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Roblox Family - Buying a new Mansion! (Roblox Roleplay)

Apr 08, 2020
Hey guys, I think I fixed the elevator. Are you ready to try it cold? Do you think it was funny that they actually fixed it? Yes, I don't want to die there. work look i got all my tools here my hot sauce i show you some elevator excerpt mission pro that's what i got super pro there's a big hole here okay yeah because the ball no and the rainbow is because I needed to remove the floor to get the elevator to work don't you understand just to be careful is he there you are happy now yes perfect ok then you first it's really cold you first sure I'll go ok I'm calling everyone come in everyone come in ok no no no don't go two by three it's broken broken things floor one C cube elevator music and then floor - oh I cut the wrong button where did she go yes it worked yes woo totally planet C now gold you'll never need to walk again I mean I won't walk all the stairs to you.
roblox family   buying a new mansion roblox roleplay
Where are Drago and Luna? unar is fine, how about we take the elevator down, gold? Stop going to the second floor. Let's go find them. I bet I could beat you to the feet. we exceeded your goals Oh, in a second, honey, where did you go? I'm stuck, can you just call the elevator to come down? high still showing a couple of glitches you saved yourself not about to crawl out the air shaft now you know the elevator is off limits for now lol yeah maybe put the towers up and cover the whole elevator yeah that was too good Where are Luna and Rocco?
roblox family   buying a new mansion roblox roleplay

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roblox family buying a new mansion roblox roleplay...

Rocco, you're here Rocco Wow, what are you two doing? We are going to open a restaurant. Why are you dressed so fancy? i'm going to get don't look behind this door i'll just help myself this snack this appetizer i'll also help myself with Drago as an ice cream maker because he's really cool yummy can i go see what you guys doing? in Drago just open the door that's all I'll stay outside what's going on oh oh you guys have another secret addiction T FRA obsession ah you didn't see anything guys I'm looking at I think that's too much fried food for you it's not good - um no it's really good it's not good to eat a fried easter breakfast because we haven't had breakfast yet and start with a chocolate donut and it's not good for you.
roblox family   buying a new mansion roblox roleplay
I'm trying to teach you a lesson it's really good how much hey TJ money for that poop how much I thought we were only trying five hundred dude you're charging a pirate price oh I know why Rocco dressed so fancy today why today we're looking for houses to buy you know why this started to get a little bit can't be fixed let's just say that so maybe we can go grab brushes first yeah just kitty has to follow us i think this is all her moon and i no kitty kitty already decided we're gonna get a new place right kitty ok i brought mini kitty with me so she can oh and tell her which house we like ok can you show me a black yeah we can be a normal


and kitty let's go have breakfast new foods we can eat all the dope would you be your favorite there's watermelon now whoo i don't want watermelon i want fried foods oh my god racula practically thanks mole she knows me you're teaching jocko to be mean ok then let me toast this avocado on top go make something so you wash your breakfast donuts with jello jello oh me jiggly jello omg it actually jiggles so cool are you laughing?
roblox family   buying a new mansion roblox roleplay
I'm making something healthy for everyone boring everyone avocado toast yummy yeah and green that's disgusting ok whatever let's have some breakfast and see how this is guys. I'm too excited. I'd like some jelly and I'll bring you. Did you know. I'm going to take this to my room. Come back with a jelly. It's okay. We could put the jelly cake. There was that sushi. I love sushi. Yes sir. She is served. It's another $500. on


