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TEARING APART my Tesla Cybertruck made my mechanic want to RETIRE!!! And we found something BROKEN?

May 14, 2024
I don't think it should get wet, no, it doesn't. I have a leak, like


is not sealed properly, yes


here is allowing water in. in this under the bathtub, oh, if that's normal or I don't know, I wouldn't say it's normal, but that means water is coming in here, rain, interesting, here's a cabin filter or something cool, what? It just exploded in your hand, yeah? I think I'll stop, it has tabs because you're supposed to open them and then they just break, okay it's locked in there it's not going to come loose but yeah all the other tabs still work but wonderful I just voided your warranty no, You didn't, it's just the cover of that box and don't touch it, it's very delicate, it's very delicate, it's


of glass.
tearing apart my tesla cybertruck made my mechanic want to retire and we found something broken
I spent $100,000 on this, um, yeah, underneath what's deep in there. um let's see it's still there it goes all the way to the board it goes about halfway in mhm what happened yeah there's something that looks like high voltage here because it's orange so if that's the inverter and there's a motor drive, you can see it well. Yes, because it's a dual motor, so one in the front and one in the back is the ABS for the brakes, just the ABS controller because it looks like brake lines, or is it that the air could be air, no, that's the ABS for the brakes, this is your A/C Compressor, okay, I didn't do anything that time, okay, I didn't even touch anything, don't press, what is it?
tearing apart my tesla cybertruck made my mechanic want to retire and we found something broken

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tearing apart my tesla cybertruck made my mechanic want to retire and we found something broken...

This is a radiator of some kind, this is an inlet, yes, the condenser is probably under here, yes, because it looks like it. like the air comes in through this and then it's channeled through this duct here into a little radiator or a condenser like you say, there's probably a condenser and this is yeah, this is a refrigerant, this is radiated, maybe refrigerant for batteries or motors or something like that. interesting yeah and then all these here turn on their light on this side let's see what's on this side uh yeah it doesn't look much like the bracket that's there for the drive motor the fan came on and I can hear the air running through here, okay? but that's just baffling, isn't it?
tearing apart my tesla cybertruck made my mechanic want to retire and we found something broken
Surely it's not normal, it can't be, it's such a weak stream coming out that it barely cleans the windshield as if there was real debris there, you'd have a hard time getting it out and then Surely that's not normal, look, look at this look, it's all goodness in everywhere here. I don't know, so that's the business end of a cyber truck. Compare it. I know it's been a few years with the F-150 Lightning. Don't know. I know, I mean, does it seem more advanced? I guess, honestly, I think the F-150 Lightning would be easier to work on.
tearing apart my tesla cybertruck made my mechanic want to retire and we found something broken
It was like a spaghetti mess, a very disorganized spaghetti monster and it didn't seem like it had the refreshing things that this one did. It has done it in terms of managing everything, but the F-150 didn't break down every time we touched it. You did it well? You did it the right way. That's how eyelashes come off, so yeah. You're supposed to do that, you just touched them, uh, well, one-time use then. I guess that's what they are, yeah, I could understand that if I was 30 and a riddle, I don't even have one eye, yeah, and interesting because they don't paint. the body is obviously not painted, so there's a lot of cool stuff going on with the Cyber ​​truck, now I know where to jump if the battery ever runs out, so I guess we can put it back together and get on the elevator, huh?
Just don't touch anything I'm not going to touch anything else wait a minute What is this? It's just an undone cable sitting there, we didn't disconnect it, what's the point? And the positive and negative are close enough to each other. and it just hangs loose, maybe it's an unused option or H, but if there's power there, it could be played and Spark, I don't know, goes off on some harness deep in there, sounds wonderful like a chipm on that big old land. I guess hmmm, yeah, okay, before we find any more weirdness, how about we put this back together?
I'm hoping the rearview camera makes backing up really easy and alerts me to a Lamborghini that thinks a door is open but it's wrong, but look at the steering knuckle. On this thing, wizard, the rear steering, yeah, the tires hang a little all over the place, okay, it's like 6300 lbs, we're good with the container packages, right, yeah, pretty cool, now it looks like a shuttle taking off, waa, so what can we see? On the Cyber ​​truck from underneath anything all the knuckles and suspension look like a standard truck basically yeah you can see the brakes so they have a little slider which is an unusual type of slider like a little plastic cover and how about that suspension?
Can we see an air bag and an air shock? Yes, they are up there. You can see them up high. Yes, they are very high. Mhm, but otherwise I mean, obviously, you won't get these parts at your local parts store, but it's conventional. design in terms of a CV axle, a wheel hub, a knuckle, yes, but the regenerative braking is very strange because look at that disc, the rotor, it has a little more spin to slow it down, I really think that's where the regeneration system works, uh, and then a traditional caliper, obviously, and it has an adaptive damper, the oil inside the damper, you can see it has these to adjust the ride quality.
Okay, and then the battery lasts here like in all Teslas, so it has armor, what are all these little hooks? I think it's for plugging in and out, like if you ever need to drop in and replace the battery. I think it's for ease of service. Well, I think you connect it to the special elevator to take everything down. if ever needed but no driveshafts no exhaust no evaporation lines no fuel lines nothing simple just a battery just a battery that has a 150,000 mile warranty. I think 10 years yeah and then this is different from most vehicles where this is the rear and it's also steerable mhm it has two steering racks here interesting and it has the same type of struts in the rear or are they more like bags like you'd see in a Range Rover.
They're similar, they're not as tall, but you can see them there. Yeah, of course. I see they have them protected as well, which is another good thing because you look at Mercedes and Landovers, where they're just on display. Rubber and they explode all the time, yeah, compared to the air suspension Porsches that never seem to break because they put a little bit of protective metal around it, like a kind of protection and a kind of sash, you know what I mean, and then the drive motor. Right here, yeah, yeah, but yeah, there's not much to see other than the suspension and stuff, yeah, yeah, you can actually see the air bag, the air shock over here, all right, yeah, you can see that. my welds on my rear control arm are already rusting.
Aren't they mhm? I mean, they look like they're soldered okay, but hm, there's a big orange wire, oh, there's a big orange wire there, oh, yeah, there's some high voltage going to a drive motor, mhm, okay, it's well and a little on the balancing of the link. slash link yeah yeah okay, does this sound like something you'd like to work on? I think I know your answer regarding suspension. I mean, I could probably work on it, but the problem is if they even sell the parts for these. Yes, regarding the right to repair with Tesla, there has been a bit of back and forth, but I think that clears up as far as parts availability and everything is fine.
I'm just talking later, when these become obstacles, you will need independence. I guess yes. I think Rich from Rich Rebuilds


ed to buy parts for a Tesla. He didn't have a Tesla at the time or anything and they had a lot of problems. They hung him or yes, yes, that was years ago. I think they've softened a little because they realized how important the aftermarket is for resale, I mean, if they care at all, but, yeah. who knows, 15 years from now, 20 years from now, I mean this will need repairs where you'll get an HVAC condenser or a heater core or a right.
I don't really know, my immediate concern is this because I just can't imagine it. This is just about the windshield washer fluid gushing out of the inner fender of the Cyber ​​truck, but who knows, it's supposed to have a crying Fender, uh, thanks so much for watching and thank you wizard for breaking down my Cyber ​​truck, yeah. I broke down, I


the first break here.

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