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The $2000 PS4 ULTIMATE Build

Feb 27, 2020
first. We should have waited in the water. (Laughs)-Okay little Kratos, he's fine, come on, come on. - Kratos. - Swim, swim mate, swim. - Defeat the gods. - Nothing, nothing, my friend. - Yes! (applause) - It's like, "Oh my gosh, it's a PS4." Yes, yes, that's exactly what he's saying. (Laughter) - Alright, we're back in the office, it's literally three minutes until we're ready to present, and our LED light strip doesn't look very good. - Well Austin, you're the one who wanted to buy it. - (laughs) How dare you? - Just put this on top, on the right. - Oh Lord. - There, man. - This is the worst thing we've ever done. - I do not know, man. - Oh wait. (laughing) That's how it looks.
the 2000 ps4 ultimate build
He walked in like that, you know? - Of course. (laughing) Sure. - Austin, I don't know what to do, okay? - We made a mistake. - You're tearing us apart. - We made a mistake. (sighs) - We didn't think about this. But we've already spent $80 on this little strip. - No, we didn't, we found this on the corner of Austin. Here you want $80? - Let's do it, let's do it. - Take a hundred Austin, I don't care! (echoes) - There is definitely a PS2 on top of the PS4. - No, that's a PS1. - There is a PS1 - Oh, no, no, no.
the 2000 ps4 ultimate build

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the 2000 ps4 ultimate build...

That's just-- - There's a PS1 on top of the PS4, so we have a PS5. (laughing) - So thank you all for joining us, specifically the losing team. Thank you very much for honoring us with your presence. So when it came time to actually


