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The Day Michael Jordan Showed Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O'Neal Who Is The Boss

May 28, 2024
about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan oh well, this is the matchup everyone was waiting to see here in Los Angeles. You have the teacher against the student. Kobe is trying to steal Michael's every move. He tries to steal his talent. He tries to steal knowledge from him. Michael is. trying to teach Kobe a lesson trying to give him the experience, the youth and the wisdom that what he once had, Kobe has a chance to be what Michael is in this league, it will take him some time to get there, but he is up to the challenge. and today he lives up to the test Bob, we'll check him out with bobad sha to jump against Chicago's long ball in December at the United Center the Bulls prevailed 10483 never again here it's fiser and sha with Longley trying to fend off him shoot for Above and The Hits Plus the Foul Now, the first thing you'll notice about Chicago and The Chicago is that only 49% comes off the line and that won't help fouling against Western Conference teams because the style tends to be more open.
the day michael jordan showed kobe bryant shaquille o neal who is the boss
The first one fails, he is more of a classic point guard, he goes down, he knows how to feed the post, he knows how to lead a team. Long way. Hooks and hits, puts it behind his back and hits from the foul line. It's a nice fade from Jordan. he had trouble the other night he wants to come in tonight and leave early he doesn't want to get off to a bad start shooting this is a big game even after noon it's not a late crowd to the forarm Jordan two by three look that's what he wants to do , he wants to get into his rhythm early, you know he's got the rebound, everyone knows, this is a big game, man, when he comes in transition plates to Michael, well, that's what Pitman was talking about, he's a transition player. and you tend to have a more open game against his first Laker ball from the side.
the day michael jordan showed kobe bryant shaquille o neal who is the boss

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the day michael jordan showed kobe bryant shaquille o neal who is the boss...

