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Red Bull Signature Series - The Mint 400 FULL TV EPISODE

Feb 27, 2020
welcome to the desert outside of las vegas nevada it is here in this no man's land of rock salt and silt where the unlimited class stunt trucks with their 850 horsepower and 36 inch


travel suspension will try to racing across this terrain at speeds of one hundred and forty miles per hour will do so under this desert sun and well into the dead of night in the quest to win what is known as the most prestigious off-road race in the United States, this is the


General Tire 400 you're watching Red Bull Signature Series hello everyone Sal Masekela this is your host at the Red Bull Signature Series and let me welcome you once again to that desert life beyond the synthetic limits of Las Vegas Nevada now throughout the week.
red bull signature series   the mint 400 full tv episode
I've really been celebrating this prestigious race that started in 1967 from downtown Las Vegas, but today is race day. There is a hostile landscape here in the Mojave desert. Africa has the car. Mexico, the Baja 1000, but really this is the great American. off-road race and it is by far the most challenging and brutal in these United States, we have four 100 mile laps on a truly stunning race course. Unlimited class machines for the ultimate test Bryce Menzies leading the charge as our returning 2013 champion, but his job on the podium will be tough. It's his 47th year, the green flag is ready to drop, so how about we contact leader P and Ricky Johnson?
red bull signature series   the mint 400 full tv episode

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red bull signature series the mint 400 full tv episode...

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this year. Let's take a look at the starting grid and in the unique position of starting solo. for top ranked Dale Don Dale, but on the second row are Bryce Menzies and Robby Gordon starting together what will be the ultimate matchup of the class one buggies Letner and Lofton. ar some of the guys starting towards the front of the field we want to get ahead of Don Dale starting first hope


y we get some clean air and then we just run our race and hopefully do what we did the last year consecutively. win in the mint 400 be great with a 57 trophy trucks it's amazing so looking forward to Dale the fastest qualifier you've got a couple of previous winners in Robby Gordon and Bryce Menzies right behind you are you confident you can keep them at bay?
red bull signature series   the mint 400 full tv episode
I am sure that we are like the rabbit. We have a pack of wolves behind us. Travis, have you exceeded your own expectations? Well, I never thought I'd have a 90-rated pitch. I'm looking behind me. I mean the field is so crowded. there's so many guys in this whole field this is good I feel like we're in a good area where hopefully I can keep my head to myself and we can go out there and have a really fun race having a drag race with Bryce and the Red trucks Bull can be fun let's see who has t Speed ​​now time for course overview speaking to us through this rough terrain it's Ricky Johnson good Lee about 20 miles south and Las Vegas Nevada is a place called Jean and from this description you can see there is a lot of different terrain you go up to the mountains and out in the flat deserts looking now towards the start line you see Dale Don Dale that black truck just after the start line we entered the fox crash test field these potholes are somewhere three, four and five feet deep from there we go to the quarry if there is a stadium section in desert racing here It's where the spectators can get close but not too close to keep them safe from there we go to the Rockets which is the dry lake bed some of the drivers going over a hundred and forty miles an hour depending on what vehicle they're in then it hits to the pits the first place drivers can get fuel, water and tires from there we enter Joshua Tree Highway it is very pictu resque and beautiful at this point but as a driver this part of this track is going to get rougher and rougher as the day progresses.
red bull signature series   the mint 400 full tv episode
From there we are at the southern end of the course, hole B, another place for a driver to get more tires. more fuel whatever you need at this point we are in what they call warp zones second dry lake bed or once again drivers are going over a hundred and forty miles an hour from the smooth dry lake bed Up to the huge whoops, the next section is called the thumpers drivers. about 120 miles an hour and Lee you have to stay on top of these whoops to keep up your speed we are ready to go in the unlimited class and the first as we mentioned earlier in Dale Don of having this unique and privileged starting position just by being the fastest qualifier and in this 400+ mile race that goes from day to dark what an advantage this Ricky has right now you can see he has a perfectly pristine course that the riders had a go at and varied eyes the tomorrow ing to look at the field to get a run to see what happens now you see Robby Gordon and Bryce Menzies face to face Bryce has the inside line on the first left turn but then Robbie has the right turn coming and that will put him on the inside, so let's see who comes out with the full shot, remember what Robby Gordon said a little earlier, we're going to see who has the speed and we're about to see it now.
