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Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 10

Feb 17, 2020
there you go there you go you have it now no whats up guys welcome back to the channel so today we are going to continue working on our





and as you saw in the previous video we finally got this dope painted it looks absolutely amazing but it's far from perfect because they're stressed throughout the paint job and mainly in this area here we've got a couple of rough patches that we're actually going to try to salvage without repainting so we'll first we want to do is get some sandpaper out to color send all this area over then break the buffer and try to get it smooth ok guys so check this out we have some good news and we're on our color footsteps.
rebuilding a wrecked 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon part 10
Sanded and we actually got this nice flat fender looks great and this was our worst panel which means we can save everything else so before I break the shock I want to go ahead and really sand this whole side and then Lo i will break and start to do some glass so you finally managed to sand it completely wet. It took a good while but we had to go through all the steps the 1500, the 2000 to 2500 and even the 3000 grit but as you can tell we got the perfect finish we were able to get all the orange peel and all the junk out which which is a good sign because we're going to be able to save this painting, now all we have to do is throw away some plastic wrap. over that interior put it in the buffer and start buffing and make this thing look almost OEM damn so the first panel we cut in there that quarter panel turned out absolutely amazing almost an OEM finish other than the swirl art we will get. get rid of later oh yeah that will be the last step after polishing everything but it was actually polished quickly not nice to smooth out the steps we took are definitely paying off right now but what are you doing with the hinges not there? another oh i just want to go ahead and take them off because this damper will polish them if i'm not careful enough and i don't want the compound to get stuck on them because then they will be rasuu/hard to get off but at this point what do they say?
rebuilding a wrecked 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon part 10

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rebuilding a wrecked 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon part 10...

Just keep buffing, yeah let's keep buffing and then we'll probably move on to swirl mark remover later. Okay guys, we just completely polished this whole side. It looks absolutely amazing. We have one more. step to go and that's actually the swirl mark removed all this side we've got something here that got squashed by the elevator but there's still some nice stuff in there and we've got our finishing pad on the bumper nice soft pad so let's go ahead and on actually the swirl mark remove this whole side and that should be it guys look we finally removed this Marc dirt thing and it looks great but we were really late because it took a long time to do but we're gonna get you tomorrow morning, okay, so it's the next state here and look, it looks absolutely amazing, it looks like glass, just like we wanted it to, but right now we're going to get this fool out there, come on. a quick wash that way this residue won't dry on us and then it's crunch time we'll probably test the bed and that will tell us if we need more of a paint mate ok so we get this out quick thing to the sunlight just to make sure we got rid of all the swirls and all the scratches and look at that man, he looks absolutely amazing.
rebuilding a wrecked 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon part 10
I think it's time to wash him and then throw him on that bed. looks good nice and bright everything is sharp now let's slap that


right there just slaying the side see if it matches the big yeah go do it i think it's good this is perfect right here , maybe it will a little. Kinda so oh yeah on this yeah we had three people last time we'll do it with two this time I think we can handle it it looks like an ice skating rink it looks like a freshly reglazed ice skating rink , TRUE? here dude oh that's perfect that's exactly what the rest of the


looks like that sound looks a little brighter because we polished it up nice yeah the rest of the jeep has this little off road wear that someone from Honolulu probably yeah the opinion of scratching the sand anyway let's go ahead and get that bed and put it on there so before we can put this bed on we ran into a little problem when we were removing this muscle nut from the bed right here that is supposed to be tack welded inside this rail broke on us now we have to weld it back in place there really is no way to get up here with the welder so we are thinking we are going to drill a hole along that rail like you I can tell there's a couple of holes right there so I guess we can live with another hole oh yeah definitely so hold on that's the only way we can reattach this fool soldering it because there's just no way under it exactly like that yeah we're going to drill a hole in it weld it up and throw this bed on a hot potato that's burning carefully I think it's melted my skin a bit in the hot but got the correct maintenance dates ready let's throw it in there come on do it dammit it's like it's hard right there it's pretty heavy but it was a lot easier putting it on than taking it oh yeah definitely a lot easier but check that combination, is that it is not a perfect combination or what. dude it's pretty close to me though i think it's perfect honestly yeah there are a few scratches they'll probably try to buff but other than that dude look our paint job is smoother than this almost oh that's not well that we can have to smooth it out isn't a big deal i mean we have to buff it because there's some scratches here so we'll probably just buff it on the surface but hey it looks a lot better than that kind see that's what I was gonna say. it looks so different with the bed on it looks so much better it actually looks like a truck because without the bed mate we got a little used to it you said a platform style look but it was getting a little weird for us oh yeah mate come on back up back to the light of the gaze don't you see what it looks like in sunlight ok let's put some of these sunbeams on this thing ok that's good right there Dave we are ok we don't have to paint no more there may be a slight variance because it's a fresh clear coat vs an old clear coat but definitely no need to repaint but i actually saw something around here.
rebuilding a wrecked 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon part 10
I saw a little notch in our back door right there. oh damn I didn't even know that oh my gosh that sucks so we're probably in the paint unless you don't wanna bet you run it wanna run it like the Dirt Max. I mean the Duramax you know. a little more character in the bag, I don't know, we'll probably do it a little bit later, maybe we'll bring it out with some dent lists, you know, maybe a complicit business, whatever, there's a little crease, so if you do If you want to perfect it, you'll probably have to paint it, but other than that, no, this is starting to come together, mate, yeah, it looks great.
Now is the time to secure that bed. The bed is finally safe and secure. i had to line it up with all that good stuff yeah i had to make sure it had the perfect spacing on both sides and everything was 100% oh let's see if that back line works because we fixed those wires that were kind of chewed off and torn so look i'm about to cut it see that so i remember it was this say it didn't work go ahead and rip that oh yeah sir it looks sick how sick these things look love it how is that red it just goes all the way around like a halo or something like a taillight taillight halo 2 halo halo really no need for the aftermarket tell jeep you knocked out with these man they look great but right now what what do you want to do?
We could either polish this box or we can start putting the doors together or we can go to the dealer they have some


