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Taking a Ranch Bath

May 29, 2021
Today we fully immersed ourselves in


dressing. Let's talk about that. ♪ (intro theme song) ♪ - Good morning mythical! -Mythical Beast, a question is like the belly of a hot dog, and we only have the answer, meat to fill it. - We asked you questions about fear and our first question comes from Carl The Card who asks, "What should I be afraid of?" - Well Carl, if you are looking for new things to fear, my friend, you are living large and we have the answer to your question. - Carl, you should be afraid of molasses because in 1919 in Boston, Massachusetts, a large tank of molasses exploded and killed, that molasses killed 21 people.
taking a ranch bath
And you can imagine how slow and sweet that death was. -You should be afraid of scarves, because in 1927, Isadora Duncan drove around in her convertible, wearing her fashionable scarf, and guess what? Half ~fwitt~ flew down, she got caught in the wheel, ~whoop~ broke her neck. - Oh ho. - Hey, she died. - (Rhett) Hmm. (inhales) Carl, you should be afraid of tampons. Follow me here. (gasping laughter) (Link) I don't know if I want to. (Rhett) - In 1996, a 26-year-old Scotsman stuck two tampons up his nose. - Of course! -... so that he would stop snoring, and he did stop snoring, he also died. -You also have to be afraid of cows, because three years ago in Brazil, Joao de Souza was sleeping soundly in his bed, mmm, when suddenly a 3,000-pound cow fell through his roof and crushed him.
taking a ranch bath

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taking a ranch bath...

Why was there a cow on his roof? I'm afraid to ask. - There you go Carl, our next question comes from Luke McFarlane, who asks, "How do you out-spider?" Well, Luke, you can't just forget about spiders. I am deathly afraid of spiders. I hate them. I have always hated them and will continue to hate them in the future. - But, no, - ... it's my prediction - ... no, no. This ends today. Rhett, it's time to face your fears. - I... (sigh) (Link laughing semi-maniacally) - (Rhett) I... I'm not touching it, I'm not... I'm not touching that thing. - Oh, you don't have to touch it.
taking a ranch bath
You just have to talk to him. (shrinking ray gunshot noise) - Ahhh... What's this man thing?! - Just go there and talk to him. - (Spider-Link) Hey man. - Hey. - What's up Daddy? - I'm just a guy who's afraid of spiders that shrank to meet you. - Oh, there's nothing to fear here. Just me, your spider. - You're definitely not what I expected. - What... we're not that different, you and me. I bet we have a lot of common interests. Do you like yoyo? - Uhh.. I mean, I don't do it regularly, but I had a yo-yo when I was a kid and I.. - Right, I have a yo-yo too.
taking a ranch bath
I like the yo-yo. Check it. (sploop-slurp) It's that simple. I am yoyo just like you. - That's not how I yoyo. - Well no, look carefully. (sploop).. look at that (slurp) woop! - Okay... - I want to see, come here, come closer. Touch it. - Oh no. -Touch it! - No, no, I don't want to... - Touch it! - I don't want to... touch it. - Touch it! - I don't want to touch it! - Touch it! - I can see! - Okay, (sips) - I see it! I see it. - It's okay, you don't have to touch it.
Listen man, we're fine. We are not different. Let's hug him. Let's be friends. Let's be friends. Bring it... (screams then laughs) Gotchu! I got you man! - That's not right, you... uh, that's definitely not right. If we're going to hug him, let's hug him. - Let's hug him, yes, bring him, bring him. Would you mind if I yo-yo while we hug? - I don't want you to yo-yo while we're hugging, no. - Uh.. (sploop) too late. - Oh, God... - (slurps and then laughs) Oh, yeah - That's okay, that's okay, that's okay - That's okay, that's okay, that's okay. - Okay, we're fine!
You can raise me! (shrink ray gunshot noise) Wow... (exhales) - It worked, huh? What do you think of spiders? What are you saying? Would you crush it now? - Yes. - Okay, well, next question. Jailbrinner asks, "How can I get over my fear of


dressing?" - Well, jailbrinner, you know it would be awesome if you could shrink down and have a one-on-one interaction with a bottle of ranch. But that is obviously impossible. (Link scoffs) - Yeah, that would be ridiculous. - So it's a little more complex than that. - Uh, but actually the fear of the ranch is more common than you think, and a therapy has been developed that is spreading throughout the country, it is called "Ranch Immersion Therapy", and it would be a pleasure for us demonstrate it. now. - (Rhett) Well, the first step of 'Ranch Immersion Therapy' is to immerse yourself in the ranch. - And it just so happens that we have a tub full of ranch right here. - Mm it smells very ranchy - Mmhm. - Oh gah oh phew, that, you really tried there. - Total... - What... - Total ranch. - I don't need to prove it.
I'm about to dive into it. - Yes, that's why I don't mind if they give me ranch in my hand - It's okay. - Alright, here we go. - (Rhett screams) Oh! - (Link screams) It's cold! He puts the other foot in. (Both courting in the cold) - (Link) It's not an ice