The Menzies v Gordon contact well that's a typical Robby Gordon move right there hey Robin is race and Robbie knew Bryce was closer he wanted to get over that berm and now start throwing some dust and Bryce eyes and you can see this is key because the first mile of the course, Bryce is basically blindsided and there are so many rocks and so many hazards, as we can see here at the Fox crash test zone, it's very important to have Robbie Gordon as a cleaner. Bryce Menzies know how he's going to run this mint 400 straight off the sta rt each grid row releases about 30 seconds after the last and Menzies is on the attack now exactly you know what they say we go up and hit a guy that he's supposed to meet but robby gordon is actually a hare that a lot of those drivers don't like but now we see robbie pulling all these drama dramas for gordon evidently there's a problem i thought he might be getting out of the way because had a bump it looks like Robbie has a mechanical issue so there he goes the hare wasn't worth it this time and both lads were flying Justin Lofton off to a good start this is Tom Bevel Dosa and that just goes to show how tough these conditions are .
BJ Baldwin got off to a good start in his battle against Jason. Voss Travis Pastrana gets out of number 19 and you can see the spotlight in his eyes, but he has no idea what a beating he's in for out there. Bryce Menzies is on the prowl. He's chasing down race leader Dale Don Dale as we work hardcore industry. Bryce's youth section is not only busy with 500 passing balls and a scoring champion, but he's also the short-run champion of the off-road torque


, so this is probably one of the places where Bryce has a slight advantage over Dale.
Don Dale. This is the race leader. Don del and Ricky how hard it is to be chased to be the pace setter you've done it many times it's a fine line between aggression and patience here when you run a race like the mint 400 you have 400 miles to go think about everything here we are looking at justin lofton he is in a class one buggy and not a trick truck the buggies are a little bit lighter and you can see they have front and rear independent suspension so they are a little bit lighter More nimble, this is a great time for this truck and its crew, this is Josh Daniel in the 90s, this is the Beaufort frame and it's a great day. a turbocharged over a thousand horsepower unb Liftable on the straightaways ok yeah that was crazy not a great debut and I have to tell you that section when we ran previously that in the morning the drivers go about 30 to 40 miles an hour just doing a lap on the spot now Josh was probably going over 100 miles an hour and he went from tarmac to dirt missing his mark by 10 feet and going around in a big flip but it's great to hear that alright we switch keys and head to the front of the pack and doing over 125 miles an hour through the Rockets this is dialed up and L it goes wide open through the rockets and it's amazing and what The best thing you can do for the motor is to keep it wide open. as much gas as much air as possible and just try to keep that thing going because they're like big parachutes with these giant tires so it's not like you're really going to suck up somebody's eraser and as you can see that eraser is full of dust, the top four competitors are closing in fast. the first of two pit areas known as PA and pit B and there's a good battle going on between Justin Lofton and this guy here Harley Letner on board with Steve Allah I guess it was a move on Jesse Jones Jesse Jones might be having a problem or just saving his team for later in the race because all these guys are studs but Steve and Larry don't pass you the entire August roster without having a little trouble or holding back look at the impact of that dust and it's just lap one of four that is fast approaching. halfway through this first lap and Dale Don Dale is still leading the way over Menzies Lofton and letna the best of the class one machines and Andy McMillan in the top five here is race leader Dale Don Dell and you can see the hound dog back there looking, here's Dale running a very smooth run because he realizes that Bryce has to go through the dust so he doesn't want to go crazy.
Terry tires out a mate who has some kind of problem but here we see a car from before that got stuck on track k so they have to swerve and go around so this is the part where you have to be very careful this not a good saying for bryce menzies that huge rock in the road i think its the culprit thats what bit into the driveshaft of bryce bizzy truck and ii macmillan co-driver brady thompson rickey shares his opinion on that here we can see Bryce trying to help Pete do as much as he can. it's below and it's to blame that giant rock right in the middle of the trail last year's mint 400 winner and second place so far this is severely dented Bryce Menzies chances of defending his title look at the size of that rock now we're going in through first time warp zone race leader Dale Don del and reaching speeds of one hundred and forty miles per hour Ricky only someone like you can tell us what that's like when you looked to your left and saw you have a box of sequential changes. it's in its fifth year wide open but these trucks aren't built to go that fast right there we're seeing it go up to 138 139 but it floats around Lee even though it's on a dry lake bed it has lots of space these things want go left and right you have to work hard just to go straight and the guys are very happy with the speeds they were hitting Justin Lofton is not far behind now after Bryce Menzies has been dropped side for the moment Delvin them' Obviously, I got the info from your well that Bryce is down, but does it change the strategy at all?
