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Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors | No Way Out Walkthrough | Unlock Cat Ears Infinite Ammo

Jun 01, 2021
hello and welcome to an interesting


video style for the



of Resident Evil 2 the dead end scenario, this video will give you some insights, tips and tricks, some enemy patterns, what's in each backpack and some other things which will hopefully help you get through this. Scenario I called it an interesting style of traversal because towards the end of the game things get out of hand and it's all about survival. Know the game and there is no clear way to do it. In fact, it will show you the entire path that was used. to


Cat Ears, a special accessory that gives all characters



in the DLC that can only be


ed by beating the dead end stage using 60 or less pistol bullets if you're just trying to get through the stage and not unlocking anything this should be really helpful as you will have access to unlimited firearms in addition to the strategies used here this is going to be tricky so let's get started the game starts with four zombies com As you enter the front door they usually come in twos one couple of shots will take them out, they will reload after the first two go down and then the next two should go in, sometimes it's random and they get stuck outside and the door closes. annoying sometimes they run to the right or left but basically these guys have low hit points and just make sure you don't get hit after you get all four out you run to this corner here and now we'll stay here. and just aim straight for the heads and take these guys out if you line up your shot right and miss you can hit the guys behind because their heads are all lined up so that's a good spot to be right in the middle the first backpack has a green grass a blue grass and a flash grenade and take out those three guys including the guy with our first backpack which we'll pick up in a minute and once those three are dead we'll face this door and there's one more guy inside at this point zombies might be coming at you from the platform So if that door doesn't open right away keep looking to the right take it down with three shots and now two more guys number nine and ten, here, the old man and the red pac-man, and basically what you're going to do is shoot the red. pac-man on the head or leg or somewhere where the package is not going to hit so the package will fall to the ground and you can place them strategically it's hard to do I put this one here and it will actually help us randomly later once those two are done we'll target the shop again, take out the two zombies that come out and once again you've got some guys coming at you from the right so make sure you do it. quickly or walk away and the next two guys are this security guy with no pants and another old man with the backpack basically get them out but while you get them out if you take too long two more will walk out the back door the backpack boy here you want to get them out early if you want the shot of flint and the sh flint I can't kill those armored guys much faster, but I like to save it for later so I use pistol bullets to take them down.
resident evil 2 remake ghost survivors no way out walkthrough unlock cat ears infinite ammo
The next zombies will appear at the front door. you could just sit there and take them out slowly with headshots and if you want to see how many bullets you shot you have to pause the game go to the


survivor logs then press up and go to the penultimate so called gunslinger. and that will show you the current number of bullets fired as you can see here i wasted a lot of bullets i missed a lot and ran out don't run out try to keep about fifty four bullets in your gun just in case so once you get to 54 stop using it and once you hit sixty throw it away immediately.
resident evil 2 remake ghost survivors no way out walkthrough unlock cat ears infinite ammo

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resident evil 2 remake ghost survivors no way out walkthrough unlock cat ears infinite ammo...

Next, a guy with the red backpack will enter the front door and the backpack will come out the back. This guy has the shotgun and that's going to be very important right now. I'm going to take out the red guy using the sp. ark shot if you don't hit the package it won't explode so you can use spark shot to take it off and kill them at the same time we'll just use spark shot to clear out the rest of the zombies there are two left and once we get to twenty , the game will pause so using the spark shot is very good as long as there are no enemies near you and it's really great against armor types once you get to 20 you'll get a little rest if you need to pick up backpacks or anything and we're going back to our favorite place through this back door and the next people out are poisonous if you use a flintlock stay away if you do a headshot with a shotgun stay back if you're near them you'll be poisoned you really want the blue herb not to cure poison but to give you armor when mixed so don't get poisoned really don't save poison there are three guys at that door coming out at the same time and l Then a fourth poison type will come out at the same time.
resident evil 2 remake ghost survivors no way out walkthrough unlock cat ears infinite ammo
The fourth poison type will come out that door on the right. You are going to have three guys, a guy with a poison face, a guy with a normal face, and a guy with a backpack. This one has the MQ eleven mini Izzy inside to take out. these guys with flintlocks or headshots with the shotgun and remember to save some pistol rounds for later because there's a part at the end here where we're going to need at least two bullets worst case scenario so now what we're out of everything we're going to use now it's easy and the important thing is to conserve so stay away don't hold the button try to do single bullets if you can or single or double stay away from poisons so your poison no I don't hit you and just slowly take out zombies number 28, number 29 and 30, or whatever is left. might have to use that full health in this situation try their h The hardest part is we could have used that pack on the ground to maybe pop them or something and then once you get to 30 the game will pause for a few seconds and it will give you a chance to regroup.
resident evil 2 remake ghost survivors no way out walkthrough unlock cat ears infinite ammo
This is the final treasure before. things get absolutely crazy and you'll have to shoot to read the packs if you've run out of


