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The Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds Blew Me Away!

Feb 27, 2020
Head back to Spotify and we're going to fire up exactly what you were listening to before. Hey what's up? It's Jared powered by Stata and I have something very exciting that I'm going to look at today, which is some new headphones from Sony. These are the WUF 1000 x mark 3 Bluetooth Headphones and you know I've had a love hate relationship with my Air Pods you know the Air Pods are a fantastic little piece of technology they're super convenient and you know the sound quality is average it's not great and i've talked about this in previous videos but i know it's


i have these over ear bluetooth noise canceling headphones and they're absolutely fantastic i take them with me everywhere i think i've talked about them in all the headphone related videos I've done in the past so when Sony released these I just had to order them they arrived the other day from Amazon and I was finally able to go and grab my box and I have them here and we are going to open them and we are g I am going to see them together.
the sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds blew me away
You know that doing reviews with headphones is kind of a challenge because I don't like it. I don't like him physically. Give you the experience as if you were here. I can't put it in your ear and let you listen. so you have to take my word for it and take my experience so what i'm going to do is have my air pods in my pocket and i'm going to listen to music for a second on the air pods first. because I want to have that experience that I'm used to before I put them on and I think that's going to give me the best feedback or the best reaction I think to the quality that's going to come out of these new Sony Bluetooth headphones so of course this is your third version of these or their three marks.
the sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds blew me away

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the sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds blew me away...

I have not had previous versions. I've had noise canceling headphones before but I always end up going back to what's convenient just because it's easy to carry around and it's easy to get them in and out of your ears and stuff like that so something month headphones like these although they are quality Much better audio I tend to go back to something that's more convenient like air pods because air pods are convenient and if I want a good audio experience like I really want to hear music and feel it then I'm actually going to choose you know , over-ear headphones, something a little fuller with better sound quality because you can have bigger drivers, you've got more going, you've got full over-ear coverage, you're going to get better audio quality out of that , regardless, so let's take a look, so we're going to go ahead and launch the airpods and real quick, we'll just drop them.
the sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds blew me away
I've seen these Air Pods and I've definitely gotten some feedback from people when I talk about Air Pods in other videos, but let's go ahead and listen to some music now. I like a wide range of music but when I really want to rock out I listen to either rock or metal and there's a new Killswitch Engage album coming out today so let's go ahead and experience a couple seconds of that in my ears and get that Air Pod experience before you go ahead and throw in those Sony's okay so you know the Airpod experience you know the sound quality is average.
the sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds blew me away
I've talked about this in the past and in other videos, Air Pods are not headphones, they don't sit in your ears like normal. the headphones do it so they don't create that seal. There are things that air pods just have against them so we're going to go ahead and set them aside and open this new Sony box right here now the packaging is really nice. Very good packaging, open the lid and you have the headphones here and the charging case below. I've read that this is a USB C USB charging case which is great a lot of other things I have that are USB-c type except for my iPhone but you know USB C is where it goes so I'm going to go ahead and put them inside the case so they turn on and you know I don't know what level of charge they will come with but while it charges for a second let's go ahead and just look in what's in the rest of the box, we take out a couple of little flaps here and underneath are a bunch of tips or whatever you want to call them, the little attachments for different ear sizes.
I have talked about this. also in previous videos my ear holes or ear holes or whatever are a little bit bigger so I tend to have to go ahead and change the tips or tips to a bigger size and get that seal to get that seal and get that good audio quality we also have a usb cable two usbc here and a little bit of good actually quite a thick instruction book and some instructions on how to use google assistant because these are enabled for the google assistant and especially if you are using them on an android device you are going to b I can use the google assistant very easily.
You know Sony with their headphones have a lot of touch functionality. I know that one of the things I really like about my on-ear headphones. My Sony noise canceling headphones is the ability to put my hand over the right ear cup and have it pause the music and also turn the noise canceling off and basically allow it to turn on the microphones and allow you to hear what's going on that works really well when I'm on a flight or something and I'm trying to cancel out all kinds of noise and then someone wants to talk to me or the flight attendant or something, I just put my hand over my ear and then I can hear what they're saying so we have I have them in the case a neat little case kind of a copper lid design has a really nice feel to it it's a big case you know if you're looking at it compared to air pods it's about double the size of the air pod case it's almost the exact same height as the air pod case it's definitely thicker than the air pod case and size wise it's significantly bigger so you're dealing with more Much more here, so let's go ahead and get these out on my ears.
I know I'm probably going to need to increase the size of the tips on these things and that's going to be something I'm going to have to deal with, so my audio quality probably won't be perfect right off the bat, but let's just go ahead and try it out everyone. modes ok so it just told me battery life is at 70% that's great it's really interesting to talk with these in my ears because they already have noise canceling I'll go ahead and turn on screen recording here so you can see what I'm doing and screen recording is turned on.
It will go into bluetooth, go down and pair with the device. Now the tricky thing once it's paired is remembering. which device is which because I have the over ear headphones and the model number is essentially the same except one is WF and the other is WH so I'm going to have to go ahead and make sure I'm connected to the correct headphones which i am now and then i can go ahead and follow back to spotify and we're going to turn on exactly what i was listening to before okay so right off the bat it's kind of hard to like to talk okay so i might do the hand like if I were to just put my hand over my ear here and I can hear it turn the noise canceling off then back on so it seems like it's okay so the right if I touch the right I get Siri if I put my hand over to the left, noise cancellation is turned off. anyway the audio quality i noticed right


