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Jun 01, 2021
literally no one is here right now, plus the jackets are still provided by Nintendo, congratulations. I love them, yes. I am saddened by everything that has been going on so for the sake of everyone in attendance I hope you are safe I hope all is well for the staff I hope you are well I know you have been working hard on these games despite the decisions of the higher ups but this is supposed to be a celebratory time for them so hopefully blizzard can right the mistakes they have made that's my opinion anyway let's see this this is starting here anytime so yeah I mean now is when you're supposed to start there are two options you weren't expecting this you saw me completely typing on this board can you guys hear it okay I hope you're addressing it right now I hope you're adjusting here ri Now before it all starts before we start the



I want to say a few words please know that Blizzard had the opportunity to unite the world in a tough hard pitched esports moment about a month ago and we didn't we moved too fast our decision making and then to make matters worse we were too slow to put a nice word to y'all when I think back to when you did it all so bad, actually there are two things, the first is that we didn't meet the high standards we really set for ourselves and the second is that we failed in our purpose, yes, and for that I'm sorry and I accept responsibility, so what is exactly our purpose?
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Liz Khan is proving it even as we speak we aspire to bring the world together in epic entertainment and I really believe in the positive power of video games but I'm Finnish God we need this we need this when we do it right we create common ground where the community comes together unites to compete, connect and play independently As an example of the things that divide us, Liz Khan has people from 59 countries around the world. China is scary, man. I am not going to say that China is very scary and that is the positive power of video games to transcend the divisions that surround us. in many of our places today we will do better in the future but our actions are going to matter more than any of these words yes as you walk this weekend I hope it's clear how committed we are to everyone's right to express themselves all. in ways in all sorts of places well I've seen and heard a lot of you expressing yourself this morning I'm pretty sure you're using your vacation and family time to be here in Anaheim with us and we're so thankful that this week our The best moments are here in our shared passion for Blizzard games so once again Louis Kahn has brought us together and today you'll see a lot of hard working people who can't be blamed for that oh man I'm so glad they went and confronted him at least he said something, whether you believe it or not they said it's up to you to believe it.
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Personally, I'm very proud of what we were building and I hope you love it too. Thank you. I need to separate this tab. ready to start the countdown yeah 30 seconds i don't want the leaks to be real but every leak that has happened pretty much for blizzard has been real you know what i mean they didn't they didn't tiptoe it's my headphones that are quiet the audio is cutting me out who are they have a dime this is what you guys wanted last year you weren't ready for that it's ok it will help you and take it off because it's helping weak guys that's right as it always goes, oh my gosh it's terrifying.
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I just got here, I know the turbine will be the only survivor. This is so good. Oh, this pitch is handmade and impaled. t do it oh well chewed gold splice a about three weeks instead of four ah he must have something good read this ah be nice to him he is dying dirty oh my god this is so creepy what about the coin was say this is forbidden this is a summoning we came here this place your bed oh no don't look up oh dear man this should have come out yesterday he will be the only survivor isn't he or isn't he? it's just going to end with him screaming and he dies too oh snap me this is hardcore white sauce don't do it you gave him your blood you came to the dark for knowledge he knows oh no and all the knowledge you seek is here give up don't speak the words call her home don't do it for three come for three make your way deus dead by the blood of the willing us oh that's so disgusting oh my god oh god i hate blood i hate it so much creator of sanctuary wait a minute god i hate this god oh man all those toenails oh my god thats one of the best intros i have ever seen in a hot minute please now Diablo game director louise barri ga im not a big dl person but i can respect the art on that but i'm not going to tell you to participate in a ritual circle either so please not now i'm mobile to be here i want to thank you all for coming and thank you very much blizzard cinematics or starting the cos sas the right way this weekend.
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I know everyone wants to know about the game, so let's do it. speak 4 is dark you just saw the cinematics so you know exactly what I'm talking about whether it's the art, the story or the horror elements we've embraced the first thing you'll notice about Diablo 4 is that we're going back to the Darker roots of the franchise is fine, that's right, she's the daughter of Mephisto, which is how I remember she had a connection to him. I remember what she was to him because I've only read it. I have never played much and gore. it will mean hidden symbols and rituals, more importantly it will mean that wins are neither fair nor guaranteed, we hope you're as excited about that as we are haha ​​it's also very important for Diablo 4 because we've only seen glimpses of the sanctuary in previous games of Diablo, but those glimpses have captivated us and captured our imaginations with Diablo 4. we want to put the world of sanctuary front and center we want every character every monster every faction to have a sense of place drowned undead rising from brutal shores goat men coming from the hills above us going deeper and deeper into the dead beneath a truly dark gothic and medieval version of hell how many things could be but if you wanted medieval let's do it the world is also how you will experience most of it of our game, it is there where you will find enemy and friendly cities alike, it is also where you will find ju players to interact with, either trade with them, group with them, or if you choose to do so, kill each other in PvP zones, okay?
