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Steyr AUG A3 to 500yds: Practical Accuracy (w/ Primary Arms ACSS 1-6x Raptor)

May 10, 2020
Oh okay, three running



ecstasy four five five six with acs rental, so it should be easier than running an ACOG, in fact, the most important thing that is useful for us today is that, a Unlike the ACOG, the


has small points on the side for wind drift and today we are going to need that, it is on the left side yes, it was a bad trip, it was a bad Gus, did you see that? Yes, viewers will be able to see it. Oh, I see it coming in you. See Gus come in, yeah, here comes 300.
steyr aug a3 to 500yds practical accuracy w primary arms acss 1 6x raptor
I'm going to do a little standoff to keep him more to the right, yeah, yeah, I gotta aim, you know, he's got the Chevron, he's basically at the base of that Chevron. I have to aim for the left tail of the Chevron, it tastes a hit, okay? Is the camera flying all over the place right now? Yeah, if you imagine drawing a line from the edge of the Chevron to the press with a drift point, I use that as a dissection and use that as a crosshair, okay, let's do 400, yeah, I think that was off the right edge. , yeah, you took the second shot really quickly, I mean, it was an accurate shot, but it was just uh, yeah, I think about it again, I mean, did you do it?
steyr aug a3 to 500yds practical accuracy w primary arms acss 1 6x raptor

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steyr aug a3 to 500yds practical accuracy w primary arms acss 1 6x raptor...

I feel like the wind completely died down in that second, yeah, the original, the power is a 77, they have the donut reticle which is really limited, yeah, so this is actually putting more back into the rifle, I mean give it back a little more ease of use. to the rifle, yes, increasing some capacity, yes, so what are we looking at? Yeah, that's clear, 500 finisher, just little, good breath, yeah, five o'clock, just scraped underneath, thick guy, clean for this weather condition, 55 green, it's that's a 16 or 18. that's a turn of 16 16 109 55 grain wind gusts ranging from 10 to 20 miles per hour, we've been here for hours enjoying this type of non-Texas weather.
steyr aug a3 to 500yds practical accuracy w primary arms acss 1 6x raptor
I'm impressed, I mean, it was a really, really good race, yeah, ballistically. I still want to say ballistically, you still can't compete with 77 and you still can't compete with 5 4 or 5 in my opinion, yes, but I think the rifle seems to compare it to the Tavor, it's a great sight, it's a great comparison. Now what's going to happen? People will tell us we shot the Devore with a red dot. Okay, that's true and partly true, but when I zeroed the Tabora it was all over the place too, yeah, whereas when I zeroed this, It was like you saw, it didn't take me long to get to zero, yeah, and it did it myself, yeah, well, I mean, I zeroed the Tavor too, but my point is on paper at 100, that particular serve or that we shot wasn't as accurate as aughh, which is actually a bit crazy because this thing, despite its appearances, has been around since the '70s, yeah, I mean, I'm a little, I mean, I'm a little in love with it, you know, it's a given. -Hard rifle too so that as Christmas approaches, people can consider enjoying a nice Christmas movie with one of the most innovative fire


to ever hit the market and by the way, the trigger is not As bad as people say, I mean. absolutely great point true, I always talk about how horrible the bullpup trigger is, especially yes, it's not that bad, I mean, it's a Miller, it's a standard military trigger in my opinion, I think Augean Ridge '''l aughh it's kind of limited by the original scope that comes with it because it's just that dot, so what is it, when was that, like 1.8 Swarovski dot and donut, yeah, kind of scope and I mean the quality of the glass is pretty good, yes, but it's pretty limited, it's a really small tube, the reticle doesn't really provide much on debris and stuff, so we talk quite often and hear how adding a scope doesn't necessarily make the rifle be more precise.
steyr aug a3 to 500yds practical accuracy w primary arms acss 1 6x raptor
Adding a scope doesn't make a rifle accurate, however, adding a scope with traceable capabilities or for combat, so for a quick DMR type of engagement in victories or something, a good reticle with reference points that you can use without being too complicated is a big plus, but it's not just about using a The scope isn't just about slapping it on and just kind of a Kentucky wind, it's also experimenting with it in conditions like this. One thing I want to say, obviously, is going to come up every time you talk about your rifle having control in the real world. to be your magazine change, right, I mean, that man changed.
I think you were trying to get used to it the first time you got on, we didn't really, I mean we didn't show it until now because that's what it was. You won't end up burning an entire bag, but that's something. I think if you're using a nog you need a little extra training if you're coming from the kinase, very similar to the first time in our shooter. pick up an 8k, yes a lot of people say it doesn't balance well. I do not agree with that. I think a lot of the bumps in the rear end give it a very light front end, yes, almost exactly the opposite of the Mr Five. five six yes sir five five six is ​​a heavy front end with a piston system with a heavy barrel that was difficult to manipulate the barrel, on the other hand it is much easier to aim, you can use it with one hand and you can still shoot while you get it back. off-hand stuff, there's a lot of things in Bullpups that are really interesting in ops that I think a lot of people miss without it being said that there's been a lot more development towards conventional rifles today, yeah, but me and your point. waiting, that is.
It's actually something I focus on with my guns and I'm shooting from a speed perspective because I use one hand so often to help run and explode while moving more often. Having the weight on the stock is beneficial because it is above my shooting hand. Which hand controls the weapon? Where is? The weight is further in the front and then it makes it sink and I have to write it down. I don't even know how many of us shot through it. It was not so. It wasn't that many, it must have been around 20, I think so, early 20's and we cleared the field with 55 undergrads in this windy condition, yeah, so I'm very happy, big thanks to Travis for loading the rifle for us , but overall.
I mean you know I want a nog you know I personally want a nog to start this now I must have one oh good run do you like arguing with other viewers on the internet about which rifle performs best in



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