We see Dale going through these whoops probably around 100 110 miles an hour these things are over 4 feet tall and you just have to look beyond the horizon because if you try to focus too close to the front of your truck you're going to end up crashing , see that the suspension is just a job that someone else had repaired today. Robby Gordon, well, the transmission failure ended things early for Robby Gord. in but man that start of the race was pretty epic take us through those early moments because you turn an entry into separate lanes you're clear go go go go go go go we weren't quite clear we took the line and we could. to break free unfortunately breaking is exactly what we did at about 4 miles and we're looking for some decent size hoops and we just went to neutral so I don't really know if it's the transmission or the flex plate but it's definitely not spinning from the back of stream tough day for robby gordon thank you one more testament to how tough this event is ricky even a former winner like robby gordon can get bitten early here we are seeing bryce menzies back on the road and rolling only what they are telling you right now is the next hole.
I need a tire on the frame. Give me another driveshaft because on the mint 400 anything can happen. I saw him a little bit earlier he was in fifth but he's making progress on the front runners a former mint 400 winner this is our race leader Don Dale on the mic Don del tells the drivers they have a bar broken sway bar not a broken left front caliper so y'all able to remove that sway bar it will make the truck wobble a little in the high speed stuff but it's going to make it a lot better it's for the man who has driven from the stop so far this is holly letnarainey thompson tells his driver anger for milling to start the only one in front of him Dale Don Dale drives absolutely perfectly now that he's had his front sway bar removed so the truck will actually perform better here because it will turn and pivot more here we see Andy McMillan doing a spectacular job he has probably had the cleanest races so far and is about two minutes behind race leader Don Dale this is Harley Letner very much on the hunt we see Lettner in a buggy class one, they are slightly different than stunt trucks. probably about almost a thousand pounds more you can see here here is BJ Baldwin they are a little slower when it comes to the strict technical stuff but they have amazing suspension and can take a beating a little better than class 1 cars.
Big year for BJ Baldwin after kicking things off in January competing in the Dakar Rally on board with Jason's boss and out. Of course, let's take a look at where we found ourselves around mile 34 on the second lap. Dale Don Dale continues to lead a bit further down the order though Pat Dean Justin Davis in sixth and seventh ahead of the tar boat now although they are ahead there. in the corrected time physically behind him on the racetrack explains that for us ricky when you get your qualifying position that sets your time so there could be when you were looking at the leaderboards we might see somebody ahead of someone in time, but they're actually physically behind them, so you get that time back.
This is a race against time, not just competitors. This is Tavo, the Mexican driver, and he's putting in a pretty decent effort. Pat Dean in class one machine. e and he are being chased by Justin Davis both drivers enter the scene and here we see Tavo getting a new spare tire Pat Dean passing and here we see Justin Davis entering this breaks your heart you work so hard to get ahead someone and then he drives past you in the hole 3:13 ok you can see the sound of paddy right right just to make us sweat behind we filled everything in and the picture right now there is confirmation yeah we passed our bow in the hole this is giving it Macmillan really hunting down race leader Dale Don a big blow to our leader Dale Don Dale said it was a header or something popped out of the engine here we see Andy McMillan charging let me tell you how excited they are . feeling at the time because you work so hard chasing someone's dust and now you're the number one stunt truck on the track it's an amazing feeling what a sight for the man who led from the start up to this point in the race it's all over the place seems to be for Dale Don of the l Look at that, the frustration and heartbreak but I gotta give it to this guy he's a privateer build the race trucks and go out and beat the best of the best and qualify up front and lead the Mint 400 is something to be proud of. even though he is on the sidelines heartbroken he was still the fastest guy on the track this is drama for Holly first in del and now leaving the two guys who have been in the top three for almost all of this race, the same thing you hear. engine you've got the engine flickering you hear the engine pop and that's what happens when we cross these dry lake beds the boys go 140 miles an hour wide open it's as fast as these trucks and buggies so sometimes one little thing and the next you know you're on the