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Recreating Guy Fieri's Trash Can Nachos From Taste | Bon Appétit

Feb 27, 2020
Hi, I'm Rick and we're here in the test kitchen. I want to tell you a little bit about Chris Morocco, once again we're putting Chris' super flavor skills to the test and these are Guy Fieri's garbage


we're challenging. Chris, in order to replicate this exact dish and all the ingredients in just two days, we're going to let you


, touch and smell everything about this dish, but at no time will you be allowed to look at it at the end of the second day. I'll be back to test your final creation and I'll be the judge.
recreating guy fieri s trash can nachos from taste bon app tit
I can really smell the bandana. It's like the formaldehyde they put in it. the things coming at me at first i thought it smelled like corn and then i felt like it smelled like something fresh and crisp like when i get close to it i smell something like irby and as soon as i like to smell a thing i feel like like if it faded away and then turned into something e If I'm a little in awe and a little bit terrified by the magnitude of this this is like things get a little messy okay so we have raw onion like this it's like the vegetable he was smelling. intensely but it


s like cabbage stalk but it's like a very particularly sour cabbage that tasted like a little bit of raw tomato I have a tomato sauce taste because I think I just had a piece of chopped onion that had been sitting in the sauce unlike of the raw onion that was sliced ​​very thinly more or less with the grain there we're going to call that raw jalapeno it has that juicy green pepper look oh ok I get this it drives me a little crazy when there's like all these things just stacked on top of each other that looked like a bean it's beautifully seasoned it's creamy on the inside it's not mealy it's not mushy it's just a really lovely set so whoever cooked this you know I have to say it's amazing oh my and so this thing that tastes like sausage is not very spicy it would make sense that it would be some kind of chorizo ​​wait it was like another one was there ok so we have like a big bean and then possibly a small bean also this very clearly to me feels like it had to be the corn situation I was testing even that feels very clearly like a toasted corn chip there is something creamy there I would expect it to be Mexican crema which was cheese and my working assumption is that that was cotija cheese, which is like it had this squeaky crack in the mouth, kind of a texture, that was cilantro, but I feel like it had a very bitter stem to it, something that made me think it was cabbage, This is what is tripping me up. just in that last bite i finally realized maybe there's a little bit of melted cheese in these fries everywhere i go there's like mush you know this is like it's becoming a bit of a problem the sheer amount of moisture ss i feel that there has to be some kind of cheese sauce going on and at first it seemed like they were being like a cream thing but now I just like the sheer volume of this and the fact that this kind of tower feels like it was built out of the oven and never seen heat in the oven at all the question is what cheese is this in the cheese y'all just couldn't help it huh I have to say this is absolutely delicious ran out of top but I love it .
recreating guy fieri s trash can nachos from taste bon app tit

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recreating guy fieri s trash can nachos from taste bon app tit...