the PS4, we realized that it wasn't really enough. Because who wants a PS4? -He is old. -He is old. - Stinks. - 2013, are you kidding? What we wanted to do here is raise the level of the game. And of course, one of our favorite videos to make is something near and future.
the 2000 ps4 ultimate build
So I present to you the PlayStation 5. (noise) (everyone laughing) - One moment, please. - Please. - One moment, please. - Oh, you can't reset that, that goes in the video. (noise) - May we introduce you to the PlayStation 5! Oh, come on. - I told you, I told you. - This isn't even a competition. - Yes, this my friends. - Oh, finish it, Austin. - Oh, no, no, no, no, we're just getting started. So you might realize, of course, that we have our PlayStation 1. However, four plus one, as we all know, equals five. We want to talk a bit.
the 2000 ps4 ultimate build
That's exactly what I said. - Check out this disc loading tray here. - Yes. - Yes, do you have one of those? - Ah, second part. - Most importantly-- - It's a CRT TV. - So the most important part-- - You can see the-- - It's more than just a CRT TV, can't you know anything about our fans? - Look, if that's not a Trinitron, I'm going to be very disappointed. - Look, this is-- - Where are you going to put it? - It's a Sony, maybe. - Just put it on the table, just put it on the table. - Man, the presentation skill is off point, man, no. - Fortunately, presentation is not one of the categories. - Should be. - Should; maybe for the next one. - It absolutely should be. - I definitely should. - If you want, you know, take command, try it. -You can taste Spiderman as he was meant to be. -He's so cinematic. - I'm not even going to look, just tell me what I have to do. - Well, you're doing great. - Yeah, you're actually doing pretty well without watching TV. - You have to hold X. - Can you read that text? wait, what was-- - It's very strong. -What is he saying? - Don't worry about it, it's fine. - I can't see, I don't know what's going on. - Okay, we're done with the first presentation, let's dim the lights and see what Ken and Jud have prepared. (laughing) - Introducing the PS4 Aquarium.
We can't leave the PC with its crazy RGB goodness, right? So what better way to do it than with an RGB waterproof case? - So we have a projector here. And not only that, we have some audio so we can... (soft music) - With a subwoofer. - Oh, hi-fi. - Are those fish still living there for real? - Yes. - This is a fish. This is a betta fish. - Have you bought fish? -His name is Kratos. - Wait, you can't put a betta fish in that. - What if you just like him, give him a little tip? - (gasps) Quinn. - Rats, they stole our light, friend. - Oh, they were going to the store! (laughing) - We went, no, no, no. - Come on, we said we have the last one. - You got the last one, we searched everywhere! - We were like, on the app like, "Where is he?" - I have an important question.
If you hadn't been an hour late this morning, would you have gotten to the store first? - Yes. - So, you forgot your envelope this morning and you didn't turn on the light? - Listen, it's not our fault. - Otherwise. - This couldn't have gone better. - There were blaster shots registered in-- - Oh; Oh that sound. - That audio. - Oh man, it's so crowded. - Hear that lightsaber? (lightsaber hiss) - Austin, I know you feel that, that's a subwoofer down there, man. - I will, yes. - That poor fish. - I mean, yeah, we don't need to do more than that.
We have it, we have it. - You know, I have to release it, that sounds amazing and I love Star Wars, but the high-pitched whine of a CRT is a very beautiful sound. - We thought carefully about the panel of judges and what they would like. - Do you have fish fans here? - Yeah, anyone want fish fingers? (laughing) - Did you just threaten to kill Ken's son and feed him to us? (water bubbling) - Very well, we are done with the introductions; I go to trial. Let's start very quickly with creativity. Jimmy, who do you think won that category? - This one is really hard, but I'm going to give it to Ken. (clapping hands) Yes, because I like fish. - I understand. - This is going to be hard too.
On the one hand we have putting a PlayStation in an aquarium. That is all. And on the other hand we have basic arithmetic with four plus one, so. - That is important. - So they can see it's so close. I can't say that without a smile. (Applause) - Aw, you've got to be kidding. - I do not agree, this was obvious, this was. - Thank you. - Here we go. - A man with sense. - Yes, we had one. - You could have softened the blow a bit. (laughing) - You guys get a point, whatever. We totally have the craft on this one, right? - Maybe, we'll go ahead and see what Jimmy has to say.
Do you think they won the craft? - Honestly, I do. Mainly because you matched the tone of the original PS1 perfectly. So, I'll give you that point. (clapping) - Oh, okay. - Yeah, and I'm sorry, guys. - It's okay. - Yes, that's OK. - Alright Matt, it's up to you for a tiebreaker again. -I'm going to mug Ken, and his thing was floating. You can only have half full. - I mean it's fair. - I appreciate that you really created something. - (gasps) Yeah! (high five) We there! - It's all tied up. - Yeah. - If you guys remember back home, if you used a light source of some kind, that was instantly $200 if you did better than the other team;
Now, I don't know about you, I didn't see a light source on the Austin team. So in my opinion, I think it must be Team Ken. But let me know what you guys say. We have to vote. - I can't think of any way to give them credit for using a light, like. (laughing) - You had a little light. - We concede. - There is a red LED on the TV. - We concede, we concede. Team Ken sabotaged us. - All right, well, here we go, guys. $200 to Team Ken for their final total. - So, I'll let you all in on a little spoiler.
Our PS4 was actually designed by a true craftsman. - Yes? - No one in this room understands what I'm talking about, but those watching at home know exactly what we did, so. - Was it Armando? Did he literally spray paint it in his store? -It was Armando because I saw him on his Instagram while you were---Wait, wait. - So there was a lot of information that came out after the trial. - Yeah. - But even before that, we had a unanimous vote of mischief, so. - What? Wow - Yeah, we're berthing points for Austin, I think, on that front. - That's not part of the rules! - We call mischief. - That's mischief. - Are you saying that I should have kept my mouth shut until the video ended? - Yes. - Yes. - That's exactly what we're saying. - Well, that's unfortunate. - Well, that sounds good enough for me to testify - Wait. - The real winners of this event. (clapping) - Are you serious? - Here it is for Ken once again. - I thought we had it, I thought we had it! - Got it, man. - Hey, we did it;
I did not wait something less. - Yeah man, this is the dream team here, we did it. (soft music)

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