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Sci-Fi Short Film "Firmware" | DUST

Apr 10, 2024
Go Go. Let's go let's go! Come on. Hurry up. This is where we lost contact with him. He can't be far away. Careful. Careful. Be careful... Let's go! Hurry up, hurry up. Look at it. Oh, you've got to be kidding me! (Soldier): Scavenger sighted! Go! Go! Go! (Droid): Lifeform detected (Soldiers shouting) Come on, come on! Stop the fire. We have to bring her. YEAH! (Soldiers): Hey, hey, hey, hey! Cut it off! She is running! She went this way. Don't let her escape. Stop moving or we'll shoot! Stop running! She's running away, come on, come on, come on! (Droid): Engage in non-lethal force. (Soldier): Go after her droid!
sci fi short film firmware dust
You're too fat, tin man! Zaraiah! What are you doing coming back here? You're crazy? Last night they took Noah to the Alcazar. Soon there will be no one left to save. I know. I know. I'm just going through. I need to get to my droid. Oh, do you have it? Oh I got it. A couple more days and I'll be on the other side of the wall. And when the world finds out what's going on here, I'll come back to save them all. Just be strong. Hey hey. Your father would be very proud. You can sneak behind the fence around unit 25, Petrov's house.
sci fi short film firmware dust

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sci fi short film firmware dust...

In the corner. Just be careful of the tin men. (Public address system): Reminder. Procreation is a civil violation. (Public Address System): Illicit reproduction is a blatant abandonment of our community prosperity. (Overwatch Radio): The commander requested a welfare check at 16:00. Please prepare the protocols for him. (Distant children crying) (Public address system): Your compliance is appreciated. Please stay in your homes. (Soldier): Petal! (Droid): Wellness check. Open the door. (Soldier): Keep your head down citizen. (Civilian): Please don't take me! He will never survive without me, he is just a child! It's always the breeders who fight the most, eh? (Droid): You are violating code 1138.
sci fi short film firmware dust
Do you need help solving this problem? No, he will go to the Alcázar. The commander is getting desperate. The damn psycho thinks more guys will help keep this place under control. Any idea what they're doing up there? Nuclear shit. Do you think they'll tell me something? Hopefully another breakthrough...HEY! Ohhh! The dog is off leash, we have a live one! (The soldiers laugh) Do you think he's dead? I must have forgotten to change this thing to "human". Looks like I'll need your help after all. Let's bring in the cleanup team before the commander finds out.
sci fi short film firmware dust
Ahh, not those damn cleaners. (PA System): Follow all protection rules. Exclusion zone guidelines have been implemented for your best interest. (Droid): Keep moving, citizen. 100 meters. (Soldier): You heard the man. The checkpoint is just ahead. No need to run. You still have a few more hours before we close for the night. ID? Zaraiah Shehab, unit 77. State M? Second level exhibition, 21 years. And what exactly is his purpose in leaving the area today? Hmm. Captures and supplies. (Droid scan plays) Do you have anything else with you? Just a few traps and some water. I'll be back before curfew. Forward.
Deception detected. Come this way, citizen. But they just let me through! You have: (3) seconds to comply. Deliver the containment unit. Good good good. What do we have here? (Laughter) Carrying... ...great firepower to hunt rabbits... Ohhhh! Who did you steal this from? You know, maybe it's time to take a little trip to the Alcázar. Yeah... Get them to talk some sense into you. It sounds like you need it. Because you need to learn that your actions have consequences. HEY! (Soldiers shouting) Put it down! (Droid): Hostile detected, drop weapon. Careful. I have nothing to lose, I will take you all with me.
Easy. Easy. Hello? What the hell is going on down there, Ivan? Yeah...uh, we have a problem here. Chill out. OK? Look. I just need this. You're crazy. You can't believe you'll get out of here alive. Oh, I'm leaving here. And when he does, everyone will regret it. OK! Let's talk about this for a second, okay? A grenade? Yes, it's getting out of hand! Then shoot him. Are you sure you want me to do that? I can't do that without any collateral damage. I don't need to remind you what happens if there is a leak. Just do it.
Look. I don't want anyone to die. Let me go and I'll put the pin back in. Do not do anything stupid. Put it back...slowly. SHIT! Greetings. Zaraiah. It worked. It's been... 4563.2 days since you last activated me. I've missed you. Your physical data has changed. Significantly. I estimate that there are 56 days left until your death. (laughs) You were always charming. But listen. I need you to do what you were created to do. We're going to shoot our way out of here. Take this. This is genetically locked, but you can use it. It seems that they have already deployed more troops.
If we hurry, we can still get there before closing. What are you waiting for? Arm yourself! I... ...regret... inform you that I am scheduled for company. Not because of violence. You've got to be kidding, we don't have time for this! I'm not kidding. My humor module has been severely damaged. Your father, in his brilliance, created me with a strict axiom of non-aggression. No. No. No. This can't be happening. My... ...sympathy centers are detecting... ...anger? Of course I'm angry! All those years! The reactor... you saved my life! What's the point of all this if you can't help me?
My primary mandate is to protect you, Zaraiah. But... if... exodus is what you want... A violent intervention may not be the only way. So... ...what do you suppose we do then? All the security data I have is long out of date. But one of the oldest border posts may still be on the analog system. Analogous thing? Manual door controls that require physical access codes. I guess I could try some that I have on my free partition. Do you really think it will work? I would say the probability of survival... ...but... companion protocols simply suggest that we... ...hope for the best.
An irradiated orphan and a pacifist war droid. And all the odds against us. What can go wrong? That's all. Outpost one. Oh. Watch this. Remains from just after the incident. All this time. I can't believe they kept us here. WAIT! Wall gap. Anomaly detected. Exclusion zone. Sector 12. NO! Anomaly detected. Exclusion zone. Sector 12. Wall gap. That must be the door. Do your thing! Doing my thing. Is working. WHAT'S HAPPENING!? They're coming, try again! NOOOOO! Check your weapons. She must be here. Go Go! Ah! There she is! Gun-free soldiers, shoot at will! You go first. I'll be right behind you.
Zaraiah! Zaraiah, you must run. No, I won't leave you. I have fulfilled my main mandate. But there is still hope for you. No I can not. Run. And don't go back. (crying) RUUUUUNNNN!!!! Yes. She just came in and put it on my desk. Some kind of droid software. They have apparently been trapped there since the incident. Is the time. Mobilize the team. We will enter. So what do you think? Would you help us? I guess you could say that's... primary mandate.

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