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The Intellectual Disappearance Problem: Potential Missing 411 Cases

Jun 06, 2021
Across the channel, we've covered many


s that appear to occur under unusual circumstances, and often these people leave no trace. people specifically those who have a high degree of intelligence, although I can't speak to the validity of their findings, I thought it would be interesting to put this to the test and see if I could find and take a look at the scientists who are gone. disappearing under strange circumstances all of the


s that you will learn about in this video occurred in various places around the world in rural and wilderness areas now before i get into things i want to clarify that i don't know if any of these


have been previously reported by david or other researchers or if videos exist on these people but in my opinion they fit the


form in the profile points in ways they will get to see and there was a language barrier for more as a result of the disappearances which is always worth it Please note, all the links to the references will be available in the description below, so check back if you want to continue reading after the video, now that all these disappearances are said to have occurred under unusual circumstances, all the finds were very strange and maybe even suspicious in some


by finding footprints that led to nothing


for a period of time before being found in an already searched area and maybe even outright lies were told you can be the judge now let's explore the first disappearance and to do that we are going to have to go back in time to 1980 china you from a very young age Peng JAMA reboot has a brilliant and elusive mind it seems that pang was an individual who had an innate ability to absorb complex information and was able to process and come to an understanding in a way that many cannot Peng was born in 1925 in the Guangdong province of China and from a very young age he was fascinated with everything related to biology.
the intellectual disappearance problem potential missing 411 cases
Peng loved life and wanted to understand the deepest intricacies of it and fell in love with researching flora and fauna alike. Peng joined Central China University, known today as Nanjing University, graduating in 1947 and was almost immediately offered a position at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, presumably because he had already shown a lot of passion and knowledge about the subject. theme. The Chinese Academy of Sciences also took a liking to pang and soybean abilities. You have been indispensable and they would want you to join. and he led several expeditions to shinjang, which is in northwestern china. However, Payne's life was not all about success and he faced some hardships.
the intellectual disappearance problem potential missing 411 cases

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the intellectual disappearance problem potential missing 411 cases...

In 1957 he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor from which he suffered for quite some time, but fortunately in the end. The treatment of him was successful and he made a full recovery in Shanghai. Over the years, it became clear that Pang not only has an intelligent mind, but she also became a competent outdoorsman as a result of all the time he spent on these expeditions, camping and having to use general skills. In 1980, Peng was once again approached by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to lead an expedition and at the time no one knew that this would be the last journey of sorrows, the 55-year-old biochemist is quoted as saying: I have a strong desire to explore the frontiers i have the courage to pave a way in the desert this expedition would see pains leading a team in the expanse of lochner desert located in the shing jiang region as you can imagine this was a largely uninhabitable area with a mostly infertile landscape consisting of sand dunes, a storm-encrusted basin where Lake Turin once resided at this time Peng was the vice president of the shinjan branch g from the Academy and this trip would appear to lead a team of chemists geologists biologists and archaeologists in the summer of 1980 tangs role on this trip was to measure the amount of potassium in this mineral rich area.
the intellectual disappearance problem potential missing 411 cases
I'm not entirely sure why that was or what the goals were prior to his disappearance. He also managed to discover a dozen new wild species, although it is not clear which ones. they were just for some context Lautner is about 2,500 feet above sea level and covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout one thousand one hundred and sixty square miles. dunes and uneven gravel, the group began to run out of supplies, although the only major concern was water, but Peng was determined to continue five days after Peng made the decision to continue on June 17, 1980 Peng left a note in his shop telling his teammates that he went to get some water, but would never return when it became known that senior officials in Beijing and the central government were very frustrated.
the intellectual disappearance problem potential missing 411 cases
In fact, I can imagine it. ne that being true to the govt structure in Beijing is very top down heavy and there is a punish the messenger culture there so people hate being the one to deliver bad news as was the case here with Peng there is a wide variety of factors for this. behavior, but what made you want is that the ruling party there hates to be embarrassed both on the world stage and internally and they hate others knowing of their own misfortune or failures that they felt upon learning of Peng's disappearance they launched a huge operation search with heavy military involvement and oversights, as well as making the investigation highly visible to the public so that their people would know that they were investing their resources in finding pang, the military put their boots on the site of the camps of the group and them setting up supply lines so that the search could be concentrated for some time when ground searches proved fruitless as ten military planes and heli helicopters were dispatched to fly over the area, but Peng could not be located.
