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Feb 27, 2020
What's up guys, we're doing another post unpacking today. I haven't done one of these in a long time, and I let the mail accumulate in my mailbox, as you can see this is going to be the biggest unpacking of mail. that I have ever done. This is just the first layer. There's a bunch of other boxes behind it, so it's pretty crazy that the people at the post office hate me, but yeah. Let's jump right in and start opening up some of these. Hi, it's Angel I hope you like the first book I


you, you were probably hooked like I was as soon as I read the first three pages, I was hooked and finished it.
someone sent me an iphone
I have always seen your dogs. They're so adorable so I'm sending you pictures of mine. Oh my gosh. I love seeing pictures of you dogs. So yeah, you guys have dogs, you always tweet pictures to me. I love to see them. Other photos of his puppy. He


me polaroids. photos of them Thank you angel. What is this? Woah it's a wolf pillowcase and it's so soft I don't know whose it is but thanks Oh Bam boozle this is the challenge with the yucky jelly beans this is the naughty or nice addition And they added new flavors milk in messed up and dead fish Hi Lia I'm Brandon who sent you if you remember me I wanted to send you a Christmas present so I thought I'd send you these jelly beans I would love to see you try some and have a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas.
someone sent me an iphone

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someone sent me an iphone...

Year Thank you so much Brandon, I remember you and yes I will definitely be using this for the video! What is this, a bear? What is this? Is this a Pomeranian? Oh my God. This is so fucking cute. I'm lovin 'it. Oh, this is from Joshua. Thank you very much. Your message was so sweet and I love it, this made me so happy! A super soft blanket It's a wolf blanket, with howling wolves I only take the softest of the soft and I like soft things and this one is very soft This is so heavy! Says he's from Slovenia.
someone sent me an iphone
It's so heavy you have to send me. There's like a silver box here, and it says PSI. She has a man, a naked man. Please do not remove or damage the protective plastic sheet. This book contains a serial number and a personal access code Intended for the purchaser only. What is this damn fancy book? Is there something hidden in this? I have no idea what this book is about, but it is very elegant. There is a letter. This book comes with a thousand year warranty. It is made from the second most expensive paper on the planet.
someone sent me an iphone
The barcode is not sensitive to light or air, and you need to read it with the manuals as well. It is the first book that can cure the unfortunate crush, the first book to eliminate dyslexia completely, and the first book that will bring true love back to humanity. Ok, maybe these claims are a bit too ambitious. Yes, so this book is supposed to cure everything and fix the world of its evil. I don't know, but I'm willing to read it. I'm going to read it It's very heavy, but... So thanks Tad from Slovenia Hi Sssniperwolf I didn't know your size so I guessed.
Try it on and see if it fits you love Donald. Oh Donald! I remember you! He always sends me weird stuff, the weirdest stuff. Oh my God! He guessed my size and sent me a 6 Xl That's like Sausage times six so probably the largest possible size. Well, you've got it right! It is perfect! I'm lovin 'it. Thanks. Next up we have this beautiful package from Kyle Ohhh my gosh dude! They sent me the damn Gladio play arts toy! What?! I opened this, I have to see this! Oh boy. Oh boy Someone sent me to Gladio What is this?
It's a nice little tan box. Oh, she's got a pearl bracelet, what? This is such a pretty look! I'm going to wear it! How nice! It's a pomeranian keychain! I love fat little monkeys! I call my dogs monkeys. Hi Lia, I joined the wolf pack on August 26th and tweeted you the next day without waiting for a reply. I just wanted you to read it and when I saw you I replied I knew what kind of person you are. You are a wonderful and loving person who truly cares about your fans. You still make me smile and laugh every day, and I can't imagine. life without you Oh this is so sweet and I'll read the rest!
Thank you so much Kyle this made me so happy you are the best. Next, wow, it's a poster. I think, oh boy, is it a Reeper poster! Yuck! It has no name. But many thanks to whoever sent this to me. You will see it hanging in my room. Wow, that's a nerf blaster! Tracer gun take off the note to use it well. Oh ooh, this is going to be so much fun! Oh, I like this. Thank you very much. It was so wonderful of you. Someone sent me goku, it's goku! I used to have all the characters, wait no, I used to have Vegetta, Bulma and Trunks.
It's just the pretty ones that I like, I had Android 18 too, but I didn't have goku because I really like goku, I like Vegeta. This is from Matt. Thank you very much. I know who you are! Are you on Twitter. You're always tweeting me, so thank you! The next. I like these easy open packages and they make my life so much easier. Look how they open. I love this. Someone sent me a beefy knife. Is this like a box cutter type thing? Oh retractable blade, what a luxury! Tell him to use this to open boxes. It's so much easier and safer than the giant knives it makes you hold.
Thanks mate! Ooh A knife that I can actually use to see how it retracts in and out Ooh! See that clean cut? I think these shoes. It's not something I would wear, but it's so weird because I haven't worn heels in a year. I like to never wear heels, they are so uncomfortable. Actually, these look very elegant. Wait, look at these damn fancy shoes. Yes, that's fine. I like these and they fit me well. Thanks for the shoes. This says open on camera Oh there's candy! Nope! It's Kit Kat! I can't eat KitKat I wish I could but I can't eat KitKat I'm allergic.
Hi Lia after I've been watching you since 2014 I love your videos. You make me laugh and smile. Love, Timmy P.S. Hope you like KitKat Timmy I'm allergic to KitKat Harris sent me this Ooh! This is fucking cute. You are fucking cute. You're a nice little wolf, nice little wolf. Hello Lia, my name is Paris. I love your videos. I started watching your videos a couple of days ago which was December 27, 2016. Geez you just joined the wolf pack so welcome to the wolf pack! Thank you so much Paris I love my little wolf This is from sherry Sherry I don't think I'm sure I'm sorry I don't know how to say names.


