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Supreme Court REJECTS MyPillow Mike, Trump Weathers Tell All Storm & Herschel’s Concussion Defense

Mar 25, 2024
I'm Jimmy, I'm the host, thanks for watching, thanks for standing and everything. I don't know if we have baseball fans here. I know there aren't many of us left, but this is a particularly exciting time of year. for Major League Baseball history was made last night Aaron Judge of the Yankees hit his 62nd home run of the season Breaking the American League record set more than 60 years ago by another Yankee Roger Maris now hit the ball 391 feet against the Rangers in Texas one fan actually ended up in the Rangers bullpen, but the other caught the ball.
supreme court rejects mypillow mike trump weathers tell all storm herschel s concussion defense
It's estimated to be worth around $2 million, which I know I'll give you one of mine for half that. Thanks, but the guy who caught the ball. The name is Corey Yeomans. Turns out he's married to one of the contestants on The Bachelor, a girl named Bree, who I'll


you if this isn't proof that the Bachelor knows something. I don't know if he will ever believe in anything. He's just an amazing catch, he thinks fast, I'm your friend, how weird is that, come on, I mean she has a very specific type. I guess you found the right guy, usually The Bachelor contestants are trying not to catch something, so in the meantime.
supreme court rejects mypillow mike trump weathers tell all storm herschel s concussion defense

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supreme court rejects mypillow mike trump weathers tell all storm herschel s concussion defense...

After being in first place almost the entire season, the New York Mets did what we all knew they were going to do: they fell to second place just in time for the playoffs and last night this is what was happening with them in terms of home runs . the door and throws one to deep right field and comes back. Thomas goes to take a look, but that's a long way from here on the second floor against two New York nothings if that doesn't sum up the differences between the Yankees and the Mets from a historical perspective I don't know what it means for the Yankees to break records we get a meaningless swipe from Homer to Air Bud Milo our former president Don is fattening up the wedding uh This


from a new book that came out yesterday is called confidence man, it was written by Maggie Haberman of the New York Times there are so many things we didn't have last night time to address not even half of it, so consider this episode 2, the attack of bone spurs, this book covers everything that his son, his campaign, his presidency. his personal life some are all the same this book says that after the 2016 election Melania renegotiated their prenup because you know those two crazy lovebirds are very romantic and it's really sweet years ago before he proposed to his second wife . life Marla Maples broke up and she started dating Michael Bolton the singer so of course Trump had to get her back and once he did he took her to a Michael Bolton concert just to rub Michael but really showed Michael Bolton buying two. tickets to see him in concert he was just going to see Michael Bolton to assert his dominance in the relationship, that has to be the whitest thing I've ever heard someone do well to Trump when he was running, they asked him what worried him most about run for president. he said women because you know one of those women was Karen McDougall after the story broke about his alleged affair with her.
supreme court rejects mypillow mike trump weathers tell all storm herschel s concussion defense
He took to criticizing her looks and told people she looked better in 2006. Her main concern wasn't that he was cheating on his wife with a Playboy Playmate, it was making sure everyone knew she was super hot when he did it and he didn't, as you know this guy, this book details how erratic he was in the workplace at the White House, after election day he started asking his aides out of the blue if they wanted pardons , as if he brought cupcakes to the office, so he passed them to her. He had an advisor named Jason Miller.
supreme court rejects mypillow mike trump weathers tell all storm herschel s concussion defense
He kept mentioning the fact that Miller and his wife were Jewish. Even though they are not Jewish in the first case of what they call fake Jews in the White House, racial and religious sensitivities were not the strong point of this administration after the murder of George Floyd's child. Genius Jared Kushner suggested that Kanye West lead a church service on the South Lawn of the White House. Trump wisely rejected that plan in favor of an even worse idea: tear gas protesters so he could cross the street and pose with the Bible. reverse. He had no idea anything once he heard his name being mentioned. in a rap song he said look at blacks like me and by blacks he mainly meant these three uh these uh two rappers and a sleepwalker but thanks I don't know how many books there are about Trump now I think he has a whole floor at Barnes and Noble, but today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dressed him in his hurricane boots the other day, yeah, I guess he put on too much weight for the rest of his Stormtrooper costume and you can't pass, don't say gay.
Bill then appears dressed in public as Nancy Sinatra anyway Ron received a visit from President Biden to tour the destruction left by Hurricane Ian, they promised not to play politics and the president even agreed to the dress code that the last one had time. Joe Biden saw a


so big that he had to help Noah pick up all the pets and get him on the boat, so you know, yesterday Trump weighed in on the latest unfolding scandal about Herschel Walker. He posted that Herschel Walkers was being slandered and defamed by the fake news media. obviously Democrats, funnily enough, I've heard a lot of horrible things about his opponent, things that no one should talk about, so we don't.
Herschel has adequately denied the charges against him. I have no doubt he's right, blah blah blah blah, so The Daily Beast in case I didn't hear the story of a woman who has a check, a recovery card, and a receipt for an abortion. He says Herschel Walker paid for losing a seat in Georgia, which could cost Republicans control of the Senate. Now they are all family strongholds. values ​​are coming to Herschel's


