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SOCKIE FINALLY MEETS HER HERO *Dreams Do Come True* (Emotional) Norris Nuts

Feb 17, 2020
in the last video i missed the chance to go with snooki when he met gordon ramsay its a license i always wanted to see so he will make a joke it will be like the best time of my life to watch something. maybe for happiness's sake, i just can't believe this vlog. I'm going to meet my


like you're going to look at the last three vlogs we've done so this all makes sense but basically we won the competition and now I'm going to do my


go ahead and Randy you have to do Gordon Ramsay and the The problem was that I was only allowed to take a knows something with me and I had to break with other nuances, huh?
sockie finally meets her hero dreams do come true emotional norris nuts
Gordon Ramsay's going to make it big and I feel real bad 'cause it's luck I've got something to tell you all the crazy people from Norwich are coming with me to meet Gordon Ramsay yeah so listen to all that goes on with the early nights but here There is a lot of work going on in my business pool. I'm in a major renovation and I'm extremely stressed so all ng that's been going on this weekend I don't know how we're going to make it


I won't get anything right you promise yes I like everyone's reaction it's going to be a great job here at the swim school but i'm just trying to fix it so we can go to milk crazy


can you remember back in the last wait in the last swamp but i told you the people who won't


with saki to meet gordon ramsey are still going to do something nice It's fun yeah well it's a trail of clues and I'll tell you what John did first time it was a place where he opened his car his presence is in death I know it wasn't it wasn't him. would be my bed Oh be nice where is he?
sockie finally meets her hero dreams do come true emotional norris nuts

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sockie finally meets her hero dreams do come true emotional norris nuts...

There's a hint, okay, it says that you use this mode of transport in many of the outdoor challenges. It's not because I ever enlisted before going to the party. on instagram you got ready in the closet it pours on the boy anyway we're over that boy we got n on that boy I don't know daddy tried y'all can have a record ramsey yeah they changed the rule for that everyone could do it, yes, everyone can go, everyone, all of that, Paul, what a lot of hard work almost made this one work. again all the ladies ignore anything this hot because we're going away for two days and if we're not sure we can't screw them up yeah no sake allowed to go uk open the place we go. come to me great


it's 12 o'clock and it's freezing cold and the kid has no warm clothes so let's figure something out yo damn Boyd is he in a bad mood because I only got one chance to meet Ramsay and how write a list of all the questions i'm going to ask him, yeah i had to be really well stuck watching the i was him, g├╝len ever been scared tonight with the dollar some guys on tv hey handsome boy what's your best childhood memory that's a good one, sophie catches this easter egg completely, she can eat it, you can't finish it, will you? to find out what you're having for lunch, yes they said through the menu, yes are you ready, yes this is Gordon's bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.
sockie finally meets her hero dreams do come true emotional norris nuts
In fact, there will be a red carpet for you guys and you have to spend ten minutes right now to go to your room and choose your outfits, okay, you have a package, we're leaving very soon, okay, no, saki, you're doing Gordon Ramsay here but like you're 18 i can't go fancy than this i won't really look fancy but if they serve all our food they already finished the dress to be too tight now she will find you in this book you can find you good. You're being Gordon Ramsay. You have to make a very good impression.
sockie finally meets her hero dreams do come true emotional norris nuts
If we just see this girl walking around and getting dressed again. That's not going to be impressed. Alright. Damn suit, it's fine just because you come now. Doesn't mean you can command me about my outfit, yeah, wild. I'll find you alright. I'm wrong. I can get ladies. I will save this dress for a very special occasion. It looks like everyone. What is it? Any outfit that matches the movie cookbook. Because I have to bring that. Stop saying it's so pretty. I'm gonna play a quick game light and go find the carrot throw some yellow oh I'm definitely going to wear these high heels you said brunette these romantic dudes doing something warm it's so cold in there she ain't breathing We're making it.
I feel like you need some fashion advice, okay? What is the fashion advice that does not mean choosing my outfit? Maybe they will buy you. You need to wear something formal. It doesn't have to be a dress because he doesn't like kissing though you gotta shoot a bit I'm thinking this crazy dee is why not no In that one do you think this will go well with this? I say I know exactly what you should use again. He goes to land safely. Yeah, the big reveal who's first. that's great i like it ok i know it's the red carpet you show you wear can you imagine the look on Sophie's face when she


