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May 30, 2021
you're in first person, so the


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, ah there, there, I got two, I thought I had to come in, so piggy can, oh man, okay, so yeah, when I was in first person. person who couldn't see where the little pig was little pig was in third person he could see me okay okay we're getting somewhere oh how cute he got the green one yeah yeah yeah you got the green one brah , give me that, I know where it is. He says Oh blue key cards there in the alley I didn't know you could do that right no I'm not going to go that way careful buddy don't go that way oh yeah yeah buddy Susie was waiting for you at the door yeah it's easy but I thought I was calling look here, it's again, okay, what you did, what you're doing, oh, okay, you got it, so out there, you see it, you see it, you see it, sit there, you see, Yes Yes.
roblox piggy chapter 9 city
You're okay, oh, okay, one of Piggy's. It's not gone, although I want to use it, but I come in, okay, hmm, okay, let's go look here a little more because okay, Piggy is dead, so I'll use this trap. No, that was really stupid. Biggie's not dead. watch out, oh, he was dead, eh, go, I can't count, so let's take that, okay, come on, oh dear, no, oh, okay, he was here, right?, yeah, here we go, let's see what it is, Let's see, that's a carrot, well, okay, so that's what I expected, but we can feed that pony Pedro.
roblox piggy chapter 9 city

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roblox piggy chapter 9 city...

Can you maybe give me a fire extinguisher or something you have? Oh, okay, so you need the carrot to do that, I guess, we still need some code. Someone has a key and we need a fire. fire extinguisher I can't figure out yet wait can you hey hey wait what are you doing there's something here no there's nothing here wait there's oh that's what we do with that okay guys I know what to do with the deities he was standing there and Me I ask what are you doing, yeah, okay, give me, wait, where is it, wait, where is my TNT?
roblox piggy chapter 9 city
What did I do, dear? I lost it now, oh wait, I did... no, I thought I put it here, but I didn't, where did I do it? Put it on whoa whoa how lucky oh there it is ha ha prepared the bomb baby come on ha ha there it goes yeah now we're talking now we have the fire extinguisher guys you have to use a bomb to get the fire extinguisher that makes sense Guys it all adds up here , we could win, so wait, so I know I have to go and turn this off right and then I have to go up the stairs, okay, wait, you used to wear the coat, I used to be French, there. go brother, now we just have to get the code, we have two minutes left, we could do it oh no, no, no, no, grandma, no, I won't let you take this from me.
roblox piggy chapter 9 city
Oh no, what are you coming? Just kidding, I made it this far and then I have to deal with this. Guys, we need you, didn't you know we've used both? Susie, come on, buddy, yeah, come on, I want to win, come here, come here, come on. I see the code man, so I got it. I have to go put out the fire. Grab the code. Come on, oh, you can't walk on a plank. She does it. Okay, here we go, okay, now let's see if we can do this from behind. ahhhhhhh oh dude, maybe I can do it, wait, oh dude, no, no, no, whoa, whoa, I made a big deal, okay, but it's doable, it's doable, wait, if I can get the angle right, I can grab it , oh no, stupid camping thing. and still there are six seconds left and he doesn't go ah, I almost had it like that, I saw the ending, well, I'll leave it for the teenagers, now we know how to beat him, we'll get it this time, no problem, no, I wanted to. to win it's okay, it's okay because I chose granny, I went in and changed my skin, so we have granny, I have balls and I hope they don't know how to beat it, they saw me go through and solve most of the time. things so they know how to beat it.
I'll camp at the exit okay and yes the eyes are different for the player a grandma but if you act like a robot they might not know and then you can drop traps oh yeah here now super slow. version come, yeah, no, I did it, yeah, oh look, double grandma, double grandma, here we come, we're coming for you, what's up guys, that's scary?, oh, can you, can you get out that way ? I'm not even sure, why did you do it? I don't know this was a door, well, well, oh wait, buddy, you're stuck, you can't jump, what are you doing?
You can't get out, step on my egg, step on my egg, step on my egg, what a shame, yeah, buddy, look. in this look at this reception of the twins' grandmother oh, we kissed so good you're caught you're caught ah ah she caught you caught you I'm going to hook you tup tup tup okay, here we go, let's do the side move, I got you, yeah . Ha, ha, ha, my biggest celebration, oh, they're cornering you, no, no, no, no, oh, oh, you died, we won, man, there's a granny pig when together we go, oh, we gotta go fast, fast , quick, quick, it's Brad, the carrot, go, buddy, buddy.
Come on, come on, close the door, they're okay, ha ha ha ha, okay, what do I have to give it to them? There it is, Bob, we have that there are notes, aah, news has been circulating of a cure financed by mr. . P let's hope everything goes well and the noise is feeding ooh yeah let's take that okay it lays an egg on your screen whoa yeah so definitely when it comes in don't do that come on Bob here we go, this way, rania, oh. yes, there you go, no, don't change, where is the orange card?
Oh wait, what do you have? Hey, oh, I need that, I need that, go on, go on, go on, here, come on, bro, let me do this, here we go, here we go, boom. hello hello tiger II hide what are you dancing who are you dancing do it brother no right here there thank you I have the TNT come on oh my god grandma what are you doing that was right on my ass there come on I'm going to blow up your poutine shop grandma na na na na oh no oh no I think I have my video only one left only means easier okay let's put this out let's put out the fire here we go let's put out the fire yeah wait no it's not no no it's okay oh no oh no No, grandma, why do you do these things to me?
You're so main, oh, there it is okay, okay, let's do that, let's take this, okay, now I'm going to move on hey, hey, what are they? What are you doing? You have to go to the door. Follow, follow. It's okay, it's okay. Oh wait, there's someone else here. They just feed Izzie. I didn't hear you like my sound effect. Oh, what came up through that door? Are you kidding? I was waiting for you or the other this is what I followed why would you go the other way? You're Trixie here we go here we go let's grab it good where is she? where is she? okay, okay, we have this guy, two minutes left, come on Come on, I'm fighting a robot.
I have to be very careful with her because she is slow and unpredictable. She does dumb things, things that Jane is supposed to do. Turn it off, here we go. Oh man, wait, wait, can I put it down? I won't try, I will, yeah, I won't try because I could die like this and I'm not going to risk it. I have the code. Hey here we go this is a minute 30 anyone else here is it just me oh no wait oh there are traps everywhere but I thought it was him wait okay yes it's open yes yes dad your warning we complained in the