Wow, come on, people are excited about that final legacy. er it's the sense of dread from Diablo 1 or the classic class lineup and loot chase we still draw inspiration from from Diablo 2 or Diablo 3's visceral and fluid best-in-class combat that we still enjoy, we're getting closer to this series with complete reverence and we hope it shows if you're new to the series we want you to feel like when you first played Diablo if you're a long time fan we think this is the game you've been waiting for isometric action RPG developer PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one then I hit the switch soon otherwise you're missing out on a lot of money well yeah yeah yeah no nobody machine on that note we want to give you a first look at Diablo 4 .with our first three classes ok barbarian mm-hmm mage sorceress sorry and the druid let's do it on behalf of everyone on the Diablo 4 team it's my absolute pleasure to now share with you the world premiere Diablo gameplay trailer or 4 ok and we're going to give us gameplay come on Wow yeah this is in the game the dream goes on horns my old friend it always starts with a journey to a far away land. suffering surrounded me i woke up terrified there's no one left to deal with them they look cool dude he just kicked sparta ok thank you could you jump off the horse like that it was pretty cool of course dude you don't need a horse because you're your own horse you're a bear fact he's a big boy oh you've said goodbye what do you think I'm crazy old friend but I know these dreams speak of the future Howell is coming bro hell is coming good your brother is dead so hold on man it looks great glad they have gameplay Also, did you like that first look?
He looks like Deckard's brother. The next few days we have panels where we will go deeper into the features. the systems the world th The art of Diablo 4 starts with a presentation panel right after the



in this setting that's not all the team has been working very hard on the game and therefore we have been able to bring a bit of that a little demo that's right we have a very early look at a playable demo on the floor today at this nice time also available on mobile we hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it and once again on behalf from the game team thank you all and see you in hell you yes please welcome World of Warcraft Game Director ian has a Costas No Tec your alliance goes ironic wait wait heroes of the storm .
It feels really good to be able to keep the words Diablo out loud I'm sure, especially after last year's names when we're working on the game and training ourselves not to reference the real name and therefore when we can kind of going out and finally s ay yeah before it feels a bit wicked lol actually we've had duty in development for some time. You know, when we go before you, we want to make sure that when we reveal Diablo to you, we get to give you a good look at the dark vision. of sanctuary along with a playable experience here at


, i personally have spent a lot of time playing Diablo over the years and a lot of love that has gone into this game and it really helps everyone, let's talk about what else is here for us. looking at themselves on camera look at it young dozen lucky number 13 from


we see blizzcon as the place where the blizzard community can have a home away from home it's also our home because a lot of we grew up playing Blizzard games, forged lifelong friendships, made memories and had a lot of fun over the last 28 years too.
This year, for the first time, we're hosting something that honors that legacy and celebrates the beginning of what made Blizzard break. The games and the communities that we have we're excited to debut the blizzard arcade in hawley oh it's actually in the arcade or convention lounge and the blizzard arcade what was that old school arcade atmosphere? meet up there with friends play some games and experience some of the first things blizzard has ever done for the first time at blizzcon we have rock and roll races but we ever lost vikings we go that's gary's bar as well as a slaughtered calf in our there as well you're welcome to kick back, relax and enjoy but the arcade isn't just a celebration of where we come from it's also a showcase of some of our new announcements let's talk Starcraft 2 guys we've got two exciting things for you on the arcade for We have been working with Google and the deep mind artificial intelligence project for several years.
The Deep Mind group has been teaching Agents how to play the game as part of their AI research and I'm pleased to say that for the first time, players are going to be able to take on the Deep Mind AI Agents right here on the program because that's scary and we have a master we have master level agents we have a diamond level agent and what a quick note that if you try this you won't win Skynet star crab is quite variable for Starcraft 2 fans we have also worked very hard to bring an iconic villain to life.