Six police officers who were part of a specialized search dog unit were brought in, but they too could not find the payment. It is not clear how long the search continued, but at some point. it was canceled and a second investigation was launched in November 1980, but as far as I can tell the search was also fruitless. I did some more digging into this case and actually found something that I find very unusual which was reported by the Arlington Heights Daily Herald of Suburban Chicago on October 16, 1981 Chinese radio and television broadcast extensive reports on Thursday which said that Peng passed away while fetching water to save transportation cost for this state Peng began fetching water by himself in 120 to 150 degree heat on June 17, after conducting large-scale searches through area authorities in Xinjiang province, they found ping traces on their sugar and scientific ration coupons. e sat at a point six miles northeast of where he was last seen, it is concluded that Peng got lost, then sat bewildered on the ground and was finally buried by strong winds blowing sand which sounds very strange to me paying traveled six miles when you searched for water you were clearly failing, didn't you think of turning back?
It also seems to me that they found his final position when his footprint seemed to lead to a place where he sat and the footprints went no further, surely an excavation in or near it. to that place I would have discovered his body if he had been there the reports also seem very inconsistent to me the reports from the Chinese press we are saying that they believe that the Sun had buried him but they could still see his footprints sugar ration coupons and the place sat down something that does not fit at all there, how could it have been buried, but not the Russians, footprints and signs of sitting, what happened with pang here, it is worth mentioning that the Chinese public fou and this disappearance is very strange and they wouldn't let it pass, it seems to me that because it was highly publicized and everyone knew about it, rumors began to spread around Pang on October 12, 1980, the son of the pneuma reported this. the base camp was in the Lochner area, a nearly dry salt lake and reportedly a secret Chinese testing site.
Letters quoted in the Hong Kong newspaper speculated that US intelligence may have been involved in the disappearance of the pains. It's worth mentioning that the ruling party in China offers to blame the United States for things so I guess this accusation isn't too surprising or there is something else to the accusations the same day the Joplin Globe reported this the newspaper of Hong Kong cited scientists known as st. Peng Jia mo was seen on September 14 at a restaurant in Washington. A man is reported to have denied being Peng and hastily left. The newspaper said Peng was seen by friends, including a fan of the dentures, the son of Deng Xiaoping, one of several Chinese vice premiers.
The paper cited letters from two visiting Chinese academics, including one who had known Pang for 30 years, said he recognized him at the restaurant, and later told Chinese authorities about the meeting that he went places he didn't expect and met with some things to unpack before that although it is important to clarify that the official position of the Chinese authorities was that Peng had been buried in the Sun there in the first place, I cannot find solid evidence that Peng was in Washington on September 14 nor can I find no evidence or mention of him. being involved with the US though that's not to say it wasn't just that I can't find any evidence to indicate that it was, it seems to me that one of two things could have happened here and I make no claims either he was defecting somehow or planning to defect to the US and the Chinese authorities realized the headwind and took him out of camp, everyone paying, he went out for some water and something happened to him while he was doing it, the fact that there was a lot of talk about Peng and he held a high position at the Academy and was literally leading an expedition, don't yell at me that he was a deserter, I think his actions somewhat contradict that statement at least, but of course we can never really know certainty that what could have happened here is because the people of China wanted answers regarding his disappearance.