s for us, tons of options. I say, let's go ahead and start putting those doors together. assembled door shipped for this handle this thing pops out right away well this handle is together it's just that little piece that actually goes right here we're missing and that's what holds everything in place but yeah so we need to buy that actually once we go to the dealership but dammit it worked right it worked right the window goes up and down and we got a little thing in the window though lemme go ahead and roll it up yeah I need to turn it on put it on that. power, sir, there is power, I can also control it from above.
Go ahead, let's jump on this front door and see if we can get it right guys, so we finally put both doors back together as they look absolutely amazing except for a few misc pieces we're missing, like this little cover here. which actually holds the candle on the door because as you can see I can get that sucker out and call someone right now that's a handy bluetooth for the door bluetooth you can make it so no one can steal your car maybe it will pop all four door handles put them in your purse and go but we're a beer or two short we thought it would come with our new door but it didn't so we'll have to order a few misc parts but other than that huh? what do you want to go ahead?
Reconnect this antenna. We have to have a little radio. We're stuck in traffic while doing our first test drive. That is what we are about to do. I'm a little scared to get some Rock chips in this area, they don't want us to probably slap that fender temporarily and then get rid of them because we're not going to use them, yeah us. We also have to get our windshield wipers on because you never know, you might hit some mud and it will exactly block the windshield so let's go ahead and take care of these little things let's do it oh my gosh this is starting to look simple.
First of all, it looks pretty good, but it won't stay stuck for too long. Random LED lights and everything works fine at the moment. do it for our test drive I'll say I don't know if we'll do it for our test drive tonight because it's going to be dark or maybe we'll see what we'll see what we can come up with a song that I was doing well so we finally put the hardtop on and it looks amazing we finally got this thing to stock Rubicon spec and it's come a long way let's go to the damaged side why are we looking at the OEM side here?
I know we didn't do anything on that side, man this looks original. I must say that this side probably looks better than that side. to make it shine and yeah yeah exactly we'll give it a full little detail but we put all the fender flares in so it doesn't chip the paint let's walk here. I did notice one thing about the original paint and we thought we had a little bit of discoloration on that side but look at this this right here is a piece of plastic and this right here is a yeah you can definitely see it's a little bit darker.
I'll know if the camera can pick us up as the sun is going down but we thought ours was a little off but that's how it is around here look how the bed is here I noticed the bed seems lighter than the quarter panel, right? that on the camera i just guess that's how it is there the body panels curve and stuff like that we thought we had a little problem but that's exactly how it is on the oem side so don't worry but let's pick up Some little things from the dealership like this glass, you may have noticed that it's actually broken and also we're not going to do a test drive until we put on our seatbelts so we'll probably catch them tomorrow morning. it's the next day we go ahead and drop the top that way we get better visibility because we're installing our seatbelts these suckers were rebuilt by a security restored they rebuild the seatbelts and seat bag modules air but we only reveal our seatbelts because this jeep should be restarted so let's go ahead and open these suckers throw them away and hopefully get our first test drive so check this out guys we finally have both seatbelts posts. on this side we're missing that part because this one is crooked and warped so we're going to buy a new one at the dealer right now oh yeah we go ahead and change the clips on this. airbag so it should be fine in there and we also throw in the seed airbag even though it's broken we just want the light to go out and our seatbelts to work properly so hopefully we can go ahead and put in go this. and all the lights went out and hit the road yes sir and before we actually turn it on let's go ahead throw that hardtop over there like that we can shoot straight from the dealer let's get it all right boys we're ready to start but before shooting we have to take all safety precautions, we are going to check all the signsturn signal yeah go ahead i give a little thumbs up all right left right we checked the rear right quick i know our headlights work and the tail light started working left turn signal yes sir right turn signal oh man I wish you guys would like a little orange halo that would be nice sweet but that doesn't matter let's hit the road here it's alright here it's alright there's an airbag light off or the airbag light is still on neither i even hear it running right now no it's nice and quiet oh it could do just fine and we're on our first test drive when we drove it home as a couple yeah they didn't care they didn't have a pair of feet but I mean that there was no serious damage to the actual frame there was just some damage to the tub so I don't think it has anything to do with alignment nothing mate I'm about to see at this high speed see how this steering would work and let's sit down we'll send it straight to the highway so we head to the dealer you have to go to the highway and so far it's smoother I can smooth out the manual it gets used to the load you know it's a lot different than how I'm used to driving the Mustang get on a day let's go up famous look that zero to sixty 60 pretty fast about 6.2 seconds yeah for 6.0 seconds these 33 Focus on this Jeep or they like 32 so I think they like 32 okay yeah actually uh we're not very fast but I can only imagine one time we put it like 37 and I can only go good it goes up the hill because I'm thinking we'll definitely need to get the axles meshed right yeah we'll probably need a team to figure out what you think we should do with it on the song 37 yeah for a quote this comes in stock with four tens i think so we'll definitely have to prep and cut it down i forgot which one you do we'll find out later oh snap that's cool dude I didn't know you could do that so you could turn it on for only like probably ten seconds oh yeah it runs like ten seconds but that's awesome. thats the quality dude those are the highest qualities in any car we have dude better than lambo ferrari meadows limousine ferrari those are weird fareeda low overall do you think the mustang little tiny screens are higher quality on the lamborghini but yeah , do we have a little?
A little more to go and we'll probably catch them at the dealer so we just bought our Mountain View here Ringgold Georgia and we have all the parts in the back of our truck and can you guess which one is ours? Probably won I can't say but it's the only red in the fleet here but these are all Rubicon here they all have their own different characters quite a nice set some of them have the base model headlights some of them have Rubicon headlights, my favourite. but let's walk over to ours and see if we can spot some differences between this one and this one right here as you can see the bumper has some weird bolts on it because it's a heavy duty metal bumper.
I wonder if that's the stock there which is probably like the tallest of the tall model there and also this front facing camera which is definitely sick I wonder if we can do that. I snap it in, just plug it in and see if it will work. I mean we've got that super high quality camera so I think it would be great if you know off road or in traffic you know let's walk to the back of them they all have their different little characters on the back some of them I have tonneau covers some of them don't go all the way up there one of them gotta check the bed line right there kind of like what you're doing here dude I love it actually dude it's nice and neat it doesn't have the little plug in thing here and this is a Rubicon I wonder if this Rubicon has it here I definitely have to have it because we don't I guess it gets it back it specifies its own Rubicon but definitely recommend having that plugin In the back for anything especially off roading and I also noticed we were the only ones with a manual here.
I looked at all of them, they are all automatic. I guess that's just a preference. here but that's kind of it they're all different and we're just going to make ours pretty different too we're going to do a lift kit and all that good stuff but like now let's go home alright so we're We came back from the dealer and we got our plastic parts that cover the seat belts here and we also got some