We're excited to announce that the leader of the Sons of Korhal and ruler of the Terran Dominion, our tourist skin, is coming to the game later this month. Wow Wow is unlike any commander you've ever played and at Blizzcon it's loaded and ready. for you in the arcade wow let's talk about heroes of the storm oh my baby for the fans of heroes the team has brought deathwing the destroyer in the next one oh people need to try deathwing one his best wing is actually the hero most requested of all time yes and we're excited for you to get a chance to play deathwing he actually has two forms with two different sets or f abilities bringing the iconic world switch fantasy to life and is definitely playable here for the first time in the blizzard arcade as jealous ah everyone with a blizzcon our Virtual Ticket will automatically receive death when he enters the Nexus well I mean I have enough. in-game currency for him, unless it's like 100K, then he might be missing like 5K, but that's just to celebrate Blizzcon, all heroes are free from now until November 10th.
Wow guys, now it's time to play, all the heroes are free, oh that's awesome. another thing in the 1-over real time strategy game in the blizzard arcade for you it's called warcraft 3 reforms uh i went in there oh whatgreat looks like i for one welcome our robot overlords too get dizzy watching 3d animation expand tester pool everyone here everyone watching with a virtual ticket everyone will have beta access to warcraft 3 4 ok , that's amazing, oh my gosh, girls, girls, you're a young adult is an important one in the history of Warcraft because we're celebrating both the 25th anniversary of Warcraft and the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, we started that Vol'jin celebration for be and hots I think Vol'jin would be really cool and hot Really like Zildjian those old runes are a really fun character he's one of my favorites it's been a really amazing experience seeing the start of the game again. experiencing the Barrens chat maybe for the first time yes and some of you have returned to feed your hunter pets it's part of that anniversary celebration and in remembrance of or some of you your favorite flavor is vanilla we have vanilla ice cream for sale in the WoW concession area haha ​​you think you want this and I think you might. a celebration of our games it's also a celebration of the players who play them and here you can see some of the most skilled professional gamers I want to thank everyone for giving their energy and supporting their favorite teams favorite players about a month ago we celebrated the Grand Finals or the Overwatch League in Philly mm-hmm congratulations to the San Francisco shop


MVP Sinatra Sinatra isn't always a maybe though next season the league is moving to a back and forth format and that means there's The Competition takes place in 20 cities around the world.
It's crazy. This is the first time something like this has been done in esports, so it's a great time to be a fan of the Overwatch League and it's a great time to love Overwatch. at Blizzcon this weekend what they say stop talking white people do this without at the Overwatch World Cup with over 30 teams from countries around the world also celebrating and crowning champions of the Starcraft 2 World Championship Series hearthstone grandmasters the wow no insurance for your child right now send the wow international mythic dungeon tournaments a few days this weekend justin is not just about celebrating our pro players but celebrating with the youngsters too Blizzard community cosplayers when the highlight of the show is our nightly community quiz, and for me, that's my personal favorite of the show.
I am pleased to announce it. that Darren DePaul voice of Reinhardt, among other famous Blizzard characters, has returned to the house, it's so sweet. I love houses where you really see the vibrant and creative


community that is lizard and Blizzcon come to life and we're so excited about the talent that everyone proves to be good to close just want to say there are a lot of people out there who are employees from Blizzard and you are in the crowd and the reason all of us are here is you we are here to celebrate this moment with you you know we look forward to look forward to this weekend this is the highlight for us all the year come together and celebrate all the passion of those puns and everyone watching is grateful thank you for being here with us we're going to be good to each other welcome home i'm going to clear my throat so no supervision but ok again like i said i hope the leaks are not real you are welcome as game director of world of warcraft in kostas plaza.
How much more time do we have left? Do you have time to demonstrate that World Warcraft works? up here with all of you on behalf of world of warcraft as it turns 15 this is a game that has been at the center of my life for every one of those 15 years i think 15 years ago to this day i think i was wandering around looking for the stores that were still accepting World of Warcraft pre-orders so I was able to jump in there on day one with everyone else and a little over 11 years ago I had the privilege of joining the development team to start trying to give back to this game and to this community that has given me so much and here. in this 15th anniversary year, it's been a great year for world of warcraft, just looking back, we started with the battle of wish, charm and alliance and the horde going head to head in a strike zone for first time. waves with our rise of a shara update along the way we've seen cool terrans join the Alliance and Zandalari trolls bolster the Horde ranks mm-hmm and of course we've got mecca domes and volterra waiting in the wings to join them in their next news visions outside update so many updates for this game dude it's crazy and of course just over two months ago we released this little game called world of warcraft classic little game little game like Jay said it's been amazing to see millions return to Azeroth as it was before the Cataclysm, whether it's coming home to an old friend after a long time away or experiencing it for the first time, it's been an incredible journey and here I have 15 years of Warcraft this community is as strong as ever talking about plastic, I'm happy to announce that we have our next update, the classic just around the corner quina the mummy around a week and a half from November 12th we will enable the azura ghost and kazakh world bosses but more importantly the pvp honor system charges pvp pvp taxes.
