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Ruby & Bonnie Play the School Supplies Switch Up Challenge

Mar 31, 2024
Grandma has the best boys, why don't we


the new Sweetchuck back to



and whoever wins will get the best stitch. We are about to start the hard cold sweat


practice and it will be your and Ruby Ambani's birthdays. I love my stationery gifts like you point out, I can keep it, we have the best, are you kidding grandma or are you serious? I won't take you, oh, okay, so that makes grandma one, two key, let's take a look beautiful, these colors are you have pink you have blue you have power yoga green is so soft without colors let's see let me close all this I remember can see a sweat grandma could be cheating on us I think we should cases I have this black I have this clear one color and it's your turn to turn around let's take a look cool raise money Oh okay you can look would you like to keep it or change come on
ruby bonnie play the school supplies switch up challenge

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