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Mar 08, 2024
god bless you


thank you very much hallelujah praise the name of the lord it is truly an honor for me to be here the sapphire fundamentals thank you very much for this opportunity I do not take for granted uh the privilege of bringing the word of the lord even at this time thank you for your passion when I walked in and saw people worshiping I knew our hearts were truly open and every time we are open and expectant there are no limits to what God is capable of doing hallelujah praise the name of the lord let me make a request of you before you pray, you need the message you are about to hear and everyone you know and love needs this message.
the mercy of god foundations of sapphires rccg the kings court apostle joshua selman 5 5 2022
Please do me a favor and insist and make sure that everyone around you can hear this message at the end of the message you will know why we can ask the lord to visit us and grant us encounters by his word raise your voice in a minute thank you Jesus through your word speak to us someone is praying even if they are following on television or through the Internet participate in prayer, the Lord is giving us visits that last, someone is praying, may it be from the depths of your heart, grant us revelation by your spirit, may it set our hearts on fire, for in the name of Jesus I beseech you, please be. seated god bless you again pastor bensa thank you it is an honor thank you I celebrate you and your dear wife and we thank the Lord for this great miracle on the family in the name of Jesus deuteronomy chapter 4 and verse 31 I am teaching in the


of god the


of god says to the lord your god is a merciful god he will not forsake you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant of your fathers which he swore to them I will read it once again to the lord your god is a merciful god he will not He will forsake you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant of your fathers that you swore to them you are the one we pray you are the one we worship you give healing and grace our hearts are always hungry oh our hearts are always hungry wonderful merciful save your precious redeemer and friend who would have thought that a lamb could rescue the souls of men oh you rescue the souls of men for you are the one we pray you are the one we worship you give the healing and grace that our hearts always hunger for all our hearts They are always hungry.
the mercy of god foundations of sapphires rccg the kings court apostle joshua selman 5 5 2022

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the mercy of god foundations of sapphires rccg the kings court apostle joshua selman 5 5 2022...

Last year I took time to study the topic of God's mercy extensively because I discovered that even though it is a topic and a topic that is widely talked about throughout the world. body of christ truly not many people have taken the time to doctrinally study the concept of mercy and because we have not taken the time to study it, not many people have been able to truly receive the blessings and benefit that comes from this profound and a powerful spiritual concept. I have heard preachers preach about the mercy of God. The average believer simply has an idea that God's mercy, whatever it may be, is an advantage and that is sufficient for reception.
the mercy of god foundations of sapphires rccg the kings court apostle joshua selman 5 5 2022
Lord, whatever the message, we know it helps and so I receive it and there can be no proper reception in ignorance, hallelujah, so I took the time to exhaustively study the whole idea of ​​God's mercy and, for the privilege of God's grace, I have taught about God's mercy for many years. but I surprised myself when I began to study the topic of mercy. I was exposed to the level of ignorance and how much I didn't know about God's mercy, so I hope God grants me grace within the deadline. Time will make you a compression of many thoughts, but I am praying that God grants us grace because someone's life is really about to change.
the mercy of god foundations of sapphires rccg the kings court apostle joshua selman 5 5 2022
Freedom is connected to knowledge and you will know the truth and the truth that you do not know. the one you know holds the ability to make you free you will know the truth there is a relationship between knowledge and freedom hallelujah hallelujah praise the lord in my study on the topic of mercy I discovered that there are four layers there are four layers that um you must understand four layers of thoughts that, if you don't understand them, make appreciating and receiving God's mercy very difficult. Number one, the first thing you must understand in order to appreciate the theme of mercy is the nature and character of God.
The first thing you must understand is that it is impossible to truly understand the mercy of God if you do not understand the nature and character of God. There is something about God you must know to understand mercy number two. The second thing you should know. The second layer of our focus on this topic would be the nature and character of man. You have to know something about the intrinsic makeup of man to need mercy. If there are certain things, if you don't know about man, you will wonder why God. he is so insistent on ensuring that man becomes the recipient of his mercy there is something about the nature and character of god that we need to learn number two there is something about the nature and character of man number three the third thing we need to learn understand is the spiritual system for administering mercy as powerful as mercy is is not administered randomly there is a spiritual protocol that means there are people as cheap and as free as mercy is there are people who can never be recipients of mercy are Ya we are learning a quick summary number one, the nature and character of God, you have it below, number two, the nature and character of man, number three, the spiritual system for administering mercy and finally, now we look at the blessings and the benefits of mercy.
If you approach the topic of mercy from this angle, I guarantee you will understand God's mercy in a way you may have never seen before. Grant us understanding in the name of Jesus. The nature of God. The Bible tells us a series of things. about god remember mainly the way we know god is through the scriptures i have done teachings in that sense there are four ways the bible allows believers to know god by learning and knowing god um there are only four platforms given in the number one scriptures itself is the scriptures the first way we know god is through the scriptures the second way we know god is through his names the different dimensions of god are captured in his names so that Studying the names of God exposes you to the multifaceted dimensions of God.
Are we together? The third way in which we know God is by studying the man Jesus, the Bible calls him according to Hebrews chapter 1 and verse 3, the express image of the invisible god so that this invisible god who was full of mystery and mysticism, the prophets would give us glimpses of this deity Jesus. he came among the many reasons why jesus came to earth it was not just to die jesus came as a manuscript he came as a correction to our perception of god because until he appeared no one could know god accurately the prophets only had types and shadows they could only um um give us as far as their knowledge could give us, jesus came as the theology and perfect explanation of god, so that anything we were confused about as to the nature of god we would verify using the person of jesus, so that if the bible says that god is love we have the right to doubt that statement until we verify it in jesus it is true when the bible says that god is almighty we have the right to say that it is a lie until we verify it so jesus came as verification system, so whatever the Bible says God is that you didn't see in Jesus, it was a mistake on the part of the person who received it and then of course the last way we know God is through experience.
Job said I have heard about you with my ears, but now. my eyes see you but that's not where I'm going to go I'm just showing you that the scriptures reveal certain things about god that we should know the first information about god that the bible tells us in unequivocal expressions is that god loves everyone please say next from me god is love first john chapter 4 please and verse 8 the


john is teaching us something about the nature of god god is love we have that down in the bible says he who loves nowhere not god because god is love the bible does not say that god has has love the bible not only says that god shows love but that god is love psalms 145 please from verse 8 and 9 please write that psalms 1 45 from verse 8 and 9. this is what it says the lord is merciful and full of compassion is that in your bible it says that he is slow to anger and of great mercy this is powerful information about god verse nine the lord is good to all now please pay attention to all this information because the We will need to understand how mercy works number one, remember that God is love now the Bible tells us that the Lord is merciful, he is compassionate, he is slow to anger, that is good information, slow to anger and then it says that it is of great mercy, verse 9, says the Lord is good to everyone and their tender problems are over.