sidelines it was BJ Baldwin blinking for letna to move up to second place and another stranded leader let's leave the track let's go Sal Masekela Sal now there's not much I can say about this next competitor you don't Ya I know he's the most popular action sports athlete on the planet, a living motocross legend and Supercross champion, ten-time X Games gold medalist, rallycross driver, NASCAR driver, Nitro Circus driver, TV movie star. , author, husband and recently father. gentlemen mr. 199 travis pastrana the motivation for coming to the mint 400 was just to get an off road race i mean it fit my schedule perfectly and i wanted to sign up let's go out let's have some fun any red blooded man would love to have a ride in a truck of trophy a future a trophy truck would be like that's heaven you know this is the best thing i've ever seen and i'm definitely excited to step into this whole realm this is something i've really been looking forward to doing since i was a kid and the results will blow you away they will say with anything if you can do a race or continue it for the future but i feel very comfortable in the car or truck i guess right away so i am very excited if both of you have a clean day i think we will be in between the top 5 and I see him in the fight to win this and the first lap or for him and I really need to get out there and click together because it will probably take us a lap half lap before we e that we're on the same page we'll see where we are at that point and and and you're going to get nervous and from there they don't start pushing then he'll know the course we'll see where we can end up for me this mint is a great springboard into what I hope to be a race in off road racing new race leader annie mcmillan if you're just getting hot Dale Don Dale led most of the way and unfortunately had mechanical issues this is Las Vegas native BJ Baldwin chasing McMillan does he have a chance?
Ricky well BJ is in a great position because at the moment he can only run you can see he has clear air here we see it Gary why Rick runs really really hard but BJ has a chance to catch Anna McNeill hole problems problems for Baldwin is declining speed and clear passage this is the third big contender we've seen come out of the race in the last 15-20 miles he's talking about problems Thabo has had a lot of them what's the story here with vildosola good in a situation like this he he's limping he's not going to be on us i've seen him go out of the way for voss and a couple of different guys so do the right thing and make sure you don't hold up your competitors unlike other races where competitors get knocked out in between yeah it's the course that's taking these guys down one by one in Dane they do well top five Pat Dean has won almost every off road race in the world in class one and that is why he is so strong here in Nevada.
OWSLA finally got to the pin he needed. He has been patched up and freed after a troubled run. Bryce Menzies has also had problems. He finally made it. Bricen peed. He has the right mental attitude. He just has to keep pushing. This is the mint 400. A lot can happen here. It's unreal how hard this guy drives, he's trying to make up lost ground, we just mentioned a few moments ago that he struggled and limped back to the pits and he's giving it his all, the second generation Mexican driver he isn't. i dont limp anymore i love that family his dad Gus the Sun Tavo loves to run his travis pastrana doing a terrific job on his mid 400 debut and his teammate Bryce Menzies charging coming back blazing his way nobody knows this desert better than the local guys and one of them is Bryce Menzies Gary Wyrick through the section of track that Ricky told us earlier is called thumpers and it's pretty easy to see why now go away when you're running this he's over 100 miles an hour you can't just you look at a specific bridge jump you have to watch the horizon changing because these things are so technologically advanced that it's not just one thing that's going to get you, it's the horizon from one Wyrick to another which is Mark chasing brother Gary checking the table of qualifying at mile 93 at the end of lap 2 and andy macmillan leads the Wyrick brothers with Tavo chasing after him travis Pastrana is in the top five time to record Starting with Kelly as the leader rs pass through the pit area here near the start/finish line marks the end of lap two and the midpoint of this race we've already seen trouble for previous winners early on including Robby Gordon , who had a broken transmission Bryce Menzies, who suffered a flat tire and reports now that BJ Baldwin is out of power, but that opens the door for a new MIT 400 winner right now Andy McMillan leads the overall and unsurprisingly , with this classic, this historic event, the dropout rate is always high Anna McMillan running so hard Steve sir the office is waiting to get on the vehicle or right now Lee and he is doing a good job the only reason why What you take him out is if he doesn't feel right, what a throw from the pit area and Bryce Menzies is in it.