It is not impossible that the defection story was made up to change people's perception of Peng and make them dislike him because the authorities were not complete. I'm sure of what happened and I couldn't come up with anything that would appease the public. Of course, I want to make it completely clear that both of those scenarios are speculation and we have no idea what happened to Peng or where he ended up. but his disappearance was certainly unusual, to say the least. A big


when it comes to the ruling party in China is that it is incredibly difficult to determine what is really going on because they are incredibly secretive and hard to trust.
Although I want to make it clear. that i am talking specifically about the ruling party and not about china in general or the chinese people in any case i would like to hear your thoughts on this what happened to peng jia mo now at this point let's travel to germany 1994 ernst nur priests actually wasn't german but born in austria and like peng was fascinated with biology from an early age specifically ernst was interested in flies and hymenoptera which if i pronounced correctly is a large order of insects made up of fly saw, wasps, bees and ants.
To date, we know of more than 150,000 species that fit into this order. Unfortunately not much is known about Burns daily life but what we do know is that he attended a high school in Klagenfurt from what I can gather ernst excelled in school and after graduating he went straight to the teachers college of vienna saw something in ernst and forest's thesis was mentored by some of their best minds at the Zoological Institute and by 1959 would be known as dr. prisoner getting his PhD Ernst was no ordinary scientist who actually ended up becoming a pioneer in the field of pheromones.
It's silly, but these days you have to be very careful how he describes things on YouTube. so let's say that in insect terms, pheromones are chemicals that are secreted or excreted and trigger a social response. published many papers that are still cited today in 1983 Ernst received an award for his research in the field of pheromones and would be the driving force in the study of synthetically produced pheromones which he actually used to attract and discover new species like never before Seen above, it's clear that Ernst had found his niche and it's probably fair to say that he was one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on the subject.
This brings us to July 1994 when Ernst traveled to t He rides in the Bavarian Alps to check out some of his bug traps, only this is one he would never return from, though not only did he fail to return, he somehow managed to disappear without leave a trace and almost 26 years have passed since that time and no sign of it has ever been found Ernst colleagues at the Institute of Behavioral Physiology in Sweden stated this our member dr. Ernst Priest Nur was on a routine inspection tour of his pheromone traps in the German Alps on July 19 and 20, 1994.
Buzzi has not returned despite multiple inquiries.searches carried out by the mountain rescue team and their colleagues. It can only be assumed that he suffered a fatal accident. Our condolences. goes to the bereaved, especially his wife, on oct 1, 1994, the mellen RG newspaper reported that we received word that dr. Ernst Priest nur has been missing in the Bavarian Alps since mid-July this year, he is still missing and intensive searches including mountain rescue helicopters and dog squads have to this day never been successful. The 60-year-old man who was researching insects got lost on the mountain in the German Alps, more than 200 rescuers were already there, but they had been unsuccessful at the Institute where dr.
Pristina works hoping hikers on mushroom hunters who may have seen ernst come forward with new information, unfortunately that's where the paper trail ends as far as I can tell and I couldn't find any further mention of him, however it would have been Interesting as to whether Ernst had actually gotten to his bug traps, the reports never state whether he appeared to have tampered with them, though that might not have been clear as he could have reset them or left them in place if they hadn't yet been successful. so ultimately we have no idea if he got to his destination or if anything happened to him on the way there or on the way back, there was no evidence of foul play or animal predation and it doesn't appear that Ernst had any enemies during the time of the search that the dogs never picked up Ernst sense and the helicopters never saw any indication of where he might have gone it is also important to clarify that Burns was walking up the mountain and not climbing was he or was he doing anything particularly dangerous at that time?
Did he just get lost, have accidents, or both? It is worth mentioning that Ernst knew this mountain well and had been researching there for a long time and had made many trips to his traps before, as his companions said. this was nothing more than a routine trip for Ernst, his colleague showed surprise when he disappeared and all everyone could think was that he must have faced some kind of accident, in this case I was quite surprised that the dogs never found his scent anywhere moment. point because as discussed in my previous video assets have a successful search rating of about 75 percent, first you were still in the area where you would think dogs would have been able to follow your scent or at least have shown interest somewhere in the but they didn't, this raises the question of whether he was still in the area and if not where did he go as stated, even 26 years later no trace of Ernst has now been found.
