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The Best Burger In Los Angeles | Best Of The Best

Feb 27, 2020
My name is Joe and I'm on a quest to find the



in Los Angeles. I love eating


s so much. Yes. And today, despite my cardiologist's advice, I'm going to eat at four of the


burger joints in LA to find out who has the best burger in LA. Here's the deal, to make sure this is the most burger day, I combed through best-of lists on Thrillist, The Infatuation, Eater LA, and Bloomberg, then cross-referenced their top picks on Yelp, narrowing down the list 4 of the best burgers in Los Angeles. I'm ready to eat! I took an extra dose of atorvastatin and met with Los Angeles burger expert and gorgeous bearded guy Jeff Miller.
the best burger in los angeles best of the best
He's joining the quest and was kind enough to give me a rundown of today's burgers. First, I want to go to Tommy's. Tommy's is like one of those institutions, it's been around for decades and decades, like one of those places that established LA burger culture, it's a stone cold classic. Great, I've heard amazing things about Animal, and they have this marrow burger, right? The Animal burger is insane, it has that smoothness that I've never had in a burger before, it's a great choice. Pie'n Burger is in Pasadena where they created the cheeseburger, I don't know if Pie'n Burger was the creator of the cheeseburger.
the best burger in los angeles best of the best

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the best burger in los angeles best of the best...

