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The Great Awakening Documentary Just Released. Premier June 3, 2023

Apr 12, 2024
foreign political party you identify with, you are welcome here, whatever color, culture or creed, you are welcome here, whether you are vaccinated or not, you are welcome here, now look around you, look around you, look at these faces. In this crowd, look around you, this is America. Beautiful and you are worth fighting for, your children are worth fighting for, our freedom is worth fighting for, my name is Mickey Willis, I am a father, husband and investigative filmmaker. I was raised in California by a single mother who did her best to care for four children alone as a child of the welfare state.
the great awakening documentary just released premier june 3 2023
I witnessed firsthand what happens to the psyche and spirit of those who become dependent on the government assistance if my mother had known the difference between a raised hand and a handout she could have avoided the trap that kept us living on the edge of poverty like so many people live today in fear of losing their welfare. Mom remained single and lonely until the day she died at age 58. Young, his life was cut short by a combination of toxic cancer treatments and pain


34 days before his first child died, my brother was murdered by a drug called AZT, hundreds of thousands of innocent people died as a result of that prescription poison.
the great awakening documentary just released premier june 3 2023

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the great awakening documentary just released premier june 3 2023...

The AZT pusher was none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the reason. that only one drug, AZT, has been made available because it is the only drug that has been shown to be safe and effective. Well, it's certainly good to know that the future looks better 30 years later, there it was again the same script, the same actors, the same performance, these are for sure. and effective products, knowing what that man had done in the 80s and 90s, I couldn't believe that he was still in a position of such power as the world descended into synchronized tyranny. I began to wonder how they got everyone to accept this, oh it feels so good, I know, obsessed with finding the answer, I began to study every moment in recorded history where masses of people fell into a state of self-destruction, into that rabbit hole of rabbit was where I discovered G Edward Griffin's work again, let me say Welcome to our home since the 1960s Mr.
the great awakening documentary just released premier june 3 2023
Griffin has been warning the world about the communist plot to take over America. Yes, I know communism. Mr. Gorbachev tore down this wall. That's what we've all been told fell with the Berlin Wall. As? It is so surprising that it was Napoleon who said that history is a lie, in which ironically there is no evidence that Napoleon ever said that, as we are about to discover together, much of our history has been rewritten to serve an agenda that until recently was invisible. To the average, average person like this guy, everyone talks about the need for change right now, particularly here in the US.
the great awakening documentary just released premier june 3 2023
Over the past few months, as a filmmaker, I have had the honor of documenting the political revolution that I went into. 2016, the year of my Political Awakening tour with the Bernie Sanders campaign creating media to help his grassroots movement grow at that time. He knew very little about socialism and even less about Democratic socialism, as it turned out he wasn't the only one, so my Bernie Bros, how do we redistribute? wealth through taxes without expanding the powers of the federal government Ernie Sanders The merger was established I began to direct my questions inward Are you hypnotized?
I'm hypnotized? That question that a simple question activated some strange kind of faith healing. Suddenly I could see how I didn't see. This before there were so many warning signs. I am well aware that, whether you are here in person or via film, it is not easy for most of you to fit meetings of this type into your schedules, but the fact that you are here indicates that you have an interest in the topic, so in order not to waste your time, dispense with the usual preliminaries and get straight to the matter at hand, we are going to examine in quite some detail the The Communist Theory and Practice of Revolution, particularly as applied to the United States.
United now, this will not be something dreamed up out of thin air, this will be the strategy as they taught and advocated in their own manuals, in their textbooks and in their schools. The new program of the Communist Party on this topic has this to say, the term socialism describes but the first stage of a new society that in its full development is called communism, socialism is a transitional stage, Jim Carrey, everyone, I came out today and I bought some freedom. Nike friendly, yes that's right, it's a shout out to Colin Kaepernick, to Nike, congratulations on your fantastic choice, thank you very much, it's good to be back, it's a big dystopian America, the Republicans are running with the word socialism, they are trying to say, trying to scare people. people communism Venezuela Trump says they are going to live in Venezuela I grew up in Canada I am here to tell you that that shitty phrase you hear on all people's political programs is that it is a failure The system is a failure in Canada, it is not a failure and I never waited for anything in my life.
I chose my own doctors. My mother never paid for a prescription. It was fantastic. I


got back from Vancouver and I'm still hearing this like Canadians. they are so kind Canadians are so kind they can be kind because they are healthy because they have a government that cares about them in Canada authorities say it is now a state of emergency supply and equipment circulating in Canada's capital today the police in Ottawa uses walnuts and Medical wait times with pepper spray in this country are longer than ever. The cost of living continues to rise. A socialist coup is unfolding in Canada and we, the taxpayers, are funding it.
In recent years, many Canadians have been watching their once well-regarded country become what some even call tyrannical. A country previously hailed as the most free and democratic in the world, now the People's World, the official newspaper of the West Coast of the Communist Party led this quite interesting editor, what is needed now is an effort that begins to approach the magnitude of the problem at a minimum such a program should require massive emergency action by the federal government the government Federal has invoked the Emergency Law starting today a bank or other financial services provider may immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order if you are involved in this protest, we will actively seek to identify you and apply financial sanctions and criminal charges.
Banks have already started freezing the accounts of people involved in the protest. Please leave immediately. Intimidate people in a church during Easter. "It is incredible to have grown up under a communist dictatorship. I have been warning Canadians that this is what is coming. I could smell it. I could see it on every corner. We will not tolerate this anymore. We are fighting protests. Public protests are an important part to make sure that we're getting messages, but using protests to demand changes in public policies is something that I think is concerning to say that yes, we have a highly functioning democracy and they have the right and the freedom to protest.
However, if those protests are used to If we demand a change in government policy, then no small fringe minority expressing unacceptable views does not represent the views of Canadians who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other. others is the best way to continue to guarantee our freedoms our rights our values ​​as a liberal country Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims to be following the science, but Trudeau's science often comes in the form of this strange authoritarian technocracy. I think Justin Trudeau stepped on the landmine when he used Canada's banking system as a weapon against the truckers.
Those peaceful trucker protests, you know, their most violent act was honking and in retaliation, they had access to their bank accounts and anyone. who supported them in any way, access to bank accounts was eliminated. That moment when we all realized. what was really going on even with Sun TV watching for any slip up they asked him which country he admired the most and he referred to China it's a level of exploration that I actually have for China um because there you know the basic dictatorship allows them to applaud China for giving one step up, excuse me, I applaud Canada, you can see what I'm thinking, a prime minister who openly admires the basic Chinese dictatorship that tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing its own citizens as terrorists just to cope with its concept pervert.