Fortunately, that doesn't appear to be any more information or even a follow-up on Ernst, so let's move on to the next disappearance, and for this one, fast-forward to more recent times before his disappearance. Natalie Christopher was a researcher. with the European University in Cyprus in Nicosia natalie was a person who loved to inspire others and was very passionate about her work in her own words worked to develop our understanding of the evolution of galaxies by fitting models to data collected from telescopes and satellites she had plans to teach astronomy to others and would visit schools in hopes of inspiring children natalie also had a passion for running and had been doing it frequently since she was 12 she said apart from studying the beautiful universe we I live in I love running, in fact I don't think I can survive without running.
Initially, she was inspired by her sports teacher when she was 12 years old. and she said that this teacher changed her life for the better Natalie was a very fit person and said that she had many wonderful memories of representing athletics teams, but that Durham University and Oxford University during her studies would offer her to compete in the 100m 200m and the 100m hurdles this brings us to 5th August 2019 when Natalie, now 35, disappeared Natalie was an Oxford educated astrophysicist who is highly regarded. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy that employs the principles of physics and chemistry, so it is in the nature of astronomical objects, unlike astronomy in general, this field is not as interested in coordinates or the movement, but more specifically in the nature of the objects, their composition, where they come from, etc., she was a very intelligent individual who also loved her physical form and enjoyed walking and running in outdoor areas, which is precisely what what she was doing when she disappeared Nathalie was living in Cyprus with a 38 year old Cypriot boyfriend kyriakos while Nathalie was born in London she ended up moving to Cyprus us at times in our lives and by all accounts she was very happy there , the couple on their last day of their vacation in Greece. ikaria island and on the morning of the fifth kyriakos reported that he had woken up alone in his hotel room kiri called her and she told him that she had gone for a run early in the morning and would be back at the hotel shortly he didn't no he thought about it a lot and started the day himself, he started to worry, although after a few hours, she still hadn't come back and at that point he started calling her, but she never answered the phone again. situation, he quickly informed the police of Natalie's disappearance and, after hearing the circumstances, a search was immediately organized and underway.
Authorities used the help of Natalie's phone provider and were able to trace her signal to the south. The aft shoreline divided Korea after pinging. Unfortunately, they couldn't immediately locate her and two days later, police confirmed that her phone was now turned off, though it was unclear if she had run out of battery or was turned off. the search for Natalie was growing in intensity and helicopters had been deployed along with firefighters to help search the area authorities had extensively searched two routes in the area that they believe she might have fallen but found nothing to indicate Natalie's presence At this point, there were hundreds of search teams scouring the area looking for Natalie and more details were emerging.
The Greek newspapers reported that the police were investigating the stains on the pillow in her room, but Natalie's boyfriend said that naturally she suffered a lot from nosebleeds and that's what was attributed to, of course, I'm absolutely sure that the police suspected otherwise, or at least had suspicions, even if they didn't know it. declaring this publicly at the same time that a senior official told authorities that he heard voices in his bedroom the night before he disappeared and said that it appeared they had slept in separate beds, which of course could indicate that the couple had gotten into an argument the employee said that I heard some voices last night when I checked the room I found that there was a sheet spread on the sofa in the room which may indicate that the couple was sleeping in separate rooms the other night although it is important to clarify that there was no evidence forceful that a disagreement turned bad or something during the phone conversation it was reported that Nathalie told her that she was running uphill on a rocky part of the island and that she said that she could not go fast and that she will come back slowly and told her not to worry, though of course she never came back, in contrast to the hotel clerk, the hotel owner said that and the dr.
