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The Shocking Reason Sadness “Disappears” In The Inside Out 2 Trailer...

Apr 17, 2024
When Pixar finally released the


for Inside Out, they not only answered a ton of questions fans had about the film, but they also created a whole new mystery about the plot. I'm talking about the only character that seemed to be missing towards the climax. points in the


Even though she was one of the main focal points of the first film in the trailer, when shown locked up, Riley's five core emotions are present, but later, when the same core emotions float towards destruction , there are only four, so I have to ask where the


the shocking reason sadness disappears in the inside out 2 trailer
Now let's talk about the elephant in the room before we continue, or should I say the emotions in the jar. One of the biggest twists fans can see in the Inside Out Two trailer is the moment when anxiety officially takes over the command center, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase bottle up your emotions. At the beginning of the trailer, we see anxiety and joy colliding over what's best for Riley, especially when a new friend asks Riley to sit with her at lunch while Joy seemed sure she knew the right way to respond, Anxiety clearly wanted to intervene just to make sure everything went perfectly well, Joy ends up making Riley embarrassed, leading to a series of scenes that basically show Anxiety taking control of Riley's mind. anxiety He then explains her five core emotions and believes that Riley needs more sophisticated emotions to care for her.
the shocking reason sadness disappears in the inside out 2 trailer

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the shocking reason sadness disappears in the inside out 2 trailer...

This is when the plot of the trailer turns to joy and the other original emotions are surprised by a huge bear hug from above, only it's not exactly the kind of hug you'd want because it turns out this was the way anxiety uses shame and her mass size to overpower the five core emotions, this leads Joy to shout that they can't just repress them before cutting to a scene where all five of Riley's original emotions are trapped in a single jar with a black lid that looks sealed. This is fun, dark and intriguing at the same time.
the shocking reason sadness disappears in the inside out 2 trailer
One, what a great visual joke about repressed or repressed emotions. Two, it's horrible to think that anxiety is the solution to all problems. It's simply locking up whatever emotion may be the cause, however, that's pretty accurate to what anxiety actually feels like in real life, right? And three, it's really interesting because this tells us that the perception plot is probably going to involve the five core emotions and figure out how to overcome these new, more complex feelings that are taking over Riley's mind, but here's what's in the scene that shows all the emotions that have been repressed.
the shocking reason sadness disappears in the inside out 2 trailer
All five characters from the first movie were there. So how do you explain


being with the five core emotions in the bottle when she's clearly not with them in the scenes that presumably take place after all? Escape, as you see towards the end of the trailer, there are a few scenes that show joy and the other original emotions running through Riley's psyche outside of the command center only the group is missing a key emotion sadness, as I mentioned, although sadness was with joy, anger, fear and disgust when the group was surrounded by shame and pushed into the jar, this means that somewhere between The Group's Great Escape and their journey through Riley's inner mind, sadness is somehow separately from the group, interestingly, although we know that sadness was with the group at least for a while after they escaped from their prison.
You can see that in the two-minute Mark trailer, where fans see the top five emotions as Joy rushes them all to get moving. This scene presumably takes place after the group figures out how to escape the jar their anxiety had forced them into and shows that at the beginning All emotions, including sadness, were together as the trailer continues, although that changes, there is a scene in which Pixar shows joy along with anger, disgust and fear floating down the river towards some kind of waterfall that is surrounded by Riley's crumbling mentality, but sadness is not with them. and then again at the sarcasm as Joy yells at the construction workers.
Pixar gives us a good look at the group, but one emotion is missing, so where did the sadness go after the core emotions escaped the jar? According to this theory, sadness is. It is not shown at the end of the trailer because she is advancing the plot of the film while she seeks shame. This is also just a theory, but I think sadness might be a little in love with shame when they first introduced the big pink Goliath. in the trailer, while the rest of the top five emotions, SE was almost intimidated by him, sadness was the only one who stepped forward at first with a very rare smile on his face, sadness calmly asked what your name is , great friend as he moved towards the new excitement.
Although her interaction was brief and somewhat indirect, there's actually a lot we can take away from her. To begin with, when Anxiety was first revealed in the trailer, you'll notice that Sadness seemed surprised and actually hid behind Joy; well, his reaction was clearly different when shame appeared in the command center besides that sadness's big smile and the star look that made him embarrassed when he stepped forward, it says that all the sadness almost definitely has something with the shame and that will probably play a big role in the plot of Inside Out too, but that doesn't explain where SAS was during those last scenes of the trailer when the core emotions were wandering through Riley's headspace and that might have to do with the same emotion why she seemed so affectionate towards you, as Pixar sees.
It is clear that shame will constantly hide her face or sometimes even her entire body from everyone around her because that is in the nature of the emotion. In fact, it seems like shame could play a huge role in Riley's life during the second movie, which is why one of the biggest fan theories is that Riley will become so overwhelmed by shame that she will force herself to anxiety to take control. This would be the point at which you force shame to repress the five core emotions. This is the thing, although according to this theory. Shame felt so embarrassed by what happened that she decides to run away, we all know this from the first movie.
What happens to R when his Command Center lacks specific emotions, i.e. like when sadness and joy disappeared in the first movie? Riley's world could start to spiral. If the shame


, this is where sadness comes into play, at least according to this theory, as I mentioned before, it seems that sadness could be in love with shame and possibly even form a strong bond with her during the movie, this It could mean that when the main five Emotions managed to escape from their jar-shaped prison and Sadness hears Shame escaping, she decides to go out to find him, this would not only explain why she wasn't with the rest of the group while they faced what seemed pure. danger while floating down the river or when seeking help in the face of sarcasm shame upon disappearing from Riley's Command Center could also explain why her inner world seems to fall apart towards the end of the trailer this may be quite similar to how the Personality Islands began to fall apart in the first movie when joy and sadness searched for Riley's core memories and why the other four core emotions didn't follow sadness again, the answer is pretty simple if this theory is true joy and the other emotions probably they would have a kind of tunnel vision in which they would only focus on returning to the command center to save Riley from anxiety;
In other words, they simply wouldn't have time to salvage an emotion like shame, which actually raises another question. If this theory is true and he pushed away his friends' sadnesses because he was out looking for shame, how could he hope to bring them back for his own sake? account? Honestly, it might have to do with the same lesson that Sadness and Joy had to learn in the first Inside Out movie, if you remember. The entire premise of the first film was that every emotion had an important purpose and that there was always room for everyone in the command center;
However, the last part was more of a lesson that only Sadness and Joy really had to learn throughout their journey together. He had to learn to be more accepting of sadness even if it seems to negatively affect Riley. Joy had to learn that sadness is still an important emotion in Riley's psyche and that there was room for sadness in the command center despite what Joy might think well, as both Sadness and Joy were able to learn this lesson in the first film. Almost no one better to try to teach the new emotion. Same lesson in the sequel.
According to this theory, Sadness's ultimate goal if she seeks shame could be to teach the great friend that belongs to the command center, even if her emotions directly collide with others, the goal of the command center is for the emotions to work together to help Help Riley navigate the world around her, and as she grows, she'll need more. Complex emotions to help her, that doesn't mean she won't need the original five cores of her, so Joy, Sadness and the rest of the group will have to teach these new emotions that they all belong, starting with sadness.
In his way of finding shame now remember that this is just a theory the only way to know what the real plot of Inside Out 2 will be is to wait for the movie to be released in June. I'm curious to know what you think about this theory. Although Sden will break away from the other core emotions to go out and pursue shame, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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