Mr. Trudeau, please spare us the presence of him. Thank you. Canadians know where I stand. This is a time for responsible leaders to think carefully about where they stand and who they stand with as Justin Trudeau makes a compelling case study, he is not the only dictator on the rise under the new rules provided by the covid-19 emergency, many other elected leaders were empowered to show their true colors. It's interesting how everyone marched in perfect harmony while chanting the same slogans during this pandemic. has provided an opportunity here, we are now with an economy in crisis, but with an incredible opportunity, it is undoubtedly a major crisis, but it also offers us a unique opportunity, an unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset, to be a


opportunity to reset , an opportunity for us to receive for a For this reason it is almost as if everyone attends the same school of thought and studies under the same profession.
Some people say that their Revolution is characterized by the fight of robots against human beings and we will win this fight. Professor Klaus Schwab was born in 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany. where Nazi crimes against humanity were committed his father Eugene Wilhelm Schwab was the CEO of Escher Weiss Ravensburg a company that used slave labor to manufacture weapons of war for the Third Reich while Klaus' father was in charge of the Nazi party awarded Escher Weiss Ravensburg the title of National Socialist Model Company Years later, Klaus Schwab joined the board of directors of Escher Weiss Ravensburg, where he played a key role in the development of South Africa's nuclear weapons program during the darkest years of the regime apartheid racist, today Kosh Schwab is the founder and CEO of the world economic forum if you want to meet the people who are supposed to fix the state of the world or have your say to the bankers who helped get us into this mess, we can tell you where find them. many of them the world economic forum founded in 1971 the world economic forum is a private international organization that receives billions of tax-free dollars from its members and their global companies each year the wef brings together its members with world leaders big pharmaceutical executives Tech Titans Hollywood celebrities, media personalities and Internet influencers will gather in the secluded mountains of Davos, Switzerland, a small town nestled in the Swiss Alps, a town where you could meet Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, the boss of Google and the queen of Jordan, all at the same time. place many reporters cover the forum but few enter it turns out that there are two davos one that you see and one that you don't see after hours there are hundreds of private parties where deals are made people who cannot be seen together in public we can meet here with their royal highnesses Your excellencies, distinguished heads of state and government, the future is built by us through a powerful community, as can be heard in this room, Klaus Schwab, the founder of the wef, is particularly sincere and even proud of his ability to shape and influence.
The global policy that I created to see Kilby Chapus's immunity as a means as a force to shape our common future and of course his young global leaders program is a preparation ground so that when they finally infiltrate the cabinets , we penetrate the cabinets that will probably tend to govern. in a way no one will be safe if not everyone is vaccinated the names and countries you mentioned ended up being some of the most dystopian and authoritative during this pandemic names like this Merkel Vladimir Putin and other names Jacinda ardern Sebastian damn Mauricio McCree Mark Zuckerberg Jack ma Gavin Newsom stefane bansalb Chelsea Clinton Leonardo DiCaprio Sanjay Gupta Dr.
Leanna Nguyen Alexander and Jonathan Soros George Soros the children and several of the Rothschilds and of course now who could best represent a world like that you, Prime Minister in 2014, called Klaus Schwab for the


reset we need a great reset which he positioned as the solution to the world's most pressing problems. The dark reality of Schwab's agenda is detailed in his best-selling Covid-19 book. The great reset. His mission in the game is to replace the independents. governance with top down control One world government and a digital currency controlled by the central bank when they say you will be happy what they wantTo say is that you will be enslaved that's why they're talking about a great reset, that's why they're talking about introducing this quasi-communist, quasi-socialist agenda, you know we've been down a path where we can't continue down the path of ever-increasing debt because we have a generation that literally cannot afford to buy a home that millions of Americans are priced at. not buy a house, so it's easy to tell that generation we're going to forgive your college debt, student debt relief and lower your expectations, you're going to rent forever, we're going to celebrate the tiny house movement that we're going to do all of them. these things that sound good because they are shaping our narrative so that we are able to expect less.
What we must do is not expect less. We need to eliminate inefficiencies so we can experiment more and that is the subtle distinction The Great Reset is missing Like most globalists Schwab views communist China as a shining model of how he intends to transform the world. We now welcome your Excellency Shi Shinping China has made significant economic and social achievements under your leadership Chinese influence in global affairs is growing World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab says this is what motivated the group to invite this year for President Xi Jinping to deliver the keynote speech. At Davos, Schwab said his presence was a sign of the shift from a unipolar world dominated by the United States to a more multipolar system in which emerging powers like China will step up and play a larger role.
I think it's a whole. model for many countries, but we have to go one step further, it is a systemic transformation of global artificial intelligence, so synthetic biology Metro our life in 10 years will be completely different and whoever masters these technologies will be the master of the world Similar to his protégé Justin Trudeau Claude Schwab makes a fascinating case study, but he is also simply the master of his own world economic forum. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design, not the intelligent design of some God in the clouds, but our intelligent design. and the intelligent design of our clouds, the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud, these are the new driving forces of evolution, today we have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale and by this I mean that if you have enough data and you have enough computing power you can understand people better than they understand themselves and then you can manipulate them in ways that were impossible before you know that the whole idea that humans have this Soul or spirit and they have free will that it's over now, what exactly the future teachers of The planet will look like will be decided by the people who own the data foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from covid tests.
US intelligence officials tell CBS News that China is trying to collect DNA from Americans in hopes of controlling the future of healthcare. China's testing kits are a tool to help China collect genetic data. The Chinese are not the only ones exploring this technology. The US is also working on it. The White House is ramping up its Covid response by announcing that Americans can once again get free testing kits. As concerns grow over a rare piece of data, it is the most important asset in the world, those who control the data control the future of not only humanity, but also the future of life itself, wherever it goes, oh young man, how they follow you when you buy, how they behave.
It is tracked and rated to show how responsible and trustworthy it is. It is called the social credit system. A person's reputation is rated on a scale of 350 to 950. Your Big Data meets Big Brother and expands how the government monitors, understands, and ultimately controls its 1.4 billion citizens. the good school brings benefits for people with low scores they lose rights the cinema names and shames people considered untrustworthy Their details including their addresses are plastered on giant screens and information collectors are paid to inform about their neighbors the Supreme Court has created a blacklist for the so-called bad citizens, among them is this journalist.
He came too close to uncovering corruption among high-profile party members. They put him on the blacklist. He only found out when he tried to buy a train ticket. Once you are blacklisted, you can no longer get a bank loan. Starting a business, buying an apartment or even sending your children to a private school using the mechanism of social credit, they will be able to establish a blacklist, these punishments will serve as a whip to rebuild moral values ​​and few here are willing to criticize something that could represent a risk in itself for a bad score and the life that comes with it may seem scary, but that's how it is here we are used to it and anyway we have no choice China wants obedient citizens, criticism or resistance among the population is practically non-existent The police kicked this woman's door when she refused to go to quarantine.
Now these videos show rows of metal containers being used to house Covid-19 patients, some of whom have complained that they have very little food left. in the freezing metal boxes, Chinese government officials who are now installing fences in Shanghai that prevent people from leaving their homes, for some Shanghai feels like the world's biggest prisoner, how can a handful of autocrats get total control over a population of 1.4 billion? I have two master's degrees, one in Clinical Psychology, one in statistics and at the beginning of the crisis I began to study statistics a little, the initial mathematical models and the initial statistics had all dramatically overestimated the danger of the virus, that was the moment when I began to think about how it was possible for an entire society and an entire population to be in the grip of a narrative that in many ways was blatantly erroneous.