This is powerful information that means that everyone and everything is a potential recipient of God's mercy. If his life is devoid of God's mercy, it is not his inability to convey that message to you. something about you not understanding how disorder is managed because the bible says his tender disasters are above all his works. Are we still together in Exodus chapter 34 Exodus chapter 34. Let's read for reasons of time from verse 5 and 6 Exodus 34 5 and 6. the bible says and the lord descended in a cloud this was his meeting with moses and he stood with him there and He proclaimed the name of the Lord what was the proclamation the Bible says and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and merciful, long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth, this was God proclaiming his name and among the many names that He said I am merciful it is not just what I do it is who I am a name is a means of identification it is true so if I call you, your name, I am identifying you, but also a name can also be a revelation about the things you do, for For example, if I say doctor, most likely it is medical personnel, so already by your name I can know that you are medical personnel and God is saying that among the many things that I want you to remember is that I am merciful, I am merciful, so that three things immediately about God that we find in the Scriptures number one, God is love, number two, he is merciful. and compassionate he is slow to anger and he is of great mercy and that his mercy is over all his works there is no prejudice this is powerful there are certain blessings in the bible that the scriptures are not a scripture he would tell us clearly that he gave in to some he has I read that in your Bible, for example, the administration of the ministerial gifts, the fivefold as we call them, the Bible clearly says that he gave them to some when it has to do with the spiritual gifts.
The Apostle Paul was teaching the church in Corinth and he himself said everyone speaks in tongues everyone prophesizes but here the bible is telling us that when it has to do with mercy not only men all his creation would have to live from the mercy of God that his mercy is over all his works now let's examine nature very quickly and the character of man. I'm just trying to rush through because the main theme of mercy is what I want us to look at, but these fundamental thoughts are very important now that we know and have been reminded again that God is love. number two he is merciful he is compassionate he is slow to anger he is of great mercy and that his mercy is over all his works the nature of man some of you are already laughing there are very interesting things that the bible tells us about man that we need to know or remember man, that is, all of us, including the only teaching, are we together?
Yes, there is an intrinsic weakness and limitation that is enshrined in all men by reason of the fallen nature and if you do not understand that limitation, you will not understand it. you know why it is necessary messi we are together let me give you an example if I ask you to sit where you are sitting now and I do not give you a reason or a revelation for it you see that you will not have the strength to endure Comply with that instruction, you will be cautious and You will wonder why I am putting you in this kind of condition, but if I tell you to sit here, I have sent someone or there is some kind of fight outside and this place is your only safe place.
No matter how tired you are, that revelation will add strength to you and you will be able to sit and stay there. It is true that the nature of man, Psalm 51, is a very disturbing psalm, disturbing because, um, the sun was there pouring out its heart when you read Psalm 61 in full is actually a sum of deep recognition and repentance the Samis do not he was singing a song here the sermis was not making poetry here it was a cry that came from the depths of the spirit of a man who was aware of his inadequacies intrinsically I wish we had time to go over it, but for the sake of time we will do verse one and We will stop at five.
Are you ready? Have mercy on me, O God, according to your loving kindness, according to the multitude of your tender mercies. out my transgressionslook carefully at me from my iniquity take note of that word and cleanse me from my sin please go back to verse two do you see immediately that there is a difference between iniquity and sin he says look carefully at me from my iniquity and cleanse me? of my sin let me tell you very quickly that they are related but they are not the same iniquity is a perpetual state of continuous voluntary rebellion it is called iniquity perpetual state of continuous voluntary rebellion seen in one word it is disobedience people give all kinds of expression that is missing mark transgression in a word sin is disobedience, are we together?
Yes, so if you are going to interpret this in light of what I just told you, it is safe, fair and even biblical to interpret it this way, wash me completely from my rebellion and cleanse me. of my disobedience the next verse because I recognize my transgressions and my sin is always before me verse four against you the only one who has sinned and done this evil before your eyes so that you can be justified when you speak and declare when you judge let's read verse five together please this is sad news but it is true ready to read behold I was formed in iniquity and sin this is very powerful information about the man in which the son is in his state of repentance he investigated why this weakness that although he was royalty he was a great man but he kept discovering that despite his love for god there were limitations and burdens around his life it brought him to his knees and in his research he discovered that it was not just about what he was doing there was something intrinsic to his nature and here was its discovery was molding me in iniquity and in sin I made my mother in sin my mother conceived me the nature of man the second thing we must understand is in jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9. are we still in this place Jeremiah 17 and verse 9? people of God let's read together if you see projected ready to read the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately evil who can know it is a very serious question that the heart of any man is so deceitful that it can deceive the owner you are also part of the you are part of the entities that your heart can deceive your heart can deceive others and can reach the point of deceiving you who can know it verse 10 I the Lord search the heart and test the reins even to give to each according to his ways and according to the fruit of his works that a man can be deceived by his own heart a man can be deceived by his own heart is someone who is learning now genesis chapter 6 please this is god's evaluation of the man who falls we have had prophets we have had the broken people speak but now let's listen to what god has to say about man we are reading the first five verses it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them reading verse 5 that the sons of god saw at daughters of men who were beautiful and took wives from all of whom they chose verse 3 and the Lord said that my spirit will not always fight with man because he too is flesh, but his days will be one hundred and twenty. years verse four they were giants on the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of god came to the daughters of men to bear them children, they themselves became mighty men who were of renowned elders let's read verse five together one read and God saw that the evil of man on earth was great.
Do not forget who is speaking here and that each imagination of the thoughts of your heart was the only bad thing. How long look at what God is saying about man. This is a investigation that god himself did and god is looking at man and it is almost an expression of regret what kind of entity is this that the imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually the nature of god and now the nature of man you Look at what that God is saying here that as wonderful as we look speaking respectfully as beautifully dressed as we are God is saying don't worry because there is something there that is a number one lie, there is a resident deceiver within you and you can become yourself is a victim of that deceiver and no matter how sincere, how well-intentioned, how truthful we hope and seek to be, he says that the imagination of the thoughts in our hearts is continually evil, how else will you understand the issue of mercy if you don't study? the nature of god and the nature of man now you can see two contrasting realities god who is love god who is sinless merciful compassionate the bible says that he is rich in love rich in mercy in contrast to man who is the zenith of his creation in your fallen state look at the various things the bible has to say about man number one it talks about the fact that in iniquity that means that man's condition has nothing to do with his conscience and orientation that the problem starts from the conception that destruction and that disaster not only resides in the heart or the brain or the will has become spiritual, it is within the blood of man, so when you celebrate a little baby and everyone celebrates the innocence of that baby god, The verdict is that there has been a transfer of something to that baby that not even the parents know about Every armed robber was once a baby Every murderer was once a baby Did he come out of his mother's womb with a knife?
Yes, the knife was in his heart. She just looked for him. lie down physically the bible says in iniquity that means the tendency to rebellion it was already I was not outsourced it was already in me the circumstances that gave it visibility were only platforms for expression so a little baby that looks at the mother as innocent as that baby is He moans his little hand and slaps the mother and the mother cries and the baby laughs he asks who touched that baby that there is joy can lead to the pain of another question two a baby cries for milk and then drinks the milk and never says thanks he just pushes everything because he's tired.