I would recommend that you do them from time to time. Just a hunch. A couple of weeks ago we released Dire Maul and we have Dire Maul players here on the show floor today so grab some. friends and check it out or make some new ones. amazing community in support of some amazing charitable causes this year i am pleased to announce that we are working with not one but two different charities that work on behalf of children around the world, the first being Make A Wish Foundation, an amazing group who tries to grant wishes to critically ill children and honestly we have had the pleasure of working closely with them over the years, I want to thank an inspiring young lady named Amara who visited us and worked with for just a couple of months .
The second organization is WEORG, which works to provide food, water, shelter, educational opportunities and more to children in need around the world, so next month I am excited to announce and introduce a pet that will be on sale, the adorable dotty the baby alpaca. daddy you'll get that right for me so if you thought dotty dalian were your best friends wait until you meet dotty who actually finds her way into hearts everywhere in early december oh , Oh! Proceeds from dotty's sales from then until the end of the year will benefit the make-a-wish foundation and we would host that's so cute oh my god no it's not a real alpaca come on gamers can't taking care of pets the years are not over yet we have this 15th anniversary celebration right around the corner and i mean right around the corner next tuesday november 5th we will be enabling all the 15th anniversary events in game on First of all it's a flashback corax revenge battleground inspired by the original Alltrack Valley so nice get ready to storm that bridge as you fight your way up storm pike and then we have great experiences inspired by some of the best raid encounters from the early days of People of Chaos WoW King Players who complete all three experiences will be able to earn their very own Breakthrough Obsidian mount inspired by definitely nice! e because a little mascot oh my goodness and everyone who logs in during the two month celebration will get their own little affair Ian's mascot cute for those of you here independence at Blizzcon in person we have a second fiftieth anniversary celebration booked for you please join us tonight at 8:30 outside the Plaza arena for a toast and celebration with the world of warcraft team hosting 15 years of warcraft world of warcraft 25 years of warcraft and the best that it's coming that's cute he's looking at his dad like i stop clapping that's funny since he's been reflecting on the last 15 years and last year and world of warcraft we all know the most exciting part of blizzcon every year is hearing and talking about what's next, and that really raises the question of where we'd go from here, what's next. we rob come on you know while we are right now the horde and the alliance are on the brink of a tenuous armistice yes we are ending the battle for azeroth that has devastated the world and sylvanas got away and yes the fo The races of the Nizam and his old God minions are looming, but I've seen some pretty reliable data mine spoilers that suggest we're going to come out on top in this one.
It's been a tough few years because they've come between the onslaught of the Iron Horde and the Burning Legion and everything that's happened since. I think things might finally be looking up for Azeroth. You are being sarcastic. Days and clear skies await me personally. I can't think of any loose ends that haven't been explained, or anyone who might be lurking in the shadows for revenge. Can you owe me something right away? making a memorial to our suffering that's where she went what are you doing where are you server since on a Frozen Throne oh my god if she died here she wouldn't die here i mean that would be ironic wouldn't it oh my god oh my god, I heard this is so tragic dude, oh I can't look. i have to oh my god she is literally she is you have a right to be upset with him oh my god i know he is bulbar i mean arthas in general makes me so sad oh we are not going to cut this throne means the world to her because oh this is like if it wasn't a problem arrow did something right guys i know we killed arthas in the end i'm well aware oh my god you guys are so annoying yeah the audio is cutting out for me she's not like that yeah look where just drop it anytime anyone can't not do it I mean she's she's she's she's at this point she's at the point she doesn't even care yeah oh my god her ears are even going to fit duh oh oh, that's right there. now blue eyes make sense so yeah that just happened listen blue eyes make sense.