After a few months, it became clear to me that the only mechanism that could explain what was happening in society was what is normally said. known as crowd formation thanks Crowd formation is identical to hypnosis and this term refers to a specific type of group formation that has very special characteristic effects at the level of individual mental functioning and one of these effects is that an individual who It is in the The control of mass formation generally loses all ability to take a critical distance between what they believe and what the group believes. You would think that people with lower IQs would be more susceptible to this, but it appears to be the other way around.
Are you seeing this? I've seen this and it seems to be predicted by educational level and IQ. We seek to have our belief system verified, so a doctor goes to the CDC. The CDC says this is true, it must be true. If I stay in that area, it's actually people outside the system who do well. I want to challenge the CDC here for a second. Where does this study come from? Where do you know from? That's what I do. All of these people were left out of the conversation. They wanted me to sign a social contract where the scientific method is not used.
I'm not interested in medical pedigree. I am interested in the medical consensus. People who are very intelligent tend to obtain many degrees. Those people. They have spent so many years in institutions to obtain those degrees that they have developed trust not only in the educational institutions but also in those that support them, I'm sure largely in government bodies, so they start from the place of if the university by the government will probably be true what I have learned about science is that you really imagine that you are looking at like a fragment of the world and that is all you see, it is all that you are looking at the world that you do not see.
I don't see the world, so I think there's a disconnect between people who are smart and have a lot of degrees with the actual reality and lived experience of the nature of life that you don't see with people who actually work with their hands. The moment when a mass formation typically arises in a society when very specific conditions are first met and, for everyone, the most central condition is that a large part of the population needs to feel alone. Doctors say the very function is to keep people safe from the virus. doing great damage when it comes to anxiety, depression and even suicide, and now everyone is suffering, but children are the real pandemic.
Here is the psychological war that is being waged against every human being. See if you take a human being and put them in a chronic situation. Your partner's state of fear is that with human isolation, what happens, they become psychologically decompensated and live in such emotional pain that they will irrationally gravitate toward anything you promise them that will relieve that pain, once people feel Disconnected from their environment, they will usually begin to experiment. a lack of meaning in life and in these conditions, if a narrative is distributed through the media indicating an object of anxiety and a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety, suddenly Punk connects with a small object of fear, for example, the coronavirus and then people no longer feel alone, they feel connected again, a new type of social bond is very problematic simply because the connections between individuals deteriorate further and the bond between the individual and the collective becomes increasingly stronger, which makes them more willing. sacrifice everything for the collective itself its wealth the future of its children everything else that is really a characteristic of individuals and the formation of masses is that they become radically intolerant towards dissonant voices people who do not receive vaccines it is time to start embarrass yourself now what else or leave them behind vaccinated person having a heart attack yeah let's get right to it we'll take care of you unvaccinated guy rest in peace Weezy oh you gotta stop coddling the morons who won't get the injection, does that bother anyone else? she doesn't have to wear a mask that we all wear when are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it's mandatory to get vaccinated, screw your freedom, people who don't follow the masses are stigmatized and in Al Ultimately, the masses tend to destroy people who do not follow them and they do so as if it were an ethical duty to do so.
Getting good people to do bad things, harmful things while they think they are good things, is dangerous. place to be because it looks cool, you feel cool while you are being used, they will sacrifice themselves and see it as a virtue because it demonstrates their complete obedience to the cult of the group to perform ritual behavior that causes harm to one of the The clearest example This was when the leaders of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union were sentenced to death, often tortured to death, they didn't object, they said things like this helps the Communist Party, it's a pleasure to do it, that's something that was observed. .
In all the major examples of mass training in history, I was born in communist China two years before Mao started his cultural revolution, so we had to be indoctrinated and chant slogans and hold the chair with the mouse, little red books to say Long Level Communist Party inspired by the Soviet Union. Union Dictators Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin China's communist leader Mao Zedong borrowed from the Russian Revolution's Playbook to fight anti-communist forces. Lenin organized a military branch of the Communist Party known as the Red Army, following Mao's example; however, he branded his army Red Guards. Mao's soldiers were not enlisted in his army, his red guards were made up of high school and college students, so he used young people to start a cultural revolution to tear down statues by burning old buildings and demonize all religions, persecute all religions. dissident voices and convert all The Chinese confront each other, families attack each other, neighbors attack each other.
Chairman Mao, as he was known, was deeply influenced by Lenin's ideas on Marxism and revolution and often praised Stalin as a great leader. He began his breakthrough campaign in the 1950s and also killed. many landowners estimated that between 40 and 60 million people were dying of hunger people treated the corpses of their children to eat and survive campbellism was everywhere during war, torture, execution and famine German Mao caused the death of 80 million innocent people, making him the deadliest dictator in Ever China shaved the women's heads, put them all in unattractive asexual clothes, did the same with the men.
This technique has been used in the 20th century by everyonetotalitarian regimes. Mao wanted to create a genderless society, which is why girls like me couldn't. wear beautiful clothes and not be able to put on makeup we just have to look like children uniceats without gender asexualized the population so that there is no more desire no more bipolarity between men and women everyone seems like automatons and then what do they do instead of turning towards each other they they turn towards the state, so the only thing that left me, a child, was to believe in communism and Mao was the new God.
Now in China, the government is not only cracking down on Muslims but also other religions, as well as pushing to affirm communism. ideology here is something else that is prohibited in China falun gong a religious movement that emphasizes spiritual enlightenment and the cultivation of virtue The five thousand year old Chinese civilization was founded on the appearance of the regime is atheistic, so any philosophy that encourages people to believe in God believes in good. things is something they don't like I decide to escape from China after a serious persecution that I have experienced this is the pretext of the covid-19 coronavirus when the Chinese communist party intensified this persecution we were arrested several times and detained in several detention and money laundering centers brain In recent years a vast network of camps has been built in Shinjek.
A series of classified bulletins show how easy it is to be singled out by the Chinese government for Education and Training. The US Department of Defense says up to 3 million are being forced. detained in re-education and forced labor camps China calls them thought transformation camps built to prevent the spread of extremism, but reports indicate that they are more like prisons when I was detained in a detention center. They handcuffed me and hung me from a radiator pipe with just my toes. When I hit the ground and was hanging there for three days, the PCC guards brought four male detainees to my cell and began one of the worst torture experiences and, at the moment of death, I realized that I could not do nothing more than returning to my beliefs, so I prayed to be safe moments later one of the four male detainees suddenly fainted on the floor, interrupting the torture.
