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Russell Westbrook scores 58 points in loss - did it help his MVP chances? | UNDISPUTED

Apr 04, 2024
Ellie, who is your MVP right now. I'm still Westbrook, good for you. Westbrook, I still feel like... all because of those people you work with the least. I definitely feel that way. I definitely feel like he's working with the less and taking on more. Wow, I mean. that to me they expected that I think that was the game plan at the beginning of the season, they just took off the strap and said you know it's yours, your reign, we did everything right, so let's put this together. Send him in and you'll go as far as you can I said, I think he's done a great job, I mean considering what he's got, everyone else has great shooters around them to some extent, um, I'd say more, so LeBron has great shooters. . around him and you know that Harden has very good shooters around him.
russell westbrook scores 58 points in loss   did it help his mvp chances undisputed
Kawhi has a lot of good shooters, but who were Westbrook's shooters when he drives the lane and they collapse? Who is he kicking? Who I thought was going to be Doug McDermott, but him? The Zeros have come out, yeah, yeah, but that's not the way they're built, they're built with those big guys and that's why it didn't make sense for me to go get Taj Gibson, you get Taj Gibson, you get a bonus , you have Steven Adams, unless we are playing the other way around, there really is no point in you adding bigs when you have a penetrator and he can't kick to anyone who can shoot, that's the problem, but for me I have James Harden first, I have Kawhi second. got LeBron, third, Russell for the fourth sport, you sound like Mark Cuban, in fourth, he doesn't have a fourth triple-double, all he's taken, 341 more shots than second place, not in the top 100 and field goal percentage, James Harden's last team. the year was 41 and 41 this year they already showed that 44 and 20 has 29 eight and 11 and many people thought that James Harden was a left-handed Russell Westbrook because all he did was stop the ball but he has shown that not only can he steal


, He's going to get 29 tonight, but he could also distribute the ball and get everyone else involved, he's leading the NBA in assists, so with that and what Kawhi has done over the last month, you have to mention him.
russell westbrook scores 58 points in loss   did it help his mvp chances undisputed

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russell westbrook scores 58 points in loss did it help his mvp chances undisputed...

Wow, he would put a big one up just because he plays on both sides of the ball. I mean, if you're looking at anyone potentially Defensive Player of the Year, besides you, I'm going to record the B winner. I mean, how can you do that when the guy is the best offensive end and he's on the best defensive end of his whole team, I mean, that throws them, that throws him, but it's hard for me to walk away from that triple-double, that's all I'm saying, it's like we just have I've seen how many people average a triple-double in the life.
russell westbrook scores 58 points in loss   did it help his mvp chances undisputed
One person won it, I mean he will too every 15 25 and that was totally disrespectful. Totally dishes in those days there were about 20 more Persians again, yes, so you have many more opportunities. to put up stats, right things,


, rebounds, everyone will see it, so I'm still on what Russell Westbrook told this man to start the program. I'm trying to be objective about it. I thought he took a little step back last night because he scored a career-high 58 points, but he didn't get to add the exclamation point because he had four pretty open looks in the last minute and 23 of the game and he missed all four and that deflated me.
russell westbrook scores 58 points in loss   did it help his mvp chances undisputed
I mean he was on a tear in that game they were down nine when he comes back with eight minutes left in the game he took his usual break at the top of the fourth quarter they are down nine he makes a 17 to eight run in which he


13 and has other assists, so 15 of 17 points are his points and they come back to tie the game. Then he has four consecutive jump shots to the free throw line on two three-pointers that are going to tie or win the game or give you the lead in the game and he missed all four well, it's basketball, you know this, I mean, sometimes the ball just won't go away, I don't know why doctors say this to do them. you can hate the mess, okay, so he missed his four game-winning shots, these are game-time winners, game-changing shots and I said, okay, he took a little step back because he couldn't provide the exclamation point 258 points, but in the end.
Kauai is closing some ground pretty quickly because they've been on a late streak and you conveniently left out what happened Monday night in San Antonio because in the fourth quarter, face to face with James Harden, when he took James Harden for the first time in the game, he said I love him the whole fourth quarter, he pushed Danny Green aside, he said I'll take him and he outscored him 17 to 4 in the fourth quarter and took over the game so he's very capable in both sides, so it's doing a push, so I have it second. Oh, the last month was spectacular, but if you look at this in the last ten years, only once did a player shoot the ball 30 times more than the next closest player on his own team.
It was Kobe and okay, he shot the ball 40 times more than the next closest guy, so we got that guy, but when he shot the ball 39 times, the other 11 guys combined had 46 attempts. How do you expect to win? Who are you doing better? okay, but Shannon wait a second, who's better? I mean, I lied, I don't know if you want to pass the ball, he's passing them the ball, no one else is getting shots, no, no one else is getting shots, we're there in position to win the ball. game down nine points early in the fourth quarter and suddenly the guy who I think is winning the MVP race has the ball in his hands with open looks four times in the final minute.
I think he's trying hard though. I looked at him. I put a lot of effort into that game last game and every time this stretch I know he does every game, but that particular game it seemed like he was going 100 miles an hour, so when he got there it looked like he lost. a little on their legs and well, why are they making excuses? They're not making excuses, are they? Someone has talked about that. Russell Westbrook could have been gassed when he will never make that concession for the king of Akron, who is in short supply and what not, Skip Bayless said it before Oh, what game are we talking about, maybe he didn't have the stamina, maybe it had taken some of his energy, yes, but he doesn't have a Kyrie to kick the North, what a game from LeBron.
Am I supposed to defend him over which one we manipulated? I'll choose a classic LeBron game to score points from the chronicle of him take my rupees, you're ready, you should put it on, so hey, I don't want to hear this. Get my rupees from what happened two years ago in the Finals when LeBron James, even though he had lost Kevin Love before the Finals began, lost to Kyrie in overtime in the first game. What happened? They won the second game and then went home in the third game. LeBron. James the king, the best player on the planet, has the fourth game at home, right at home to go up three, which would be an insurmountable advantage, maybe you could say, and what happened was that he got a very small result in the fourth game and you can say I didn't have enough