Who taught the baby in gratitude? The baby wakes up at night and cries without caring. He does not sympathize with any conditions. I know we love children. I love them too, but we're examining something here. god is saying no armed robber becomes ambrose no failure becomes a failure no evildoer becomes a failure they only manifest something that is intrinsic within them which is only the mercy of god the power of god if the power of god does not administer something to that condition is saying that any man who has not found the mercy of God do not trust that person, he would have seen David as a young obedient shepherd, he would never imagine that an obedient and cultured young man there was a murderer.
In that, in that kind and quiet young man, we are together, yes, he wishes he had time. I would have shown you a story between three people in the Scriptures, one was Ben Haddad, the king of Syria for Bible students, the other is Hazal Hazael, he was like a a a. an assistant who worked for him and then the prophet elisha the bible says that ben hadad was sick it is true to death and he sent hezel to go ask elisha if i will die or leave the danger now he goes to elisha and tells him that my boss He has sent me to ask you and said let me tell you the truth, he is going to die, but I don't have the courage to tell him, so go and tell him, oh king, you will go, but the truth is that God has shown me. that he will also die sin the prophet lowers his head and begins to cry profusely and she looks at him and says why my lord why are you crying and the prophet looks at the danger and says I have seen the evil that you will bring on the people she said that you are going to reap to pregnant women, open them and take out their children and said: am I a dog?
It's in your bible. Hassaya said no, no, no, I can't, I don't have that kind of courage and the prophet said no. I've seen it, God has shown me that you will be king and when you become king, all this piety that you are showing now and truly that is what happened. The only way God helped his people was by killing Hassail so that the heart of man would die. Of the people who have brought pain to people today were some of the kindest, supposedly innocent people, have you seen domestic helpers who killed their bosses, poisoned people and, like the moment they arrived, They themselves didn't know that this tendency was in them?
Don't forget what we are discussing about mercy, remember that our best outside of God's administration of mercy is a disaster that time will eventually reveal. This is God's verdict. It's not an insult. It's the truth. So that boy named David is now king. the bible says that at the time when men were going to war, he was wandering on his balcony and then he saw in his bible he saw a beautiful woman and those


were like demigods, without negotiation, without anything, he said, go and carry that woman. and bring her whose wife she is, they said the wife is this and that and that is beautiful now when she found out that she was pregnant she called the man to come home and said oh king what kind of order are you giving like this ? there's war going on there's no time for pleasure and eventually he signed his own death order that order and oh dear look let me tell you that by the time God is done with us you won't know when you've sat alone on the ground and just roll over and say sir before me before this intrinsic disaster is revealed, help me oh god, now you will know that mercy is not just for sinners, mercy is for all men, there is a reason why I am teaching you this because there is a theology It has been sold that every time you cry for mercy you are a sinner, perhaps a fornicator or a drunk, so we cling to self-righteousness believing that I have been saved.
I don't need God's mercy. The Bible says that's why. much mercy that we are not consumed we are learning so in conclusion the nature of god is that his love is kind is great in contrast to man man is intrinsically evil and that he is so evil that his heart and his state can even deceive him that means that you can really believe that you are well and good for many years and you see the way evil works in man. Hey? Until the occasion permits, he will remain there silently, so for 30 years there is a tendency in you. that will never be revealed people can say that you are very humble question the person you are saying is so humble has never been rich has never gone abroad has never been given the opportunity to be evil you cannot say that you are obedient until you have one opportunity to disobey that's why there were two trees in Eden the will is useless options are useless until there are options it's true so there are many people you say are kind it's simply because no options have been given listen we need to learn This It is the reason why many families continue to feel pain for their children, they wonder: "Oh, my child is kind, under what conditions?" and then, speaking respectfully, I'm not going to get too emotional here, I want to teach you the truth so that when the time comes for mercy.
We say lord, let him come and let him stay, let your mercy not visit me, let him find a resting place in my life, the best of us is still inadequate, we have several shades of disasters on the way, I assure you by God, no it matters. Well-intentioned, no matter how sincere, this has nothing to do with generating willpower to live well. It is a weakness that the Bible says, Enough with iniquity. He said, "If my mother conceived me, what then is it mercy? Let's hurry, thank you Jesus. What then? It's complicated now that We understand the nature of God now that we understand the defect that is in the nature of man.
What then is the mercy of God? Please write this. Any action taken. Any action taken that is motivated by compassion. mercy is called any action you do that is motivated by compassion any action is called mercy this is the basic idea of ​​mercy mercy arises from compassion, which means that it is impossible to receive and administer mercy until compassion performs it, the foundation of mercy is compassion, are we together now? if there is no compassion there can be no mercy this is very powerful the basis that I wrote here or the basis for mercy is compassion what is compassion sympathy what is compassion pity what is compassion concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others i I'll take it again.
I am defining compassion, sympathy, pity, concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. You can never experience mercy until you have compassion. I define compassion as the ability to be touched by the feelings of people's illnesses. Does that sound like a Scripture in the Bible you've heard of because we don't have a high priest, he says who is untouched by the feelings of our weakness, compassion is the feeling, mercy is the fruit that is generated From that feeling, so when you're touched. with the awareness of people's misfortunes, sufferings and insufficiencies, your response in honor of that compassion is called mercy, mercy, therefore, is the fruit of compassion, mercy is the fruit of compassion,Are we still together now?
Let me define mercy. There are three definitions I want to give. us in general terms and then I will break it down into two dimensions and we pray that God will help someone already tonight number one what is merciful and compassionate treatment for those who are in trouble? This is the first definition. Compassionate treatment for those in distress is called compassionate and merciful treatment. of those in danger number two the second definition of mercy means to show care and provide relief to show care and to provide relief are you ready for the third definition the third definition is to refrain from harming or punishing an offender the third definition of mercy is to refrain from harm or punish a criminal three definitions number one compassionate treatment of those in danger number two showing care and providing relief number three refraining from harm from harming or punishing a criminal hallelujah with these definitions we come to two conclusions about the Bible nature of mercy number one that mercy has two expressions or two dimensions the first dimension has to do with forgiveness or withholding punishment please write it down I am being very simple and methodical because I want us to understand before praying the first dimension of mercy has to do with forgiveness and withholding of punishment this is where sin came from this is where forgiveness of sin and so on forgiveness and withholding of punishment the second dimension of mercy has to do with alleviating pain alleviating pain and providing relief of suffering alleviating pain and providing relief from suffering hallelujah alleviating pain and providing relief from suffering now please look up, so I have shown you in the Scriptures that when it comes to mercy from a biblical standpoint, there is two angles, number one has to do with forgiveness and withholding punishment this has to do with non-compliance with us this has to do with sinners the next angle has to do with alleviating pain and providing relief it has to see with those who are inadequate you can see that mercy is important for those who are defaulters and sinners and mercy is also important for those who are inadequate and incapacitated on any level, this puts us all in the equation as far as aReceiving mercy refers to because you will always be one of these two, whether you are a defaulter or a sinner who needs forgiveness or one who is inadequate for carrying a mortal body, in any case, you will still need mercy if God is speaking to us please.