sent me another one. I have one of these. Someone sent me one in the last unboxing! "A house is not a home without a Pom" I have one for the upstairs And I'm going to put this like in the front of my house or something so people know I own a Pom. No letter? I don't know. Thanks. This is from Matt again. I noticed you don't have any DBZ stuff in your office, or at least I didn't see it. I know Vegeta is your favourite. But I also had to bring you Goku because he's my favorite and there's no Vegeta without a cockatoo.
That's amazing! Thank you very much! The next. Oh, do you see how it opened? What?! I love this knife Oh Ohhhh oh What is this lump? This little dog bundle is a stuffed animal in the shape of a Pomeranian! Ahhh it's like my dog ​​but fake! I love this chocolate Oh Boy you're trying to make me fat. Thank you very much, Robert, your letter was very sweet. Honestly, yes, be happy. That's the best you could do. That's what I'm doing this year, I just want to be happy and there's no point in staying sad anymore, so yeah, I hope you have a good year this year, and you'll have a good year this year because I said yes! you better believe you will!
Wow, Amazon and you dammit, you sent me this big box. Do you see how big this box is? And it's just this! "Pomeranian Watchdog" Ooh! I'm going to hang this in my house or something, and then it'll encourage burglars because they'll say, oh, they only have a Pomeranian. How bad can they be? But this is really amazing. Thank you! Oh my gosh, the present. Ooh these are cute Look at this Lia bracelet I hope this brings you some much needed luck for the coming year. It was half price so I bought an extra one in case you want to give it to your mom or sister !
You may be in the Overwatch Top 500, but you're number one to me. That's so sweet! I'm sure my mom would like this, it's really beautiful! Thank you very much. I love this bracelet! This box cutter is the best box cutter I've ever had like this This is the box cutter of all box cutters like this one really works and makes me want to use it instead of scissors. Wow! More gifts! ok hi im superstar sorry about the statue Yo, wait, what are you tweeting me because I really don't know who you are? let me know What's up, because I don't know what statue you're talking about, I saw milk chocolate.
Dude, this is an iPhone made of chocolate. What is like a candy bar What is the


doing this is crazy? This is like an extended subscribe thing and a subscribe button or the awesome pillow talk to you pillow. I love this. I don't know where to put it. I put it somewhere. So now you can click here now. You can click on it, yes, click on it. Thank you very much. The super sizes are super cute and cute envelopes from Marissa. And I'm going to open it up, and they're pictures from the side. a picture?
There's a lot of cute little no thank you wears This is Michelle's sweet glasses hers here and hers. This is my gum in high school. Oh, that's a bracelet. ak wolf sniper what? You all need to be aware of this right now, you guys sent me the cutest things. That's cute This is this my probation just said wait laffy taffy cause of my something I'm going to have something right now guys trying to give me diabetes Honey I say your fan mail in your video, and you opened it, and it was a very bad reaper drawing all my friends.
I was in a famous person's video, but you never said my name, believe me. This is from Brandy and Brandy exists, so I love Brandi. I don't love you guys who don't believe her so yeah she's in the video. shut up - Brandy I'm sure they're your friends now. Ha ha. Oh sorry folks I hope you like luchadores just a little taste of my home country of Mexico. Thank you very much, Manuel. I know you're an instagram Jonah. Oh boy. It's a reaper case, check this out. This is great. What is this? Oh great it's 3/4 ha ha oh and Lucas oh it's very smooth.
Someone custom made it for me. I like this. Thanks. This one is long. I like it long. I also like it short. I'm not It doesn't matter what's on the outside It matters on the inside oh Wow look at me Look at these amazing. I can't show this wi-fi to focus ha ha See I can show you but I'm going to censor it oh why? These are for Pikachu on Twitter, okay? , this is a lost Xru is just oh, I forget lover so cute the letter from him there is no letter, but these are so. thank you very much the last block we reached the last let's not hurt each other and this will be like the only video in which I didn't get hurt oh my god I didn't get hurt all this video comes before opening the presents on camera All this letter is horrible, my God , stop being so hard on yourself anyway, I know everyone tells you this but you are one of the best youtubers out there.
My name is yes. I know it's a strange name, just say ray, that's fine. It is always better to have a strange name, an unusual name and a common name. It's great. Because it's like unique. you are wondering I also have a gamer girl. I get up every morning. The first thing that comes to mind is that you post a nice new video. I live in Australia, so when you post a new video like 5am. m. Oh, gosh, that's too early. That is incredible. Although your best sister's friend, all of this is so sweet. Tell your sister, Sister Irineu, that you are my new sister.
Oh I love this so much. I have so many pillows now. You guys have me forgetting authority. I have to find places for these love pillows. Oh you know you know my favorite chocolate by now, well dark chocolate would be smooth. Chocolate coated marshmallows and jam puffs maybe please, I hope to stick with these. You can not? Oh, there is such a presence here. I would open all of that. Oh it's a little bump so you can take out my bag it's so cute. Oh how beautiful Thank you very much ray. This was very sweet of you.
I love you very much. Hello, I think that's all. Thank you guys for everything you sent me. I really enjoyed opening it all up by reading your posts. They are sweet and I love them very much. Thank you for being a part of the wolf pack, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you all so much, and I love you so much, but yeah, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this video if so. Sounds like a special schedule I love you guys so much. thanks for watching bye guys

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