I love China because my parents were heavily persecuted for their practice of Falun. I went from 1 year old to 5 years old. My grandparents are taking care of me because my parents were always inside some dark cells being I tortured my first clear memory of my mother. They took me to a brainwashing center and I saw her tied to a chair with people behind her protecting her and they inserted a very thick plastic tube into her nose and force-fed her. The moment when she seemed to be in a lot of pain and I was five at the time, it was very traumatizing.
The principal of my school came to see me several times and told me not to be part of my parents. to inform any activity my parents would do, they are installing all the lies and hatred in the younger generation. Young people are used to doing the American cultural revolution today to make kids basically no longer trust their parents and say "oh, my parents." They don't understand me, I'm confused, so I need to turn to my teachers, attend to other authority figures, look at the most cultural revolution to say how many similarities there are abroad. Yesterday I asked in the GPT chat if there are similarities between today's Awakened Revolution and Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and he responded: how old is it?
We recognize that government is absolutely necessary for an orderly society, but following the maxim that government like fire is both beneficial and dangerous, we believe in the concept of limited government and believe that the constitutional republic created by our founding fathers is the best form of limited government ever devised by man. A republic is a limited democracy. It is a form of government based on the principle of limited majority rule. Limited so that the minority, even a minority. One's minority can protect itself against the whims and passions of the majority. Now democracy is a form of government based on the principle of majority rule.
It's easy to understand, easy to sell to the masses, and, I might add, deadly. The fathers of philosophy, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were all staunch critics of democracy. All of history's greatest minds observed that even a well-intentioned democracy can breed deception. Division and, ultimately, complete control by the State. Aristotle wrote that democracy is not just the rule of the majority. Democracy is a system in which the majority is in charge of respecting the basic elementary rights and principles of minorities, if not, democracy becomes a tyranny of the majority. Socrates himself became a victim of this same process.
He was sentenced to death by majority vote for protesting minority rights and protections in this country. was founded on the principle that the individual is sovereign over the institution of government and it is a philosophy of government that says you are a free individual or a governess philosophy that says you are at the service of your subject, we have inalienable rights only by virtue of being human and therefore its main responsibility as a government is to protect those rights. These are not rules to govern me, rules to govern the government, like what you know what you are and what you can't do to me, we are a constitutional republic with representatives. democracy, so the people vote, but we have a separation of powers, so if the majority votes for Ichio for lunch, the Supreme Court can say no, it can't, and how do you protect the minority from the majority?
A set of rules is written on a piece of paper. On the paper you say this, we can do what we can't, at the top of the paper you write the word constitution and then everyone agrees to follow the rules regardless of Temptation and when you're done you'll have created a constitutional republic, it was Thomas. Jefferson, who said that the Republic is the only form of government that is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of humanity. Now we hear a lot of talk today about right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, and moderate the concept of political spectrum if it has any meaning. at all it is a measurement scale that shows all the variations in government now extremists at the zero end would be those who advocate for no government at all anarchists extremists at the other end would be those who advocate for total government and who are So the communists of course, but also the Nazis, the fascists, no matter what they call themselves, if they advocate total government control over the people, they are all totalitarians by definition, the debate is not between conservatives and liberals, it is It goes back long before those words were invented.
The opposing views are properly identified as individualism versus collectivism. The individualist believes that the rights of the individual should not be erased by the desires of a collective or group. The collectivist, on the other hand, believes that the group is more important than the individual. person within it and that the individual must be sacrificed if necessary for the greater good of a greater number of people. Individualists believe that each man has a personal and direct responsibility to provide first for himself, then for his family, and then for those outside his family who may be in need; the collectivist, on the other hand, declares that the individual is not personally responsible for charity or raising your own children, supporting your elderly parents or even supporting yourself, this is a group function of the governing state itself. talk about socialism, communism, globalism and Nazism, guess what it's all about.
Collective society, collectivism at the international level is essentially known as globalism, which is often promoted as a framework for unity and sustainability under the guise of philanthropy. The leaders of the globalist movement take advantage of every possible crisis to advance their plan to replace national sovereignty with a world government with so many customs simultaneously. What will it take to dominate the future? It is the globalists who are behind destructive new methods of control like ESG, the acronym for environmental social governance similar to China's social governance. ESG credit score is a rating system that tracks a company or country's carbon footprint, as well as its commitment to diversity and inclusion.
A low ESG score can have serious consequences, including reputational damage, legal and regulatory action, and the loss of investors and bank lines of credit within the industry. Over the past decade, numerous nations and thousands of big brands have been forced to adapt. to the ESG program and today many of them are paying the price. In 2018, the World Economic Forum published an article on its website titled How we will make Sri Lanka rich by 2025. The article was removed once it emerged that food prices in Sri Lanka had almost doubled and that millions of Its citizens were facing famine to work with them to slowly improve farming practices to be more environmentally friendly instead of implementing harsh ventilators, but the government was more interested.
By maintaining a high ESG score with its creditors like BlackRock, food production fell sharply as a result and farmers expected crop losses of 85 percent. The country had to start spending money on importing food when it was previously self-sufficient. Sri Lanka is a warning. happening, it could be a harbinger of what awaits us if we don't pay attention and learn some lessons. The Dutch government was one of the first to sign up to the ESG system. Dutch farmers alleged that the rush to adapt to extreme new regulations would result in the destruction of the country's food supply, the Netherlands is the world's second largest agricultural exporter and earns the title of small country that feeds the world.
The collapse of the he system could trigger a global food crisis, but the Dutch prime minister continued to persecute Dutch farmers until they were forced to rebel. Where is such a prime minister still found in the world? You will find him in the Netherlands and he is Mark Wood and also remember that the Netherlands is the pilot program for the world food hubs and the World Economic Forum. He has assigned to the Netherlands what they call this Global Secretariat. I am using, ironically, a communist term to designate it. Klaus Schwab's golden pin-up, Prime Minister Mark Rota, is busy fulfilling the world economic forum's great reset agenda by driving farmers off their own land, perhaps.
The most important lesson I learned in my years as prime minister or volunteer governing most outward-looking trading countries is that national interests are often best served by international cooperation. Schwab has sold this idea because they are against the law, okay all these governments were basically bankrupt so what will happen is if they default then all the people will have lost their pensions, they have counted on it and they are going to raid their palaces with gallows. Schwab has sold the idea that when we go towards Marxism and we can still retain power, none of these Net Zero climate schemes work without massively disrupting or even destroying the lives of ordinary people if you think about what created wealth for rich people Throughout the many years of our human history it was ownership of the land and governments are right.
Now they are looking to take over real estate and it is happening everywhere and there is this movement of individuals saying that people should never profit from real estate and unfortunately that ideology is what the government is using to take control if we look at it. data from 2001 to 2015, there is a slow and steady trend toward more corporations with their own goals: single-family homes, apartments, office spaces, and fewer and fewer people actually owning real estate. Blackstone Group recently raised a record $50 billion to buy homes. of American families during the pandemic, when everyone was ordered to lock themselves in their homes, why did governments around the world make exceptions for mass protests?