Say amen, so the foundation and basis of mercy is compassion and I said mercy is the fruit of compassion. Now very quickly, let's go to the third level. How does God administer mercy? I think this is the most important discussion here, how does God manage? mercy because you see most people just believe that because god is loving and man is a sinner and man is inadequate when I just say god show me mercy something complicated automatically happens that's not true there are laws that govern the administration of mercy I wrote something here that I want you to write before we start discussing the administration of mercy.
Ready? Please write it down. Mercy is God's advantage system. Mercy is God's system of advantages that ensures that we become full expressions of His expectations, regardless of our humanity. I will take again that mercy is God's system of advantages that guarantees or ensures that we are full expressions of his expectations, regardless of our humanity. That means that mercy is a system of advantages that God built to ensure that, regardless of how weak and fragile we are, we can still become full expressions of His expectation, which means that, regardless of the limitation that comes due to me humanity, because of my exhaustion, because of my insufficiency, it is still possible for me to reach my full prophetic potential, no wonder I have helped some. of us to be where we are because we understand that we are products of His mercy every time you see a human being producing certain levels of extraordinary and uncommon results look beyond ability look beyond human connections there is an amplifier because based on whether We would have to.
Being evaluated based on the true states of our limitations will not add up to who we are now. God's mercy is a system of advantages. Someone shouts hallelujah. This is what God designed to ensure no matter how fragile it is. you are that there is a provision in his economy where, despite our fragility, we can still rise to become all that he designed us to be, it is no wonder that Peter was able to remain that apostle even though Peter ran away , say mercy, no wonder, Thomas, you. I know most people talk a lot about Thomas, they call him Doubting Thomas, go and study the history of the Bible and see the deeds that happened in Thomas' life.
Thomas was an exceptional and unusual apostle. Yes, he was once a skeptic, but the last of his life ended. life was nothing less than a sign, it is no wonder that someone would now learn what it takes to receive the mercy of god now that we know the nature of god now that we have briefly looked at the nature of man and the reality of the state of man who It needs mercy and now we have the basic concept of mercy which on one hand is about forgiving defaulters and sinners and on the other hand mercy is about giving support to those who are inadequate.
I have studied my Bible and found that there is a condition that God must find in a man, otherwise mercy cannot reach you. This is the climax of this teaching and I want you to hear, no matter how needy you are for mercy, mercy will never come to you until God finds it. this condition and that condition is found in psalm 51 17 our psalm again 51 17 thank you jesus the sacrifices of god is in your bible a broken spirit says a broken and contrite heart oh god you will not despise the only condition god you must find in man and with man so that he can reach you with his mercy is brokenness please write it down just because god's mercy is supernatural just because god is rich in mercy does not mean that you will be the recipient of that mercy you must find brokenness what is brokenness brokenness is a realization please write it down brokenness is a realization and brokenness is an admission a realization and a recognition of your limitations and your inadequacies outside of the assistance and help of god brokenness is a realization brokenness It is also a recognition of your limitations and your inadequacies outside of gods help.
You are broken to the extent that number one you realize and number two you recognize that if God does not help me by myself and with my strength, I am inadequate, please see. Above, believers, we have preached the topic of mercy in the church and many people have even become candidates for mercy. Unfortunately, very few have received mercy. I know by evaluating the results in their lives, you know why because although the majority of people want the fruits and blessings of mercy that most people have compromised through pride have not reached a state of brokenness. I can tell you one thing with God, as loving and wonderful as God is the moment you come to God full of yourself, believing is just an addition. to what you already have forget about mercy it is not the mercy of the bible you will get the bible says that the sacrifices of god are a broken and contrite spirit this is what I discovered in my study of the topic of mercy that broke me down broke me down in a way you cannot imagine psalm 34 and verse 18 psalm 34 and verse 18 psalm 34 and verse 18. let us read together it is projected ready please read one to read the lord is close to those who are brokenhearted and wild such as for example Does the Bible say that he saves everyone?
No, no, there is a type of man that God is looking for to receive mercy from him tonight, if you really want to receive mercy from God, simply crying and rolling will not bring it. mercy you must take on this person in the spirit that when God's mercy comes upon individuals, families, businesses and ministries, it is not just seeking the sound, but seeking this spiritual state. Read your Bible in the New Testament whenever people cry. to god for mercy for example blind batimaeus you son of david have mercy on me jesus stopped and said what do I do for you so that you can receive your sight and prayed for him brokenness many people have not reached this point in their lives where they realize realize and recognize the fact that they are inadequate, do you know why? because you see please look up there is a state of fallen man for some reason man as a species is very very stubborn it takes a lot of defeat recycled over and over again to bring us to our knees for example the nation of israel god himself called a stiff-necked people you know what that means one who is not malleable proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 to 7 says trust in the lord with all your heart and then he says: do not lean on your own understanding in all your ways, acknowledge him as what is the question, recognize it as what is the reason why the people of god would you see god reach out to people in their state of loneliness and begin to lift them up with his hand and his jealousy and put them in positions that seems unfair you know because? because what he was looking for finally founded them while there may be other people who are even already privileged by default but that self-pride there are preachers today who have the backing of God but clearly there is no mercy in their lives when one plus one equals two in your life the mercy of god is not working in your life because that is exactly what arithmetic says it should be, but when one plus one becomes an answer that only God writes, the mercy of God has added to that result.
I have had the honor and opportunity to meet very successful people, successful in business, successful in ministry, successful in their careers and how God grants me the privilege. to sit with them and talk to them I usually want to ask, tell me your story and there are certain points in those stories that I'm looking for, I connect the beginning of their lives and I want to know at what point mercy came. Of those who are recipients of that message, they didn't even know when Messi came in. They only know when the breakdown came. They will tell them that I reached a point where I lost.
I failed and I cried all night. From that moment on, they would say. I found a message from that moment. They said that I went to a meeting, they did not know that from that moment it was mercy that took them, please listen very carefully, you can know when you are on a flight of mercy, the result will be clear. I wish I had had time to have shown you from Luke 15 from verse 11 the story of the prodigal son theologically speaking this is the greatest expression from the point of view of parables the greatest expression of God's mercy you know why because it is a parable very complete it shows a family from the beginning the original plan then it shows the rebellion of a young man and shows the consequences then it begins with a father who had two sons follows the story carefully and says that the father was a blessed and benevolent man and as long as the children were under their care, they felt comfortable, lack and limitation were not mentioned.
