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The Wait is Over! The Audi Q4 e-tron Has Landed In the USA!

Mar 25, 2024
Hi, I'm Emily, the outer nerd. The


is finally over. The Q4 e-


is here. The Audi Q4 e-


is Audi's first vehicle on the Meb platform. The Meb platform is a platform that was designed from the ground up specifically for electric vehicles. Meb, roughly translated from German to English, is a modular electrification toolkit. There are currently three models that are on this platform: the Volkswagen id4, with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, the Audi Q4 e-tron, with rear-wheel drive. all-wheel drive and the Q4 sportback and also includes the skoda enyak; However, here in the United States we can only see Volkswagen and Audi cars.
the wait is over the audi q4 e tron has landed in the usa
This Audi Q4 e-tron we have here today is a 50 with all-wheel drive. Also on the Prestige trim level, this is a 2022 and then we heard that there may be some slight changes for 2023, we don't know what they are yet, so today I'll go over the things that are in the 2022 and other things. We'll probably see it in 2023 and later models, this Q4 has 295 horsepower and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. It has a maximum speed of 112 miles per hour. All Q4s share the same 82 kilowatt hour battery. The differences just go away. to be between the motors the rear motor is a permanently excited synchronous motor and cannot be turned off and comes with all wheel drive and rear wheel drive when you upgrade to the all wheel drive version you get an asynchronous motor the front which can be turned off and has a high regeneration capacity.
the wait is over the audi q4 e tron has landed in the usa

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the wait is over the audi q4 e tron has landed in the usa...

I thought it would be fun to open the hood so you can take a look down here because I'm sure you're hoping to see some of the electric motors this isn't the electric motor so it's not one of those and there's no storage up here. The reason this can open is that we need to add some windshield washer fluid. It's right there, but the rest should be covered. I've heard rumors that the 2023 models will have some type of coverage over everything else, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. The design of the Q4 e-tron is very unique, as you can see, it carries the classic Audi single frame grille and now we finally have a name for this silver, it is called selenite silver, it has a lot of really cool e-tron things.
the wait is over the audi q4 e tron has landed in the usa
You can see the e-tron here below, the unique frame inverted to let you know an EV is coming. It has all these ways of pushing all the air out this way so it's extremely aerodynamic and has low rolling resistance, so it's easier to slide on this vehicle. When you get to the bottom you will see again huge vents that push the air in different directions and they have parking sensors one, two, three and four, this here is the coup, as I call it, because in this 2022 model, for some reason, There's no front camera, but we've heard that in the 2023 model or sometime later they'll bring it back.
the wait is over the audi q4 e tron has landed in the usa
The full 360° camera comes a little closer. You will see these Audi rings. They are very interesting here. They may look a little different because they have been keyed and are no longer just the individual ring, it is a flat piece all the way around. For less resistance, moving up a little bit you'll see these really cool drls. It has this fun little design. Well it gets even better because in the Q4 e-tron in a prestige like this you can adjust it and you have four different ones. options, let me show you the exterior here, on the side, here are three different wheel options for the q450.
This is a standard wheel on the Prestige version. You'll notice that the front brakes are 14.1-inch discs. I'm sure you've heard the rumors about rear drum brakes, that's true and the reason for rear drum brakes is because on the EV they absorb most of the regeneration in the front and because the low center of gravity is all set up to be that way and If we don't use the rear brakes, they squeal, corrode and cause more maintenance. This way you have maintenance-free rear brakes on all Audi e-tron vehicles. There is what is called a noise generator that serves to raise awareness among pedestrians. the vehicle because there is no engine, so you can't hear it coming in the Q4.
On each tour, there are two main noise generators, one in the front and one in the back of the driver, now moving up from down here, we have the sculpture and the mirrors. It has really clean lines for low drag as you go along, you'll also notice the really sharp angle there is in the windshield; it's a much sharper angle because it has less resistance to reach the top and the The Q4 has a really cool PVB filament overlaid on the windshield to allow for better optimization of the AR head-up display that continues throughout The Q4 e-tron battery pack is located right between the two axles and there are no cutouts for the footwells like there.
It's on the e-tron GT that comes here, you'll notice this panel which looks quite out of place on the e-tron vehicles, this is where you actually charge your Q4, there's no option for two charging ports, there's only a level one and In level two, you use the standard one and then take it out to recharge your levels and put it back in, close the door like any standard Audi gas cap. The Q4 is the first vehicle in the Audi segment with the complete line across the entire front. The taillights are a really cool sight and if you notice they're starting to include some clear stuff at the bottom, I'm really excited to see what other cars they put that on next, a very small detail that I noticed most people don't notice. would notice or care is the fact that now the Audi rings are no longer on that matte silver collar that they have been on all the other e-trons, they are now reverting to the classic shiny look that the Q4 e-tron shares.
With a lot of the other e-tron vehicles in their rear styling, as you'll see, it's got some vents here that make it look like maybe it has an exhaust, but it actually doesn't because it's an e-tron if you look up slightly. You'll see the e-tron embossed here on the rear bumper. You have four proximity sensors on the back, one on each side and then two in the middle. The e-tron is really unique because it's the only place where you notice if it's a Quattro or not, it's here on the rear emblem, there's nothing on the front grill or inside the dash.
We just purchased this vehicle and I haven't had a chance to test the hands-free tailgate yet, so here we go. Try it now, oh I see they've worked out a few things first. Try to work like a charm. The Q4 has a huge rear trunk with 18.4 cubic feet of storage with the seats up and with the seats down, it has 52.6 cubic feet of storage. Does it come standard with rear privacy back here? There are options for mats if you want them and there's a really cool trick up your sleeve if you get a little closer. It has a lower rear platform where you can store things.
Like its charger, the charger that comes with it is a standard Audi charger. It has a level one accessory, level two, and then the car accessory with the transformer. I also kept the floor mats that came with the vehicle under here and as you can see there are still tons of them. More space is quite usable and the good thing is that you can turn everything upside down and it's like it was never there. The Q4's trunk is also programmable to different heights, so if you press the button to release it, let's say which height is best for you. press and hold the button and