We have all heard the term fire sale in this case, it is not a metaphor when the community is damaged by protests. Local property values ​​plummet. Investors then gobble up the devalued real estate for pennies on the dollar. In many cases, leaders of decimated communities receive bribes for allowing this transfer of wealth. Big companies and investment firms swoop in and buy up some of the only affordable properties. houses in your neighborhood, the more people do not own their own home, the more people are not financially independent, it creates more dependency on large financial corporations that profit from the people en masse, so let's gotowards a world where people own nothing.
I always say as if we don't own anything, who is Bill Gates, the business magnate, the software developer, the philanthropist, the largest owner of agricultural land in the nation, Gates owns almost 270,000. It is a reinstitutional Marxism in Who do you know that communism owned all the properties in his Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote The Theory? of communism can be summarized in a single phrase abolition of private property Karl Marx was a German philosopher and social theorist who lived in the 19th century. He is co-author of the Communist Manifesto, which has been referred to as the Bible of communism.
His theories of class conflict and dialectical materialism were instrumental in shaping socialist and communist movements around the world Joseph Stalin Vladimir Lenin León Trotsky Mao Zedong Che Guevara Fidel Castro Kim Jong-un Hugo Chávez Nicolás Maduro and many other communist revolutionaries They have cited Marxism as the basis of their political ideologies. Marx rejected all concepts of God, as well as the traditional family according to the members of his own family. Marx was emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. His wife Ginny was plagued by depression, which was exacerbated by Carl's adulterous impulses and his inability to support their children despite his privileged upbringing and formal education.
Karl Marx was often unwilling to work and instead relied on support. financial from friends and family in 1943, the following directive was issued from party headquarters to all communists in the United States and said that when certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist, Nazi or anti-Semitic in the public mind we associate constantly to those who oppose us with those names that already smell bad, the association, after enough repetition, will become a fact in the public mind the founding fathers were fascists misogynists racists fascist political party fascist far-right radicals anti-semites anti-semites xenophobes transphobic white supremacists uncle tom domestic terrorists organizers neo-nazis nazis you are an anti-vaxxer anti-vaxxer racist racist racist a racist slur is their number one intimidation tactic and they apply it I will say it tirelessly to anyone who questions their dogma or says something I find unacceptable u offensive.
Already in 1928, the communists declared that the racial differences among our people constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point of our social fabric by constantly investigating and striving on this single point. They calculated that eventually the cloth might tear and the Americans might become divided, weakened, and perhaps even engage each other in open combat. They said in no uncertain terms that black people, due to their social status and predominant working class composition, offered greater revolutionary possibilities than any other representative sector of the population. How do we get out of this mess? the communist call not only for widespread chaos within cities the plan is for devastating fires from one city to another the average American can say soft and decadent when he sees waves of black smoke rising from one horizon to another, when at night the The only light he has to see is the flickering red of flames leaping into the sky, he will be paralyzed by fear and panic and will do nothing to interfere. with gorilla gangs as they attack the power centers of the community to justify violence, they have to be able to claim that they are freeing people and, if people are to be freed, then they need to act formally at least to pretend that they are. have made. the right to form a nation of their own, the Communist Party called for their Liberation to separate from the United States and establish their own Nation within our border activists now control a barricaded area that has been called an autonomous zone they want it to be free of capitalism State authority and police to take over the entire United States it will be necessary, they say, to involve both whites and blacks and generally escalate their revolution in America from a race war to a class war.
Now, when they talk about pressure from above, they mean using their people and their influence within the same government marked to take power to present official recommendations for legislation; The recommendations, of course, are supposedly offered as solutions to national problems, but when they become law, their only real effect is to greatly increase the power of the government and bring the country much closer towards the ultimate goal. Pressure from below involves the use of your influence on the various members of the masses. organizations in the country to create the appearance of great popular support for these recommendations, of course, the members of those organizations should never suspect that they are being used to promote the communist program, now the silent majority, the average person is caught right in the half.
He looks up and sees a highly respected government spokesperson calling for socialist legislation. He looks down and sees crowds of protesters shouting for the same thing. He says to himself: Has everyone gone crazy or is it me now? It's still a majority, of course, but no. Unknowingly, he thinks he is helplessly outnumbered and bows to what he believes is the Democratic will of the majority. The interesting thing I've noticed is that even with a lot of these ideologies, just what people call these days, you know, I would wake up if people were like that. horrible, horrible, bigoted, racist, xenophobic white people, but like it doesn't even work, the only reason it works is because people are so compassionate that, oh, I want to make sure I use the right words and say the right phrases so that you're actually weaponizing the fact that people are decent people and you're taking that compassion and you're aiming it at oh this is the group of people you should be mad at, they weaponized human compassion in which we shouldn't deceive us thinking that the communists have placed their agitators only in the black communities, they are working on both sides of the street, they want hate, violence and bloodshed between races and they don't care how they get it or who they use, even children if it is necessary.
Young comrades, this is my way of finding out if you have been contaminated by patriarchy. It seems creepy why it's like that with white people it makes me feel. Oh, looks like Donnie got a full cookie. This is a white man. Say it. With me, you may have wondered why the Communist Party has been a strong supporter of the campaign to include a black studies curriculum in our high schools and universities. The reason becomes obvious the moment you take a look at the textbooks and study guides that schools have now. radicalizing our children. I mean, this is the book volume of Critical Race Theory and it literally says in here that whiteness is a bad deal and has a symbol of Satan.
You are going to deliberately teach children. This white kid here understood it better than you. because he is white. You're going to personally tell a white kid. Oh, black people are all depressed and repressed. How can I have two medical degrees? If I'm sitting here oppressed, it's not just in the schools but in the workplace, throughout society. is destroying this country, if this continues we will look back and be responsible for dismantling the greatest country in the world by re-teaching hate and that race is a determining factor in where your destiny is. Thank you, Sarasota School Board President, what you have been. the worst thing you've ever had to deal with in terms of community or parental reaction, you know, the insults, you know, the tyrannical Marxist communists and they want to move kids to charter schools and private schools without the supervision of the state and that is wrong United States educational authorities are asking the government to use anti-terrorism laws and involve the FBI against parents who protest against the way their children are taught identifies no less than 13 possible federal crimes, including make annoying phones question: how about this one?
They could be prosecuted for using the Internet in a way that could cause emotional distress over the weekend. Democrats voted to ban gendered language. Internal rules that mean no more terms like father or mother are the administration's official policy to replace. the term woman with people who give birth people who give birth to black people who give birth to people who give birth to black and indigenous people that you changed in some places from the use of the term mother to people who give birth again If we are trying to be precise in the language used, mom is a pretty good word, not a biological person I am a mother, can you give me a definition of the word woman?
