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The *RANDOM* SEASON 2 Boss Challenge! (Chapter 5)

Apr 02, 2024
welcome to the


2 battle pass skin


. I am going to


ize all the new skins in the battle pass and only use one weapon color depending on the skin I get, if I get Medusa it will be gray weapons, Cerberus only it will be green weapons Artemis will be blue Poseidon is purple Hades is golden weapons and finally if we get Zeus it will be mythical weapons just to complete this


. I'll have to win with two of these skins, so make sure you watch the whole thing because it gets crazy, wo wo wo, what the hell is this?
the random season 2 boss challenge chapter 5
YouTube tells me that 75% of those you're watching right now aren't subscribed, that's crazy. I upload videos every day so don't miss it, make sure to subscribe with the More amazing videos daily bell first, we have Serverus, the guardian of the underworld, and with him it will be only green weapons, let's get green weapons, we only have the luxury of being able to land anywhere, but why not land in the underworld, more specifically Grim Gate? where you will actually find the server


, but we are not looking for his mythics, we are just looking for green weapons, so let's start the search by lining them up ooh, look this motorcycle looks fantastic, a lot of people come here, okay, okay.
the random season 2 boss challenge chapter 5

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the random season 2 boss challenge chapter 5...

We have to find what we need. That guy just got a shotgun. I'm going to go in and grab this shotgun. There we go, we're relaxing. Let's go here and there is a rare chest. Okay, oh, thanks for the big pot. Everything else is uh. Completely unnecessary because I can't use it. Farm a little, see if I can get another chest. ooh my god, in an AR. I am relaxing. Actually, I'm completely relaxing. Now we can go get the people out. We have mats. I have heals, we have weapons, ooh, and a submachine gun, besides going up, I got him holy smoke, that was a little difficult, what does he have here?
the random season 2 boss challenge chapter 5
Splash It doesn't matter if I do it, let me grab it, thank you and maybe I'll do it. I'm going to grab this sniper too. I'm going to jump to this roof. Oh no, I guess not, where the hell did this guy get into a box for a second? What's going on? You guys are scaring me. I'm jumping, I've got it now. I don't know where the other guy went, I have to be careful, but I think that's pretty much everyone around here. Oh, I broke my legs, let me heal up and I could probably grab this big boat too, here we go.
the random season 2 boss challenge chapter 5
I said I wasn't going. take the Mythic but I'll take the Medallion so let's try to take out the


it's actually appropriate that Cerberus defeat Cerberus come here buddy face to face let me take you down okay someone dogs oh there's someone over here. put me in that box there ow that pain let me heal oh that pain I'm a shockwave my snipe missed him down oh my god okay this has been a rough start to the game I'm sure it's only going to get harder , so I remember there was a medkit here, so let's take it and let's slowly recover until we reach the maximum, there we go, oh, geez, there's a guy here who's going to have a good night and sleep well.
I'm going to go ahead and take the bomb and I'm going to take the shield pots. Now is the time to get these dogs out again. The dogs are loose, oh my god, there's more, oh, shoot, I shot him, I caught him, oh my god, oh. this guy took out Hades oh my god relax. I'm going to take this Medallion. Thank you so much. This guy was getting too ambitious. I realized where you are trying to attack me. I'm going to jump there. I think this person. he has a sniper, so I don't want to take out the boss when they could just attack me trying to follow their path.
I have no idea where they went and honestly that terrifies me, we're just going to keep jumping to get back. let's touch the soul river so we get the ability there we go there we go Cerberus is down now we have two medallions let's see it's that easy I wish I could take the shotgun but uh I can't let's move I really don't need anything else just I need to beat the game now let's get out of the underworld and to do that I'm going to grab my new whip ooh the Cerberus muscle car looks sleek, so fantastic Let's head towards Mount Olympus because I want to eliminate the person who has Zeus's Mythical.
There might be someone nearby too. I think we're okay for now, we cross the bridge and go, it looks like they headed this way. I'm going to talk to Meow, although so much has happened since I last saw the team. Very interesting, it's good to see you go from one animal to another. Both animals are now Clash of the Titans, the person with the medallion of Zeus, show yourself there, he is, he's done. there 105 you need to heal there are two people up here this is getting uncomfortable quickly oh shoot there's a guy landing on me oh my god 105 oh my god literally one shot how are you staying alive lo I caught, what the hell was that?
Zeus was eliminated here, oh yeah there you are, what are you going to do buddy, get the rest of the loot? Come on, you have a chance to heal, oh what a chance, she gave me that one Medallion and she gave me that Crown in the top 10 situations. Honey, now I think looking at the map, yeah, I have what the hell. I currently have all medallions up for grabs, which makes me pretty strong. Oh, this car just won't cut it back to the Cerberus mobile, yeah, to the floating island, come on. I'm going to go ahead and hit this Rift, see if there's anyone up there, send my car forward, although it looks like H looks like it's slightly covered up, oh wait, no, they're covering it up for sure.
I know exactly where the Stratocasters are too interesting. I apreciate it. I appreciate the boldness, you know we're already here, so let's capture this point, there we go, oh, that would have been a nice update, you know, from green to gold, but it is what it is, let's find out where everyone else is, oh , there is one. person here, don't mind me, oh I saw one over here, oh man, thick hits, thick hits, oh shoot, I almost got shot from where I don't love the feeling of almost getting shot, so I'm going out thence. everyone else is just hiding trying to get their first du of the