Look, they've got the window screens down. They have to nurture the drivers a bit. They need to put some new BF cheese on the back because it doesn't matter even if they look good. You're hitting the side shell so much that it's a little hard. It's for eating with a full face helmet, but I filled the truck up with gas and it's time to go to work and they've been working after getting knocked out of second place and going back to the day keeper of work that's the voice of god that Steve Menzies the owner of Menzies Motorsports he and his wife Terry are so dedicated to this whole racing program look at these monster 900 horsepower stunt trucks just hitting the desert they're going through the crash test field at Fox and let me tell you it's definitely doing its job there goes Mach Wyrick this is Tavo also catching up and coming back and doing a good job inside the top five.
He was down this course and there is no easy road in some races. I can cut left or right, as you can see the best way to do it is to hit right in the middle. Here we are looking at Travis Pastrana doing an amazing job. Travis is known as one of those guys that sometimes there are ladies. o correct records now he's looking for the chips the odds of him finishing the first of four laps here weren't great he wasn't really in his favor and he's proving the doubters wrong yes he is and he's doing a great job he has a great co - writer with him and he's playing very well my brothers the team they've put together has developed has grown has matured and has really done a good job in the last few years year after year they get faster and faster and smoother and smoother when you start whoa and as soon as I said this is Gary Warwick, who was in the top three, he's on his side, his brother Mark comes over, oh and he'll help you.
I was going to say you know you have to make sure you help. your brother out so what he's trying to do is push him back oh wait not yet hold the mark as a rep goes into hooks on the broom a little too fast he grabs the edge and pulls it now you have to realize it's a 39 inch tire so the berm is about 50 inches and mach's stuck look he's trying to back up and that thing's getting stuck yeah what's going on when you went to push gary ? He dug the rear tires a bit because he didn't want to go up and ram him because he doesn't know what's going on inside the vehicle, but they were probably in radio communication with each other and now the one with the biggest advantage is Tahoe, but back off, he's checking for make sure everyone is okay because now tahoe is stuck.
Unbelievable we've got about 1.5 million with the trucks stuck on the track this is the 2nd 3rd and 4th they've all stopped and now we've got rhinos from Yamaha getting these guys out and running like this that we now have Mark back on his way and Thabo on his way, but there will be some frustrated riders at this point and Ricky guesses who is closing fast on this group of three. It is the fifth place. Travis Pastrana. I'm so impressed with Travis right now. there are daggers all over here just trying to get you out on Travis running an amazing race great job dude just wipe to the left there and avoid still the wrong way Gary Wyrick and we saw Tavo just peel off and now he's starting to roll. this is Menzies get ready get ready get ready nyla wonder what the defending winner there was thinking huh now remember last time i saw this is the mint 400 you see everything here on a truck on his side you see it all the time and Andy McMillan is still around the lead in this third of four laps mark weyhrich and travis pastrana are starting to get close this is Menzies catching Pastrana he's in Pastrana's dust that's 900 horsepower and Pastrana just came down to the side of the track to let having his teammate team up right there and you know what for Travis that was the smart move because Bryce is coming in hard, he has to make up time and as long as he stays in Bryce's dust, he's going to beat him. all of those if you're just firing up Minzy started on the second row of the grid, he was running second in the rice before blowing a driveshaft after hitting a huge rock and coming back up to 40.
Travis Pastrana has been working steadily. his way along this is mark weyhrich you might be wondering why there is a stop sign he drives well they have to take note of every truckwhat happens in the sequence kind of, even though it's GPS tracked, you still need it on a stopwatch here we see Bryce Menzies down on the dry leg at this stage of the race. Lee Bryce has to take risks, he has to push the event. He can't wait for anything else. There is a lap and a half left to see the impact of the race. wind look how strong it is for spectators they hate it but for drivers as you can see you can get close to them because if it works in your favor blow the dust out of the way if you go into the wind sometimes it's the worst you can't look at everything look how close Tavo is to Pastrana and look how bad his truck is well read these are fiberglass bodies and that's why they are there so if something happens they don't peel and they don't become a danger to drivers if they do.
