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The Lion of Judah (2011) | Full Movie | Ernest Borgnine | Anupam Kher | Sandi Patty

Jun 03, 2021
kicks are so violent do you want them to kill drake uh sorry it's drake what's up with drake that word you used after drake who turns out to be me I'm the one the word refers to and what was that word again drake don't come in in panic you are not going to die that's why we have come to rescue you more words related to drake that I don't like oh the body kick it out ugh oh oh look at all the beautiful vegetables that you will leave us impure get out of here get out of the alley oh I never heard ah you have to get out of here not without damn there there is no time for them to catch us well I say then I suggest you stop wandering around and help me oh yeah follow me hurry up someone is coming move me wow where is it Judah, dear?, you're free, ah, you again, phew, okay, it's time to move, we have to move.
the lion of judah 2011 full movie ernest borgnine anupam kher sandi patty
I gotta move guys, um, what's going on? Hey, stupid animals, why did you run away? Uh, they ain't gon' catch me again, oh man, we got you now, no one knows the trouble I see, come on, sing it with me, no one knows that pain now, bob, I see. the rescue went well, oh man, you guys were great, you wrapped that guy up and then you tripped him and then there, but trouble, aren't you little? Problems, there's no way I'm here to help by locking us up. Don't listen when they took you away. Me, far from home, my mom told me I wish for all the world you didn't have to leave but you have the most noble calling of all my son you are going to free people if only it wasn't like that but you were I was born perfect, don't worry mom, I will come back, I will free them all and I will come back to look for you too.
the lion of judah 2011 full movie ernest borgnine anupam kher sandi patty

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the lion of judah 2011 full movie ernest borgnine anupam kher sandi patty...

I love you with all my heart, boy, I'm so proud of you, so proud, oh, aren't you? The saddest thing is, cry for me Tony, but when we left, the owner of the stable said only the king could help, only the king could free you, I don't need to free myself, I'm the one who makes the frame, ah Judah, your mom wasn't . Talking about freeing animals, she really meant people, you guys are going to free people, what you don't need free, it wasn't Drake at all, is it you, poor thing, what a lamb, what are you, what are you talking about?
the lion of judah 2011 full movie ernest borgnine anupam kher sandi patty
You are absolutely right, you know, and what a privilege to be sacrificed for the Lord. What are you talking about? Oh no, no, never mind that for now, dear, we can't let this happen. What if Holder said the king is the king? someone who can free you then we have to find the king king why I don't understand what's going on explain to me what oh no that's horrible I can't believe what you just said right now in my ear. I just want to say that that's just despicable. You have no idea what I just explained to you, right? there are no kings of men left no one noble no one kind all selfish all cruel and you brought me here to enslave them that is not true there is a king and he was born in our stable sounds like a great king born in a stable what a royal entrance and he was kind and noble and he would steal your heart with one look in your eyes kings are the worst of them they tell people what to do taking what they want they are rotten and they spread their rot to all people if you knew him you would know him he would undo that heart yours in an instant I no longer have a heart they have taken it from me my life is not mine these strings are my life these strings are my heart can he give it back?
the lion of judah 2011 full movie ernest borgnine anupam kher sandi patty
I walk with such determinations through the years and find a way to dry all my tears, no matter how far away you are, of whom they spoke of a baby from a stable, the king, oh wait until I tell the others, but they are them. You're still, oh, could you free yourself, could you free yourself, come on, come with me, I'll take you to them, they said you could free yourself, thank you, jack, go tell the others that the king is on the way, you heard it one two. for the price of one, hey, hey, we have a message for you pesky crows, uh, the king is on his way, hey, what do you hear, he's coming, the king is coming, hey, look at him, oh no, oh no , wants to buy axica action from you, play dead. do something what are you talking about I'm not judy listen to me you don't want that man to buy you if he does he's going to kill you there's no way listen to me you are the one who will free them they have to make him sacrifice you to be free from their sins, no, not that okay, I'll free myself and then I'll help you too, no, no, don't let me buy you, but what's wrong, where is the king?
There they are, waiting for you, my house will do it. it will be called home we have to find