The Bible says that one day I am in a hurry for lack of time. One day the youngest son met his father and said to him: "Father, I am tired of depending on you." Look at the problem now. I've gotten to a point where I think I'm smart and adult enough. I don't need your influence in my life. I'm tired of giving you the glory behind the results that happened to me. It's a shameful thing before my friends give me my part of the inheritance and let me go and the father said are you sure he said yes he said go away since he left his father's influence luck began to notice the gradual degradation that happened to that child, the bible says that he went and met his friends and began to spend money in a disorderly life, then the bible says in verse 14 that as time went by he spent everything, is it in his bible and did he start need money? as if the word started, it means it was not his previous experience, he started to be needy and kept going down and down until he reached a point where he was beak feeding, please follow this in your imagination once the royalty has access to everything. because of a foolish decision that was a communication of rebellion and pride father, I do not want your influence in my life, I discovered that I am, I believe I am adult enough, you see in the realm of the spirit, you measure spiritual maturity by your degree of dependence in the physical realm, the more mature and adult you are, we know that you are an adult by separating yourself from the authorities that surround your life.
The opposite happens in the realm of the spirit, that the more dependent you are, the more mature you are. because now you have realized that apart from the help and mercy of God I cannot achieve much, this young manI would be teaching a very painful and powerful lesson. This is what the Bible says. She reached a point where she came to her senses. Please watch. for that scripture for us it is within the power of man to come to his senses the bible never said the holy spirit spoke to him the bible never said a demon threatened him you know let me tell you this please look up you may not believe me but listen to this there is a dimension of pain that is a gift let me say it again there is a dimension of pain that is a gift pain can be a counselor pain can be a counselor so there are times when when you see people going through certain things levels of pain you will want to help them but you will see that God will forbid you because God will say that I have been working with this man for two years.
Now I am at the moment when his forces have failed. Allow this pain to cultivate you. brokenness and repentance don't try to help people god is not helping you he may be destroying his program he is someone who is learning a very powerful lesson he had to suffer to make this boy come to his senses he came to the pride that came with The availability of resources did not allow him to have a counseling time to think about what I am doing with my life, but now the pain had brought him to that point, let us listen to his contemplations, he came to his senses and said how many day laborers of my parents have engendered enough . to spare and I'm starving this is what he said the next verse I will get up hallelujah something has happened to that man I am praying for you that this happens to you because there are many of you who have actually taken God out of your life you replaced him with an over-reliance on intellect, an over-reliance on business ideas, an over-reliance on human connections.
I'm not saying those things are wrong, but my bible already says: trust in the lord with all your heart, that's the reason why you see some people when you are applauding them, they roll on the ground because they know there is a part of this equation that you cannot see, I will arise and go to my father and say, listen carefully, listen to the voice of brokenness, father, I have sinned against heaven and before you there is someone who follows you and I am no longer worthy of to be called your son this is not condemnation this is revelation his true state had now been revealed to him he says make me like one of your hired servants and he got up and came to his father look at the miracle the bible says the lord said I will get up and go to my father you would have stayed there and he says just a blind thought you would have died there I assure you that the famine was already about to happen kill him, he said he would die of hunger, but the Bible says that he actually got up, look at this at the moment when who got up and started moving, the father left home and started coming, he said, draw the night for me and I will do it.
I will not come to meet you in your rottenness and your situation there you cannot help it but recognize the fact that you are limited the moment you satisfy the condition of brokenness you are ready for mercy listen do you know why I am teaching you this? many of us here are leaders you should Also find this in the people you show mercy to. Forgiveness is useless until there is brokenness and repentance. Anyone who needs mercy, the role they have to play in receiving that mercy is to be broken first to realize and recognize when you help. people who are not broken you support their pride when you help people who are not broken you accelerate their journey towards petition and destruction are we together?
It's the reason why when we do altar calls we sometimes ask people to leave, it's not to shame them into leaving their seat and defying the It's a shame to leave your colleagues and your loved ones and come stand up to you. There is a sign, it is an expression of your brokenness. We are together? Unfortunately, these days there are people who come and stand here and still don't get saved when you look at them, you don't. they see the brokenness, they even continue to stand and record the preacher, all they want is just a photo of him of his image while a powerful prayer of salvation is being prayed, lord jesus and the person is just recording, but the only thing he says in that prayer is Amen, you are not safe, sir, no, sir, except the scriptures will be broken, the Bible says if you confess with your heart, we are students of the Bible, the Lord Jesus, and we believe, confess with your mouth and believes in his heart that he rose from the dead, he says. then you are saved brokenness now let's see what happened the bible says that he rose again and came to his father but when he was on a great journey his father saw him and made him see our formula again what was the first thing the father said to him your mercy is the fruit of compassion you cannot have and show mercy until there is first compassion pity this young man is limited he is fragile and the bible says he ran and fell on his neck and kissed him 21 very interesting verse and the son truly said what he said he would say If the son did not say this, if verse 21 was not in that scripture, we will know that he is a hypocrite.
He said he was going to say it and when he met his father, he really said it. Father, I have sinned against me, heaven, and before you I am no longer worthy of being. called your son the next verse but the father said to his servants look at the father this describes the character of god at the time the father found brokenness there was no discussion on the topic again. About this, I want to show you how disorder works. There is no point in discussing the issue now. What I'm looking for. I've found it. Ah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, do you know why I say this?
Because you will see that men will not forget your past. Men will not forget your yesterday, even when you have become Paul, they will continue to remind you when you were resolved. Jesus died. I agree, but how long did he die? He only died for three days when he now resurrected. They were still talking about the dead. Jesus, like many people, will still talk about you 10 years ago, they will say that Rahab, Jesus' great-grandmother, is Rahab. I knew him, but the father of the prodigal son showed us the character of God at the moment when he encounters brokenness.
The end of the discussion is that limitation no more discussion you would have said what a stupid boy you are so this is what you have become you couldn't even leave anything at least the man with a talent even brought the talent what you didn't bring anything and then they begged Him and begged Him and then it's okay, that's not God. Remember that the Lord is merciful and that is why I began by showing you the nature of God. Listen, if you don't understand the nature of God, you can't express that character of God. those who are below you because you see the end of this discussion I will leave it for tomorrow the moment you receive mercy one day you must be in the position of this father also each of us in this story will be both the father and the son, are you receiving my discussion?
Some of you for now are like the son. You need to come back, but for some of you, as leaders, you are that parent. There are people who have long needed mercy. They have broken, that case has to be solved. you will not be in any shadow you will illuminate the mountain you will not climb coming after me there is no wall that you will not tear down a lie you will not tear down coming after me listen the bible tells us that there were two thieves on the cross is that in your bible jesus was in the middle of two thieves I wish I had time I would have taught you that the cross is where the good and the bad meet you will think because you are Jesus the cross will not be there the cross and the prison They are too mysterious places because no matter who you are, you must go through the prison or the cross, it is not, you have no option to exempt it, you only have the option to choose whether it is the cross or the prison, these are two mysterious places. places in life and destiny they rule every throne the prison rules the throne and the cross rules the throne Joseph you must go through the prison to sit as prime minister Jesus not even you will be saved from the cross can I tell you this?