is omg i need to get this out of my ear the audio quality right


is much cleaner i hear much crisper highs like the high hats and cymbals and things like that , I actually hear them a lot cleaner and I also hear deeper bass that is more defined that seems less muffled so if you're looking for headphones where you can really hear the instruments there isn't a lot of distortion like that you'll definitely want a pair of headphones like these, a pair of headphones like these, the air pods because you don't have that perfect seal around your ear because they're not as good in quality of a piece of technology as these Sony's, you're going to get a little bit of a different experience there, the audio quality just won't be that great so let's go ahead and try something else you know we listened to some metal of course now let's go ahead and listen something that's maybe more like a hip hop so we'll go ahead and turn this on that's so clean so one thing that happens when you're listening to loud music on headphones is that it tends to happen when you get to higher volumes , which I like to listen to loud music when you get to higher volumes you get some distortion you lose the ability to hear the clean crisp sound s coming from the different musical instruments now this is like hip-hop and that's a little different, it's all essentially electronic, so it's a little different than percussion, but I hear very, very clean sounds on there and I know it. one thing that is also a huge benefit of using something like this instead of the air pods is the spillage that would come out of the device and therefore i hear loud music like i said i'm sitting next to people maybe in a coffee shop on a plane it probably wouldn't make that much noise, but I've noticed when I have air pods there's a lot of spillage and someone sitting, even you know, under me on the couch or somewhere else can hear what I'm saying . i'm listening so i have to turn my music down to not disturb people around me especially if i listen to metal not everyone likes that so with headphones like these from


i can listen to music. much louder of course the seal helps prevent sound from the noise canceling helps isolate me from the noise that's going on around me which yeah it's a bit disorienting when you have them on and you're definitely trying to talk to yourself if you're going to have a conversation.
Take them out of your ears even with one in my right ear it feels a little disorienting but that's something that's quite a lot you know unique to having headphones on when you have headphones on it's kind of weird to talk it's kind of hard to carry in conversation without taking them out, these are meant to be put in your ears and just have a great audio listening experience, so I'm going to put them back real quick and we'll try to listen to something else just to give you an idea. kinda we go with some electronic music like a little bit hardcore and let's just see what we got wow this is so clean oh my god ok so the audio experience is so much better than air pods , you know, just so it has a contrast. 'I'm just going to go ahead and relaunch the pods real quick just because you know we need to compare we need to compare that's really all I can offer you guys it's a little bit of comparison and yeah the air pods they're a bit cheaper than Sony's, that's definitely okay.
I'm already hooked up to air pods again and you know air pods aren't horrible. One thing I'm noticing is that the air pods are a little louder and the volume and you know you may or may not enjoy it personally I like my music to be loud but I also like it to be clear and I would really like to hear everything well the way it was designed in the first place and I think I feel with the air pods that they're really trying to throw as much audio as possible into my ear and because there's no perfect seal because they're designed the way which are i just can't make it as perfect an experience as i have with sony so if i want to listen to music really well l want to be isolated because noise canceling is definitely going to be for the sonys the sonys will be a bit more complicated because they will actually be thrown in your ear and you can only get them in and out quickly. that's where air pods really shine, they're fast, they're easy, they're convenient, they're in a small package, they're very easy to grab and go, whereas something like these Sony, you know, yeah, you could throw them away. your ear and all and they are good to go I feel like they are more secure in my ear than air pods like if i went to the gym and was jumping or running on a treadmill i would feel a little more secure with these sony in my ear than with the air pods but i think you know the fact that the case is pretty big you might not necessarily want this in your pocket the whole time the


are in your ear which is a bit disorienting for some Those are things you'll really have to think about.
Now if it's just about wanting good audio quality and wanting an ear but you definitely want to go with Sony yes they are a bit more expensive yes the case is pretty big and then of course the quality of Audio. it's just fantastic and you can't beat it so if you're looking for a new pair of headphones I definitely recommend these wireless pods from Sony so far my experiences have been great and if you want more followers -up from me definitely come back subscribe to the channel here let me know Let me know in the comment section and I'll post some more content on these things a bit later and then I'll also start posting and sharing about them on Instagram andTwitter so be sure to follow me there too so if you have any questions about them please let me know.
I know this wasn't much more than an initial experience and reaction to the audio quality of these. I already knew they were going to be better than Air Pods. I already knew the experience was going to be great because I also have Sony's over-ear noise canceling headphones, but I just wanted to share that experience with you and be available. to answer any questions because these are not cheap they are not cheap for headphones they are quite expensive but they are the industry leader right now they are taking everything else by storm so that will suffice for this video thank you so much for reviewing please ask any questions have in the comment section and i'll be back in the next one so make sure you hit that subscribe button be careful

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