I'm so upset that there must always be a Lich King and now for the first time there isn't one. Sylvanas herself warned us that in the end. death claims us all, well death is coming for us and if we want to have a chance we'll have to go where no living soul has ever gone she has a legend a shadow Casts the world that is the afterlife for everything the universe of Warcraft along the way we will have the opportunity to meet some of the Fallen and learn their fates, but this is an unfamiliar world full of orcs, trolls and dwarves this is an ancient and mysterious kingdom that predates the titans themselves is the source of the power of the scourge that we have seen true and it is the power that the death knights draw on but it is also the origin of the noble Valkyr and the healer spirits that guide us back to the land of the living when we attract a pair of extra mobs, yes, not that anyone has done that, but it is where the spirits of the wild go to begin a cycle of rest and rebirth and much more. a look at this wonderful world that we are ready to explore now the eternal day of the screams torn by I am physically upset damn Sylvanas friend it is beautiful the inhabitants of this kingdom are the key to restoring the balance between life and death so it is like Diablo and Warcraft lore, all so that Manas has to be destroyed by something much bigger, I mean where else are they going to go, you know, it's coming next year and it's available for pre-order today. wow, there is only a small glimpse of this amazing world that awaits before us, many fateful decisions because at its core, Shadowlands is an expansion that is built around the idea of ​​agency of choice and self-expression in the rewards you pursue and in allies. who do you cast your lot with i know you have a lot of questions like what the heck is a pact what is that tower sticking out of the sky above the crown of ice what other changes are coming to world of warcraft and much more so we have our first panel for you at 2:30 in the mythical setting the world of warcraft whats next panel where we will go into more depth on that and much more also playable here on the show floor we invite you to travel to the Bastion area and t To start exploring Shadowlands Thank you all so much and it's going to be an amazing weekend.
I can't wait to share it with all of them. I know Hey, thank you so much, you fools, sob, how are you, friend? This is so cute in the cute little Inn holy cow level that Diablo announcement and we have a hearthstone that needs to tell me something. I'm very excited about what we're showing. you here today i don't know about you but i can't wait to play some games can you look at all the way they are sitting humansComing out of the bowels of hell or the heavens above us breaking apart, it's clear that she destroys different terrains at times we feel however that she shouldn't have to leave the safety of the tavern to enjoy a good story we think some of the best stories are told right here at home take as an example the story we have been telling you this year in the year of the Dragon for the first time we are presenting you a story that is taking all three of you ready to tell it it is so big and amazing we have had fun a lot putting it together, we can't wait to show you how it all comes to an end, well let's talk a bit about how it all started, the rise of shadows. they were introduced to the formation of a league of evil, his plot to steal dollars and how you helped him do it, this was followed by the saviors of all dooms when you and the league League of explorers threaten answered the call to adventure and crossed the Desert Sands seeking to end the plagues that Reef Aam and his followers had unleashed upon the world.
Well, that brings us to our third and final chapter, doesn't it? The curtain rises on a twilight sky glowing through a blanket of snow. A few gusts of icy wind. Through an ancient field of bones now the League of Evil and the League of good explorers have chased each other across Azeroth to get here in the dragonlight. a lot of work on the promo stuff for this and it's great cute yura the dragon will finally earn his name with more dragons in a single hearthstone expansion than ever before days like you're going to recognize quite a few of these from the storied history of azeroth but we've we also introduced a couple of our own skins for you to enjoy the sense of dragons, it also introduces a handful of new mechanics and a new almighty keyword, so you want to dive in and take a look, let's do it now.
It wouldn't be right to make a dragon-based set without at least acknowledging the most terrible, most feared and fearsome dragon to ever walk the world of Azeroth. that is to say, he takes the place of your own hero when you put him into play, he also brings with him a powerful new battle cry and his own unique hero power, but here's the key: he becomes stronger and more powerful when you use our newest summon keyword, it's important to note here that summon has its effects on galakrond, whether it's in your hand or in your deck, and by doing so, you'll allow him to make his second form a bit stronger , now believe it. or not, there are actually those who are eagerly awaiting the return of galakrond, those who praise his name on Azeroth, and as a result, the summon keyword will occasionally appear on some neutral cards, and by doing so, will allow you to achieve the man who is kind of annoying. oh my god Ronde.
Azeroth and Jeff for letters oh my god I don't know if this really signals the end of all of Azeroth, frankly from what we just saw I'm pretty sure Sylvanas is his job now Chuck but it sure signals the end. whatever Hearthstone game I'm in, if you can properly perform the summoning mechanic, yeah, that's going to be annoying. Five classes aligned with the League of Evil will have access to and harness the terrible power of galakrond. he comes in the form of a unique hero who brings a unique battle cry and a one-of-a-kind power heal, plus he has never farmed take care of his friends he is sure everyone will receive a copy of the five legendary heroes galakrond cards for free just for logging in when the Wow set is released, but you can ask what's up with Justin Noble, what's up with the pure of heart, or more on the side of good.