I pulled a flap out of what looked like a sausage casing, but I really don't think that's it. Now I think there's just some bits of connective tissue and fat that kind of heal a little bit in a way that made me feel like sausage casing, but here we have a whole muscle. I'm going to bet it's pork belly and now I need to figure out how this thing came to be. I honestly have no idea who would have created this dish, it would be hil I wish it was a Guy Fieri recipe. I just need to get my ingredient list together.
recreating guy fieri s trash can nachos from taste bon app tit
I started from the top. It had red onions with cilantro, but I'll put a white one in it for good measure. Pico mexican cream and then jalapeno. got a big little bian bean that so it's going to be a real buy a bunch of cheese and see what kind of vibe works and then there's the fries big fries pork belly we've got beer here in case you want to try an option with that cotija alright I'm going to go to the supermarket pick up these things and come back here and make my first pass in this mysterious tower nacho I'm going to go produce and work my way back through the store from there I'm going to grab some jalapeno, cilantro, limes, red onion, tomatoes, white onions, possibly with pork belly or baby beans, garlic cheese, this is always where things get tricky.
recreating guy fieri s trash can nachos from taste bon app tit
I'm looking for Oaxaca cheese as a starting point. I'm really sure I'm missing part of the cheese section ok so cotija ques or Oaxaca which is like our kind of shredded almost like mozzarella a lot like melted cheese then cotija that's the crumbly cheese which was there, regular jack cheese for good measure, so we have to get our pork belly. Could I have two of these pig peas? -tummy here so we're going to get some sour cream, we're going to check out the other cheese case, the one they don't want you to know about, this is just another Monterey Jack sour cream, not Mexican cream though.
I'm going to take this regular sour cream. I'm going to loosen it up with just a touch of water, maybe add a pinch of salt, and actually go pretty close to the third section of cheese if life were that simple. We have a blend of Sharp cheddar Colby and Monterey Jack Jesus Fiesta blend Mexican blends Monterey Jack Sharp cheddar white cheese and Asadero cheese I have never heard of Asadero cheese I feel like we are entering dangerous territory here you know I am getting one of each of these I'm going to get a couple of sha rp cheddar we're going to go with that and then we need chips and beans.
I'm going to buy a couple bags of this this is just Mexican oregano ok so we're on a search for potato chips ok I'm going to buy a couple bags this size party that definitely felt like a party that has to get back in the kitchen and start cooking I just got back from the supermarket we're about to open this wide open I'm going to get this going so hopefully we can finish them on time today, after that it will be the pork belly and then the rest. I feel like they're like details, so yeah, beans.
I'm going to throw in a couple white onion halves here. I'm just going to add a little garlic. a pinch of salt a pinch of oregano I just want to start adding flavor to well-done beans, so now the much more serious matter of pork belly. I'm only going to do a small amount of this. I'm going to remove the skin because I don't think I was getting skin off those pieces, I'm going to cut it into 1/2 to 3/4 pieces for the belly, I'm just making a batch that's just going to beat the water and a batch that it's going to be beer, it's kind of an assumption.
I'm just trying to inhabit the mind of the creator of this recipe. I'd say I'm 89% sure the meat in question is in fact pork belly, it's something I'm very comfortable with. tossing around a little bit I'm going to do a slice of onion in each I'm going to do a couple cloves of garlic in each I might do a very light brown jalapeno piece here keeping the fat back so we can make a light toast in our aromatics. I'm going to drop a flavor packet in each one, a cup of liquid in each one that leads to the return and I'm going to let this simmer a little bit so we're making the cheese sauce that's going to top the situation of the