Can I give you a definition? Yes, I can't, you can't, you can't, it's not okay, this context I'm not a biology of the word woman, it's so confusing and controversial that you can't give me a definition, do you think then that men can get pregnant and have abortions? yes, literally, everything that was fought for for women's rights is going directly down the drain, this environment that has been created, corrupted and manipulated does not respect women it does not respect children it does not respect men it does not respect women The family matters nothing, that's why they have to attack the mother and eliminate the father because she is going to protect that child, he is going to protect that woman and they are both going to protect.
Society talks about a father in a dead-end relationship, you are talking about something. primordial that is in the heart of the liberal, not the Marxist, that is in the heart of the person who is conservative and they are crossing the boundaries of something that the state of Washington does not control and that they are on their way to legally taking. children with gender dysphoria removed from parents who oppose transition treatment that goes against the Constitution, the only time a parent loses their rights is if there is an extreme circumstance, it is severing the bond between the parent and the child What they are doing is dividing families. to take control of the children the greatest defense against communism is the nuclear family in Chapter 2 of his Communist Manifesto Karl Marx wrote the abolition of the family the bourgeois family will disappear as a matter of course today we are here to represent the millions of blacks Americans who disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement, if you go to the Black Lives Matter website, it says we disrupt the nuclear family, that's my wife, these are our four children, why would you disrupt the nuclear family?
Because the real goal is to eliminate the family as a possible alternative source of guidance and support. All totalitarian regimes strive to destroy the united family to eliminate any loyalty that may be greater than that of the State itself. Over the years in my practice I have seen a steady decline in the expression of healthy masculinity and healthy femininity the separation between man and woman is almost complete now and is specifically due to the continued attacks on masculinity and the degradation of femininity and if our family structure is lost in the Next Generation, what do we have left or simply? a group of apathetic individuals who live our lives virtually behind a computer screen and follow the orders of the government, perhaps it is because it is simply a skill in knowing how to organize the young people who was in our post today and who I was talking to . this young man and he grabbed the book and said it's like Mal's red book and I was like man that's what I was thinking and it was really cool to hear him make that connection.
I was like how about you for 10 to 15 of these books and you all have a youth organizing group where you talk about it and really try to get involved in this, we have to build off of this that we really have an ideological framework of mine and Alicia in particular, we are trained Marxists. I believe in Marxism, it is a philosophy that I learned very early in my career as an organizer. Investigations into the Black Lives Matter organization have revealed links to pro-communist groups in China. Self-proclaimed Marxist Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza also owns the Black Futures Lab Project, but all would be lost for the Black Future Lab if it weren't for the Chinese Progressive Association's donations to the Black Futures Lab not going directly to The foundation itself, the Chinese Progressive Association, obtains them through forensic investigations.
We now know that the fiery but mostly peaceful BLM protests of 2020 were organized and partially funded through a network of pro-communist organizations. One of the groups is the US-based Liberation Path, which was founded by a faction of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The Liberation Road is allied with the new communist movement and has direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party, the communist-rooted Chinese Progressive Association based in San Francisco formed a sister company called Asians for Black Lives to serve as a bridge between BLM and the Chinese Communist Party. I spent a lot of time with the President.
XI heis tremendously serious about becoming the most consequential nation in the world when we talk about China it is important to distinguish between the people and their oppressive government and while the Chinese Communist Party is undoubtedly the United States' greatest foreign adversary, it is It is crucial to recognize that the majority An urgent threat to the future of the United States lies within its own borders. We are so accustomed to thinking in terms of antiquated concepts of war that we fail to realize that the favored weapons of communist conquest are, instead, propaganda. Do you know which is the biggest spreader? of misinformation in world history is the US government the biased view of history history has been written to tell us a certain story The 1619 project is trying to reframe that history what these people are doing is subverting minds young black women to think they are revolutionaries The war was fought to preserve slavery and is based on something that is simply not true: tactics of internal subversion.
I thought America was racist. I thought it was patriarchal. I thought our capitalist society was just a means to exploit foreign people and me. I thought all these things because that's what I was told: preach hate to incite civil disorder. I want to tell you Kavanaugh and you will pay the price California man faces federal charges for the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, treason blackmail. defamation: This is the first time Assange has been questioned about rape allegations. The LA Times published an article calling Larry Elder a black and white supremacist, all committed by soldiers who don't wear uniform and who claim to be loyal citizens of the target country marked for conquest.
From within, the Third World War raging around us right now is a political war, an economic war, a psychological war, a spiritual war, in fact, the bomb as a psychological weapon is being dropped on the American people every day. days, so you probably assume that "Sure, that could be a deadly mistake. Pricing for food shortages. Labor shortages. Shipping delays. you gotta hope science tells us we have nine storm te will kill I want you to panic it is promoting fear it will kill your children the world is a very scary place explain to me if you would like to know what happens scientifically inside our minds when we are in a state of fear and then how that affects our external choices in the direction of our lives.
This is well known and well researched in psychological literature in psychiatric literature: when someone is afraid, when someone is in a state of fear, that person If you cannot think rationally, you resort to a more primitive way of taking. decisions that are very emotionally motivated and when you are placed in a chronic state of fear, as we have been, you end up in what I would call a traumatized state, meaning you cannot think rationally. You are not just momentarily scared, you are frozen, you have had your ability to think critically suspended. The issue is not about covid or vaccines or anything else.
It's not that that's the polarizing impulse that gives rise to our general sensibilities and then amplifies our willingness to fall into reflexive classifications like race or you know the isms we want to fight for, the more we can distract people by creating the illusion that everything is terrifying, the more we will be able to manipulate the population that we were prepared for decades to be afraid, either fall into cover we must be prepared all the time if the atomic bomb explodes that can cover to protect us against the threat of nuclear annihilation or more recently the imminent ecological collapse of our planet in 12 years that AOC and Greta Thundberg continue to warn us about the world is going to be and in 12 years if we don't address climate change, how dare you? all these fears are to some extent based on reality, they are not completely invented, but they are so exaggerated that we can no longer reason about them when people are afraid not to accept authoritarianism, they will demand it, they will demand it, someone will do something, someone He will take over and tell me what to do, where I am, where I walk, what we do, what the rules are, and again. people in power always use that right, whether they never let a good crisis go to waste, we can accept this and now we can enact policies that we normally couldn't implement, maybe in a couple of decades, when people look black.
What you will remember from the greed crisis was the time when we agreed to be surveyed all the time and maybe even after the event is over maybe we can still maintain 30 and over time multiple crises oh suddenly you have a government or an individual who has much more power than the leaders of the masses, the people who speak the narrative in public, are actually supposed to have. space usually or hypnotize themselves, they believe that they need to reshape society in order to deal with the challenges that society faces, and they believe so fanatically in that ideology that they think it is justified to manipulate and deceive and use all kinds of narratives to convince people that they continue with that ideology we are going to go visit mom I am going to bring the family from home to see mom now we will close you we will summon you and if necessary we will arrest you and take you to jail, or they do your teeth and make sure you're clean or we'll keep you in a facility longer.
