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Shaq Breaks Down In Tears Talking about Kobe Bryant

Feb 27, 2020
Shaktar, the first guy I thought of when I heard this news the other day, of course I talked to you, Charles and Kenny later that afternoon, but then I saw that you had received a text from Coby that morning. Shareef had received one. How have you been for the last 48 hours? Well, as you know, it's already been the last two months. It has been very difficult. I lost my little sister and I've been sleeping. I've been doing the normal things I usually do. when i get back home then we'll get out of saying she's gone she just hurt me so the other day i was downstairs working out with my son Shakir my nephew Colón and my love.
shaq breaks down in tears talking about kobe bryant
I got his phone and I yelled at him all of a sudden get out of my sight get him away you know we live in a world where anything can be photoshopped anything can be tricked I didn't want to believe it and then I got your call Charles Kenny everyone called me and then we found out it was a scam. firm and having felt the pain so sharp in a time 47 years - lost - grandma lost - sarge lost my sister and now i lost a little brother names will come together because of what we did people always ask about our relationship and they I say them it's like me and Charles we get to strong minded people who will make it that way let's say certain things the respect that is never lost when it comes to being inside the lines and when I said me and I said we did it with me and Charles that's what we do it was like a triple triple stabbing to the heart because after you cry and wonder about it I go back in and Rick Fox is on the plane so now I obviously get more I'm calling Rick he doesn't pick up so now I'm like what's going on and then the final blow his lovely daughter was with them in the helicopter you know every time I saw his lovely wife in this kids the same thing as I do with the children from Kenny and the children of DeWitt hello my name is uncle chef I don't know if you know mr.
shaq breaks down in tears talking about kobe bryant

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shaq breaks down in tears talking about kobe bryant...

Bassel, it doesn't matter, I'm just Uncle Shaq, I try to make them laugh and he would do the same. Sharif called me devastated. I said Kobe just texted me to see how she's doing and she used to do that. sometimes you know it just makes me think that and in life sometimes instead of holding them a certain day we should make them wait oh we up here we work so hard and i think a lot of times we take things for granted like i don't talk to you as much as why the fact that we're not going to be able to have Joe have his Hall of Fame ceremony when I'm going to be able to say hello needs you.
shaq breaks down in tears talking about kobe bryant
I have five that you have. four the fact that we won't be able to tell if we'd stay together we could have had 10 those are the big ones you can't get back with the loss of my dad but my sister i'm up there that's the aisle i wish i could tell her something again i thought i my conversation was when we were here and it seems like i got 50 and he got 60 many times i talked to h i am and i just wish i knew so it definitely changes me. I have to do it. It's not working like you guys know what I'm doing.
shaq breaks down in tears talking about kobe bryant
I like Rick Fox called me he finally called me he said I liked him he'll call me so I'm going to try to do a better job just reaching out just


to people instead of always procrastinating because you never know life is too short I never could never imagine anything like this. I was thinking the other day. I had never seen anything like it. All the basketball idols I grew up with. the big round bouncing mound now i'm working with him i used to want to be dr. J used to live next door to my mother and all I know is that my father used to tell me about the three great men I knew him.
I saw them in the fact that we lost probably the biggest battle in the world of the biggest Lakers in the world. Listen, people want to say take your time and improve, but it's going to be up to me. I don't sleep anymore anyway, but I realized my condolences go out to his family, his mom, his dad, his sisters, the other families, everyone involved, the Lakers organization. I talked to Jeannie and Linda and people here are hurt especially in this organization, you know some people have to get treatment and people just don't understand why it hit us all out of the blue.
I didn't want to believe it, I told myself. I hope someone made this up and it's not true. I didn't want to believe it and then I forgave everything that came but the cause and then you finally felt worried and you just know that my spirit just left my body. i wish i could say a ng thing to the last thing for the people we lost because you know once you're gone you're gone forever and you know we should never take things like that for granted

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