In fact, it is considered one of the best hamburgers in the country. Burgers Never Say Die, new guys in town, what's up with them? It's a great story this guy started literally in his driveway posting pictures on instagram and he makes this grilled burger smash so it's crispy on the outside and it really tastes big on the inside it's just that small . burger, which is so delicious, is full of flavor. Enough talk, let's get started. Tommy's has been on my radar ever since I moved to LA, if there's one place that made the best burgers in LA list, it's Tommy's.
the best burger in los angeles best of the best
When you order at Tommy's Hamburger, it comes with chili. Family lore has it that he started selling a recipe or chili sauce on top of his hamburgers and hot dogs in the 1940s, and it caught on. So, I'm not the biggest chili guy, okay right? Midwestern, we'd have it when it's cold. The fact that this chili burger has been around for 70 years gives me hope, if anyone is doing it right it's probably these guys. That stand is open 365 days a year. When Tom started out, May 14, 1956, he would just sit there and make hamburgers all day, he literally lived here, he was absolutely married to the idea that he was going to feed Angelenos hamburgers, chili, his chili burger, when they wanted it.
the best burger in los angeles best of the best
Tommy's wouldn't be Tommy's without their signature chili, made daily in-house with a secret blend of spices. This location has three 90-gallon kettles and consumes approximately 180 gallons per day. In a weekend, they will consume hundreds of gallons, probably thousands of gallons. Tommy's makes the chili nice and thick so it sits perfectly on the burger. It's like a classic LA institution, so glad to be here for the first time eating a Tommy's Chili Burger. To eat hamburgers in Los Angeles is to eat at Original Tommy's. Yes, you have to come to Tommy's if you're going on a burger trip in Los Angeles.
Wow, I get it! You think chili burgers are like, the stuff is going to go everywhere, right? Right. It's still packed in there, you saw how they thickened up their special secret chili recipe, it's almost like the glue that holds this delicious burger together. It's like a chili, burger, cheese and bun masterpiece. Probably a more eloquent way of saying that, but I'm enjoying this way, I'm enjoying this way too much, I'm like food, cheese, meat, mouth, good! Well, my family has been coming here for forty years, so it's a family tradition. It's just one of the places you come back to.
Right now I'm on my way to Animal, oop! They have a marrow burger, I think it's called the Boner Burger. It just looks amazing, I think I'm lost, where do I go? Ugh, construction! The burger has marrow, what? That sounds amazing and delicious. What is this guy doing? Everything is taking forever. Animal, more or less, throughout its history has been a little bit different than any other restaurant, so we wanted to make a burger that showcased what Animal was all about. Joe: What things do you have to be aware of, because there's bone marrow mixed into that, I guess the marrow will start to melt and fall apart?
I don't know anything, by the way. That's part of the reason this burger we serve weird, is to keep the bone marrow locked up. Animal uses a Japanese robata grill so the chef can move the burger around, keeping it away from the flames and cooking it low and slow. I'm not familiar with this grill, but with this marrow burger cooking, it smells amazing! Once we get the burger off the grill, I have our cheese mix here, it's Monterey Jack cheese, roasted poblano peppers, and caramelized red onion. What? I'm going crazy, I want this so bad. It's going to be so good.
Thanks for recommending this. It's going to be so good. Even the bun is unique, a rye combo from Diamond Bakery down the street. All I hear is like, no one else can make this burger. Jeff: I mean, don't forget the burger that also has, you know, not just their mixed meat, but also marrow, I mean, it's all, each ingredient is very specific. The chef then adds Animal's own nice 420 sauce to the toasted rye. The burger is then placed on the bun, a little more 420 sauce is added and we are ready to eat. I'm so excited, this looks amazing.
And you're the reason people know about it because you've written about it. I don't want to take too much credit, but they were Joe: No, please. Jeff: They were doing it as a secret, and I wrote about the secret and the secrets, you know. Joe: The secret's out! Jeff: The secret is out. All right, let's do it, have a bite. Wow! it's so yummy. Part of the idea is that it has that melt-in-your-mouth bone marrow feeling. Joe: Yeah Jeff: With the flavors you associate with a burger, you know, the ability to eat it like a sandwich.
This is like the best gourmet burger I've ever had, it just works perfectly together. Jeff, do you have some 420 sauce on your... 420 sauce? Look at the camera. 420 sauce. Welcome to Los Angeles, 420 salsa I mean! Now, let's go to Pasadena for the Pie'n Burger. I don't know if I can handle that traffic, but have fun, it's a great burger, it's like a classic grilled American burger, you're going to love it. Drunk on red meat and stuck in LA traffic, I'm ready for burger number three. Pie'n Burger looks like an old school restaurant, I think it's been there since the 60's.
Lately they've become something of this foodie destination. Oh, you know, I was going to go and then I couldn't go because you just interrupted me. I'm leaving, I know, I'm sorry friend. In the world of burgers, everyone has their idea of ​​what a burger should be, and we think we're the classic California burger. Sometimes it's very difficult, you can't be everything to everyone. Why don't you focus on what makes you really good and try to do it better than others? Since 1963, Pie'n Burger has been serving burgers out of the same location in Pasadena. It has a wonderful old school vibe, right down to the smoothie machine and cash register.
This burger is as classic as it comes, fresh beef cooked on a flat grill, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and homemade Thousand Island dressing. If I'm here, I'm doing well, so I ordered a strawberry milkshake with my burger, which is amazing by the way. When you go, don't fall asleep on the shakes. Everything about this screams delicious, the way the sauce and onions pour out, it looks amazing man. It's big too, man, like a big burger. This thing is fantastic, the thousand island sauce combined with the pickles and the meat all together, perfect. I'm in awe of how good this is, like this is what you think of when you dream of eating burgers.
I've pretty much been making exactly this burger for half a century, and it's amazing. Things slow down a bit in a place like this, it's nice to sit down and enjoy a burger. They have taken great care to make each of these ingredients not only the best they can be, but also work perfectly together. Nothing else tastes like this. It's called Pie'n Burger, I have to try the pie, it's in the title. This cake is perfect, oh wow! I should go back and make a video about the pies. Jeff, dude, you're missing out. I really like a thousand island on my burger, you know, and then they put pickle chips on it, so it's kind of old school, but they're always consistently great.