Jack failing on line b. Jordan Harper is there for the rebound and they get a new 24. Harper takes it right in the energy of Los Angeles right now. and Longley is going to bring Shaq back to the line. Longley's second foul. He has been fouled in seven games at 50% from the line. Well, let's talk about why Shaq has trouble because he's basically face to face with the rim, so it's hard for him to touch it. Here it is. Jordan and Michael return, this one is short and Shaq has the rebound with a 3 to one assist to turnover ratio, he finds Sha who misses and Rodman, the Bulls won in Vancouver, Portland and Golden State.
the day michael jordan showed kobe bryant shaquille o neal who is the boss
Sha from just inside the line puts it in. through you, you know they should do more of that in terms of getting Shaq out on the court and letting him use his dribble and his fox has Jordan on a switch, turns to his side and comes into body contact with the crowd with Sha , there is no decision in the game. looking for himself but he's looking to make keys and he'll shoot the open shot and now here comes Kobe he's not starting for his own team but the fans said he should start in the All Star Game so he'll start a week from now from this night. for Jones now he has it back Kobe with that Very far from the mark Ryan has cache around the Klein screen now Michael rested away from him although by Mario Bennett Bennett to Bryant in a crowd and off the glass now Mario Bennett is a speed Player, he's one of those guys, get Jordan Pippen Buler, coach K and Klein and Michael miss a lot like Jones to his right.
the day michael jordan showed kobe bryant shaquille o neal who is the boss
Jordan had him on the defensive. Jones from the wing is good for three and the quiet Allstar gives the Lakers a game that can come back and bite. On a 13-2 run, Michael from the 20 fouled out when he let her go. Kobe on Michael to the foul line, the jumper on him and that's how the first quarter will conclude. That's the first 6 way back in Bryant by three. He is flat. Shack has it but at the end line as he picks it up, you see the Lakers are playing with great intent and Bran has it. Bryan in the lane to follow with some emphasis, that's where he needs to be, see that's Sha's gangster game, that's when he just takes a basket, you know Kobe came in and R comes looking for Bennett, now Fox fills the lane.
Bennett was open initially, but Fox, following the play, gets to the rim and gives him a variety of moves and then shoots him in the face. hiip and Fs was a better basketball player than my father and Magic's father, his father is Joe Bryant used to play with the Philadelphia 76ers. Jelly was polite. The young whale Kobe comes and goes for Michael Bryant for three seasons. Up and down. They have good quarters and bad quarters, Jordan from Brown and they recover it and a foul by the Lakers and Chicago, being a veteran team, feels that the lack of energy and they put the burst now, what prepared that play was the feint that Michael he gave Kobe the fake that he prepared at that time.
He remembers that at the end of his career, Chamberlain was actually shooting them from 18 feet to Michael into the lane and Bryant on Michael was supposed to follow him and that's the dad you know underneath following him. can use his strength against Bill Winnington Winnington is not as physical as Joe Klein is not as physical as Luke Longley on top of him the whole bag of tricks but the shot does not fall good kick by Robin Barell to the ground surrounded by a group of Lakers shooting second chance and that is what La has to reduce now.
Sha spins it short with him. Fiser hits the ground. Are you sure this is a game? You know Jordan '20 Michael and M Jordan have been protecting Sha Barell by coming to the double team sha game on Rodman, so when he's 29 he'll have all the baggage. Jordan comes up short on Kobe. and he responds with a three, he hasn't had a great first half, but maybe that makes him angry. Jordan fades and shoots on sha oh that was good, below is the halftime credentials report which is after these messages in a fast game on the court, it seems It tells me the Bulls are comfortable with that pace, yeah, but you know we're better at it than them, you know, off Jordan's screen, Jordan lets it go and can't finish Chicago's drop from the corner, Jones for three. some points from the foul line The has to keep the energy up and keep hitting the lers Jordan from long spins sha has it ahead Jordan comes back with Jones and Michael comes up with the steal Pippen three is not there and a whistle blows Here's Eddie Jones on the reverse, nice nice back cut on the setup.
Jordan on playing the back cut. Back cut with reverse twist. Here's Kobe on the baseline for the Slam. He has 10 and they match the biggest lead in the game. at 19 you can't spice it up here Jordan turns at the foul line and hits up and down now Chicago is going well that should end there try to make the storm here come back in intercepted by briyan Jordan is back with Michael committed him a foul on Kobe and before the shot there is no basket and when you have the young legs and the young energy that you want, that is the first one in Michael Kobe unleashes a three or it is there, go to the Chicago G Chicago Michael stops the momentum of Los Angeles at least a little bit and he's 28 right now, you know he's trying to find his game, you know, even though he's 19 and he does all these beautiful one-twos for Michael Bryan in lane, you're probably going to end up getting beat up because you yourself were prepared. for the championship game, you know, Los Angeles and Boston used to come and play against each other, you know, and the East played Michael Jordan matching his season average up to this point, but he didn't get enough help for the Lakers to go up for 21, you know, a three for Michael. that's not good predicted his statement earlier in the year that this is the last round, there's probably some wiggle room, but he hasn't said anything to the contrary and there's Bryant reminding us that should Michael leave, there will still be some left. of excitement in the NBA, well, I hope Chicago in Detroit, when you break it too soon, we had, you know, I thought we had a great basketball team, it was the best playground game, playground talk.
Kobe goes behind the back and then falls. look, it's show time now in the form, you know that's what magic did so well, he put on the show when the game got out of hand on Wednesday in Salt Lake City, now the Lakers have given them a beating here today. They are teams that compete in the regular season, but when you compare these guys in the playoffs, what really kills you is not their physical abilities but their mental abilities. They have taught him well, they have taught him well. You know he has the best Kobe outside the corner. by shooting on him, shoot on him and hit, in this case art imitates life, so the Lakers do it by 25 112 to 87 and Kobe, you know that there has been a lot of talk about the confrontation between you and Michael Jordan, the Father of the air, what do you think?
Well, you know, tonight I really wanted to go out and play hard against him and I played with my emotions a lot and I just needed to relax and let the game come to me a little bit, but you know, it's a learning experience. experience and I love meeting Mike, it is a great challenge for me. I'll see you both in New York next weekend. We have an All-Star Game time. Well, I know I love you, mommy, I love you. CH, I love you mommy, okay. You, Bob, it's okay, Amad.

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