Where is my League of explorers in this pit? eager to join the fight for good too everyone knows you Sarah let's say hello to the legendary dragon druid USERRA unleashed she's my favorite too hmm and finally what would a dragon be without her fearsome breath weapon if you're a shaman? we're going to get access to lightning breath here yeah we see all our girl time we just think it's time to open the party up a bit you see with every set every class in Hearthstone will be given a legendary dragon each named courtesy her presence b It was made known in the meta as soon as we released this newest and final chapter of the trilogy on December 10th but for those of you looking to die you couldn't see that girl but that girl is like crazy, now normally that.
For Hearthstone's sake, we've given you an amazing new set, an amazing new cinematic, and a song I know I'm going to be humming for the rest of the weekend. The girl was sitting there like the diva of her Merlok, and she's like a little The special thing before we go is that the cameras are focused on her like Hearthstone players. We all continue to enjoy a variety of ways to play this game we know and love, whether it's in arena mode or tavern brawl mode. We enjoy thinking about the cards we build. and the crafting and the play and the decks we put them in different ways that's why the Hearthstone team is excited to announce today that it's a dragon in a suit a new way to play this game is it in the switch but I don't like to call our battlefields stone, okay?
It's my stone on my frid ge switch on your amazon that's inspired echo any Alexa that's inspired by the popular auto battle or genre with a few Hearthstone twists in this mode you and seven other players are challenged to recruit minions and sending them into battle against their opponents is so sad or do you guys think about the remains of Arthas? This is the first new mode to hit the game in some time. We've had a lot of fun making it and we've had even more fun playing it so much that we're actually excited to do it. dedicate the entirety of the Hearthstone demo area here at Blizzcon.
I would love to come back to this game and it's so expensive it's great. The open beta version of this new mode will begin on November 12, but for those of you here today watching at home with the virtual ticket or pre-purchasing Descent of Dragons, well, you will be able to enjoy all of this starting Tuesday, We couldn't be more excited, it's free to play but you still have to purchase Hearthstone Dragons and Battlegrounds related packs at the Miss In Mythic Stage at 3:30 we hope to see you all there. I touched on Hartzler a lot when the first two expansions were coming out because hard songs had only been around for five five years six years and it was pretty much like you could play to get you to play but then they started advertising stuff you buy and you're a serious handicap to the outside world. the tavern is a place to put down our swords join our friends and gather around the fire with the return of the Hearthstone tavern here at Blizzcon we hope you'll do just that, we absolutely invite you to come and tell us what you think of the new mode and we love answering questions about the newest outfit, but most of all we hope you'll stop by, if only to partake in the warmth. and the friendship that the tavern has to offer.
I know I'll be there. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you such a great organization. Oh my gosh, girl, girl, girl, relax. i need to see what overwatch has to do fer let's take a look come on is this an hour and a half two hours remember the king babies the greatest champions of peace and progress humanity has ever seen my babies she knows overwatch shut down half our jazz mercenaries now dad told me after that many years of service you gave overwatch everything and then they took real life from you it's not like the stories our father told us you're a fool to believe in the movies maybe i'm a fool to think there's still hope for you brother the second amna the crisis continues the conflict between all the knicks and the humans now it has claimed more than 15 ah bastions they killed me friend i have to do something always remember never accept the world as it seems dare to see it for what it could be i'm so excited they want me but really need you i've been waiting for this the world is changing once again and it's time to choose a side we can make a difference again we need more shorts from zarya plz something good jeff jeff supervising i can't believe i have to shake his hand dad jeff chat it's dad jeff mic check thanks like you and me and you know who I'm talking to.
I feel like you and I have been together for a long time as we remember when Wow classic used to be called Wow. something something i'm so embarrassed to tell you right now and i'm only telling you because we have such a close relationship oh god i completely forgot what i'm supposed to say right now like i have no idea i just drew a blank whatever you know me you know i can ramble forever about anything but i like it luckily i can from the internet i can read everything i'm supposed to say thank you so much that was so sweet if you want to know how game devs sorry for the leaks oh i did a movie called shadow lands and i pictured my face where silvana sa ys went and then instead of that helmet it was my cell phone and that yeah oh i should probably talk about overwatch he's so upset oh they worked so hard on this guy, a very dear friend of mine, five years ago on this stage almost to this very day a gentleman named Chris Metzen and may I hear you is watching with us right now Chris walked out five years ago on this stage and said that it was time for a new adventure and that he wanted to take us all with him and he came out and announced that seeing him was one of the most special moments of my life.