I was police oh, we are the police officer I was a police officer I was looking for someone, what about you?
We're looking for George Pig. He was trying to make me an optometrist like my father, he's fine of course, and I'm a fencing coach. I even showed my little sister, who are they? That relieves me a lot. They're safe here with me Oh, your sisters are here, can we see them? Yeah, how did you end up at the carnival? However, you were looking for mr. Q I took the subway sir. P has been giving potions, they turned you into the infected one, so we just made a video about this. I need to stop him from doing this, so he's using it.
Well, I think I'm realizing it. You should at least stay here for a while. We can help you find it very little. What was it? There's something in the dumpster. I think someone is watching us. I'll go check it out. No, no, she sends a Z. She has a long sword. I'm coming with you, yes, yes, Susie, come, come. come on dude this is the longest scene but stay safe it was like yeah I'm back here okay guys go ahead that's it so hold on


10 is in a dumpster it was amazing so guys that scene was so long yeah.
I thought I would get right to this so I think mr. P is trying to cure his eye. Can I see the scene? It's already starting. He's trying to cure his wife, and in doing so, he performs these tests and gives potions to people. He thinks it's to cure his wife, but in reality he's killing people. It's just that she thinks he's being good but he's actually bad, he's fine, guys, that's it for the premiere. I'm going to help you try to win so you can see the ending, and if I fail, maybe you'll be here with me and if I enjoyed watching the premiere, click the like button if you're new here and never watch my videos subscribe and post on the Comment what you think about the new map.
I think it's the hardest map so far in Piggy, the fact that there are always two little pigs at a time, that always makes it that much harder. I guess we'll be here next week for


10. I don't know how many tune in he releases new maps of new content every week, but I. I'm here to see you. I'll see you again Sarah, thanks for watching and of course new line.

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