, but he's the best player on the planet and all I heard the next day was that he ran out of gas.
He is the most physically fit athlete on the planet. That's what I always hear. Happens. Yes, it happened, but no. I see it as a detriment to what he's been doing. I just look at it as him running out of gas. That time it happens. I've run out of gas on stages before, not all stages, but some stages I haven't been performing in Denver. and then he got so bad up there, you know just like you, what did you do? uh he just let the crowd sing yeah 35 30 figure but he said a man ran out of gas man more than six games every 35 13 and nine right oh me.
I'm not taking anything away from the Braun. I love LeBron. I love the tranquility. I love James Harden. I just think that triple-double shit is hard for me to beat and I look at the people he plays with and it's like he's one man. like no one else is making shots, even if he takes liberties to listen, averaging a triple-double, then someone else is making some baskets, he's not getting those assists from himself, hello, he's not


ing himself, so , which player is Matthew Dellavedova better than in OKC? because that's what LeBron had in the finals, you don't want Stephen Adams or you want a hand, you talk about point guards, I want Steve, announcer, I want Mozgov, yeah, did he struggle?
I want Stephen Adams, no, you will win. t of the adobo you old people could take me to Delhi, no, you could be my Robin, you could take me to Delhi to play the point just because you have shown that you can lead the team, she was saying like she, Stephen Adams, I'm going to do to Bertie and well. I'm the only one who does it. I like everything about the Depot. I just think they know that injuries have been plaguing him, so when I say, everyone wants Shumpert to look like a guy, but the thing was, Matthew Dellavedova and Mozgov were the two best players in that final. next to LeBron Shump and swish did not appear in that final, yes, but you are talking about something different, the man is fighting in the West with a rental winning record in the West and you are talking about Dellavedova leading you. you're running you're Tina Liu from the East Nelly this is where they are at 70 which is a good seed in the West maybe they don't hold it which is a good seed in the West what happened would they go to 8 how many games did they go over 500? false 5 ok or one game behind Memphis, yeah, and what happened last night, they gave up a hundred and twenty-six points to Portland in Oklahoma City and it was the first night and I watch all of Russell Westbrook's games because it's something I can't lose, but it was the first night I saw his teammates.
I'm not going to say they quit, they just seem disinterested, especially on the defensive end. I don't know if they're getting tired of watching him play alone or just feel like they're "Reset decor." I don't know, but no one wanted to defend a Portland team that shot 55% if you're going to shape it like every shot is like a shot. open horse, 12 foot jump shot well, even 5% We're all going to ride bikes almost what you're going to do to someone Hall inside, okay, so you tell me if they finish among the six Houston in the three, that's the showdown you take it Houston yeah you too you take it Houston too Westbrook be hogging the mic Nellie someone Harwood on how you can hog the mic when the mic is made for you that's like saying we're a had to Mike he's hogging the mic he's not hogging the mic the mic was made for me the Micra was granted to me, but at the beginning of the season, it's your mic, we say no more, so you know, I'm about to find myself a rookie and I will find someone who will let me sing too well, then you are not, what do you do?
I left this team a long time ago, but everyone on that team knows who Michael Jackson is. I want to save Jackson five. Everyone in that Jackson 5 knows who Mike Rowe is. I have bars, this is Michael. I have bars, okay, Randy Jackson, close to traffic. Randy, go. do your thing, this is Michael, show a nosy Latino, this is Michael.

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