oh jack jack it's him just like you said you saw


they took him he passed by you in an iron cage oh there they surrender there oh he's gone we've lost him, oh my god, oh, funny Esme, look at you, you're sweating like a pig, what did you say? uh, I said, uh, move for no good, divided, crushing like a big, what was it my liver is shriveling, don't listen, oh, I heard it, it's coming from the wall it's a whaling wow it's judah judah judah are you there? we've come to get you out auntie kick the wall kick me monty monty you've kicked slink oh a funny turnip okay okay get out of my way stop, stop, it's I'm going to collapse oh stop the ceiling is going to crush me stop stop oh I don't want to die oh the king only the king can help yes definitely of course we have to find him we are the crows oh oh oh they were chased away by the people okay we will do it without him let's split up and meet again here at dusk split up oh go to the big town alone, there's someone lonelier than any of us right now and he needs hey, hey, where are you going, no. you are right, you can uh uh save your speech, we will split up, especially you stay here and take care of Julian as if you were with us absolutely, oh, hold on, little one, they will return to the king and he will free you.
The walls are closing in the darkness has descended upon this fragile heart of mine oh where is the breath? All hope is gone, rescue me, give my soul, save me, don't let me fall because I've fallen too far, no luck, I'm afraid I won't. Don't worry little one we won't stop look Judah what am I saying what's going on in this he's gone oh but I've been here the whole time let me see I should say slink is gone too and why is he tied up. Where are you taking him? Don't let me. Hey, I said, Let us in.
Something is very poorly maintained. The rooster is moving. It's okay. Here we go. It has movements. It has grooves. Excuse me, move out of the way. Oh oh those are pretty sandals right there. I can touch it. Oh get out of my way. I need to. see the king you were also with Jesus of Galilee I don't know what you're talking about sorry you were one of them your accent gives you away I don't I don't know the name I'll give this guy it was with Jesus of Nazareth. I swear, I don't know the man. He was asking me maybe maybe he can.
What if the king is the only one who can help? so we will wait for the king oh don't you hear where they took him my scouts say they took him to the Roman courts why what four the king what are they doing oh why are they hurting her oh no oh please don't worry the king will come he will save you what they are doing to him he is being punished like a criminal why why didn't you do anything I can't believe he would do something there must be some mistake mistake or no no one picks him up there he comes down alive oh they told us a savior oh jesus he is the greatest one who will break everything has to overcome all doubts my heart has this one thing to say the liar of judah is how could they do this it's over uh uh what was it that it was he who was the king, but how I don't know, but I knew it, I could feel it, It was him, he set me free, he set me free, thank you, thank you, thank you, I'm free, oh yes, he did it. the king freed me what is it?
It's just horrible it's downright horrible the king they hadn't even done anything they killed him they took the only good thing I've ever known they killed him what no they can't have any way he freed me I know it was him oh that's it which meant only the king can free them, he is not dead, see for yourself, oh they are taking him away to bury him. oh oh i have to go thank him for free he's there they took him there judah i'm afraid he won't come out again yes he'll go home with us dear we'll take care of you no no i'm not waiting until he comes out uh i don't know if he'll ever understand how We tell him we let him know that Judah won't come back, come on, we have to go now, look, we know you want to see him again, we all do, but we're afraid that'll never happen It's okay to be sad, little one, but you have to let it go We've all said it, but he set us free and he would want us to be happy with that now that you tried.
I waited but it's time for us all to go home, there you go, everything will be okay, just come, I saw what his love did to Jack, it's like you said, one look in his eyes and he'll steal your life. heart. I couldn't look. in his eyes oh but I felt it it was his love that tore that curtain his love that cracked the temple his love for me for all of us so I don't care what you say this stone is not going to contain that love oh thank you oh I have so much love I can't argue how I feel what I do how it feels oh oh Jesus oh well that's very sweet dear but you don't need to stop because of me I'm not I'm not going back to you, what, I'm going back to Jerusalem, what, what Thanks to the king, I don't have to use ropes anymore, but some of his friends are still there and they need help moving and I want to do it.
Help them because I am free you will come to visit us. Couldn't you give money? Some kicking lessons. Why, of course, I will. Thanks for everything. I'm glad I ran into you, oh we were glad too. goodbye, goodbye, oh, everything has been too happy, sad, happy, sad, scared, sad, happy, oh yes, let's go home first. Should we wait until we tell Hilda? How the king freed all the people. The king. How did he do that? What's that boss now that we've been cleansed? What does that mean? It means that we are fit to be eaten. That's good, guys.
Boss, you're kidding. you are my lord and kingdom oh de jesus you wonder

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