This is not my message, but I thought I would digress for a minute because some of you are in states right now where you don't even know, Lord, how the righteous and the unrighteous are in the same condition. Remember prison. I remember the cross Jesus was hanging on that cross and there were two thieves next to him and one was open and began to shout at Jesus in his pride even though they were on the cross these were thieves so they both stole and the other shouted at Jesus you don't even can save us and then the other showed brokenness he said lord man this is an innocent man among us paraphrasing we are victims of our mistakes and jesus looked at him even on the cross he did not ignore the brokenness he says today you will be with me these two are you today because there is brokenness you will be with me in paradise Hallelujah when I learned the mercy of God perpetually This is not self-condemnation but let me tell you the truth every time I go to God in prayer I go to him and say father there are so many people who depend on this grace and you know that if they let me alone I can't even speak less help other people I ask that by your mercy and by your grace you will help this man who is so limited and inadequate, that is the type of prayer that God wants to hear and he will come to you and tell you. will gather on eagle wings and your life will order results and dimensions of possibilities that will confuse you and everyone around you.
You, but when they add you, you don't match that answer because the mercy of God is the mystery behind your results. Please listen to me, this is a very powerful message. The mercy of God. I have seen the mercy of God in my life. I have seen the mercy of God. in the ministry when people come and ask me what the secret is. I can only tell you the best I know, but then I leave you with the fact that everything I told you is not the complete answer, there is a part of this answer that I do not have the power to give.
I will have to direct him like an usher to the one who can show mercy to man. I have seen families where the man and the woman are disciplined and well-educated parents and the four children became hooligans. four of them, have you seen that? Respectfully speaking, lawless children, you cannot say that the children were not trained, they fasted with the parents, they took nitrogen and the children still became what they became and yet I have seen children where the child can come out From home. for two weeks and returns the third week, the mother can see the child five times a year and the child is in that city and one day the child will move somewhere and meet at a conference and the power of God will strike That boy.
The next time the child returns, he is a well-named young man from a low burning stable and the mother and fathers have nothing to do with the transformation of that child, someone cries mercy. I have seen diligent people trusting God to raise money, build, and do their thing. better and at the time when they are building they have a problem with maybe some government and they can come and demolish that building and I have seen people who in their innocence someone would just say I like you and I want to help you look let me tell you You, never underestimate the power of God's mercy, hallelujah, even in my own life.
Speaking with sincerity and respect, I will tell you that there are times perhaps because of my shadows and sometimes I cannot see people and minister to them as I would like. and then in the middle of all that crowd you see people flying all over the world and they are standing there doing the best they can and I can turn somewhere and you can see a little boy and the mother somewhere, someone just He hugged and said I can. I help you see apostle and they are standing there and I say my God, look at the mercy of God, the ability to forgive an offender and the ability to add up the deficiencies of others, all those who are sitting here and you who are following from television. o all over the world we all need God's mercy, there are people during this pandemic and throughout this was their richest time, they were sitting in silence and fortune just came and found them like an armed robber and changed their lives completely, there are others who for decades had a track record of diligence and in one year they were reduced to nothing someone against shout mercy your mind is fighting what you are saying and say remember your ability is there shout mercy again let your mind and your spirit know that beyond skill and beyond human connection, except that the lord builds a house, is it not in your bible that the work that builds it is in vain, except that the lord watches over the city?
I would never forget a time, a true story, years ago, a woman came to see me, she was a doctor. Applying for a security walk at a um, I mean just a PhD from a university, I've never been employed, I said, what is this? Request security, security, I think it was an oil and gas company, honestly, I am before God, I am telling you this doctorate, ah, may your mercy do not leave me oh god you are playing with me your mercy do not leave me the world is too evil without the mercy of god and for those of you who think god this this does not concern me everything is fine let me tell you this, the pandemic should have taught you a lesson.
I have cried with many people. I even have you politicians. Haven't you seen people going about their businessand God's mercy just came and lifted them up? I remember someone who almost sank into depression when he lost the election the last time he invested money he borrowed money he lost the election and he came and met with me he said the problem is not that I didn't win the problem is that I pushed too hard now I am in trouble and he was a very good man Nebuchadnezzar was a king who learned a lesson through his pain if you have time and come home please read Daniel chapter 4 from verse 34 to 37 this was the prayer of repentance of Nebuchadnezzar became an animal for seven years he praised and honored the god who lived forever recognizing that there was a government above him let's pray don't miss tomorrow's session I will share with you one or two more information but for now I want to conclude by teaching you two blessings among the many there are two main blessings that come into your life when the mercy of God has rested on you number one is the blessing of healing number two the blessing of provision write it down please Matthew chapter 14 from verse 14 to 21 Matthew 14 of Verse 14 the Bible says and Jesus went and saw a great crowd and had compassion on them what was a response to that compassion I told them that everything that comes in response to compassion is called what mercy so heal the sick.
It is the ministry of mercy it is someone listening now healing the sick more than the ministry of power it is the ministry of mercy fifteen were reading 21 very quickly and when it was night his disciples came to him saying this is a deserted place and the The Bible says and the time has now passed, send the crowds away to go to the towns and buy rituals, but Jesus said that they did not have to leave, give them, feed them, remember that compassion continues to speak and they say: here we have five loaves and two fish.