It's going to be very difficult for people to live a normal life unless they can prove their vaccination status, like you. You're not going to work at this particular agency or institution, you're not going to be able to go to this college or university, once we start doing that, you'll see more and more people voluntarily get vaccinated if your friends are afraid of losing their jobs. Family and the future are not enough to force you to submit, perhaps these incentives will prompt you to comply voluntarily. There's everything from cash prizes to college scholarships. Now offering kids ages 12 and up limited edition Avengers comics, thousands of prizes available including cruises and Super Bowl tickets.
We're giving away Ford F-150 trucks They're giving away shotguns and hunting rifles Marijuana dispensaries are giving away free Jacks donut joints and yes, that's right, get a shot and have a beer Today could be your lucky day California's first vaccine Big lottery winner will take home up to $5 million if he gets vaccinated next week. They made it exciting. There is a reason why people go to Las Vegas. It could really be something lucrative if not everyone is 18 years old. Joshua says one of the best parts about getting a shot at Mickey D's lunch at the house just think about this when you think about vaccination um if you need luck with love dating apps also offer incentives Vienna brothel is providing vaccines against covid-19 and giving those who accept the offer a 30-minute session with a date Lady of their choice, we finally found the only thing that makes us all more attractive a vaccine to love each other like Jesus said get vaccinated receive reinforcements Do you think it is being proposed as politics but this is behaving like a religion?
It is acting like a religion, yes it is dogmatic, it is absolute, if you don't believe in it you are condemned to hell, maybe this is a new religion. God answered our prayers, he created the most intelligent men and women, scientists, doctors, researchers. Let us come up with a vaccine that is from God for us and we must say thank you God, thank you, thank you. There was a time, and I don't think it was long ago, when we could have gotten through this without too much sacrifice on anyone's part, but we didn't, instead we slept everywhere.
I look, I see men and women who know that the communists are advancing in this country, they know that something must be done and that someone must stand up to them, but they themselves do nothing. They stay silent because they fear that if they speak up it will be bad for business, they may lose a customer, they may even lose their jobs, or maybe they are receiving a regular check from the government and are already too dependent on some of the same people and programs they support. They know they must oppose it, we are now past the point of painless solutions and armchair patriotism.
Well, okay, so what do we do about it, what are the countermeasures that need to be taken and where do we start before we finally win this battle? and I must hasten to say that I have no doubt that we are going to win. I am increasingly convinced of this, but before we finally see victory we must bring the truth to every man, woman and child in America. idea of ​​what each of you are going to do in the critical days ahead it may be a lot it may be a little it may be nothing at all I don't know only you can answer that question but ladies and gentlemen whatever it is decide do it for your country, do it soon, do it now, every minute you delay will increase the price of final victory dearly, Mr.
Griffin, that was more than 50 years ago, where are we hearing that phrase now? After all these years, it's kind of a surprise because at the time I didn't realize how accurate it was going to be, but now we're in the middle of this and therefore the final Victory is still ahead of us. we. How did you know back then what would be happening today? uh, it's a long story, of course, but I took a fascinating tour of the communist bookstore in Los Angeles when I was very, very young. He was working for an insurance company. It was Mr Corporate America, you know, that was the period when the hippies, you know?
The image was quite popular and a lot of these guys in that bookstore were wearing that uniform and I think they felt I was a potential recruit, you know, yeah, I guess so, they're communists and yet our nation seems indifferent to a lot of newspapers, television commentators and educators. He calls these young revolutionaries dissidents, but are these voices voices of mere descent, of mere student unrest, or of sedition and revolution? They invited me to go to their study groups, they called them, they were really the recruiting funnel, you know, and uh, I didn't have to do it.
I pretend to be interested because I was interested. I wanted to see what these guys were doing on the course. The more I read, the more I realized that these guys were very serious and that's why my Crusader Gene said, "Hey, buddy, you better stop worrying about the company." climb and make money and look good and start doing something about it and I'm glad I did because after that point my life had come together, it had had a purpose more than just self-centered, who are some of the key figures behind this agenda? I'm not sure we can name names, we know there are layers and layers of pyramid-like control and influence at the bottom level, of course it's just regular people, most of them don't even know what's going on.
It used to be that an Invader could come in and with a superior Army and the people would resent it but they obey because if they don't they will kill them now if they want to conquer the people in this environment they have to do it through the mind and the mind . Of course today, after all the technology we have and the control over communications, images, the school system and the media, they have absolute control over the funnel of information that reaches the average person and the average person if is not conscious. that there is a real war for their minds, they will be defenseless and as long as people are on the verge of fear, they will be willing to give up their freedoms and pay a lot of carbon taxes and, as a pastor, this idea that in my opinion, the enemy It's in a category called collectivism and that's the word that applies to all of these things: socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, all of these things are mere variants of collectivism, which is the philosophy based on the assumption that the group is more important that the individual and that the individual must be sacrificed if necessary for the good of the majority, that is the trick you are doing for society, obviously you don't like telling people what to do, but sometimes, for the good of society, that is necessary.
You have to start doing things for the good of society and not for the idiots who think they can do their own research, but it's not about me and my rights to choose, it's about how I love my neighbor. You are not doing this for yourself if you are like me your own health your own risk is not a great rational driver of all your actions they fool us into thinking that if you act in your own self interest you are somehow selfish and nothing could be further from the truth Those of us who have discovered this trick a long time ago realize that enlightened self-interest comes into play.
If you act out of self-interest, you soon discover that the best way to benefit yourself is to help other people. The question returns. It's how we can turn the ship around. I think the path to political hell in America has been to vote for the lesser of two evils; They create conflict because conflict creates fear and confusion and out of that chaos thePeople are not too analytical to simply fight. for a quick answer as to who you are going to vote for, that is usually the answer they are offered, they think that if you just vote for someone, the right person, everything will disappear, you can't wait until the list of candidates is published and you see Which one am I going to choose?
You know by then the game is over, all those candidates have been selected before you know it. You have to get into politics at the local level to have some influence on what candidates are. selected and that starts at the grassroots level, you don't come from the top, you come from the bottom, if we do that work, we will influence both political parties just like our opponents do now, there is actually a way forward and a way out. but it is going to require work and it is also going to require us to recognize that we have harmed ourselves that we are part of this problem it is not the government that caused this the government facilitated it what caused it was that we were asleep at the wheel without taking responsibility , we cannot move forward, the masses of humanity have been slapped awake, ah, in a very short period of time, to the point that a domino effect of consciousness has now been created across the planet, people cannot return to the Matrix now, they can't do much. of people are trying and they can't, we have the right as citizens in this country to abolish the government and create a new one and that is the authority that has been given to us, it is written in our documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution. of the United States the Declaration of Human Rights we have indelible rights and the basis of those rights are our freedoms and if we do not have that we do not have life and that is why we have to wake up we have to stand up we have to fight the natural rights of each individual are life , liberty and property, and the establishment of a country on the never-before-established premise that the individual is sovereign because his rights are granted to him by the sovereign God.
