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Jun 11, 2021
ah sheffield i have very fond food memories of this city and don't let the bleak northern skyline fool you, this place has been an unlikely breeding ground for some serious cultural talent over the years jarvis cocker prince naseem hamid and who can forget Sean Bean I'd love to do a video eating with Sean Bean one day, although given his story in the movie he'd probably end up choking on a sausage or something, anyway, enough rambling today, we're at Ben's Pizza for another upside down lunch box episode let's go in let's give myself a headache here's the place yeah it's the


box he's there in the background I can see him doing it I can see him wow this is a big box and I'm pretty familiar with big boxes he's well I can't wait to try this it looks and smells delicious and uh these pizzas actually look quite posh to say they come from a British takeaway these things are quite posh and I don't know why it's taking me .
the quadzilla munch box challenge c o b ep 187 beardmeatsfood
So long to pay a visit to Ben's Pizza because they make tons of these extravagant meal boxes. It's right on my street. I probably should have bought one of the smaller ones for episode number two, but no, I would never have lived through it, so I have. It's, uh, the biggest one, the


box, which is 25 quid, you get pizza, burgers, onion rings, cheese chips, mozzarella sticks, coleslaw, among many other things that I've probably missed, but yeah , now it's cold, let's have time to come in just for fun and yeah, without further ado, this is the bad and the food and this is the Ben's Pizza quadzilla




the quadzilla munch box challenge c o b ep 187 beardmeatsfood

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the quadzilla munch box challenge c o b ep 187 beardmeatsfood...

Alright, where to start one of these fancy flipped pizzas. What's happening? Welcome back to episode number two of the Munchbox memoirs. Yes you're right. This is what passes for fancy in my eyes, they are, I mean, they're pretty, they look pretty fancy, the pizzas were rocket or something that makes them fancy, if you ask me, it's not a traditional way of eating pizza. , I realize, but I want to turn this down while it's still reasonably hot, yes this could be a teething problem with the series, if you'll excuse the bun, the temperature of the food, it will almost always be cold, do a little feng on the lunch box. shui, I don't know why I'm laughing, yes, I guess when the lockdown finally ends I'll be able to eat on site, but until then it'll be a bit of work, this one is a bit spicy, yes I think.
the quadzilla munch box challenge c o b ep 187 beardmeatsfood
The jalapenos could have been a dead giveaway in the old tiddlywink it actually wasn't that bad, it just took me by surprise. I will say that crust all the way is usually a bad idea, but I think it will be fine, I think so. It was at this point that Beard realized it wasn't going to be okay. Yes, anyway, the pizzas have already gone down and I must say that not everything in this box was pleasant. I won't lie, but the pizzas were flipping. the best pizzas I've ever had, you know, what looks like a regular takeaway, that's not a good sign, I was saving this, what kind of sauce is this, I was saving the sauce for the fries and stuff, the burgers were very difficult to eat, yes, call the burgers, don't say it anyway.
the quadzilla munch box challenge c o b ep 187 beardmeatsfood
I apologize to some of the more sensitive viewers for that brief moment of absolute possibility. You may have heard about Nikki's belly this morning, but we. I'm moving forward, I hope to end up with my pants intact, only time will tell. Oh, those burgers were, um, they're pretty dense. I guess I should make the cheese fries next time. I'm ready to quit. I'm going to make it my mission in life to find a box of food at some point in this series. I'm going to find a lunch box without chips. No fries. Although I'm afraid that today may not be that day, as you can see, we have an absolute mountain of not only fries, but also tightly-knit pieces with some of the best cheese mozzarella that, yes, has solidified, it is now great, to the point, as you can see.
It has become quite solid yet I am determined to lower it. I won't lie, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the other items so I'll leave them last, we have mozzarella dippers which by the way, were pretty delicious, there are some fried cheese balls in there, I think some nuggets, onion rings, lots of things from beige color, but none of them are as demanding as cold fries, at least most of the potatoes are cooked, yes, most of them, although they left an impression, I felt the full force of their effect, hey, we have, We have a brief moment, to reflect, now I'm using some of the cheese sauce that was you.
I got this, which had an interesting consistency but the flavor was good, like a pretty thick nacho cheese, almost like a moose. I'm trying to separate the chips from the good stuff. Oh, hello, you can tell I'm into some. serious pain now and by good things I mean of course not coleslaw by the way look at the size of the two bowls of course while you get it it's unnecessary you can swap one of those for beans or something we love beans in Britain anyway. what we're doing now I think we're mainly into the mozzarella sticks and I think there were some jalapenos in there too some of the fried cheese balls weren't my favorite but the rest was still pretty good are you going to beat me?
Okay, yeah, you can usually tell when, when I walk away from the table to inspect the damage and replay the scene like an airplane investigator or something, you could tell I'm in some trouble and, as you can see, I mean, apparently in one corner of the box and there is still a ridiculous amount of food left. I've been eating for 30 minutes so yeah, I'm finding it pretty hard right now, it's touch and go in more ways than one, ugh, ah, come on, this is it. The point of the video I like to call self-pity, I'm so close to failure and this is me pleading with the universe, oh god this one really makes me laugh anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video we're going to watch. finish now, I highly recommend Ben's pizza if you can eat it hot and yeah, £25 you can't complain, I can't do it, I can't do it, I tried, I tried, these things are hard, oh wow, I thought about it.
It would be a giddy thing to do anyway, it was a lot, I hope you enjoyed it, if you're in the Sheffield area give Ben a pizza, I'll try, maybe you'll get one of the boxes for one or two people, but this one won't get you next time. this guy doesn't believe he can do it

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