He said bring me heather 19 and he ordered the crowds to sit on the grass and he took five loaves and two fish and looking up at heaven he blessed and he broke and gave to the disciples and the disciples to the crowds aha the Bible says and they did it and they said mercy when you eat and you are satisfied two things that are important here you must eat and you must be you can eat and still not be satisfied but this when mercy is what is in charge of your provision you will eat and you will be satisfied and the bible says that fragments were taken from you you return to see the human beings as soon as they were satisfied what did they do with the rest the same people who were hungry threw it away jesus fed them and they threw the fragments and the disciples had to pick up the fragments and it was my shame and poured out your love look beyond of me you look beyond me I am the one who has shown mercy you have shown mercy you have shown mercy let it not be that when you build houses when your boat your livestock everything is working well you will send my power the power of my hand has given me this he said but it you will remember it means that you cannot forget some of you have forgotten the god who took you from nowhere to where you are today there is someone thanking that god the god who saved you diseases and illnesses that would have killed you said if the lord was not by our side now israel say brandon someone pray someone pray a minute lord I open I lift my heart first to say thank you and then to cry that you keep me broken take away my pride everything that has filled me with myself to believe that it is only by my power I repent oh god unconsciously i may have taken your place before men when they applauded for me i didn't tell them that jesus was the reason behind this someone cried before your creator your grace your grace i am nothing without you your grace your grace shine on me are you crying before the god of heaven your grace? your grace I am nothing without you your grace your grace shines upon me there are many of you the reason prophecy has not happened in your life is not because the man of god who spoke lied the posture of brokenness that must give way to the mercy of god to come you have been delaying the manifestation of prophecy because there is no breakinga broken and contrite spirit you will not despise someone is crying out to god please forget about those on your left and right if you are too old to cry for the grace of being broken then I tell you, forget about the mercy of God he said yes my people who are called by my name the first thing is that they humble themselves they are my people but they will never see my hand extended until they humble themselves and pray and seek my face turning away from their evil ways He says then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and heal their land please swallow your pride tonight please swallow your pride tonight I respect your pedigree but like the twenty four elders take off your golden crown and cry before the creator please pray a minute more thank you oh God father for giving us your son and leaving your spiritual your work on earth cheap victories that you would have received but because the mercy of God continued to arrive at your house it continued to arrive at your business the mercy of God continued to arrive at your ministry he kept coming to your work but he kept coming back because he found no brokenness don't let him come back again 2015 came. pride and arrogance did not allow the mercy of god to rest on you 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 here is your chance again to win that war of destiny once and for all lord if you don't help my children I don't have the power to help them lord if you don't help my business I don't have the power to help if you don't help me this addiction I don't have the power to save myself if not help me out of this financial situation the bills that I am will destroy me style son of david here in this conference have mercy on me have mercy on my children have mercy on the works of my hands a broken and contrite spirit oh god you will not despise hallelujah listen we are finishing I'm going to pray for your request now true story I know a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and they had done everything they knew how to do she was afraid of chemotherapy because I think she had read all kinds of things online that it doesn't guarantee survival and I am before the god of heaven and I tell you this story this woman did everything possible at one point she said that according to her she was listening to one of my teachings and decided to pass it on to have a personal vigil with god without asking for anything just roll over and cry and say Lord I am not afraid of dying but please if I am going to die please stand up for my children this is all I am asking for and the bible I mean the woman has said the bible she cried and cried and slept and that when she lay down and slept he only saw that a man entered the room true story he put his hand in it and took something out ladies and gentlemen when that woman stood up that's how that thing began to shrink and disappeared from her body the race is not for the rapids the battle is not It is for the strong I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on some of you let me tell you the truth right now the situation you are in is the mercy of God you need some of you are fine alone your biggest problem is your children some of you I'm not even okay, honestly, God's grace will be needed now, please listen to me.
I told them that healing and provision also extend to signs and wonders. They are manifestations of God's mercy. I have a pact with God. I have read the Scriptures. have a pact of answered prayers with god i will tell you this for the god of heaven please if you are here to submit your prayer request is there anyone go ahead please come along because the next five minutes or so will make sense now. Do you know what mercy is? In case you wrote it, unbelief made you take away some things. Let me assure you. Let your faith increase because God is about to surprise you.
We are in the zone of mercy. So let him who is merciful not be afraid. He is also the almighty I will say it again if that means that you go back to writing something writing for your children a group of very rich real estate agents came and demanded to see me and I told them what this is for and they came and met me and they called me apostle we had a discussion and we came to the conclusion that we are going to have a pact with god about you that in any part of the earth we build our property we must build you a house there this was some years ago it is not something recent I said what is the meaning of this what did I do they said this it is our agreement with god I wanted to look for something that represents a kingdom there anywhere ladies and gentlemen I apologize if it sounds like pride or whatever I cannot tell you how many properties these people have built today in Nigeria and Africa and each one of them I have not gone to one of the houses not even to check and say this is my key, they just bring the papers and say: go and leave them, go and leave them, except the man builds a house, don't you think I don't know what I'm saying ?
Hallelujah, a group of businessmen came and met me and said apostle, we agreed that we will make you non-executive. board member, so what does that mean? very big, we are not talking about small businesses, what is my own contribution and jokingly they said that you represent the presence of God and the action of God in that business, okay, so what am I going to do? Praying for you I can pray I don't need to be anyone I can just pray I said no this is a conclusion and the only thing I can say after that is to God be the glory can I tell you everything you are looking for?
I am also looking for you, but listen to me, it takes the mercy of God, the mercy of God, I was living in a particular nation, this was about three, four years ago, I finished and some Americans came who were making a society, a real estate company. with that country and the pastor and the group of businessmen who just stopped, it was difficult enough for me to go rest and prepare to get to the airport and return to the country and they welcomed us and said, well, we are developing properties. here and we just want you to know that we have put five properties here I said five who are you what are you doing until today I have not gone there to say this is how my house is a woman who moved not long ago Recently to the UK from Ghana They called me and brought me papers and keys and the photo of a house it would be like maybe the ico or laki now in Ghana magnificent structure and said the man said I should give it to you.
I'm leaving, I haven't gone. It was my protocol that when I was in Ghana I said you should go see him. Just know that God bless you. Whatever happens, leave it there first. Did you read the scriptures? He says when the Lord becomes captive again I'm sorry if I hope you are not misunderstanding what I just told you, can I tell you that when the mercy of God rests on your life you will accumulate gold like dust, believe me when I tell you? You this that what someone is praying for God will take him and bring it to you and he will knock on your door and you will open it and you will see him as a person there.
I say this because something is about being patient for the next two. minutes here, please, I know that you have been praying, you have prepared for this meeting, please do not waste the moment, do not be like the man whom the king bowed and said, even if God will open the windows of heaven, Should it be like this? it happened and he saw it but he didn't eat for a minute where is the prayer request? Did you drop it? Let's pray in a minute. I would like you to pray from the depths of your heart, father, those who have written here. arise in your mercy and let this be the last time I will write it as my prayer request, please make sure you are praying, make sure you are praying, turn your eyes away from limitations, look at the god of mercy who can visit to men and change their lives someone is praying sapphire


are you praying? trapped king are you praying? you are praying this for your family bring your family in this prayer bring your children in this prayer your business your ministry so like this you are here changing the lights I adore you, I adore you, you are here mending broken hearts, I adore you, I adore you, we do a miracle, we walk from this key light in the darkness, that is, you are the god who keeps the covenant, you are the covenant in the name of Jesus, ah, I sent. such an anointing in this place.
Do you know what I'm seeing in the spirit? I want you to write it down I'm just seeing doors opening honestly I'm standing next to the god of heaven very strange doors opening this is what I'm seeing some of you weren't even expecting it some of you it's this coming week we're not talking about something that's in the distance the opening of god listen to me I cried because no man was worthy to open the book and unlock the scroll and an old man touched me and said whip not for the lion of the tribe of judah the root of jesse is worthy he says and I looked at the throne and I saw a lamb as if it had been slain having seven eyes and seven horns father I bow to you my niece oh god of my covenant and I declare that I speak to you these Egyptians that you see today you will not see them again forever you will not see them again forever listen to me every blessing comes from god through men to god's men From man to man, there are times when God says yes, but the human vessel who should partner with God for his testimony is not ready.
