit the queen bee she left so i guess this will work if ekda took an l for the reality stone and it just disappeared and turned into a bubble you would assume this would work too i just have I have to start swinging, yeah. sir here we go we are two of two in the gun hall of fame you know there is a reason these guns are in the hall of fame.
Next, we have the real short iron sword, a very, very simple and boring weapon, but very deadly. one of those goes ahead and spawns something like the duke boom lunges at me he's dead immediately but we've seen weapons that respond to death and don't work on death at least we've seen one or two of them come back to perform that act. Death has only been here for three or four episodes, but let's see if this weapon can kill the egg. Death, let's see, my God, the message at the bottom even said. I think it's the most complete death we've seen.
We are three. three on kill egg death this is crazy next step sword of the multiverse get ready yeah it's going to play that noise every time we swing it uh I might have to run this time let me stand up a little higher I feel like I'm a little too low to run, let me go higher and, uh, let's do it, let's do it, okay, we've got some resistance here and we take our first line. I mean, it will happen eventually, so I'm in God mode if you guys have done it. I haven't seen the death of the egg before I'm in god mode and I'm dead so I have to log back into the world so we grab our first l our first hall of fame weapon uh it's sad to see the kind of multiverse, honestly, I had a lot of confidence that this was going to be successful.
I don't know, it's just a lovely weapon. It fires a bunch of projectiles, but the fact that it couldn't even touch death again just shows the power of death egg. How many times am I? I'm going to say act in this episode, have a drink every time if you're not of legal age to drink alcohol, have a drink of water, at least stay hydrated. Next up is that Ender Prism, this is another weapon I have a lot. of trust and faith in uh let's look at the 100 rays, this is a hundred rays, right, they don't even have an animation after a while, now they're just rays, yeah, let's go ahead and do it in death and find Ender's prism.
Well, it doesn't really work, I bet we could escape that death. Well, maybe not, we're still shooting the rays, even though we're dead and we're shooting the rays. This is something great. Okay, so that's another hall of fame gun that in l now we're three times five I feel like the numbers are all wrong I don't go to school but we've tested five guns only three of them have worked two of them have taken a l we're on our eighth weapon here that's a fucking lie this is just this is the sixth weapon look I told you I didn't go to school tome of greatest manipulation now this a lot of people have told me about the tome of greatest manipulation and a secret weapon you know what is that secret weapon?
Well I'm watching it right here and people have been spamming me non stop videos with eck death or I guess just the singer your bosses survive ever since Act Death was introduced put on Egg Death. Under the sand, put death to understand that it dies if you suffocate it with sand. I know I read the comment many times and let's try it separately here. uh, kill the egg death not just with sand, but kill the egg death just with what you know. click from the biggest atomic manipulation uh let me go to a very sandy area this is really sandy as you can see there's a storm and we're going to spawn death here grab them and put them in the sand uh isn't this one the right type of sand?
I don't know, this is what people told me to do, right? Since this doesn't seem to be working, maybe it's not the right type of litter. Let me know, hold down the kill button and then hold down the right button. Click, oh look, that echo died from the big manipulation tome just by holding down the right click. You know this is a very, very strong weapon. Shout out to juice because it may be the most powerful weapon of all time in this series, but maybe it was. It's not sandy enough. Don't know. I'll go this way.
This is much grittier. Let's try again. Maybe this sand. Don't know. It's a lot of sand. I'm putting them below. No, I don't understand anything here, maybe I have to read the comments again. Is there a way you want me to do this? I don't know what the hell, it was a very interesting massacre, I want to see it. Again, if I kill it, I understand that I'm not actually killing it with sand, so at this point it's like killing it with the right click, that's not really sand, okay, wait, let me read the comments again, all that good we can.
Look, there are a lot of people telling me to put it in the sand with the tummy manipulation. uh, you should use the tomato manipulation on the egg death. He is on the desert floor or throws sand on it. Very good phrase, usand and tom. To kill the death of the egg, okay, I have to find someone named Tom. The best way to kill egg death use Tommy for more manipulation and keep him in deep sand and he will kill very easily that's what he was doing but I think what most people mean is dropping sand . or dropping slime, you know, dropping blocks on top of eck death, but a lot of people also told me to just grab egg death with the tom and put it in sand, although we can understand where the confusion is coming from, yeah, let's move on.
Go back to the game and try to drop sand on Death's neck, so what I assume is that if we leave him on the ground, the Death egg can't move, that's what I assume, we're about to see, I'll take it . a sand gun too, I really don't know how we're going to do this, so boom, there's an act, grab it, put it in the sand, okay, okay, I figured out the strategy, I could have destroyed most of my world, but I found out. The strategy takes them to phase two, puts them under the sand and see what happens there, go to death and our new secret weapon of operations falling sand, you know that the falling sand is really very strong, I find myself taking a lot of damage from it, uh, same thing with slime and I feel like I don't even notice, yeah, there you go, I'm glad I made it, as you can see, the tests had a serious effect on the world, don't worry , I have a world of backup at the end, but no. less of the glove of course the glove the weapon that started it all look at that holy dps the weapon that started it all the infinite glove of the thorium mod let's see if it at least brings x death to one health because if it brings act death to one health that means that we take out another weapon and shoot to death this let's use the ender prism that will be our backup weapon okay let's do it boom and I went the wrong way I feel like I've logged into this world like 50 times recording this video okay x boom, I committed suicide, but he put a w for the glove gives it one health, the glove also kills me so since it kills me I don't die which means I can fight ekdesk if I respawn.
I just have to be prepared for it, but I consider it a w so you know what these five six seven weapons are, five of them were actually able to kill him, wait, grab a piece of sand, put that here, six weapons were able to kill him. kill egg death that's not so bad yeah I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to check out all the mods including the fargo dlc mod that adds an egg kill of course the juice mod that adds in these tomes , the rev mod that adds in black hole pick copper short sword mod that adds the real vanilla


iron short sword that adds in the sand block the thorium gauntlet the ender sword ender prism and swordsman universe multiverse sword be sure to check all that out Yeah thank you all for watching we will continue with our contour bosses surviving overpowered weapons very very soon like I said we may have some glitch episodes no with instant death weapons, but with very, very strong weapons, so I'll see you when it shows up again.
I'm also working on a big video or a less big video, plus a video that will take a long time, let's say there will be a hundred days involved, that's all I can say for now, okay, I'll see you all next time. time continue my contraction please

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