so technically you can't run out of ammo you have to keep two bullets and you can also have more so it starts with a backpacker and two of his friends walk in the back door and then the guy with the red pack walks in the front door with three of his friends and anyway there's about eight zombies here right now and it's crazy so what I'm doing right now the I'm luring everyone to this corner and they strategically hit me here so I even pile them even more so I can run past and use the red packet we dropped on the ground earlier to take them all. there's also a red pack guy in that mob so you could have used his pack too it's harder to do so it's a bit hard to hit him when everyone is attacking you too. a red, green and blue, you should be able to have two full Health.
I think I used one already, but full health is important because it gives you armor and stops poison. At this point your game might not be as easy because I took him out a group with that bomb but the last two to mix is ‚Äč‚Äčthis red guy with the pack and then some crazy white guy at the back door and you have to kill all 40 enemies or the game won't continue so if you're out of ammo you have to restart that's where using the pack and one bullet to take out both or multiple guys will be really crucial to start the next tour you have a objective and is to take the backpack from the guy who comes the front door if you have a couple of guns left you can shoot in the head and throw it if you have no guns left bump into him get hit on purpose and he will drop the backpack don't use a flashbang alone takes a hit he will drop it and then pick up the backpack not the hit inside it's the flamethrower and from now on no more pistols only backpack weapons this horde has two armored guys coming through the front door and that police officer if not you kill none of the three nothing happens once you kill one of them two more The guys in armor are going to come in through the back door and things are going to start getting crazy so I can walk through here.
In fact, I was testing that. red tank but unless you take out one of the three they won't keep spawning and you'll see here in a minute basically with the flamethrower you shoot the ground like you set it on fire and shoot up and down and that's the reason. the guys didn't spawn the guy was actually alive I thought he might have been dead and now two guys are coming out the back and now we're in trouble we've got armored guys all over the place and I don't know what to do so basically use the flamethrower and try to group them all. so you're hitting multiple enemies with these flames so i lured them all into that corner there and just don't hold it down because you don't want to waste too much and i kind of blow and in that crowd there's going to be another guy with a backpack and he's got a rocket and the rocket is going to be used as a last effort if you can save the rocket as long as possible you will have a better chance to complete it and it is really hard to keep the rocket all the time but if you get it last you are pretty good, so the horde of 40 to 50 are armored zombies mixed with these poisons and they come in pairs of two from the opposite side. sides and as you can see you constantly get stuck and stuck in traffic we have a l little pack on the ground that we dropped earlier and whenever you have them try to save them as long as possible because it's important to use them towards the end and just i put all the guys aside if i could and then if you get hit a bunch of guys will harass you so you can quickly spin and use the flamethrower and i really wanted to take out all these guys using just the flamethrower because the next part is still more difficult and here you can see the importance of not just using a single blue herb and using a triple mix.
I have this armor so it doesn't take as much damage and then I don't get poisoned by those guys and from 4250 it's a good time to go full that one and right here. ran out of flamethrowers but we may have overlooked that there is actually another backpack that blew up when we took out that red tank and inside is another sparkle shot thank goodness it gives us the ability to take down seven enemies we could have grabbed before and possibly not taking as much damage for only a couple of enemies left and we don't want to use the rocket so we'll take them out with the spark shot and I like to have at least four spark shots left by the time I get to the end of the number or the early 50s because there are a lot of white guys that are going to show up.
I think they're called paleheads and they're annoying, so let's eliminate the last two. You can calm down and relax when there are only two left. again it resets when you hit 50 and 50 as it doesn't give you much of a pause. The first guy walks in through the front door. I shot him and hopefully that girl ain't getting you watch out there's a guy to the right there's a guy to the right and then he turns and then he pulls out the tank to get that other food out and I wasted a spark shot in there and it hit me now that the tank really saved us and that flash grenade really saved us completely we would have been dead with that stun lock thing so using the ultimate triple health in the game that will give us good armor and protection against poisons make sure to save your ammo for zombies with backpacks backpacks are the most important thing at this point in the game this guy has an upgraded shotgun with eight bullets and one green grass and one blue grass using flintlock was risky but i got it out just in time if you get hit while hitting them and it doesn't complete you lose it and it's annoying there was a flashbang that went off there so these guys are in a daze so i calmed down took a deep breath and instead of going into panic i pulled out the shotgun because those white guys you can kill them with one shotgun blast sometimes it takes two to the head if they fall down they're usually dead and then i tried to escape there as best i could and now we're in what i like to call a panic there's purple guys everywhere we're freaking out calm down take a deep breath that's number one t calm down and try to get everyone in one section now that you're all on one side from the place which is cool and now I can slowly take them out one by one he wants to max out each weapon so that every shotgun shot should take out a zombie's head and if you miss it kinda sucks because I was capped and basically right here I don't want to shoot the poisonous types although I have protection that's what I always forget now I remember oh wait you are I already have protection to use the full help.