and that noise will let you know that it has reset to Max at that height when you want to reset it to Max height, push it to Max once it has reached that height press and hold and it has reset to the maximum height.
Alright, now let's take a look inside. You know the drill. Let's see how I fit in. I'm five five and three quarters tall and the front seat was adjusted for my husband, who is a little. Just over six feet tall and you can also take a look inside the Santos Brown. You can see that it's actually much darker than most of the Browns offered by Audi, very similar to the discontinued nougat seen back here, oh my. God, I have so much room, tons of space in front of my knees. I'd say this is pretty similar to what it feels like in at least a Q7.
There's climate control plus and minus fan speed here and there's two USBs and a 12 volt underneath, there's plenty of headroom up here, up here, jeez, I'm almost half a foot above me, plenty of headroom, esp. for someone who is tall, it has been sculpted to allow more space behind the sunroof because the sunroof reaches almost halfway, at the end of the seat, right here, Audi finally listened to the US market: we wanted cupholders in cupholders larger so they put a bottle holder in each door pocket, it fits a 1.5 liter water bottle and there is still There is plenty of room back here and in the back seat there is the drop down with additional cup holders in the middle of the seat rear, but there's even more to the front, so let's take a look now as you'll see the interior of the Q4 e-tron.
Notice that some things immediately look very different compared to other Audis. Notice that the steering wheel looks totally out of the future. This is the new generation of the Audi steering wheel. You'll notice up here you have flat rings like the front of the vehicle. See, you have two different sides of buttons and they look a little different and a little shiny because they're actually all optical touch, so you can slide them around and press individual buttons wherever you want. Notice I turned on the radio and it turns down the volume just by sliding your finger or there are the buttons below notice the heated steering wheel up here you have your phone button you have the talk button moving to the side you can swipe through different things on the center of this center screen up there so I'm zooming in just using my finger zooming in there, you have the back button as usual.
The View button so you can have large or small icons in the virtual cockpit. You'll see this button here, we can add additional elements. on the side so this panel still fits the virtual cockpit, the virtual cockpit is slightly smaller on the Q4 e-tron than we have seen on other vehicles, however it is still a comparable size considering what you are using it for now , as I mentioned with in the S line package you can have the flat bottom and the flat top, the reason why the flat top is the option is because for the augmented reality head-up display with the flat bottom you allows you to move the steering wheel further up and still have a perfect view of the augmented reality, the MMI is practically unchanged compared to previous vehicles, however, it is a little larger in size, so you can see all the different icons sliding down.
There is the option for the front display button where you can easily access and adjust. The height and elements that are on the HUD is very important because it largely depends on how exactly the seat is positioned for each person as it is a very large HUD compared to the previous and new generation. It's actually 15.2 liters in size while the previous generation or standard front screen was only 4.2 liters so it's totally different totally bigger but this way make sure you adjust it every time and these Settings will be saved in the seat memory, which is available on the side that goes down towards HVAC.
This is the HVAC in the A3 and the e-tron GT extremely easy to use. You will notice that there is no button for ventilated seats as that is not an option on the Q4 e-tron which goes down to this The panel down here, this one is really unique and is new for the Q4 where it sticks out completely and has storage underneath There are both USB and its 12 volt and even a wireless charger in this unique angle with the clip to keep it in place on the go. back, you can see this panel like we were discussing, you have your drive select button here, you have your hazard lights, your traction control and this is where you can adjust the volume and to skip tracks, you can also turn off the MMI screen by holding pressed the button. here for two seconds as you pass you have the start/stop button, however the start/stop button is not used much in the Q4 because once you have the key you get in the vehicle and put your foot in the brake, the car will start automatically. and then when you're done put it back into park and just take your foot off the brake and the vehicle will turn off.
You don't have to do anything, back up here for reverse, down for neutral as usual. Bring it all the way back for D or B mode DNB mode specifically B mode is exclusive to the Q4 e-tron. We've heard from a lot of people who really want that one-pedal driving feeling, that's why we designed mode B. It's the battery mode and it has the highest level of regeneration on the Q4 there are three main levels of regeneration there is a zero level which means zero regeneration of any kind level one which is point zero six G level two is point one G level three or mode B is 0.16 G, you can adjust the regeneration by putting it in mode B for maximumregen or on the paddles up here on the steering wheel, there's all the wood grain along this top and as I mentioned earlier, there's no Quattro here where it is.