ian twitter um for the biggest rip off no i think so baby i'm a michelin chef now i make no thank you our gold eat your sushi ban u gotta have breakfast here there's quite a few houses on the market in this moment. ok so which one should we go see first boy sit down well there are some there is a small one or you could go to a big one it counts as a small one who is it?
That's the one I don't want. i recommend going to most of it is how much do they cost we have a budget here people thats true whats our rainbow budget art budget let me check my math three thousand five hundred and twenty dollars what i dont even want to think we could buy a house well we can sell this it's got to be worth something it's big and pretty empty it looks crazy inside what's right? You do not like? Elevators always increase the value of the house. It's fine, but I don't think you work. It works.
I told you I'll fix it eventually. our first house here wow really good i really met an unaffordable house we can't turn back no no rainbow i want to see the house can we afford this gold how much is this house? 8.5 million dollars but even furnishing this price is ok let's take a look ok it has its own separate door which is nice ooh do you think if I offer them meatloaf they will give it to us like it says in the article and Ebola they will have the Furnished house for you when you move in but for how much money we leave Drago come in first ok Drago you fancy just try medium taste right?
I am the real estate agent. Welcome to this humble school. I mean how good it is dark. Are you sure this place isn't haunted? Well, it doesn't say in the article that it's haunted, but who would sell such a nice house? The real estate agent said there's no electricity so we're going to have to take the stairs cool so a person who owns this house can't even pay his bills how are we doing? What makes you think we can afford this house? I mean, upstairs is very open, here's the elevator. Let's walk out these doors, okay, beautiful. the duct is huge.
I really like this house, but I have Lou, but don't you think it's too big and creepy? No, it's very big and it's empty and it echoes. lights I mean it doesn't have a tv I don't know how you feel about that house kitty Luna you can ask the girl hmm what did you say kitty kitty says this house is too big yes a bigger house what why not why not kitty this house is really very big ok yes this house is just a party oh look those we are working all the time how are we going to have a party we will be broke we will just stay like this like hardee's kidding you are quiet ok gold whats next list ok he says well this house is very cozy and nice and big the price is pretty good ok but the only problem is the owner sold it very cheap because he says its haunted wait wait wait wait its haunted ok how did it start to rain?
Oh boy you must be kidding but it's so cheap and affordable ok then it'll be sunny chill ok you know what trap you'll drive I'm dry ok we'll take us there just listen to some music ok let's turn it off that, okay, oh yeah, just tell me when it's there okay, I don't like how it's raining, Gold's ar Is there any detail why the owner thinks it's details details details put a minute crazy silence is all I'm funny yes you were driving by on purpose no baby do you want us do you want to go to this house this is a nice cozy house that is big and cheap um anyone who notices that closed sign do not enter look we should ask for gold for sale nobody seems to want that we're here ok well i mean i feel like we just have to go see what this house is because it's alright alright oh it's cute why is this spongebob all over your walls?
Dinner here come on never mind I know who doesn't or mole don't eat that food I don't trust that I mean at least this house is lit. I'm like TIPA TIPA TIPA I don't want to look there is a happy sun it may be ok there is a happy sun there is a kitchen the kitchens are very nice hey candy says she loves this room all day these rooms are very dark can we turn on the light yes oh let's not turn on the light ok we should stay in our house there is nothing wrong Well I mean we wanted to look for a new house ok there is a creepy person painting the bathroom our daughter's bathroom is dark as darling, I don't know how I feel about this house, let's just say we should check out his garage too. and wait, why are there no stairs going up?
It is literally separate. Okay, you wanted to check out the garage. down is fine go away does this scene really remind you that you are dreaming of the spirits? raining i can stop joking because this house is ok but i'll have to help them do the laundry because i'm nice so it's not funny well it's not coming to the finish line right now we should get out of here look there's teeth in this water. what they point at them no no we shouldn't even e explore the rest of the house walk the top lines see this house is huge though do you really want to see the top floor? this person obsessed with it you're having fun yeah Luddite the usual myth yeah okay kitty is telling me funny jokes right now you know I'm oh my gosh good in a moment of darkness she says like this it looks like the flamingos are fighting. with pizza and there's a banana maybe broccoli you don't like what that face is either this master bedroom go away now it's ok but it's ok and you have to use the bathroom can i use the waters nice on the toilet mate i'm using the wash i know i'm out you know what maybe maybe we shouldn't find new houses and let me out let me out please please please come on Jonathan stop me drag as much as I can put your hand changing it Jack oh well that was a big disappointment um maybe we should check out another neighborhood or yeah our own house that's not haunted you know yeah let's see looks like there's one more house on the list guys I'm done with the houses I quit I mean wait wait they said they'll give you a good I deal it's big and cozy but it ain't finished another real hard one okay before dark our limo broke down oh no kitty said she really likes that house no I don't agree with kitty , that C asa is a girl, yes, here she is. it looks very unfinished though it looks totally finished more finished than our house i guess it's ok there's broken oh oh cool plunge stairs that's cool yeah i mean it's beautiful it has a water um it's not the water bill because that's going to be very high Drago, why do you make everything work?
Yes, we are trying. Let's wire the sounds. a pantry but it's unf finished oh what else we got we should check upstairs they got our cave machines oh great a game room telling me oh that's cool let's check the basement the basement is unfinished, very dark because now he wants to burn it. wait, there's hope, let's go upstairs, they have an elevator, no, no, we're an elevator, don't tell me there's another haunted room here, okay, oh, this is so normal, normal, normal, Norway, Kitty doesn't really like it like this house but it's a nice house you tried to kill mole ok not ok this looks like a nice room here is a bathroom oh closet i have a full laundry room i think this room is so nice nice see you all we could hang out ok with this come on check it out there whoo there's another entertainment area so we can invite people over no no kitty kitties friends this oh great an office this could be the new fan mail room I think it's too small to be one fan mail room that's true we need more space whoa this oh it's just like our fan mail room i think this house and the last room we didn't explore is the bathroom what is this?
Open Sesame, you have a complaint, what, yes, there are only four rooms. rooms this is great this is a nice guy tub hey this looks like my room great guys so proud inc the houses are all nice but some are nicer than others obviously but it's up to the feedback to decide which house, but why not? term will determine where we will live leave a comment where crucial in the house a big house - haunted house or house 3 this house we will be louise be nice to us kitty while he is watching plaster that's all if you enjoyed leave a like don't forget subscribe if you're new too thanks for watching ok bye very good kitty please be nice and we can go have pizza now im hungry yes no you don't have to eat lasagna omg

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