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Releasing Baby Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka

Mar 19, 2020
I'm back, but I'm being stalked by the Turk, the man who's not quite there, who lives on the beach I left this morning to lobster dive, anyway, I'm back, he told me to be here at 5: 30 I think I'm a little early it's about five hello doggie hey how are you doing I'm back how are you doing you're right fine fine ok how are you he is my wife your wife you all you can be this guy came back this morning Leah Howard I'm fine how are you? Do you know about Norway? What is your name Nisha?
releasing baby sea turtles in sri lanka
Pleased to meet you. We do this instead of the healthiest way. What was your name again? I asked you yesterday and illunga yes yes I don't know it's up to him he's the boss so you're the boss Wow you said yes yesterday when you weren't here he told me he's the boss so he lied to me because this he is the real boss. he's ok, it's up to you, so how many you want to cast, it's completely up to you, ok, but you also speak very good English. Who are you? I'm great. She will be translating.
releasing baby sea turtles in sri lanka

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releasing baby sea turtles in sri lanka...

Yes, that's fine. You have two daughters. conservation yes then you'll still work for four that's great a turtle nurse oh sorry turtle hospital but it would be just the language i did yes and i lifted i lifted this turtle and he got really mad at me i think it was this one but one leg never got the piece of furniture, yes, what was this? This hole just to call it that. You see the camera. Here we go. I didn't feed him I thought he came here he is so happy today I think he likes me I like how when his daughter and wife are here everything is a little tighter they are very you know this way and that way it's fun we need 10 can we choose a big one? no he wasn't here doing I see can I take one up it has to be small yeah but it won't go to the ocean we have today we release the little ones yeah the little ones ok come here this It's your lucky day, it's ten, yes, no, it doesn't matter, it's fine and you said I yesterday you released a thousand only only one will turn 30 thousand babies will return to the ocean or survived nine hundred is a massacre is a genocide 999 pretty good I didn't even have God did idea well I had no idea before you told me yesterday that sharks eat


releasing baby sea turtles in sri lanka
I had no idea you released them there so this is where they laid the eggs here yesterday Mrs Turtle Lane here how many eggs did you get out of here? 9 97 97 and put them in the same area this is the place ok can i record at the same time just put them here one by one and bring it down are you going to help me are you ready for this i think this is the one the lucky one is going to have 30 years old sure doesn't look very excited ut liberty come on help me here so we get them at the same time it's a race well look this one made a kill roll okay help me b3 tomorrow you see this color looked like the one we took yesterday yeah and put it's him , it's the same one that's awesome so they're just chillin' there in the other semi in the tank.
releasing baby sea turtles in sri lanka
You can build a tank. You can put it in the tank. to say goodbye to this one, this is the one we dug up yesterday. I can see by the color of his shell. It is much clearer than the others. you don't listen to my instructions over here there we go oh no over there dude can you hear i didn't think you had access since hey dude the ocean is over there oh the first one is on go on go on go on i think we have a straggler here who really needs come on come on with your friends how many do you think will survive t One night, one night, how many will survive?
They go alone, but you, Tamara, can give it to anyone, but there are so many babies that he has a better chance of surviving when he is alone. if he leaves I think these guys here are going the wrong way they have no chance let's go friend here we go even though he's sleeping his eyes are closed very lazy I'll give you 24 hours little one less than 24 hours he's going to make him expire there, let's go let's see if he wakes up when it's oh no this one really looks like he will i mean he wasn't moving when he was there and even now in the water he's coming to life he doesn't want to swim in. all they see some of them out there i think he made it he's out there this dog tried to eat one of them too but he got a progressive hit on the head naughty little dog he can't eat the


yes he likes to eat his mah little dog bad here's one of these they dig up the eggs they can watch him dig here whoa stay away from there oh the dog got him eggs there how does he know if he smells the eggs somehow so he's living here alone feasting on the eggs turtle?
Put him away when you see him. Do you do something to them? Do you try to kill them or not? Anyway, it's normal. He is a normal animal that kills other animals. That is nature. turtles i like you puppy come here i will give you a reward pat on the head for being a turtle advocate good puppy i am a gentleman the advocate of sea turtles thats right protect and serve the


, oh yeah, hey, what are you? angry why are you angry as soon as soon as i knighted him he threw a tantrum yes he took his uh he took his knighthood a little too seriously too fast amazing he stays here at night fighting an illicit no good i eat him i like the dog are you c looking for what is that if they're gone they're going for a swim i'm so happy i hope they survive now it's time to eat stay there oh no what's going on here very naughty i know what you're trying to do i see what he's doing can I keep hand feeding yeah he comes here come on come on come on how many can you eat Spike?
You know, tomorrow every five turn the pillow, a pity, no, all of them. I'll cut Duggan in half. very strong bite yes he bit your finger before we have to be careful lemme see what about this sam um hey beautiful see you want it. a little more I'm going to do it right this time well he got it anyway Hey look that's another one is that for you every country me Norway Norway says missed at school your mom told me there was a school here from Norway yes there come on we did good you didn't like it five days you put them all here when they eat so all these come back after pete come here don't take your finger off me there we go it's great so this whole house how many people are staying inside what six people is too small you have to do you have to build a bigger house up here you need money okay I'll help you put something together for you who's the boss who wants money you're you okay here you have two hundred thousand spend it well take care of the turtles and expand the house dinner tomorrow tomorrow I'm not sure I'm here tomorrow maybe lunch lunch I like what you're cooking chicken chicken chicken and rice okay hon awesome can't wait okay see you tomorrow she doesn't believe me she think i'm being sarcastic it's the first real performance to understand sarcasm that wasn't sarcasm i'm excited ok i run what time like 12 or 12:30 ok 12:30 great i look forward to it look forward to it, see you later, bye, guys.
Motel is right here 18 faces we know, we know them, they're not for us and I know it. It's ok for you too see you tomorrow so at 12:30 yes ok thanks for showing me ok I can walk I'm a young man hey why are you laughing ok let's ask how old do you think I am how old do you think I am I am you say 29 what do you think 32 you said 20 you said 20 I like 20 well guess very well guess what about you and the last one is 25 you are all wrong I am 38 the same as you 8 3 8 82 38 I am 1981 81 yes, no , not married very young run by 30 you are young ok ok guys see you tomorrow looking forward to trying your food great I'll bring the Iraq Well, that was the sea turtle project.
Acid is cold. I'll show you guys to sign here. Well deserved. that address probably three minutes by rickshaw if you walk it's ten minutes I highly recommend you come and pay them a visit

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