Now you can get closer. Okay, so one of the reasons I'm not shooting here is because there are backpackers running around and we have to take out the backpackers with our guns to get there. more weapons and its very important not to waste them on just normal guys and right here we are in an emergency at the end of the 9th base loaded we have to do something to win this game so let's shoot a rocket into the crowd after try a shotgun and there are actually nine zombies in that hallway, so that rocket wassuperEfficient, eliminated nine.
I would have liked to save it for later, but we had to use it then and now we can pick up the items in the backpack which will give us a flamethrower and an Uzi which will really take us. to the next level so now we're at 70 to 70 cube heads will start coming out of each corner and it's going to be a mix of zombies you can see that guy coming out front in the back we have this red case so let's take advantage of it if you they hit remember it's strategic and he drops it so now he's in a good spot we can take out one of those white guys and those will be the hardest to kill so that's what we want to use those lit explosives if we can now that any semblance of a tour is basically dead right now we're just fighting to survive there are guys everywhere there are guys in armor there are poison guys there are pale heads there's another backpack and this one has a green grass that can catch us out of harm's way too it's got another Suzie and a blue one and once you see that backpack you know what you've got to get that backpack and that's why I started jumping right into that place it was dangerous I had to do it because we need that backpack and it looks like I'm out of health, so the rocket is our last chance to get there.
I draw people as close as possible and right before they hit me. I shoot straight into the ground. It seems that he does a good job of defense and now we will be. out of harm's way which is good and we're going to have to use the ease we're going to use to take down some enemies here in a minute and now the pale heads will start to spawn in different areas like one by one maybe two at a time the time. a time but slow and you can take them down with the easy ones and just go door to door and check each door for another spawn and take your time and here is the key you need ammo here because you have to get 286 for the game to continue if you're at 84 and you run out of ammo and ca Don't kill one of those guys that run around the game, I just mean you'll be running in circles forever, no one will ever come out the door again, so you have to get to 86, make sure you don't miss. with the Uzis make sure you have ammo and make sure you kill them and then remember once you get to 86 which will happen when one of these guys dies a bunch of zombies will start spawning and you'll run out of ammo two backpacks left, they are essential to complete this and you really need them so remove all the pale heads and now that the pale heads are gone it looks like one is still alive i am running in circles like praying for her backpack and when i see the pale head, i decided to take him out because i think he might be the key to the backpacks so just run run run run dodge avoid now remember backpack guys you don't have to shoot them. you don't need ammo to shoot them but you have to make sure they actually spawn so you may need to take out a few people and thank goodness this penultimate one is red and green and blends in with the blue.
He gave me a full hello so instead of wasting precious ammo I let the guy hit me so he would drop the backpack so he could combine it all and now for the grand finale we have full health we have armor and we have 10 to go, there will be some of these red pack guys you saw me shoot one there which was cool so we took out a couple of enemies with that there will be another red pack guy right there so I'm trying to lure the enemies remember Come on haters come on crazy haters and like I said they're beating us up here just so we can get that guy in the red pack here where is he?
Oh my gosh, and then the final backpack that this one has. a seven shot flintlock shot and it has enough to destroy all enemies. In fact we care about this more than anything and that's why I get hit by this red guy and then just wait, wait, wait, wait. there are only three guys left and now calm down take a deep breath if your pale head is spinning get him out first if you can because he will catch up with you these guys are slow and won't catch up with you if they are far enough apart and now i'm basically in a panic right now and you're going to see me miss some shots which is crazy but there's only two now there's 1 stay away in case the poison probably can't kill you. but i don't know and take out the final enemies with a flintlock shot and be glad you did it now if you've done it with 60 or less bullets you get those cat


if you've done it just to do it yourself i can say you've done this challenging mode because it's challenging nonetheless and omg that was a crazy video it wasn't like a normal hike it was like a total panic and explaining some things hope the initial tips helped you and then some tips on the middle.
The guys completed it so thanks for watching and I hope I never do a video tutorial like this again. Thanks for watching this video. It was a kind of experiment. I want to know if it helped you and as always don't forget to like and subscribe

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