or something so im gonna try to find a car so they don't shoot me come on g wagon i'll take it i think they were somewhere around here.
I'm still a little suspicious. I think they might be in this bush. Oh wow, I would have squished them like a bug. I see someone looting. I'm going in hot. I have to cure it. I have it. A V a situation A V a scenario. Get in the car and find out where this last person is. I think it's probably on this side, maybe behind the tree or something. Oh, I see you. Bam Bam, we're only going with green weapons, but that's just winning one out of two, let's see who we find. The next hell, from the next we have Posidon, king of the sea, and with Dam they will be purple weapons, only the king of the seed deserves a legendary fall, so I am going to fall towards Olympus, Mount Olympus, that is, I have a special location that I want. to go although trust me on this one I have the moves yes Coral Cruiser mhm hit this launch pad there we go now we can die see that's a tactic that's smart let's bring this chest here Perfect come on give me something purple give me something purple oh purple AR let's wait I saw someone down there oh my god I see people down there oh we're fine we're fine we're chilling wait it's someone landing right there you're not that a bad idea you get the monster away from that yeah back it up that's what I thought you're going to give me all that loot it's a here or give me give me give me ooh give me give me give me all that loot alone However, the War Forge assault rifle, so I'm going to need a little more to get out of here, don't mind me while I farm some mats and hit the ocean once again, mainly to get this loot, come on. purple no let's go purple no I just wanted a straw truck come on Concentrate up there we're swimming again we're going to have to climb to the top mhm mhm there we go there we go we get to the zip line and we're here anyone looted this they didn't do it let's go use a blue gun, okay, at least I have a lot of shockwaves.
Look to be honest with you, I'm kind of stacked like I don't need much more to be that. super just Ultra stack or purple sniper come on oh that's huge oh and the wings on the wings I don't know if I should wear the wings I'm probably not going to wear the wings but maybe I should wear the wings Let's wear the wings we need them to Mobility, what did I just hear? Take Flight, king of the ocean. Taking Flight, which is very interesting, who shoots. Oh, there are people here. Technically, it's a purple weapon, so I can actually do this.
Oh my god, break it up you two, thank you, two eliminations in one short, you love watching it, you really do now. I'm going through this mountain. Who would have thought? Look at me now Look at me now. I need a shotgun, although quite urgently. get some height here and take a look because the person who just eliminated Aries is who I have my eyes on. I'm going to look for a snipe around here oh yes oh yes oh yes yes you don't see me, I don't I don't see you, that has to hurt. I got it, oh my God, I'm him.
Give me that coin and let me bust these. I'm getting cold. I'm getting cold now. I can't even lift that. I really want it. This is really nice Mythical let me tell you let's heal a little bit more bada bing bada boom you're probably wondering why I'm not picking up anything which honestly makes sense why I wouldn't pick up anything sea king fly I'm I'm going to go to this area and See if I can jump on the zip line to go up. I don't want to fly too risky because my blood rises a little. Okay, I imagine there are still people here, but oh, shoot.
Oh my god, you're really doing something, oh, did you just fall? I'm going back to looting, come on, I really wanted a shotgun, we used a shockwave here, come here, oh, this guy is flying, oh, white, going where we're going, dude, yeah, you shouldn't have shot. to me that's what you get now the sea king didn't like that he didn't really like that let's go ahead and open this chest please I really need a purple item but it doesn't really matter I'm going back to Fight Zeus, you think you could take on me, Zeus, I'm the king of the ocean, yeah, you think you're big and scary, huh, there you go, you're tough for Immortal.
I am a king. I probably need to heal first. I fight Zeus again here, so let me take out this medkit. Hey, keep charging, buddy, we'll see who's the real king, oh boy. CH, relax, here we go, oh, crazy, little headshot, little headshot, give me that look. speed now run fast and that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it let me drink to my victory and use my legs oh motorcycle now at this point I would love to find a shotgun and I think I need to find one so let's go to one of these bunkers to the bunker let's go can you do any tricks? woo fancy I go to the bunker closing it behind me opening this we have a shotgun let's go crazy no more wings for me open all these and it's going to be very important that we modify our weapons to make sure we are good and healthy first, even if we have a hollow sight , angled velocity grip, actually vertical grip and let's keep the suppressor on, the shotgun we're actually going to put a silencer on. something like the silencer, the rest is fine and then the sniper let's make a normal angled scope for grip and silencer pop one last medical kit here cone this take all the gold we took out of here you have this guy do a little twist oh that it's a big twist and some tricks a little splash in that water splashes on them like water like water there we go we're getting colder now I think I can get some barrels here to increase my HP, not enough to limit it but it did. a decent amount for sure, now I can run very fast for a long time.
I have to find out where this person with the Medallion is because they are looking for me and I am looking for them, they will hide here, they just got separated. Take a second to heal and then it's time to show my strength. I am in this Rift. I see you, what are you doing? Oh, that pain hit him so hard. Oh my God. In a way, panic shot him there. I am not going to lie. Let's heal a little. He could hit me so hard with that green shotgun. Wait, why did he have that? He got both medallions.
Now I have all four medallions. Why didn't you have the mythical shotgun? That's weird. Well, I'll take it. mhm, it's very satisfying to collect them all, there's a weird chest here, come on, give me what I want, wait, what do I want? Oh, it's right here, a golden goalie. I mean, that guy could have used it. Okay, let's go to this launch pad. Wow, I almost got shot, you really tried to attack me, huh, he hit me with Zeus. Where are you going? Where are you going? This guy doesn't know where I am come on oh my god you got mugged by the sea king and my C. friends blow the C GG

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