Dodge conversion stuff which will be in the later video but right now we have a 4x4 service light that I noticed while we were driving so that i guess we have to go test it to see if our 4x4 really works because it could be a serious problem but sure dude listen it will be a simple thing yeah we ain't even done yet. we're Hannah all right guys so we're asking for better testing grounds here and we've got some mud mate it's muddy do your mud but that's perfect testing right now.
Little sin to cross this little creek he's gonna catch barbs no no I don't need a locker threat there's a Rubicon come on now he's eating that slime oh oh we're stuck no we're not a bit of stuck mud oh here we go put on your lockers fold in reverse sin you'd be better off two wheel drive really that's crazy we got a little problem in range maybe a wall I won't say it won't crash for some reason. it just says shift real gear to four wheel drive low and i'm on low it's still blinking says axle lock canceled so put it on high maybe tom bought it he finds it like fishing oh no, we would do it? sure dude don't get your face muddy but dude it's kind of embarrassing you know Rubicon is only like two inches of mud and then it got stuck it just won't lock I think maybe we need to check these electronic lockers or air I think they're electronic yes they're electronic we definitely have service because we can't get stuck in this Rubicon in two inches of mud okay guys we're back from some mud stuck and man that stinks in your 4x4 it doesn't work , but we'll definitely figure it out probably in the next video because we're going to need it because this thing is going to be built and we're going to be hauling it off the road and everything else, but that will be the end of today's video.
Hope you guys enjoyed and make sure your post notifications are on so you don't miss a thing and also if you want to get the inside scoop before YouTube definitely follow us on Instagram if you want to copy one of these new Goon Squad shirts Get in there squad up with the american flag and it says dang-son right there they are very limited and if you want to help support your guys be sure to visit the goon squad communicator and get yourself. so with all that being said thank you guys for all the love and support be sure to leave your comments and thoughts below and we'll catch you guys next time.

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