Christopher and Kure of course were a good couple and there was no sign of conflict between the curial couple because the hotel owner described him as a good boy but he is lost and he is in a panic and he couldn't believe that she disappeared after that Natalie was missing. missing, hotel owner was also harboring courier charges outside the hotel because police wanted to cordon off the room two days after the search on Aug. 7, 2019, the Sitka Sentinel reported that police said the astrophysicist's body with based in Cyprus Natalie Christopher was found in a 20 meter deep ravine Natalie had been reported missing on Monday by a Cypriot couple she was on holiday with after going for a morning run.
Her cause of death was not immediately clear and an autopsy was scheduled for Thursday. that the woman appeared to have slipped and suffered fatal injuries while rock climbing, maybe I'm reading too much into that, but those two statements seem to be directly in conflict, on the one hand they state that the cause of death was unclear, but they also state which rescuers said it appeared she slipped and fell suffering fatal injuries. I'm not sure how the cause of death was unclear. while at the same time stating that she had fatal injuries unless they say they do not know what specific injury caused her death, the location where Natalie was found was approximately half a mile away from the hotel and authorities have stated that it appears that Natalie may have sunk down the ravine when he attempted to climb Eclipse Rock without any equipment.
A firefighter is said to have noticed some rocks that may have come loose during the alleged fall. Interestingly, this find seemed to place the people in one of two camps, one camp argued. that this was nothing more than an accident while the other camp speculated that Natalie would never have attempted to climb the rocks for no apparent reason without equipment and that she may have encountered foul play or been pushed in that direction due to an accident. third party animal or otherwise, people point to Natalie's intellect an outdoor knowledge that indicates she will have understood the dangers of rock climbing and would not have attempted it. for no good reason of course it's also important to clarify that there was no evidence of a fight involving a third party other than the scene felt very strange a hint of character further reports surfaced on the 8th where authorities they claimed they found her lying down. back crushed under several large rocks I'm still not sure I understand the comment made earlier that the cause of death was unclear, how can that be the case if she was found under large rocks or maybe there were secret suspicions that she had a third? involvement in the match and they wanted to try to rule that out before reaching a conclusion but that is not clear later the same day kourin and nicholas carrick alkis state d that it appeared the death was accidental in nature when natalie's body was found kyriakos was called to come and identify his rescuers on scene they reported officers had to hold him down and he, distraught for Natalie, one of the searchers said he was screaming and crying and tried to run across the track to be with her she was distraught and pacing up and down and tried to get past the police wanted to see the body I don't think I could believe she was not with us I never saw him again later and he had calmed down but his face was completely white I have never seen anyone so Faded the coroner reasoned that Natalie had suffered a massive head injury and believed that was the cause of death unless it was almost certainly an a accident, police and firefighters on the scene said it was likely she fell while she was trying to climb up or down a 13-foot cliff along the jogging trail.
I have to say that I can certainly see why two cups were formed here. I can't think of a single reason why Natalie would stop running all of this. She tried to scale a 13 foot cliff with absolutely no equipment. She not only tried to go up or down the cliff, but she searched for the leader. Kostas' macaques said that she had had a lot of rain in the previous months, which had caused the rocks to become unstable. He added that the rocks in the area are very loose after we had a bad winter with a lot of rain.