A lot has changed since that day and the women and men who work at overwatch have been working very hard to make something very special and today they would like to dedicate that for you so please enjoy it I just want more story even if we already know what's coming Morrison this is a ship what's on your mind me as long as we stay together we'll be fine if you're going to show now would be a good time no sex or invasion it's a new mode it's the new PvE - all sectors attacking no I don't know right now we're all they've got the PBE will be on the map in paris oh sure officer we're here to help y'all like frick a fucking monkey kill and he's like he's not a monkey to my scientist he's a scientist oh no hey you tell me what oh my god they actually want to do something with them it's not the Vile skaia but still , what is there to be in the face that the The ship has just been cut in half.
Need help. We can't stay here. Mercy is here. Angela is here. Tracer get everyone out of here. I swear if they killed any of them, you better do it. so your shield homie you better go full rage mode homie get you to deflect that yeah oh my gosh it's the reunion cinematic you know the skin is cool the hoodie and Brega oh my gosh this is so cute. yes she is the eldest where is anna and the soldier though ready oh my god i cant wait play echo friend better remember love victory is ours my friends hey lena brigade oh my god you've grown let's get each other a bow tie.
I used to know you oh my god sir does this mean Overwatch is back? Yeah oh that was so good, did you like it? I knew that, but still, on behalf of the Overwatch team, I'm extremely proud and excited to officially announce Overwatch so far. I know you have a lot of questions but we always feel like our games speak for themselves so let's take a look at the gameplay and then we'll talk wait what oh my god oh I know we already saw the picture but still you're doing it here Paris was just the start we're working together she's a bun is they're using Gibraltar again highly replayable co-op I said they have a cheap grip but I don't use Aria's shorts to level up your heroes come on Wow customize your ability so it doesn't You have to be in the payload, oh my god, stay here. stay oh my god she's got rust like fucking prost hetics this looks amazing oh oh we're going to have so much fun oh my god oh my god we have a lot to talk about first and foremost You have to remember that Overwatch is a 6v6 team vs team competitive experience and there's no way we're going to lose it, in fact it's a big focus so Overwatch: We're going to have a new core competitive game mode called push.
Now what I mean when I say core is you're going to be playing this in quick play and it's going to be competitive and it's going to be played by the Overwatch League as well so we're very excited to finally add a new core game mode now we want everyone here have a chance to play it and tell us how amazing and balanced it is. it's so you can play a whole new map that takes place in toronto our first canadian map let's go there you get awesome now when i talk to a lot of you there is a common request that you want to get out of overwatch and overwatch : going to deliver on this and that's for more story and for PvE for co-op experience Since I'm very happy that overwatch 2 includes a ton of PvE content, we will have a full story experience with story missions, the first of which will be called Rio de Janeiro, you can also play in Hall A for everyoneyou guys today can't wait to hear it. what do you think oh my gosh I'm so happy dude as you saw we have something called hero missions which is focused on a highly replayable cooperative experience the analogy we like to use in the team is similar to what is the adventure mode.
Diablo versus his campaign, that's what the hero missions are meant to be and they're powered by this really cool progression where you can level up your hero to be more powerful, customize your abilities, make different talents, use the AoE or smash, oh my gosh, like in all the All heroes have a new look. Every one of the 31+ heroes have an upgraded look and there's a really awesome panel happening here tomorrow Saturday that's going to take place. all the engine updates that are coming to overwatch, and all the new looks and the explanation of the new art style that i am really looks great Reinhardt's hair oh my god look: it's all about heroes his beard knows not we can make a whole new overwatch game without having new heroes, so Overwatch: In addition to introducing Sojourn who we're not talking about today, in addition to confirming that she's here, Overwatch 2 will feature several new heroes coming with the game and we are very excited.