This desire can only be described as Divine, which is why we are the nation, our ideology, our way of life is always under this relentless attack that we have defeated time and time again and we will defeat it this time, we are all fighting each other and The way we fight is that. By doing the opposite of what these warlords want us to do, which is fight among ourselves, we should learn to forgive and invite other people to the table even if we disagree with them and extend grace to each other even Yes we know. They've done something that we don't agree with at all, because that's how we're finally going to heal as a nation: understand that we all come from different walks of life and that we all live here together and let's start talking about the only real problem that is. existed in the world its division is that people don't walk into rooms willing to talk to each other, see each other's hearts and get to know each other hey what do you believe, what do I believe and is there a way we can work together to solve these problems ? problems and I bet most of Generation Zero would say yeah that's what happened now and that's why I'm glad we're the age we are because we can be leaders of that conversation when I started to realize that wow, freedom is a polarizing concept, for some reason I thought this was America, it's this America, okay the world is different than I thought, so my fear was that I could lose everything, I could lose my audience , I could lose my business, but I knew it. especially by having a son come into the world, I am imprinting something on his beautiful, innocent and fragile psyche and heart.
Am I imprinting the man that I am or am I imprinting a hollow shell of the man that I refuse to be and knew in that. moment I'm willing to risk losing everything to do that, I'd rather pick up cans on the side of the road to feed my family than live out of alignment with my truth and betray my son just say no get up nonviolently Likewise, They can't imprison everyone, they can't fire everyone, but they can fire people who are separated and don't work together and give in to fear and don't sacrifice their future for some comforts now, in the present they should sacrifice maybe. the present conveniences so that you have a future the media has done a good job of stripping us of our ability to think for ourselves and for ourselves if we can get back to that, I think we can build a stronger country In my opinion, the United States, The first step you need to take is to get out of the control mechanisms and that means blowing up your TV, not listening to The Fear porn, and freeing yourself from debt, which is what controls and controls you. everything around you is the weapon that is used, the most important thing is always that the dissonant voices continue speaking and also very important that they do not begin to form a mass or a crowd themselves because that happens very easily as it also happens very easily once A large-scale mass formation begins, people who do not accompany them feel threatened and may begin to form a mass themselves, so it is extremely important not to form ourselves, that is, to form a group, a coherent group that what unifies this group should be, first of all, the fact that everyone who belongs to the group can have their own opinion and can speak in their own way what matters most to you I think what matters most to me is freedom freedom I want the least amount of laws necessary to prevent us from killing each other I mean, I understand that there are crazy people out there we have to find a balance in the end I want my children to live in a world where they are free to dream, take risks, not sow difficulties, strengthens us, we would not have had the American Revolution and the beta model of the American Constitution, the beta model of a republic in the modern world, unless the tyranny of King George had been unbearable, all the good things in life They are usually the result of some kind of rebounding against something that is not good at all, very painful, I mean, I think about if someone had jumped in there and taken my failures away from me.
I can't do what I'm doing now if someone had stopped me from suffering a lot, learning lessons that were hard to learn to never make that mistake again in a philosophical sense, we should be grateful. because this movement that's happening is despite the fact that it's a tragedy and it's hurting people and all that, but without it we could keep going in that pot and be boiled in time, but now the frog is jumping and we have a opportunity that comes here now to create a new vision and it is going to be great, it is a little cynical but in the end it is good news that mass formation and totalitarianism always destroy themselves in a relatively short period of time and it Most importantly, of course, you have to make sure the system doesn't destroy you before it destroys itself throughout history it was always a very small minority history has always been written by the one percent of the population. population 15 of the population create history and follow the leadership thought leadership of the one percent, but that 15 in total is what changes history, so all we have to do is get to 15 of the population.
I think today, after all this time, we have more than 15 percent, we just have to bring them together so that they realize that they are not alone and that is our task right now. I don't think our societies have taken the moment to look up and see and appreciate how much progress has been made in the last century on so many different levels that we have achieved in incredible ways. Progress like we have here is really great, it's imperfect and we should still make careful adjustments to try to improve it and I think that's where a lot of that self-hatred or nation-hatred or hate-for-others originates.
Whatever arises from this lack of perspective, gratitude, and inability to take a moment, relax into activism, and wait, it's actually okay, we've made a unique and special point in history and let's be careful with that on that note. a man who has traveled the world, yes, have you experienced any nation whose course has been corrected beyond its sins more than the USA? No, it is sad to see Americans who live in a free country, are born Americans, and do not recognize their privileges as free Americans. country, you never suffered from hunger and you need to go to other countries to find out why all the immigrants, millions of millions of them, want to come here, what is happening in our backyard today, when I was 11 years old.
I remember Beverly, all the promises that a guy named Castro told how 99 people swallowed the pill that was going to save Cuba. I remember how he promised the farmers to the Wahitos that you would own the land. I remember all the promises we heard today about freedom. education, free healthcare and free land, oh my god there is no freedom, the defectors here who are speaking out against the Communist Party in China are risking their lives and our government is not interested in listening to them or helping them in any way in America for 10 years. years I saw many Americans with wonderful hearts.
America is a deacon of freedom. I am happy living on this land to practice my religion and have a peaceful life. That's my hope. America is the last defense on Earth for freedom if we lose this. country the world will be a very dark place I have three children in this country I want to protect their American dream so here I am, you know, I have noticed that every time you talk about America your eyes fill with tears, I love this country, no place to go and I just hope that people can hear my stories over the last five years.
I've been saying the same thing saying I don't have a political agenda here. I just want to leave a dream of murder. My children live in the United States. Sorry, it's time to ask. questions it is time to wake up we have been brought together in this moment to face the urgent choice between dehumanization and rehumanization the organization does not require us to do anything other than allow that process to continue to the point of no return rehumanization on the other hand requires action an action to remember to remember what we knew as children when everything was possible before our attention was captured before conditioning was set before our nature was denied there is nothing new we have to learn all we have to do is remember and then take the hand of that memory and go out and stand on the ground, not on the concrete, not on the asphalt, stand on the ground and see if you can feel the heartbeat of a universe that conspired to give you life so that a Once again you can feel the joy of being completely human. and then never forget that moment, this is the time for us to activate our innate ability to create solutions that can only happen through the awareness of symbiosis, defined as a mutually beneficial relationship between different groups, all life depends on relationships , every living being is in communication. from the stars to the planets the Earth the plants the elements the insects the animals the humans and every cell within us real change outside begins with real change inside As Americans today we are truly a privileged people on a privileged land, but with our blessings come responsibilities and with responsibilities come risks the challenge of our time is that we must accept both the responsibilities of our blessings and the risks involved in defending them for ourselves and for future generations and we must do so without hesitation if we want to be worthy benefactors of that precious Heritage of Freedom that has been passed down to us through the epic sacrifices of those who have gone before us now that it is not a flag wait and it is not a cliche patriotism it is a simple declaration of the obligations of citizenship in this glorious land Our Earth that with the help of God we will preserve foreign graces.

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