I feel very good mainly based on my previous ex. experience I mean you could do a whole show that was like guessing that cheese so we have some sharp cheddar Jack has our Oaxaca I'm going to start with these cheeses I'm going to take a tablespoon of butter to melt it , so this is going to be our room, it's going to turn into béchamel once I put the milk in there, the milk will essentially turn into something like I think technically it's like a Mornay sauce, you know, but this will go down a lot in the milk and it's going to be very heavy you know relatively heavy on cheese flour hotels and see if that gives me enough richness a little bit of Oaxaca and the cheddar the cheddar is there for flavor but I just hope that don't mess up the texture of this sauce which was actually like a pretty decent cheese consistency, it's a bit strong.
I feel like I'm going to loosen this up a bit and then hold it down before I work on the rest. Let's try some beams. I'm going to slow this down let these hang here you're checking out the belly this is the belly that was cooked with just water texture wise we're not that far off it hasn't even been that long I just want to taste it of this one that was cooked with the beer I don't think I'd like it but I want to make sure I go with the water, the flavors are milder but still very full right now.
I feel the lowest degree of confidence. I thank you as I have never experienced it. show feel good about the pork belly don't feel good about anything else now we're at this stage where i need to do the Pico the most standard thing is onion and tomato lime and salt we've got our big stupid frankly weirdly thick jalapeno rounds going right there so we got a couple other tip options because the chip I felt in my hand was like this you had a rounded edge and then sharp corners this clearly to me looks like it has to be the corn situation I was testing I use them at home, so good for the nachos that we need to make our cream.
I'm just taking regular sour cream. I added a splash of water to a pinch of salt and that will basically be about the consistency of Mexican crema. I feel good about this yeah the latest is red onion now us. I'm flying now alright so I'm going to throw my beans I'm going to throw my pork these things are going to be you know they need to be drained a bit before using obviously but I feel great about it it will be like a game of drinking like every time I take out a spoon, you drink no matter if it's good or bad, this tastes very good, it's good.
I'm going to round up some big spoons and then we'll fix this. Some of our cooked black beans were drained. I already have little cheese and that is not good, some cotija, this is our cream that goes on top, okay, so this is the first pass that I am going to do on this. I'm going to get rid of all this other stuff. a few things for tomorrow and then we can dive in and take it apart in a second thu The first general aspect of this just seems dry to me it just doesn't seem like there's enough sauce there doesn't seem like there's enough liquid it's making me happy it's not really ingredients I'm going to give myself the 72% I feel like I really like the right players here but yeah something feels off you know pork belly tastes great I feel so validated by the pork belly technique oh my gosh seventy percent feel like there could easily be a different technique on pork belly.
I think there could be a different technique for the way this dish is being built. I feel like I came out this way where I would come out with the nachos and I don't know if this is playing by the nachos rules. Appearance wise, I'd say "maybe around that 70% mark, you know, I feel like I'm in solid c-minus territory here, that's definitely not my sweet spot, I feel like until I have a better understanding of the interplay of the cheeses with the chips and how much of the beans themselves and how much of the liquid being is ending up in this thing which is really a puzzle to me flavor i'm going to have a tea for the overall taste of things together is working and it's kind of close there's a lot I have to think about tonight and I'm going to pay even more attention to tomorrow morning I need to sleep on this I need to get into a new perspective I need to try the dish first I think i know what to look for now closer before i do one of these for rick mm wow it's further in than i remember ok we have a high rise situation here i mean it's kind of stacked it's so evenly cylindrical that i makes you feel like it was plated inside a mold so i worked my way down from the top oh why has this been so hard it's like i probably should have expected this would be here but that's just a piece of radish sometimes you really have to stop and think about what you're tasting as opposed to what you expect to taste i felt like i tasted a piece of cheese i didn't taste yesterday there was shredded cheese in yesterday's and you guys just didn't tell me about it.
I'll take your silence as a yes, so there's our jalapeno. I definitely feel good with the beak I definitely feel good with the onion although I don't know about its color another piece of pork here with the pork I'm knowing more like a dried chili flavor might do it like this a little bit of a hail mary and just use a little bit of chili powder or something here is a philosophical question about this program is there a specific tool that you guys are using to shape this thing that i should have access to? just make like a paper tube or something yeah it just makes me rethink how this whole thing should be put together rethink the case so a little tweak on the pork belly i think i'm pretty good to go here great , Let's do it, how I'm doing so far, I'm doing well. uh-huh, you know, I think this one is really hard because with so much going on, there's so much thatthey are fine, they have given you a life preserver that I would name, is this a number?
What number should not panic? I'm just giving the message that this is what they used as the mold with the lid on the bottom, yeah removing obviously everything they took out, what can you do about this? I used yesterday's beans first because even if I don't agree with one ingredient or the overall taste of the texture, you know, I think they're totally fine and this is our pork belly. I'm just removing the skin again. I'm doubling up on the pancetta pots a little full I want it to sit very tight on itself when it's seared I just want a little bit of fat to remain we're not going for crispy crunch here we're just looking for a little bit of fat to leave so it's not a big deal alright it'll be good as soon as it's a little toasty I'm just going to hit it with some chili powder put a little water in there and braise it so I'm just going to do the Pico it's time to talk about cheese, the cheese I made yesterday I thought was very good, I just don't think it was the right thing to do.