Gwen Ramsay? to take the growth hormones with us to melbourne you can't you can't i can't table anymore get disco he wants to go already conjugate changed bunny can't take it free this is the only legends bunny on the plane bunny mixes and ramsay the sense So I won't let them take what I've had to instead we'll have so much fun with oh cool stock baggies on the plane tomorrow I'm so excited to wear my Gucci shoes except for love of life Norris he's not reading a gunner indy cookie just pret end with your boyfriend being in this room he's not my boyfriend i think i need to be able to sleep yes we're going to mao but it's


today that's what we would do in newcastle and we have to fire to all the whites in Melbourne you're coming to Melbourne there's my scotch and I bought this to try and cover them up, will it work?
I'm checking it better. I'll give you an update on how skin cancers are going to show up. i'm passing this occasion come to the lunch corners oh protest friends the first time a plane will be today let's get into the game daddy you yell i say but you know a game daddy is out swimming school has the pool broken so finish my jobs it's Paul now you got some come on I bought off the internet and hmm not sure I think you like the paint hey Dan you ain't CJ where's the saw? I wanted to think that I am a normal person that I am going to speak for I feel that I am not going I am going to write a letter to go and Ramsay, it has to be one of the best letters.
I'm never nervous. I just wrote to continue and read, but I already feel the pressure that I have to do. I sure felt every word was right. I don't look like an Englishman, so until now. I used to think that the only way I could meet you if I had cancer and that was the following. Maybe I should write that's what it takes. number two o'brien boy ramsay enlightened anyone you get a chance to read this letter and get moving yeah i have to take a pic cause my pics suck it's really good just a couple misspellings this one goes in this fact In fact, I have never seen my reaction when I found out that I was going to meet gourmets, so thank you, very happy, where are we doing a dream house? me winning look how big our families are, even historical, how are my daughters living abroad?
There's nothing like imagining the brain, it's all over, no, you look a little sketchy, yeah. Dad left this phantom help behind. Dad is about to lose it. one to get you popsicles for the plane takatak Know you go for a lollipop and normally or like a moocher the biggest pack I can find cookies if I can get over these or hi Candis be honest I'm going to get some wipes and there's no one downstairs but what hurry up i think we're coming up with something you guys want ok ok team this paper looks like reggae and says boarding sing is exciting in the holidays at this time which is best left legends.
I'm wearing a donut Nick those plans and even going up still and while you eat off the plane I can break my foot on your specimen dad when your mom says you take care of all the kids but you ain't my dad let you think mom is trying to get your legend the king momma is drunk why does it smell like laughter drive I joined to become someone I do I bet it was I swear it wasn't me I just found a good page What should I get and stop? You are a good brother and you know they like cookies, right?
I'm biggie big E is having more fun with that than the iPad. Never explain why business class bought me everything. They didn't eat anything. I have to admit that I really hope that dream doesn't come


