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Jun 01, 2021
nothing at first to show her smoking a complete emptiness. This game just came out. Someone already made a handsome Squidward. I mean, come on, he's cuter than the real thing. Whoa, where, where am I, not a cow Astra. an alien chasing me don't let the flavor get away so once someone at media molecule said i have a dream and then someone said they said oh ok and then they made a game about it and yeah ok i'll give them credit. You know, I had a dream like this once, okay, look at that flexibility, look at those ballerina tricks here. death oh he's just breathing fire underwater you know they're supposed to be based on people's


so we've got a disturbed individual out there I'm coming quick with me we have to save you um oh yeah I do i'll ramp up oh no this is a sequel nightmares help help i got this crazy wild animal chasing me i did nothing wrong i just enslaved his kind let's see here blow bubbles and oh we have advanced bubbles check this out yeah take that environment these are bubbles not friendly with the environment yes we killing the environment with these things oh a bubble just pushed me off the cliff death by a bubble and whats wrong with my dehydrated face get water what is this ring shaped adventurer telling us that let's drink water?
strangest spongebob squarepants games on dreams ps4
I am no longer a sponge. I am a cloth I don't need it I need it Oh Patrick, what is he doing here? I'm dirty, Dan, oh no, you're not. dirty Dan you dirty dead ghetto hide from me your dirty Dan is gritty while she looks good once she likes the sponge you gotta scrape it off the hibernations made her slow you know she ain't burnt that fat yet can someone play please Benny Hill, ok, let's see what's at SpongeBob's house, oh, blowing a bubble, trying to leave, I stop, oh, shoot, he took me back here.
strangest spongebob squarepants games on dreams ps4

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strangest spongebob squarepants games on dreams ps4...

I'm not, I'm not going to deal with this again. Hill son Squidward's house wow Squidward nice remodel where's all your furniture oh that's just cruel that's mean don't worry skateboard everything I'm doing you a favor there It's, it's out of the trash, here you go, I'm doing you a favor, okay? kleavon I'm tormented um even closing your door keeping the bugs out and oh I see Patrick has a thief you know scooter he's missing his furniture huh where did they go? oh, he's seen a few things, he's seen a few things Has he just walked into the TV


strangest spongebob squarepants games on dreams ps4
He's definitely seen some things. I am doing two jobs at the same time. Squidward is not here. I ran into the cash register. I'm making Krabby Patties. in a krabby burger when he arrives at his work station oh why see if we can break the game like this? It's definitely getting choppy. I love those 20 FPS. here this looks funny I messed up the new paddy wagon it just flew away as soon as it started right don't worry we still got wheels we got this car right here it's better than the paddy wagon it just has a problem with the tires you know tires a bit squeaky and it moves on its own and we can't drive that I don't know why it's ok this is a tree and it's underwater what's the problem with this guy Bob this is a test dialogue for an upcoming feature go ahead and jump on top of it that rock by the way what happened jump on the rocks got it you promised me a spatula right you promised me you promised me it's but they better be gold oh yeah that's a gold spatula i still don't work buddy you promised me a spatula whoa nobody's riding that boat It's empty, oh yes, we have a boat.
strangest spongebob squarepants games on dreams ps4
I'm not even on the right side. I'm not even holding the wheel. I know who must die first. He wasn't touching this steering wheel, he's possessed, okay, no, no, look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this, he found this ramp, oh yeah, okay, jump out of the car, yeah come on, that felt pretty good. he's the king he's the king jellyfish yeah i totally get it i mean i mean what's wrong with that? Okay, I saw a giant treasure chest in there, so I think that's what I want. I don't think it will lead to anything else we're going to see maybe I'll get a giant squid or a jellyfish oh nothing this is what I dreamed for ok I'm not going to approve of that sorry I can't no there's Jimmy Neutron once, sadly, and that's what happened. when i tried yeah now they were bro so there is a limit on this game there is only so much you can take per day and i have tried everything.
I guess that's it. end up in the graveyard because some have a really hard time processing some of this stuff i mean you saw what i just saw i mean i saved you the worst this is a dream it just came out i'll check it later if you know it has some better stuff in it so far this stuff from you know there are some good ones this one is pretty good actually but it's not complete and that's the problem with a lot of these they're just not complete yet so anyway please.

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