I think he is a remarkable person I think he is the most important Senate candidate in the country because he will do more to change the Senate just by sharing Presence for his trust for his deep commitment to Christ for the degree to which that he is, you know, he's been through a long and difficult period, he had a lot of


s because of football, that's the first time I've heard that our candidate has brain damage on


, it causes abortions, you don't know what what do they do when Newt Gingrich is on your side, you suck and then we have my pillow boy, Mike Lindell, who is in serious financial trouble, is being sued by Dominion voting machines for $1.3 billion and it doesn't look good , so he asked the Supreme Court to throw it out.
Cory's lawsuit he was very sure that they would be on his side on this the Supreme Court will finally see and they will accept this I will


you right now it is six to seven weeks they will accept this it is going to be a 9-0 vote, you heard it here first and I tell you that it will be a 9-0 vote, wow, it is going to be 9-0, they are going to eliminate the selection and it will be 9-0 because it is non-subjective evidence that Donald Trump won, we have to vote 9-0 immediately to delete this.
Is there any way it won't be a 9-0 vote? Saying this is one hundred percent true, well, it's going to be 9. -0 everyone is going to be absolutely nine zero and they're going to go 9-0 that this country was attacked, the election is going to come out Donald Trump will be in office this way, yeah , well, sure, turns out he was right. On part Zero, not Nine, the Supreme Court said sorry, you're on your own and now Mike has to go to


to prove that he didn't do any harm because everyone knew he was crazy when he basically has to plead.
Crazy thing, which, by the way, seems doable, but I'm sure Mike is exhausted by all of this. I wanted to check on how he's doing and, well, I don't know where he is, what he is, Mike, where are you? In turn, they feed the land of the Komodo dragons, anyway, they have goats to feed it. Mike, can you hear me, oh my God? Crepes, a Chevrolet fell apart. We're back to kicking a guy when he's down. No, no, I'm not, not at all. Worried about you, where are you? I'm not the old roadside reptile zoo off Highway 71 near Bemidji Bemidji, what is that?
In Minnesota, of course, it's in great Minnesota. Every time I feel depressed, I come here to Snakeo. I land and relax giving my filthy old Chuck a handful of Pinks, okay, oh what, who is Chuck and what are they, what's a handful of Pinks. Roses are representatives of the reptile zoo, prey for little mice. I have a whole Ziploc bag full of six dollars. and Chuck, well, let me tell you, it's a hungry Burmese python, are you ready for dinner, Chucky, uh, are you ready for dinner, okay, there it is, it's a beauty, uh, yeah, it sure is.
Don't know. I've known Chuck for years. we met sleeping in the same sewer pipe oh that's great, it's nice to meet you Chuck but I'm not a pedophile, I'm sure that's what that lady R Kelly said. Hey, generation, look closely, Chuck, go back to sleep now and what do you want, Jimmy? You're cutting my snake time short and I just wanted to ask you about the Supreme Court's decision to refuse to dismiss this $1.3 billion lawsuit again. They say I have deliberately spread factories I don't even believe in, but let me tell you. That's crazy, well, but is it so?
Well, friendly Jesus is if I didn't believe my own theories would be right. Pete held up a Hanukkah party at gunpoint in 1988 because I claimed all those chocolate coins were real doubloons. foreigner let me think about that for a minute no no just jump the answer is no when I divorced my wife that caught her spending a long guard with a blonde man for years who turned out to be our golden retriever. Cortes, probably not, no, you. I know you've spent a decade developing a tolerance to ipicac syrup, so if the defense ever tried to get hold of my phone, I could swallow it and they'd never get me out of it without going through my toilet plums.
I don't know, I guess not. so Mike, I think what you're saying is, oh my gosh, are you saying that you don't think you'll have any trouble proving to the Supreme Court that you're crazy? No, let me finish eating his life away, baby, myself. okay, I'll tell you why I'm crazy, okay, I bought crack from a guy named Gustavo who gave me a discount if I let him make love in the crook of my elbow. Those are the two guys I forgive my French for, but I'll be a good devil for Doodles. If you think I'm going to sit here and let the Supreme Court tell me I'm not Looney Tunes Mike is a dog Why is there a dog in the snake tank?
Because it's Chuck's birthday. I bought it. a little Terrier, oh my god, why are you going to feed that? Why would you feed a terrier to a snake? Because if Alder violated the Terriers they got to the Swedish meat. Oh, I didn't know that well. I don't think anyone wants to see this. I'll say goodbye right now, whatever you do, don't tell John Wickham before you leave, if you were in English Bible stories, ripped up the blankets, go to my website and use the promo code. Offer, thank you, thank you very much.

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