, but it's kind of cool. - (Rhett making noise) Ah, ah. - Okay, then I'm going in - oh ho h'ok. - ...and you go outside. - My knees are around yours right now. (Both bark like seals) - (Link) It's cold. - Wait, maybe we should interlock our knees. -Okay, yes, yes. - Like this?
Oh no, I don't know. That doesn't feel good. - (Link) Just sink -(Rhett screams) -.. don't sit on my foot. (both making disgruntled noises) - (Rhett) Euahhh! I can't... Eughh Ahhh euahhh (both sigh) - Woo, it's very cold. Why does it have to be so cold? - Wait, what is that? - My toe. (laughs) (whole team laughs) - Oh, I just wanted to be absolutely sure. Well, as you can see, that was... (Link shouts) -...Step 1 is complete. - No, it's not. - Do we have to go further? - Oo, we gotta get the dive, man. - How are you going to lower your face? - (Link groans) Ohh, it's cold. (crew laughing) - (Rhett) What?
Where will your body go? - You have to take yours out a little. - Yes, yes, let me get up a little. - Why does it have to be so cold? I meant warm ranch. - Okay, I'm going to go up and make a little corner for you. (crew laughing) I'm going back. Now you sink, now you need... What's wrong with your glasses? - Take off my glasses. (Rhett exhales) - Yes, please, thank you. (Link groans and exhales) (crew laughing) - Okay, here goes. (crew laughing) Can you get it? You can do it? - (Rhett) Can you, euahh, that count?
I think that counts man. I think he counts. - I don't want it to get in my eyes. - No, well it can't... - Take it out of the corner of this eye. - Ah, well, there is ranch in my eyes, in my fingers. - You have to try harder than that. - I don't... - Push... push - ...I want to take out your eyeball. - I can not hear anything! - That? Because you... - I have ranch in my ears! I can not hear anything! Okay, I don't know, it's in this eye. - No no. - (Link shouting) Push hard! - It's not! (Rhett shouts back) There is no ranch! - (Link screaming) There's ranch in my eye! (both shouting) - There is no ranch! - There's ranch in my eye! - Push the eye! - I need a paper towel. - Don't speak so loud. - Right there, in... push hard. - What do you mean by push? - Yes, okay.
Oh yeah, okay. (crew laughing) (Link roaring) - Now ho - ho - wait... - Now get down. - Oh yes, I'm about to do it. You're going to have to go somewhere. I am a big man. -Slide your butt over here. (Link laughs) - I think I have to get my legs back... -Wow! Watch your toes! - I think I have to take my legs out. - No... on the other side. (crew laughing and Rhett screaming) - (Link) Okay, okay. Now it's... get the face. Lower your head - Ho-ho, wait, wait, wait! No, don't make me! - (Link laughs) - Let me do this at my own pace!
That's it, that's the only rule of 'Ranch Diving' is that you let me 'dive'! - Come on. Put your... - Here I go. - Put your head down. - Pull me, puh... pull. Yes, that's OK. (Rhett screams and moans) (Link laughs) - Don't open your... - (Rhett screams) I went too far! - Don't open your eyes man! - I went too far! (Link growls) - Don't open your eyes, friend! - (Rhett screaming) I went too far! I went too far, man! I can not hear anything! You were right! - I know! - You were so right! - I can not hear anything. - Push my eyes! (team laughs) - (Link) Whoa, whoa! - Push my eyes! - Here we go.
Stay down, stay down. I just... (both breathing heavily) - Okay, I need a paper towel. I'm so cold. (Rhett shudders) - Oh, yeah. If you clean your ears, - Oh man. - ... you can hear. Yes. - It's very blurry, - Yes - .. a very blurry eye. - This is great. I'm not afraid of the ranch. (laughs) - I see a ranch fog over everything. (Rhett and Link wince) Oh, but I feel great. - But we still have not finished. There is a stage 2 to this. And now that we're on the ranch, we might as well make it as a big salad. (laughs) - Now this is... - Go ahead. - This is optional, ah for those who really want to improve themselves. - Croutons. (plop sound) Oops!
Salad. (growls) Oh, yeah. Check it out. - That's not a crouton. It's a damn piece of bread. But I guess at this scale it makes sense. Oh carrots. - Ah, yes, here we go. - Okay, it's about to overflow. - Look at that man. (crunch) - Hey, make sure you grab a carrot now. (Crew laughs) - Hey, look at that! (crew laughs) - Nice touch. Well... - He's not a sponsor. -He wasn't afraid of the ranch to begin with, but if he was, (Link burps)...he wouldn't be now. - Success? (high five) (background groan) - Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing! - Do you know what time it is! - Hi, I'm Alli and Margo, and we're in the Atlantic, Florida, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythology!
Ha ha! - If you are afraid that the sun will hit your face and cause skin cancer, fear not! We have a mythical hat! - Or you could just use this. We also sell them at! - Do we sell paper towels now? - No, we don't. - We should, we should start. - That looks better than a paper towel. Click on Good Mythical More, where we will play the Chubby Bunny Mochi Challenge. - We're selling someone's fake thumb! - Hello everyone, thank you for coming here. Responding to our ad. Here it is, right here. - Look how real it looks. - It's a thumb.
Although it's not real. - But look what I can do with it. - Oh my God. As you can see it is false. - Can you do that with a real thumb? - Levitates on one hand. -And then look at this...-And he doesn't have a thumb. - Look at this (gasp). - Oh! No, it wasn't like that! - Four. Five! 55! - Double thumb! - 75! - Double thumb! I just uploaded! -$1000! - (Rhett) I'm not covering this, but Link if you don't win this. I'm just saying that if you don't win this, I feel like you should be ashamed of yourself.
Look at the size of the mouth.

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