They are not stable. All people know it. and do not attempt to climb although there must have been suspicions of foul play at some point because reports indicate specialized forensic teams were dispatched to the area to perform fingertip searches and take pictures of the position of fallen rocks, reports indicate that teams were there for around three hours trying to understand what had happened, the area in question was described as rocky and thick undergrowth and according to the Daily Mail Dakota UK the area where dr. Christopher was eventually found but was searched three times by rescuers who had not seen her foreign body but we said there was thick undergrowth that could have obscured the body unless she was not there those days earlier when the area was initially searched on three tails though none of that is clear and Occam's razor suggested they had simply lost it but some found it odd however I can appreciate I had to go back to edit this part but The Guardian may have clarified this a bit on August 9, 2019, The Guardian Dakota in the UK reported that the search leader said that groups ofThe search inadvertently passed near the site where Natalie's body was finally discovered, barely a mile away from the studio apartments where she had been staying. we had passed the place at least twice but the gorge was very deep and very difficult to access we never expected she could be down there she added Natalie was partially obscured by a tree b But the searchers finally spotted her sneakers Brightly colored, Costas said, as she was difficult to distinguish, the coroner stated that the cause would only be fully determined once autopsy and toxicology tests were carried out until then, the police will not rule out the possibility that Natalie was pushed into the ravine and will continue to regard the case as a criminal investigation given that the Guardians reported there, which sounds more like the searches missed her rather than her not being present, though of course it's not as if she could say that with any degree of certainty it is also worth mentioning that search dogs were present and at no time did they find N atalie sent from what i can tell if the search dogs had been anywhere near that ravine then it would have been very unusual that they would not have found a sense or interest shown but of course i cannot confirm if the dogs have been in that area or no, it's also the first time I've seen it officially report d that authorities were a little suspicious of the circumstances hiding early an educated guess was probably the case another interesting point to note is that firefighters described a ravine as basically inaccessible, though I'm not sure of what to do with that information and not sure if it helps to point in any accidental direction or why something that was never mentioned again was the phone, we know the phone was still on until 5pm. on the 5th, which was the day Nathalie disappeared, it would have been very interesting to know if the phone went dead, damaged, or ran out of power.
The only part of this incident that surprises me was completely blown out was the fact. that Natalie appeared to attempt to climb or descend a 13 foot cliff, surely there must be a reason for this and while this is speculation I just can't see it being a random act of curiosity, could there be a third party presence animal? or in another way? that pushed her in the direction of the cliff, perhaps this third party could have been nearby, which calls for Natalie to panic and she quickly tried to scale or descend the cliff to escape, resulting in the accident, ultimately, I think the reasoning behind the escalation attempt would help explain what happened here, but unfortunately it looks like we'll never know why Natalie tried to escalate.
I'd like to hear her thoughts on this. What do you think happened to Natalie Christ? Now at this point we are going to end with the disappearance that took place on the border of India with China, specifically this incident happened on a mountain located in the Himalayas of Kashmir, to be honest with you I wasn't sure if I should even talk about this because the more I read about it the more confusing the reports get and ultimately I have no clue what happened but let's take a look. Tomasz a merge was an American geologist and planetary scientist, he was a professor at Brown University in Rhode Island and held that position from 1960 until his demise in 1980.
In fact, Thomas had led a very interesting and adventurous life since being an active member of mountaineering clubs followed by a stint in the South Korean army as an artillery officer after this. he returned to the United States where he obtained his doctorate in geology more specifically although Thomas disappeared on October 6, 1980 while descending the mountain according to t or American Alpine Club dot-org Thomas passed away on October 6, 1980 at the age of 49 while he was descending from the summit of Mount Nirn in northern India after bivouacing above 21,000 feet with two former students on an expedition he initiated and led. last seen on the morning of the 6th on a precarious ledge at the bivouac site on the steep northwest face of the mountain after a fall the day before and the loss of a crampon needed to continue the descent when one of his two companions Tom Burnett came back that night with a spare crampon, Thomas was gone with only his ice ax left so from what I can gather here the team is at least Thomas as he was descending he had a fall the day before on the 5th which left him trapped on a precarious ledge due to In the fall, he lost one of his crampons, which meant he couldn't make the rest of the way to his teammates, presumably Thomas, his two teammates, tried to help the situation, but finally it's him, like to come back.
I brought another crampon because Thomas had no way of getting down in one once he returned on the night of the 6th. Thomas was gone and only his ax remained on the ledge. I'm sure there are a lot of complexities here that we can't. fully appreciate from that description what the second mate was doing during this time he clearly didn't stay with Thomas so he accompanied Tim that's not in the slightest clear but again we probably have to assume there are complexities here that we can't fully understand the reports that you are conflicted and getting weird at this stage so let's take a look at some official press reports five days after Thomas went missing the Dover Times reporter stated this according to reports received here today from the climbers' base camp 370 miles north Thomas The trade leader of a seven-member American expedition climbing the 23,000-foot known mount in the Himalayas died while conducting a summit assault where his body was brought to the city of Cargill from the base but sang-gui after his passing on Tuesday, United News of India reported that the a No details of his death were released by the national news agency and his hometown in the United States was not immediately known, so immediately we have our first discrepancy, the American.