. de swear traveling alone a fly hmm you know what i love about the scary smelling blister? it's like a person like me they're called hair mocks for the number one web group beating jake paul and dolan we don't say that tick tock it's a hard life this ain't my momma i'm gonna try and throw two tick up dance no shame this guy is driving the car and we are having a heat army discussion because daddy is in crisis in another country he is trying to remain a cookie through the window death league gave him no gun to drive alone he will associate with foreigners ten hours later you have the COS he needs me so the other does not respond to park the car in front here at the hotel I will be staying look how elegant he is please do not enter anyone else's room all the suitcases are ready and allowed to go up to our hotel room there welcome to mine and Chancery C so these go this rust IEDs key Oh the legends Oh jobs my kids at home doing all this errand Tom has Same birthmark as that Gilda.
Whose opinion is that the frying pan is great. You know the beauty of tracking down an arson attack. Stan. You can always warm them up. That's good news ladies, it's time for Deena, the most important public service. news we're going to touch on why so lovely nightclub won't have it and we're not going to eat in a restaurant today but we're going to get room service it must have the pappardelle yeah explain taste like your gordon ramsay so it's my sauce you can really taste its very nice texture but i wonder so it helps me through the service and we wrote a little note for people to say what the glue was like because it was really nice amazing.
I am very grateful and excited. I am going to get my ring done in person tomorrow it will happen tomorrow in the village and I was just sleeping on my friend and look who texted me I have never felt so happy and grateful I am a little worried about how I will react and look but I think it will going well i can't wait for tomorrow you have to stay with us because it's going to be so exciting to go back to sleep i didn't think i wouldn't get into the day we've all been waiting for because you're excited today this boy today is the day what if not i want to see well i always get too shy it's going to pass soon i think he likes these things all the work ledges were better to do something that all the crazy up north loves can you guess what it is are you going to promise me one thing you can't eating too much like you normally do and then ruining one's lunch yeah I promise I promise oh my god that's it hey I got my planet fruit I'm just going to go get a strawberry just play fruit hit this c Like we don't want to be free, that's my boy, oh my.
My God, he watches the dance and the croissants. It's time to buy sausages and a hot brown dog movie. Super impressive. Your skills with knives. the most amazing news i ever seen about the character i see i zoom my head yeah the nutella cashier makes a big deal out of me and i'm done after hey ok let's pretend we're eating in front of gordon show us how you do it better. I feel very lucky. don't think it's a solid a sauce isn't t mustard and i covered it all over my toast cheese - mom for this friday let's go we're practicing for gordon ramsay so i have a dessert that has to be very very good just one waffle will be a big treat big man me big big big feet or more i'll beat it sorry i think if you taste cheesy good morning everyone wants to know if you're gonna eat sweet potato balls gordon you gotta know baby just don't we eat it, it would be better if I just like it. so no i might want to go to the wacky store right now they're not there so he said i'll be like oh i think these are harder but i don't worry i'll just get some new dumb custard like experience all these massive brands trendy expensive at a point so for the dealers you're going to be 18 without ramsey they're right there biggi webby fan piggy call my friend it's time to go back to the hotel and get changed for the super special moment i mean you can really watch movies and i I also like the bleaches he makes.
I look like these, so yeah, it's kind of like a flat painting, sort of, and I'm so grateful that everyone did this for me, as the luckiest person in the world, I just can. t wait to fulfill


like i'm going to cover it and i understand right now this is happening but he's so nervous about what's going to happen all this i think as a baby still no no no you won't like yourself he just don't understand why is everyone so excited for you to cook and i come back saying they're going to have privileges to get in trouble for really noble manners and you could come in, let's be nice, matt,can we catch them?
It's going to be very quiet Michael to me he's scared you can see it's a big time because I feel for you so yeah he's like a crazy man. No, I hope Mindful is


here. I have something completely soaked. Another gift for me. work out get real nervous but don't worry tights i'll be there i'm a little cough drop give me a moment i'll remember forever and then let's talk more and soon so you always think of meeting everyone so full and so jesus and except here here we go we're right here thanks to everyone who's trying to make my mistake happen to me this hasn't been resolved Simon just started a whitening here in the lobby and that meant going to Remy's going to be crazy it's time alright ok they gone after Pangea, oh my gosh, one o'clock, two minutes in front of me, my jeans, oh my gosh, now behind that coming, oh gosh, that's to say, en masse, be sucking, oh yeah this is going to be crazy it's just tea. now that just meant and you should see suck your face thank you but freak out it's great to see it's like such a special time of the day for me and it's really amazing what it's done is you and me I love love love Thank you very much, I'm leaving. to take this home and frame it.
I love that look. I only have two toes. Amazing ambu stuff so here are Rachel's cookbooks like 20 times Ferguson University. saying you should never meet here is because expectations can be too you might think something of them but my hearing was even better than my accident so you wait a long time to come to usa yes and to the uk because you shouldn't scared, yeah, the legend of my chest

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