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The Grand Tour - Car Meetup Compilation

Mar 30, 2024
there's no way around it, that's the best Jag probably ever made, well it's not, tell me. What's wrong with one of the wheels being strange? Yes, ah, I know exactly what happened here. The previous owners had a flat tire. He just borrowed a wheel from another car to use and he's going to return it, of course he does, because he drives a Jacoboexactly and look here, it looks like there was a knife fight in the car, that's because he went to stay with some friends, obviously thought he would borrow their cutlery. He stuffed them down his pants and then cut the seat off, that's what happened at this point Mr.
the grand tour   car meetup compilation
Hammond came into view God is a mark 10 who is a mark 10 who is a Jag proper villain who is a jag proper jag oh yeah, whatever you do, okay, don't tell him that no, no, Haven, you idiot, how good we are. You're supposed to defend Jaguar's reputation. You brought an antique. You brought an old piece of furniture. I am celebrating and reveling in the glories of Jaguar. This is 1967. 420 g. This is a. Look at this front. the end started with this car that's the jaguar look aren't the headlights the narrow ones seriously what is it that's a 420 G this was the no no no it's that this was my jacket I thought you know a little about style or in There are no jaguars.
the grand tour   car meetup compilation

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the grand tour car meetup compilation...

The style of the jacket is full of style, man, some of your jackets are terrible, but I can't anyway. This was favored by all the villainous bank robbers and bad guys in and around England in the 60's and how much did you pay for it? 65,000 what I know is a lot of car for 6 and a half Grand look at the size of it Hammond that's 1,000 don't expect £2,500 more than I paid for a supercharged Jaguar which is Jaguar's disgraceful attempt to reclaim their own design that started with this the four headlights the narrow grille this is final your car is derivative and Hammond wasn't finished there look at the size of this imagine how many borrowed oil paints I could fit in there it smells terrible tool kit let me take a look that's for opening windows this isn't necessarily to fix the car none of that is to cut someone's fence this is to remove the paintings from the walls or the jagu t is only for burgy has jimy inside the meeting point was on the Black Sea coast and, naturally, James May was the last to arrive in the new BMW 8 Series.
the grand tour   car meetup compilation
God, it doesn't look as good in person as it does in the photos, disappointing in the metal I'm afraid. that's him and brown what brown It's Sunburst orange mate that's a brown car it's Sunburst Orange it's not brown it's brown orange and it looks a lot like a Toyota it has delivery wheels they are especially for delivering it what are you talking about small wheels that can move ? around, I mean, that's what I mean, well, they're not big enough, can they have a 22 inch wheel? No, why not? Well, why would you want a 22 inch wheel? Spoiling the trip would fill the archers, yes, oh, oh, oh, and I suspect. criminal offense what Anyone who puts a Madge in a BMW that is not a mbmw has to go to prison so this is one of those M cars that is not an M car that they have made that no, it is not the M8 that comes later because It is the M sport indeed, so M sport simply means that it is not an M, right?, but it is between the M cars and the normal ones, that is why you have the M sport 5 series, for example, it is like the best HTS of Elton John without your song or Tiny Dancer in it, James, I don't want to be childish about this now, but I hate you, don't I, I hate but you're going to do it.
the grand tour   car meetup compilation
I hate your team Le, I love it, look at it, I think it's fantastic and the rest, it's horrible g e in a boring interior that is contemporary and tasteful, let's take a look at yours, what do you have? Oh, you've got the new Bentley which is just like the old Bley, uh, apart from being a completely new car, yes, but it looks the same. Same thing, it doesn't look the same, it's completely different at the front, different size, it looks like it's a completely new car, this monochromatic Union Jack applied by the Germans, yes, there is some German in the chassis.
German, yes, engine, yes, German, yes, oh no, the Germans have done all the technology and engineering, that will not wait, it will be brilliant, what is a bit, I use the word advisor, it is a bit camp, that is special , that's what Camp has, all pleated and leathery, and it gives a good occasion. Now that it's a special event, Liber comes out of the center console and plays the piano for you. You see? The reason I'm not going to test drive your interior is because my Aston was delivered to Burmingham spec, that's horrible, oh that's pretty vivid.
It is not like this? I mean, I worry about you quite a bit. I quite like that you like that exactly. So this is um, it's a db11, no, no, it's the DBS super light because it's very light, right? That's what's super light. means yes it's 72kg lighter than a db11 and it's not more expensive well it's a bit more expensive how much more expensive is it £67,000 more yes than a db11 and how much is a lot it's something like a quarter of a million pounds, no, what is it? so a little less 230 a little less 2 25 years old mine costs £100,000 it's contemporary and it's modern there's nothing good to say oh it looks Japanese like it's an insult the Japanese massively advanced the car in the last century James had chosen the Rolls -Royce Dawn a new double version of The Ghost and I would be in the DB1, the latest in a long line of elegant and beautiful Aston Martin Grand toras, even its D errors are beautiful, the wheels are beautiful, this is one of the cars more beautiful.
Have I ever seen that shame is brown, it is not brown, yes, it is, it is not brown. It's sunset orange, it's not brown like my car is green, it's brown, your car is a BMW 7 Series convertible, no it's not. but, but, is it a Series 7 under the floor parts? Are you going there? £265,000 for a 7 Series convertible ain't it if you're going to drive around Italy, which we're going to do incorporating some culture, mhm, that's what you need a brown car, it's not brown, it's brown, look, let's not argue, Actually, this time, let's move on, we're both going to drive through what it is.
I think it is our favorite country in the world. Enjoy a little culture. Enjoy a good wine. art, what was that? Sorry I'm late, well we didn't know you'd come, we rather hoped you'd be okay. I am and look at the car I brought. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 707 American horsepower and enough talk to knock that old building down. just that old building is, oh nevermind Hammond Tuscany isn't really the home of the muscle car yeah, you see, I was worried that you two were boring and serious and I'm here to make sure this trip is fun because don't say it.
For me, the original Grand Tour wasn't fun, it was like an 18th century Cannonball Run only with old-fashioned morphine instead of cocaine. This is going to be brilliant. What about your advertising? Because Americans used to do the Grand Tour and they used to get sponsors. to help cover the cost, so I got some sponsorship. Bobby's, what is a pimple? Isn't it a little leftover after coffee or potatoes? I don't know, that's what Rodeo Lu is, yeah, look at that. The thing is, people will look at me like that and know I'm on a big


. They'll know what these two old men are seriously doing.
You haven't made any effort. You are not in the mood for this refinement of art music culture. Yeah, this is something to do, this has something to do with you, yeah, yeah, they're here, these are my spare tires 'cause on a trip like this, in a car with so much power and so much talk, I'm going to go through some tires. . true, yes, that lock was not going to fit in the trunk or in the trunk, was that a luxury?, that's


T. We reluctantly agreed to let our vulgar colleague accompany us.

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