We always come here, for years my children grew up here, family, generations of families grow up in this restaurant, so. That was great, Pie'n Burger is awesome. That burger was so good I just realized I'm shooting this in the wrong aspect ratio, but I'm not fixing it, I don't have time, I'm so overwhelmed by how well I'm shooting. this thing wrong, and I apologize. Definitely worth the trip to Pasadena Jeff, I'm sorry you don't want to fight traffic to get here. I'm going back very often to go to Pie'n Burger. Yeah, just get in my lane, okay, yeah, no need, no need, don't use your signals, okay.
I do not go anywhere. I have one place left to go, Burgers Never Say Die. On second thought, I waited a couple of days because it's not easy going to four different burger joints in one day, but I'm rested, changed my clothes, got a haircut that I don't like, and now I'm here at Burgers Never Say Die. I'm so excited to visit this place the food looks amazing so here we go. Jeff couldn't join us today because he had a previous commitment, I also forgot to call him. Regardless, Burgers Never Say Die started just a few years ago, in Shawn Nee's backyard, and quickly became an underground sensation.
Apparently there are laws against opening a restaurant in your backyard, so Shawn and company moved it to their own space in Silver Lake. I never planned to open a restaurant, I just planned to make burgers in my backyard, and if people didn't like them, at least my friends did, and we had this good, you know, street grill that I could cook. in. It gradually evolved on its own, and I really enjoyed doing it. Someone offered me the opportunity to open a restaurant, so I decided to do it. The new space is a success, with long lines of customers waiting to try the firm's star burger.
It's pressed paper thin and covered in cheese, then dressed deceptively simple: ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles. That's it, what? My smash burger is very thin, you drop the ball on the griddle and you have some kind of smasher. Cooking flattened burgers is inherently inconsistent, because you just don't know how the meat will react once it's on the griddle, with the fat content and things like that, so whenever you cook you always adjust to whatever. The interior space is very minimal. I love how it looks, I love eating burgers, a reference to They Live I guess. Burgers Never Say Die does not have its own dining room, it has one shared with the cafeteria.
It's lunchtime, it's crowded, so I'm going to eat here in the parking lot. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating burgers in a parking lot, so that's what I'm going to do, please don't judge me. You can see how flat it is, I mean this is a stark contrast to all the other burgers we've had here. It smells amazing, it's really crunchy, you saw them come off the grill, just pushing them down and putting this bright yellow American cheese on them. It looks amazing, I have to bite this. Oh Lord. Believe the hype, wow. The taste of just the meat, the charcoal, oh my goodness.
Inside is a sign that says something like, "Make sure you have two" or "always ask for two," dude, always ask for four. The double cheeseburger looks like a lot, but it's actually pretty skinny, so I could easily, I mean, I was almost done with this one, and it just... went. If the wait is that long, I might as well... Me, all matte black Tesla, sick. Conner: I saw him on the way here. Ooooh! Conner: Pretty sweet. Joe: It's okay. Get as many as you can afford and treasure them. You look at how simple the menu is, you look at how simple the ingredients are, you think, how good could this be?
It's excellent. Very good cameraman, what do you think? Dammit. Thin is the way to go, because it gets nice and crispy, top three burger parking lot experiences. Easily. I think the taste is unlike any burger I've ever had. And I also think that, especially coming from the backyard, like that feeling of being a part of something new, it's exciting for people. And because of how crispy the edges are, and because the burger is really buttery, it's very simple and that's right, it speaks for itself. Wow! EachThe burger I had for this video was amazing and unique and it's hard to pick a favourite, because I loved them all and they are all A plus burgers in my opinion.
If you get a chance to eat any of these burgers make it your business, you won't be disappointed. But I have to pick a favourite, or Herrine and Emily will kill me. Before we do that, let's do a quick recap, even though you literally saw me eat all this food. Tommy's It's easy to see why they've been around for seventy years. The burgers were fantastic. I was so impressed with the chili and how it pairs perfectly with burgers. Animal. Putting bone marrow into a burger is a stroke of genius, and with their 420 sauce, 420 bro, and rye bun, they've created one of the best and most unique burger experiences in Los Angeles.
Pie'n Burger. Everything about this burger, from the patty to the thousand island dressing, all came together in my taste buds like Voltron, and I was blown away. Burgers never say die. His success story with homemade hamburgers is not a fluke. I really love the simplicity and attention to quality that goes into their burger. And making it flat like this just makes the edges crispy, oh man, so cool. Dude, I'm literally worried that the three places I didn't pick will turn their backs on them and get really mad at me, like I'm worried, I don't want to get on the bad side of… Sydney: Hi, I'm Sydney from INSIDER, and I just wanted to show up and say that no one is mad at Joe, and no one is going to criticize him.
He worries about things like this for no reason, literally all the time, I don't know why, we all know someone like that. But, you know, what can you do? Ok, back to the video. I don't know, anyway, I have to pick one, so here we go. Okay, moment of truth, and my favorite is... Pie'n Burger. All the burgers I had were great, but the Pie'n Burger was just transcendent. Everything about it, from the burger, to the delicious thousand island dressing, all the ingredients came together perfectly. This burger is a masterpiece. Now I see why people live in Pasadena.
And I know, I get it, why didn't I check out your specific favorite burger place in LA? Apple Bread or Irv's. Howard's Bacon and Avocado Burger, or Father's Office, or Fatburger, or Oinkster, I mean, I know Yuca's in Hillhurst has an amazing cheeseburger that I just had, it's really great. Why aren't they in the video? I didn't get to that, maybe I have to do another burger video, except In-N-Out, I'm not going to do In-N-Out. Bye!

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