Just take off. Here we see Tavo catching up with Travis and Travis is also catching up with two buggies, so we have a race in the middle of the desert. This is brutal. Can you imagine how poor it is? visibility is there but it doesn't stop Tavo as he approaches travis pastrana right now he's got him in sight he's going to show up hit him like hey guess what im here time to get out of the way let me through and when. you're a driver and your drivers as hard as you can through the dust and someone catches you frustrating you right now Tavo doesn't want to let him go because then Travis is doing the same thing he doesn't want to he wants to go through those guys too so at this point Todd was kind of taking big risks. and he squeals because of Gustavo's incredible driving, what a move by the Mexican that was forceful now, he could think well, his navigator can't see anything, well, he doesn't need to see anything, he's looking at the GPS and warning him if he's on the right of the track or on the track and what's coming up in the big holes they marked earlier was a move for third this is the driver leading the race Andy McMillan and this is building up for a final lap quite a bit do you see this one playing Ricky in this moment?
Ana McMillan is in control but Mark Weyhrich is within 30 seconds but the guy moving is Rob Mac. He went from 13 to 8. Rob wasn't there for the first two laps so he's making his move It's McMillan the man all of Ody is chasing, including this guy Mark Weyhrich within 30 seconds of Andy McMillan. You might think it is a long way, but one floor normally takes around three minutes, but this superior man of Allah DOS Allah is in charge. Always lack of body work but not lack of speed at which the Mexican is flying is in third place now you are probably wondering who he is passing this is a multi-lap race so he is a driver who is probably a couple of laps behind , so Tavo is still on the go and he's also defending race winner Bryce Menzies it's been a long comeback test hard to believe they've changed a driveshaft along the way and now they're working their way back to sixth place travis pastrana having a phenomenal race dan macmillan is very very consistent very strong first time i have seen them on the leaderboards like tim herps and all the herps team great job guys and there is only one speed rob maccachren knows how go and that's resounding he's making good progress getting to an interesting phase of the day and the race Kelly is sitting lower in the sky the shadows are getting ever ez longer and track conditions and visibility continue to deteriorate, but now there are only 93 miles between these guys and a mid-400 finish, which for some of these riders is a victory in itself. update as we enter this final lap of the mint 400 and Andy McMillan is still in control with Wyrick and Tavo chasing them Dan McMillan is there and for those of you who have just joined us extreme athlete travis Pastrana in his debut performance here he is in the top five though this is his teammate Bryce Menzies the defending Mint 400 winner what Bryce has to do you really don't want to be in this kind of position he has to risk it all ya It's been beating the truck for 300 miles. now he is starting his last lap and on top of that we have to hope that his competition has a problem well speaking of having a problem that is without a doubt what happened to Rob MacCachren a few moments ago listen to this and now from Rome, the other pit pit is that The thing started going bad, it died in the pit area and we just changed the wires, the ignition and stuff, it finally started it up, but it didn't really work properly until here. he died there to stop going into the well then we can come here to turn on the light bar get some gas and he died again so keep changing things you gotta finish you know bring the truck ok lots of people really works.
Hard for the truck to get here and no matter what we don't want to quit so we'll figure it out go that's one of the things I love about Rob Mack he's a running back and running backs want to finish some guys if he doesn't They are doing. ok they pack it up and go home no Rob Mack second place taunt Wyrick can he do it? Can he catch Andy McMillan and what about Tavo? This has been one of the great stories of the mint 400 this year and we are talking about another McMillan however Dan McMillan has been on the mark all day without making a mistake but at this point Chuck Kobe has gotten behind the wheel and is driving that thing to the finish here we are looking at Tim Hertz running strong, another Las Vegas local from 38 to 5th and Travis Pastrana continues his strong run, time to listen to a Wyrick. who should really be in the race and challenge for that first place too Gary Wyrick started the third lap fighting for the lead but you can see by the truck behind me that things didn't end well Gary what happened just got stuck in a corner low speed a rut probably going literally 10 miles an hour and the truck just flipped real slow and where we did there was really no way it was going to flip so unfortunately all the oil drained out of the engine and the time I came back finished it was time to close for the day thank you thats the man who was dominated most of this rice Andy McMillan will go from the driver's perspective you can see the shadows are getting very long it is very bright the sun is going west when the drivers get into it they can't see it's hard for their eyeballs to adjust so they can't see the holes and they're trying to focus so they actually it's the worst sight right before Sol Goes Down in the most important phase of the race, Ricky, how much did Mark Weyhrich kick himself for stopping to help his brother or was it the right thing to do?