I'm frankly worried about getting the tower up. I guess I'll make enough of everything to make two towers, which means plenty of cheese. in case I have an accident I want to make a mild orange cheddar blend to get a little orange so this is the world I'm going to work on four four cheeses so it's Oaxaca Monterey Jack and soft orange cheddar cheese so yeah let's get the butter in the pot spoonful of flour rick is the key so that's like that p the art of that french influence or that came from more like a tex-mex kinda like late yes gesso it's never just like a cheese roux it's always spicy sometimes it's like dried chiles on cement it's got fresh chiles it sure is great just what i needed to hear thanks yesterday i think i used 3/4 cup milk i'm going to add an extra half cup you know what?
I'm going to make more I'm going to make like 2 cups because the cheese is going to be really tight this I can always thicken it up more if we really need it but I need a lot of this stuff so I'll just check our belly here you should be a pretty good stomach definitely give me more than him like light smoky chili something i felt i was savoring feeling strong very strongly in favor of this guess so its here now i would say its a little thin and yet i know its nice to be drizzled on the fries and its not freezing in a way that, as you know, like a super cheese and case full, there's a simple fact that a cheese tends not to have tons of strong cheese flavor.
Listen to me. I don't know what to call it. I don't know who I am anymore so the plan is to put one of these together right now because I want a chance to build the tower on the 10 can before I have to because of Rick who said I don't feel the need to waste like my pork belly because I don't have that much so I'm going to use as the plaster the ingredients of the fries whatever I build see how it works see how it all tastes and then I'm going to make another one for Rick alright so kochiya sour cream got my cheese here i got my radishes cilantro onion slices and that's jalapeno so we have our beans ready pork belly basically done i feel good about the cheese i would say ok so confidence is 85 percent right now.
Didn't feel great opening a number 10 chamber which is like how are eight smaller 14 half ounce cans worth thankfully our nuts hit again and these guys that's what I'm going to use as my mold ? I think the question is will this work? I feel like there's only one way for you to find out that I'm 68 percent sure this will work and get you on your feet. I mean, we'll see. There are some ridges on the can that I definitely don't love. There you have it. Jamie oliver madness nachos. like 85% here ingredients I'm going to say 84% I feel like there's definitely a difference with the cheese I think most of the right ingredients are here especially when the pork belly is in this I think it's going to be great I think technically I have an 82 % flavor, I can tell you a little, but I can't tell you everything about the layering technique.
I really don't know. I'm doing what makes sense to me. If that's wrong, you know. I mean 90% tastes I'm going to say 88% I think the balance of flavors is here I think that's a little jalapeño heavy I need to lighten it up with a little more cheese I think that's going to work overall that means I'm at 86 % honestly the fact that it's still standing I'm really glad I had a load test this thing inside the can I don't think I would have wanted to do that the first time for Rick so this is my last chance I need to redo all my ingredients because it actually took a lot more of everything to build this thing than I was realizing so yeah the last one comes in full cheese mode right now this stuff is a little more shredded than what I was using earlier there was one thing that was really bumming me out about the version i just put up it was just the cheese felt a bit greenish so im going to see if i can make a smoother one its pretty much the same as i did before but its a different brand Oaxaca cheese and I am using less cheddar cheese. using more Monterey Jack and more Oaxaca proportionally well, I hope that's all Well, we'll see.
I'm going to take another route. I don't know about this new Oaxaca. This sucks. I really liked the way this case from Oaxaca looked and tasted but I don't know if it's like too low moisture content it just doesn't want to melt well no big deal new cheese blends new attitude minor hiccup but got a different case from Oaxaca it's like higher moisture content very similar to what I had before just different brands this is kind of getting funky too but we'll see maybe this got too hot ok new plan taking the old cheese I'll reheat it and I'll put more stuff on it, oh my gosh, so I've got the old cheese, the first one I made today. i don't know if it was a little too hot if i tried to push it too much because i'm frustrated and i'm falling behind that wasn't going anywhere alright alright so this is the situation so i went back for case number one just tried to rebuild it a bit, bulk it up with a little more cheese.
We thin it down with a little more milk, however, that kind has turned into a creamed corn consistency which isn't that great. I'll put it in the blender to see if it can come back. Without saying, don't do this at home, it's just a terrible idea. I really doubt this will help anything or get him back but it might kind of give off some kind of drama feel we need you to know this is like hey CPR okay here man and we're losing it I really need to step in that's not bad guys we can come back we got potatoes fried our porky nugs the clock is ticking on the case the clock is ticking possibly on rickon my friend let's go hang out for this plate you know we're having a little leak at the bottom totally normal not a problem i feel like this is my best so far this is my final version this is the only one I'm going to show Rick the overall score.
I want to be positive here. I feel like you know we had some bad times today. I'm going to call this 88. I'm sorry I always end up in 88, but you know what's up. I feel like I'm a little wrong, but I'm not that wrong, you know? this is going to sit for a few minutes until rick is here and ready to go. I'm going to unmold it right when he's here so anything can happen then, but we'll find out in a few minutes, so you can probably guess from what's in my head whose recipe this actually is uh-huh, just not we give it away come on boy from morocco yeah he's a boy who else do you know that has nasty glasses like this and wears them weird? the back of his head oh is that what it does oh my gosh why do I mean it's not like I'd like to watch every episode they always think it's a Guy Fieri recipe because there's always some item like all of these which is a bit over the top so i want to present to you guys via