EKKO looks really cool dude. now many of you have questions like why a sequel or what does that mean for me as a player of the original game. I spent so much time on this game. I got so worried. We think about it and for us as players. I know sequels make us nervous more than anything else, so what we hope to do with Overwatch 2 is really redefine what a sequel means and I think some explanation is needed now for all original Overwatch players. ame, you will be able to play on all the same maps as overwatch 2 players, including all the new maps coming to overwatch, and you will be able to play with the same heroes as overwatch 2 players, it will be a shared multiplayer environment where no one is left behind that guy was like looking at the camera another thing i think a lot of us are thinking about is all those cool achievements and cosmetics we've been unlocking over the years you know how hard that was you work for your mercy skin For example, we want to make sure that all of the Overwatch cosmetics are featured with you in Overwatch as well, so all your progress, Wow man, nothing gets left behind, no one stays behind as long as you're on the same platform or to build this community of more Out of 50 million players right now, the last thing we would do is do anything to divide what an amazing community you are and how much you mean to us, so let's Overwatch is going to be amazing too we have a panel right here on this stage at 1:30 where we're going to go into a lot more detail now it's time for Blizzcon I'm looking straight down the aisle at those beautiful machines with Diablo 4 loaded on them that we have world of warcraft shadowlands we have hearthstone battlegrounds we have two different overwatch two demos i just want everyone to remember how much we mean to each other let's be good to each other let's enjoy this weekend now let's play a video the games have fun y'all man im so excited like the pbe and the story and all i want to see how the new push mode works ceremonies mythical stages panels presentations resume shortly with diablo 4 unveiled have a great blizzcon man no man dude huh that it's exactly.
I was hoping it would be an hour and a half, just like an hour and a half, I'm very, very excited for Overwatch, it's co So if MIT saw that Blizzard song, missiles return to Overwatch, I thought now was the time. guys let's get it going eleven dude it's like it's perfect now because you know overwatch is on the switch literally right before this and it's a solid port like me I would prefer the switch version over ps4 and xboxone, but would obviously prefer PC over switch. version you know what I'm saying but the fact that you're going to be able to keep as long as you stay on that platform is amazing like that's amazing Diablo 4 is confirmed and it looks absolutely fantastic scary and gross and just kind of gross stops in Jeff's face like that seriously.
I feel like I don't know. I feel like Jeff hit the nail on the head when you were talking. like leaking things like he basically says what everyone wants him to say. I'm happy, but like you know, that's great, that's really exciting, it's actually so exciting, his happy face on him. little bit of everything you know like everyone has a little bit of something Diablo fans Hearthstone getting new stuff obviously Warcraft is having their stuff there for everyone World of Warcraft just got a big new story update. opened that ins it house who saw two looks great so obviously we didn't see a lot of the characters return like we didn't see i mean we saw a widow in the trailer but as far as the story and stuff what you know I'm assuming she's going to be in the alum line still with Doom Fist and Moira and Reaper and stuff like that so story wise you know they didn't show themselves off incredibly much and I'll be curious to see how she handles all of that stuff that We didn't see the soldier witch, so for those of you who don't necessarily know Overwatch, all of the short cinematics were basically like Overwatch getting back together, but they're still in their current state if that makes sense to you. i'm playing the game i In the previous iterations of the characters like Mercy and Winston and things like that and Tracer they're all just like their previous iteration and these will be like the new ones once they're all together so that's really cool that's really cool im so excited so the overwatch movie will be awesome but they probably never will i was so good that was so good um i dont know i'll be curious to see how they handle if returning soldiers kri kri comes back because he left uh you know, I don't know and characters like Ash and stuff like that will be interesting we'll see how they handle it like Deva isn't there either but you know Divas obviously like movement and everything they can do but they won't do it because I think they want to that games are played again, that's what they do.
I think they legitimately have the best cinematics of any game developer so I think they could literally blow it out of the water but they don't if they don't want to or don't want you I think because they went hybrid with the Warcraft movie I think so the warcraft movie would have been fully animated it would have been really, really good but because you were like trusting the actors and stuff like you knew it could fail very easily you miss Overwatch - you have to go back and watch it if you missed it exactly sin yeah exactly I don't know it's very very very exciting and the fact that people are going to be able to keep up with it forever like that's really cool yeah I don't know I'm going to go even though I have a lot to digest .
I'll be back in a bit. I need to grab some food and eat because I fell asleep. Yes, that is very exciting. I don't know. We'll talk about that later as to what you think. i know what you're thinking and we'll be here to talk about it but i'm going out for a little bit t I have to let this all process well we'll talk about that later let me know what you think thanks for hanging out guys , we'll be back a little later tonight, you're amazing, you're beautiful, stay wild, I'll talk to you later bye go eat

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