It's always the right thing to do, especially when you see a truck from the side, but now. As a racer he's thinking dammit bro I should have left you there talking about racing Travis Pastrana has a great life and career story and this is another chapter where what a day for the former two wheeler. He has done everything from supercross motocross to NASCAR. Global RallyCross and now he is close to completing his maiden mint 400 and in a very fine way, well Travis has done a phenomenal job all day and this is coming from a guy within his inner circle of friends giving him a hard time little while. for not staying focused, but he's done a great job keeping that truck on track.
I don't think I've had a consistent flat tire all day for McMillan at this point when you have a comfortable lead, not a crazy lead, but a comfortable lead how do you do it? build this he knows how to win this event he's done it before yeah but you're starting to think you start to hear gremlins in the engine I hear a vibration everything works fine you start to psych yourself up but Andy is one of those guys that won the Baja 1000 this is the mint 400, so he'll just keep doing what he's doing and let everyone else make a mistake. he's fatigued and now it's the most important phase of the race it's the hardest part of the race it's great for us to see it but it's hard for them to drive and Eve McMillan continues to lead what she's done for so long however second place mark weyhrich is slowly gaining time Ricky Mark is running very very strong the truck sounds good looks good he is doing everything right he is just kicking himself for stopping to check on his brother those of you are just turning on his brother Gary turned around the truck flipped it on its side at least and they were running in the top three and Mark pulled over to help his brother he got stuck and needed help and that cost him about two minutes in the grand scheme of things time wise let that last painting explained exactly what i'm talking about the sky is very bright your eyeballs dilate but the earth is very very dark here we are looking at travis pastrana we can see you have your rigid lights on but the front bar has gone down you must have run into someone bent their light bar a bit so you will have to flick your switches up and down to see what the best combined final lap of the Mint 400 this year.
We entered 57 stunt trucks, which was a record in history. and from this event over 100 unlimited class competitors took to the track today they took to the desert in what has been an amazing day Chuck will be doing an amazing job he is getting Ford to McMillan they have been doing great all day he is starting to move up on travis pastrana and the dust is still an impact add to that the light ricky was talking about fading light and this last one the final stages of this last lap much more complex travis pastrana makes it easy his way through the pit a and passed his red ball teammate some frustration from Bryce Menzies running so hard he went backwards forward forward now backwards here we are looking at Andy McMillan who has had a phenomenal day all day but even though you are the first driver in the corrected time this is a multi-lap race you have to run in a bit of dust which is frustrating for him because he knows that everyone is trying to catch up with him but right now he has to catch the buggy in front of him and get ahead and in th The background is a mock Wyrick making up ground all the time at McMillan Mark has done an amazing job making up all the ground that lost now we're watching Andy McMillan get in behind one of the buggies he gets close enough honk if you don't get off the road boom you hit them and then your co-driver tells you you have a line left and I did Andy screeches and you go this explains what i was talking about you can't see the outline of the ground because the sun is so bright you actually have your co-pilot telling you if you are to the right or left of the runway or if you keep going because now it will go up a we're looking at he's around 50 miles an hour he's running strong we show him first and second second and first this is coming to an exciting finish and possibly Wyrick's first time you can see race leader McMillan and you know what they say about one runner seeing another.