can nachos when all you have to do is like your hands and i feel good there doesn't seem like there's much of anything You know what I mean, it was a weird ship, okay, so we need a few more things, the main bummer, you know, it looks good, it's just what I needed. much more like all the bits and bobs though yeah there's more to this it looks like you've got the makings I know you have a belly because I saw you doing it before and you can see these little bits of no belly it's this skirt state yeah yeah that makes sense as flank steak has this incredibly stringy quality coming apart that in my mind reads like something that had been braised and seen liquid, it has a little bit of lime and garlic in it, okay?
I guess the other obvious difference between this and yours is like the amount of junk just visually yours seems to have less of these things tell me about your guess oh I started with a pretty basic béchamel base and then built it with Oaxaca cheddar from soft orange and Monterey Jack there was no way for me to know if the Peak was potentially happening in the event that it was also right at the top right. I was wrong not to put anything in it, so what about in your case? oh, you mean fairies, no, I mean You're good, 'cause you own it now Rick, you knew what you were signing up for, go ahead, and you put this on right now, we braided you good in Guy Fieri's gesso, uh-huh , he has Jack's Mild Cheddar, Mr.
Casa Oaxaca and Cook. What is Asadero? So it's probably more similar to a fontina and what's its base. Is it a béchamel base or yes, is it a very light measure? actually uses quite a bit of cream but this is a tough question because all these flavors especially given the fact that they are in a can the chips are absorbing moisture from all sources there is just what is in your beans i took them out of the cold lots of water some mexican oregano has white onion garlic and a little bit of salt you probably missed the herb note for the oregano which I mean would make sense it's actually an episode where a guy gives the option of using mexican oregano because it's actually hard to find other than that kind of nailed the beans that's good all the other toppings on the nachos you have so the obvious miss was the meat the meats on which I'm like damn you know so four ingredients I'm going to give you seventy-five ok technique I was a little surprised by the blender cheese sauce which was definitely a Hail Mary and I was also impressed by the beans so for the t technical we give you 91 Wow okay yeah because it looks so different visually I think from an apparent point of view that you have to get dates for that yeah it wasn't enough so the number we're getting, yeah I think the taste is where you did really well the fact that you got the cut of the onions and the radishes and the jalapeno I think that's also very impressive so for the taste I give you a 19 okay unfortunately all those things even though you made it to 90 there yeah the average gets you to an 83 yeah so B I made some dumb mistakes but I'm so happy to let you know that taste wise I'm as close and flavor wise to the ingredients i am so close this was a particularly difficult challenge and i am actually very impressed that you have the mold just feeling what i really had to literally feel your way i think you can be very proud of what you did i am very impressed i mean that i was impressed with you before but even more so now oh thank you ma'am yes yes and that's when what's frustrating is feeling like you nailed a lot of the flavors and nailed a lot of the ingredients but somehow you miss the big picture overall, right?
I think we can all agree on these nachos and maybe even the guy himself doesn't follow any rules. I feel a little humiliated. I certainly feel particularly. the skirt steak I didn't let myself try it because I just didn't think it was a valid option there and that's very frustrating for me I'm totally excited about another I think I mean I think part of why you know he seems disappointed because it's not that I want to have the reason all the time but if I'm going to be wrong I want to be wrong in a smart way I don't want to be wrong in a way that I choose the whole mistake ingredient and just never questioned it once I assigned a label to it I don't think it's a question of being right I think it's certainly about the trip a bit of a roll please I think that's enough I'm going to put my spoons away and go home alright

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