Let me call you by prophecy anyone, whether in Lagos in Nigeria or around the world, who has been anointed and given the mandate of paraskatebakata. partner of the prophecy and has not responded to the voice of the spirit at this time theWe force you to partner with God, listen to me every thought that has been closed about your destiny for a long time because I am, I am seeing doors, I am still I tell you I am seeing listen you know what a door is a door is a device that midwives two rooms or two rams doors are the arrangements that connect the stations of the midwife in one season with the other it is a door and if that door is closed one season it cannot end for another to open let me pray again whoever is standing at the door and that door that opens you to the next season has refused to open by the power of the holy spirit we open that door now we open that door now we open that door now we open that door now listen to me he said go to the place where the paths divide you will see one day cold that no man has ever ridden in said lose it and if they ask you I'm looking like I'm seeing fire coming like seven people just help them I just saw that anointing right now just help them you don't have to get them out but help them someone it's like a chain that's breaking someone's life right now the bible says it has broken the bronze box and it has caught the ion bands and it breaks I stretch out my hands right now in the name of Jesus those chains be broken by the anointing of the holy spirit everything that has tied you and kept you tied help that woman please be broken now have that woman please help them please everything that was lost will be returned to you everything that was stolen will be restored to you everything that was lost will be returned to you everything what was stolen listen to me he said when they ask you why you are losing a code that no one has used it means there are virgin opportunities that no one has touched god he kept listening even the owner of the cult has not written it that means there are people holding certain things it is not To them they are caretakers but by order of the king they release it and if they question you you say it is a triumphal entry you cannot have a triumphal entry walking barefoot that is why I speak about your life anyone who has I have been made a caretaker of any blessing that should come to you in the name of Jesus.
May they release it to you. Now there's a woman here. Your right leg. You have had severe pain. I'm just feeling the pain right now. I'm standing right on the right side, who is that woman? The Lord wants to free you now. I don't intend to take that long, but I mean, when I walked in here I felt an investment of prayer and preparation. I know people are praying and preparing I believe in miracles so my dad look at me you love Jesus what is your name I want to pray for you don't be ashamed there is something that God is taking from your life right now I stretch out my hands and curse every spirit that I see limitation in the name of Jesus be free right now by the power of the holy spirit what is your name dear this lady is shaking her head okay, no problem we can leave that for tomorrow who is gladys what is your name where are you from I have to pray for you I am not a prophet of men but I am looking at you and I see your hands and feet tied in the spirit this is what I am saying you are a sincere lady but there is no progress there is no breakthrough people will promise to help you and the next day just let me prophesy to someone if there is any embargo in your life that causes people who want to help you help this woman to have that oh my god please help her in the name of jesus christ help them please by the power that raised christ from among the dead right now I use a parkour secretary be free now be free now everything that has bound you that does not let you move forward but the power that raised Christ from the dead moves forward now move forward now I pray for all of you who They are having pains in the name of Jesus there are two people here you saw me in your dream wait wait wait wait just listen to what I am saying that first you saw me in your dream and in that dream I was ministering to you.
This is something God wants to free you from. I'm going to pray for you right now. Please don't go out randomly. Make sure. that there are others in the house of God let's not go out at random you don't have to go out you can stay where you are I suppose many of you because you have heard the teachings wherever you are but I am I'm going to pray for you someone will shout right now loudly under the anointing that's right something is happening here something help them something is happening I am seeing angelic administrations help them please and help them please whether you are osha or not help them I am seeing angelic ministrations this assistant ministering spirit sent to minister to tell that Peter of salvation in the name of Jesus we liberate the ministry of the angels we release the ministry of the angels to families to homes to businesses help this woman we release the ministry of angels right now by the power that raised Christ from the dead let there be healing right now in every part of your limbs let there be healing right now I decree and declare if there is anything that is connected with witchcraft help this lady, I eliminate that demonic thing from your body now because the Bible says that every tree that has not been done has been planted by my father I declare be uprooted now please listen to me do you know that many attacks on your health are actually an attack on your finances it is not really health it is supplies be healed in the name of Jesus be healed in the name of Jesus thank you Please can you go back to your seat just one last prayer and I'm done please can someone come and help me practice the request I want to pray for the people here because the lord is opening my eyes I'm not a prophet of doom but I'm seeing a coffin like a coffin and the Lord is saying that I must rebuke the spirit of death, you know?
Let me tell you, there is a spirit that has been released throughout this nation. You have to pray. You see people dying anyway. Don't die anyway, O death, where is your sting and there is no grave? Where is your victory? The devil just wants to come and waste people's lives like that. I want to pray for you and this extends to you and also to your loved ones. now anyone here should practice cathy balakatos here who is a victim or there is an operation of the spirit of death around his life, my god, I just feel like fire is coming out of my hands, sir, I don't know if I can help you, please, In the name of Jesus I declare by the spirit of life and even by the mercy of God be delivered from death now whether by accident by the sword by diseases be delivered from death now and if there is any stranger wandering around your body in name of a terminal illness or disease whether it is cancer whether it is hepatitis whether it is a blood condition please in one minute rebuke it in one minute rebuke it I declare my freedom by the mercy of God in the name of Jesus now I speak about your life that in the name of Jesus I begin from now a dimension of the mercy of God that you have not seen him begin to work for you ruining your finances ruining your spiritual life in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ tomorrow morning we are going to take the time that I want to share with you some scripture and then I will have time to minister prophetically and then we will pray on the sapphire foundation.
I asked the man something. I told him, sir, not just a few people testify, that all the sapphire


as you see people testifying each one of them hallelujah may the lord bless you and increase you in the name of Jesus wait let me make an altar call I know that our time is up are you saying apostle i need jesus just a minute for you before i finish up there is no need have you coincidentally seen what jesus has done or are you saying i need to rededicate my life i don't want to play with jesus his message is there even If it is a person that I feel in my spirit has to do it, be someone please come and stand here Jesus is calling you do not miss that opportunity please do not play with your destiny because God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son that everything he who believes in him, the bible declares, must not perish but have eternal life come come to jesus win that war do not be ashamed do not be afraid we are celebrating them they come to jesus come come you are giving him a chance to do you are giving him a chance to break them if you are still joining them, please join together, young, old, all together, come to Jesus, hallelujah now, I salute each of you for this noble decision.
Thank you, please, can I ask you to raise your right hand, if you can, well above your head? I want you to say this prayer, please, if you join them, join them quickly, let it be from the depths of your heart, say after me, Lord Jesus, tonight, I have heard your word, I am broken and I need your mercy. I admit I can't help. I but I believe that you died for me I believe that you were resurrected for my justification right now I receive Jesus as my savior as my lord and as my king I declare that the power of sin satan hell and the grave are broken over my life I am a recipient of eternal life I go from glory to glory and from grace to grace amen father thank you for these for your declaration I decree and declare that their sins are forgiven and that you give them a new beginning from today you will go from glory to glory and grace to grace because in the name of Jesus we pray now you will be given a card there are counselors giving you the card please make sure you have one and then we have a counselor waving her hand the lady is waving her hands can I ask everyone to follow the counselors?
Let's celebrate them in a minute and they'll go back to their seats. God bless you. God bless you. Hallelujah. Please allow me to encourage you not to make the sacrifice of inviting everyone you can. particularly for tonight, ask them to listen to this teaching to bless them and then please do everything in your power to make sure you are here in the morning for the final balance of what God is going to do. May the Lord bless you and honor you. in the name of jesus i beg you

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