On other vehicles it just says e-tron. There are two larger, full-size cupholders right here in the front. This is the new design of the key. It will also be used in Q4 in each run. There is no small corner to put the key like in some. other Audis, but it still fits here and this is where you put the key. If the key fob's battery was dead, you could still feel it. There's still a pretty decent sized cargo capacity here and as I mentioned. These side door pockets can fit very large water bottles, so this is the standard full one liter bottle and will fit up to a one and a half liter bottle.
You can put it right there on the door and still have room underneath in the door pockets, the touch controls for the sunroof are different because they actually touch all the way, so these are the controls for the panoramic sunroof, this is just the blind and then to open it you would pull it back like this when you want to close it again pull it forward and when you want to ventilate just touch it like this and then again pull it forward to turn it off you have lights on both sides for driver and passenger and there is also the yes icon You want to have that on when the vehicle has any of the doors open the corresponding light will come on.
This is also where you would turn on all the lights inside the cabin by turning off any of them and then this is where you would call for roadside assistance and this is your iOS button. Now, take a closer look at the seats inside. This is the Santos Brown interior, but it has contrasting gray stitching. You'll also see the dynamic gray along the sides here, which gives it a really attractive touch. It feels cool and it's nice to rest your arms against it, so when you're sitting like this or using any of the armrests, there's not that seam there, so it's nice and comfortable and soft when you rest for a while. most comfortable driving position to set up the augmented reality head-up display, you can use the adaptive cruise control which will show the vehicle in front of you or you can set a navigation route, so I have set a navigation route now If I move forward, you will be able to see that the blue arrow will guide me to the path, so mention to go in this direction and follow all the way and see how it moves and continues to guide me.
It's cool because there are two different levels. From it, you can see this front which is about 10 feet in front of me and the second one which is further back which is about 30 feet or so in front of me and they are two very different configurations for both of them as I go up here to the wall. , it will let me, you can see down there, it will tell me how many feet until the stop sign, it will tell me if I am between the lanes and it will also tell me the mile per hour I am reaching the stop sign here, you will see that There are three other errors.
They'll tell me right down there, next to the stop sign, where that stop sign is and then they'll point me in that direction with three long arrows that mean go Now left, as I make the turn, you'll notice the arrows slide with you. until they disappear and, as long as you keep a straight row, it will tell you how long until your next turn. that down there at the bottom and then you won't see the arrows appear until you get close to your next turn if you're getting close to the center line or on the other side it'll put that red line there to guide you to where the right line would be, you can do that and it's a smooth guide, it's not as abrupt or invasive as it used to be and it just gently pulls the steering wheel towards something that's easily overridable, you see those three bugs guiding you Through that corner you can see the arrow appearing to let you know That right up there will be where we are going to turn.
Look, as you get closer, the air will get bigger and closer to where it's supposed to be cool to see. that animation sees these three big arrows and they slide with you and then they disappear after you've turned around, so I'm sure we're all familiar with virtual reality, which is those virtual reality glasses or different programs that you can go into and which it does to take you out of reality completely, but augmented reality is what uses the reality behind you as a backdrop and overlays a virtual world on top, that's how you get the different interactions of the symbol. above where it can show right under the car or right at the right turn, it overlaps them and I have to say after driving it for a few days Audi did a pretty good job and it fits perfectly, the only caveat is that it doesn't work. with Apple carplay or Android auto you would have to use it with the navigation integrated into the MMI and the augmented reality HUD also does not work if you wear polarized sunglasses the same with any other foreign HUD thanks for watching my video about the Audi Q4 e-tron.
I'm so excited it's finally here. I'm very excited to place other orders and finally be able to see a Q4 sportback in the coming months. Thanks for looking if you have any other questions. about this vehicle or other vehicles please leave it in the comments thanks for watching

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