Alpine Club does not mention that Thomas was found, only that he was missing unless his ice ax was the only thing left. American Press reports at the time of the disappearance were mostly states unless her body was recovered and from Cargill it is noteworthy that newspapers in the US reported the same text basically verbatim on the 11th. and 12 on October 13 the Panama City News Herald released more information about Thomas. I quote Thomas Murch, Associate Administrator for the US Space Program at NASA, who passed away while leading a seven-member US expedition climbing the known 23,000-foot mountain in the Himalayas.
His cause of death has not been disclosed. The article then repeats that Thomas's body was taken to Cargill. The previous press reports are basically the same. Word for word on the 13th and 14th, the press reports on the 15th remain the same, only adding that the details of his passing are not known at this time. After doing more research, I found something absolutely bizarre, so let's be weird. I have just read this news report on October 28, 1983 the Gulf Stand Daily News reported that Indian Polish climbers from New Delhi found the frozen body of an American climber who disappeared three years ago near the top of a peak from the Himalayas.
Indian mountaineering. The foundation said Thursday that Thomas Much 49 suffered a head injury while climbing the 23,000-foot peak in India's Lac region that disappeared after his tw or companions went down to seek help. The foundation reported that climbers Poles Boylan Agra and the pillock jersey his body was about 660 feet from the summit his backpack was still strapped to his shoulders the climber said the two were unable to get his body very far down the mountain but took several photos to identify A Brown University geology professor who was on leave to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was descending the mountain on October 5 when he fell into a crevasse two coworkers pulled him free but he was unconscious and they left him in a makeshift shelter to go find help when they returned much was gone and they theorized he would regain consciousness. ment tried to go down and fell a second time what was going on with the press report the previous three years that claimed Thomas's body had been taken to Cargill it just wasn't true and if so why the hell was it being this way ? they lied or found a body they thought belonged to Thomas but wasn't really him, this literally can't be any other kind of mistake because the difference between having a body and transporting it and not having a body at all is perhaps between things more easily distinguishable that can happen, the reports never state what kind of search was organized for Thomas, but I think we have to assume that there was some sort of effort given that the authorities knew about it and it was being reported by the press this news report as well makes it clear that 2nd Mate is also joining him in aid recovery given that Tim returned the same night with a spare crampon, which could mean 2nd Mate headed for civilization to notify authorities and get aid.
When Jim returned, Thomas was no longer there and all that was left was his ice ax. So where did he go? I think we have to assume there was some kind of search. Efforts that presumably would have fallen short of claiming that he was in the question of whether he was actually found there and transported to Cargill or was missing for the next three years until Polish climbers found his frozen remains and if that is the case, So how did that happen and why was false information reported? In fact, I feel sad for him in the Daily News report of the Gulf post because the Mountaineering Foundation of India sites reported the discovery of the find and I just don't see it. what motivation could they have had for reporting and lying about finding a missing person the paper trail goes cold here so i can tell what the hell happened to thomas murch if he just fell a second time that day off the ledge and if then Why was he able to be located after that or was he located and transported to Cargill or was he literally missing for three years after that good Lord?
You may have to leave your thoughts on this w It has even happened here. I just wanted to say a big thank you to my patrons who have really helped this channel a lot, so thank you so much for your continued support and thanks for watching. If you find the video interesting please leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already it helps me a lot and if not feel free to leave a like. I'm just looking for your honest opinions to share and show your thoughts on the disappearance. Had a great day or night depending on where you are, stay safe guys and I'll see you next time.

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