Racer is like a shark that smells blood, so it will push him. t truck as hard as you can McMillon who has won this mint 400 before wants another one you know the old saying goes a long way when it comes to the mint 400 to finish first you have to finish first so you can go fast and do everything but if you break your team never mind still 20 miles is a long way and the terrain is so rough but hats off to Weyhrich running very very hard and chasing down Anna McMillan for those of you who only do 94 mile laps each from day to dusk and finally into the night it's a long grind in the greatest American off road race there is and you can see now at night the wind isn't blowing as hard as before and with the lights it does even more more frustrating because in daylight you can look around the dust and get a good idea of ​​where you are and when you stray when you're at night and in the dust all you can see is where the Bema are on W arwick saying the whole truck is dead that's a heart break and what they have to do is turn everything off turn off all the lights turn off all the fans to try and get the truck running again that's one of the best things about these GoPro cameras, they can capture everything giving us a fly-on-the-wall view of what the cable jobs are going through and unfortunately for them, in all their frustration, race leader Andy McMillan has taken out his closest rival, Mark Weyhrich, and that's Tavo, who has run and played one. one of the best comeback stories of the day, he's been knocked down not just once but multiple times and he just won't lie down and neither will mr. thrill travis pastrana he's running amazing right now like i said before you're listening to all these gremlins in your truck you don't want to hit any rocks you don't want to make any big mistakes but aunty macmillan has done an amazing job steve sir the office is giving them a truck championship and is going to bring home the checkered flag won by Macmillan for the second time is a perfect 400 Victor fantastic from the start nodominoes had to go through some of the other competitors but he knows how this is and for the second time he experiences it well you feel a lot of things at the end of them drop rate this this length is fatigue one is I can't believe I made it to the finish line so just to end up like Rob Mack says is a great feeling but to have the day that Aunt Macmillan and Brady's SEC office had today was phenomenal and with that Andy McMillan takes our


red ball moment when Andy McMillan left The starting line today, he was focused and re ready to battle both the brutal Mint 400 racetrack and the stacked field of 57 trick trucks, how did he stay on the hunt all day and take home the win? teamwork preparation and patience and his co-driver Brady Thompson helped him navigate around obstacles and through thick blinding dust, his truck ran smoothly thanks to his crew and team owner Steve Serapis and when the competition faltered at At the end of the race, he remained patient and kept a steady pace all the way to the finish line.
Andy is a third-generation off-road racer and now a legend in the making who captures his second win and joins an elite racing group that has won the mint 400 overall more than once Andy McMillan gets Red Bull's


moment the one with Kelly Stavis Andy McMillan becomes the first repeat winner since the return of the mint 400 in 2008 and it's a bit of a comeback for you too after walking away from the sport last year you came back with a vengeance did you imagine that you would be on top of the capsule? ium you know that's something I've learned about off road racing is that it's so mysterious that anything can happen to anyone at any time even on the last lap just listen to the little clicks and the little ones know the nuances of the truck making sure that everything felt nice and tight and you know the wind was up all afternoon today so a couple of times you thought you had a flat tire because the truck is moving all over the place but I never thought in a million years ago i would come and come and win this race in such a crowded field with this kind of media presence and so much hype going into a race it's one of the greatest races that's one of my career and i'm so excited , even though it's only 400 miles in length, you say it's grueling like any thousand-mile off-road race, what was the biggest challenge for you today?
There are some times where we see guys you know behind us and in front of us and your instincts tell you to hit the gas and go and load it up and try to get away from the guys behind you, but I knew if I just kept the calm down you know i stayed off the rocks i kept it semi-conservative i just kept my pace all day towards the end of the race it will start to come back to us and that was it i mean i had my angels watching. from above you know some of my family and d I'm just thinking about him all the way to the finish line he means a lot to me thank you so much even though that Tardos truck didn't end up looking the way it started out it was an amazing Drive and travis pastrana. he finishes his first Mint 400 and you can only imagine what the reaction will be like and crossing the line next to the entry of Dan Macmillan Chuck Hobie but in corrected time we will get Pastrana he is with Kelly Stavis well what a race for Travis.
Pastrana you finished fourth beating over 50 table trophy truck drivers in the world, how was this race for you? Oh for me it was brutal I mean these beauties were amazing I didn't get a flat screen this excited for a while bibo and you know they expected the team of millions before I was anybody they were the ones that took me under his wing and they tried to kill me in Baja so I was definitely in, I thought I was third when I crossed the line and saw him shoot. it was like oh I beat my time but only top five for me and up is where all the losers say but top five for me as a winner I finished.
He was down to me by one round, twenty to one, so this is the best American. race and offroad race and for it to be our first truck trophy race that we finished I couldn't be happier I mean Tyler my co-driver did an amazing job I just want to thank all the Menzies and you know Red Bull BFG AMC and discount tire thanks guys for letting me because this is amazing like im on a spaceship all day gave you the bug the other one bothered you now keep going i always had the bug but i never know what it is give me a trophy truck they always thought that would shock him, so hopefully we get another shot at this today. to say amazing job champ here is the snapshot of the results McMillan vildosola McMillan and Chuck Harvey it's a long day at the farewell site of their south america's great desert race today delivered an amazing performance from all their men of iron and i can tell you just from my little hundreds of miles this morning that it is truly a test of endurance and fortitude one of the most brutal things i have ever done.
Thanks again for joining us today. I'll see you next time.

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