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Apr 12, 2024
Hello RC friends and welcome to the next episode of wos aussi TV. Today there is another RC


and that is the missing Mini LMT. There it is, pretty little box. I ordered the thing, in fact, it took a little longer to arrive. However, the workshop landed. I'm happy it's finally here and it couldn't have come at a better time because the weather outside is getting better and as you saw last time in the video from the little boat outside, you can really do it with such small RCS. lots of fun and I hope this little Mini LMT brings you a good portion of fun.
rc unboxing losi mini lmt 1 18
Friends, it's good that you are here again today. Have fun with the SoC video, folks, and there were the box photos in a. Brief summary, of course, we will do everything now. Take a look from the outside in and let's start with the information that we have the Mini LMT here in the gravedigger version because you can also get the Mini LMT in the. second color and everything is also inspired by the original in blue and then The Sun of an Excavator appears, which means that everything that is now shown in green is mainly in blue, the tattoos on the body or the prints are a little different . but the Anderson family is only briefly introduced when we go to the packaging.
rc unboxing losi mini lmt 1 18

More Interesting Facts About,

rc unboxing losi mini lmt 1 18...

I'd like to start with that today and we see the Anderson family here. I don't know the exact degree of relationship, but what I noticed. is that there is actually only one person who wears Sof Dier's driving clothes, that is the same Ryan Anderson who is also the son of a Digger in real life in which Z a Monster Jam started the entire era with Dennis Anderson who was basically the First Grave Digger Driver and then Adam are now there, the West and the Christians who are there too. Sitting behind the wheel of the gravedigger, but like I said, Ryan has a unique selling point with his blue Sover di, so for all those who didn't.
rc unboxing losi mini lmt 1 18
I don't know, we have a nice viewing window on the front of the package to show us the vehicle from the outside. The phase is here, then we take the information with us that we have an RTR model, a 1:18 4WD monster truck that is officially licensed, has lights and comes completely ready to run, which then takes me to the next page of the packing. The contents of the packaging are already marked on the outside, which means that we get the monster truck as a vehicle, then we get the Spektrum remote control, we get a G2 2S Lipo and also the USB charger that I know from the Amar Rome, for example, which it really works very well.
rc unboxing losi mini lmt 1 18
We just have to wait and see how long the 810mm takes to charge. capacity and if we then look at the back of the package we simply have the information that we can adjust the control bar in two positions. We have solid Axel Monster Trucks, which means solid axles in the front and rear, which they run with. a link suspension is already installed on the front and rear and locked differentials, then you just have a set of lights installed directly on the vehicle, which I just limited to the headlights on the front and we have a 380 25 turn rifle motor like that.
We're actually almost completely around the packaging, there's nothing to see on the top and bottom and that's why I would say let's just unpack the guy now. First open the seals on the side and you won't be able to start opening the. cover on the front Friends, very cute, look at them with a nice stand, yes you can store the car there again if you want to put it on the shelf. That means we already have a monster arena here, so. a small one is easy to place there. The public can see the lights of the stadium, I think it's cool, I think it's cool, you can do something with it, you can do a little display if you want, I think.
I'll unpack it for a moment, just check the angle size and then you'll have more. Getting back to the basics, like I said, here's a cool little arena, similar to Element AC for example, where you can make a garage out of the cardboard box and you can do that here too because you can separate it here and then you can make a back wall in the back and it's basically the floor of an arena that will hold up well afterwards, so Pack it up as you can see, then you can close it back up with the flaps, which means you can definitely get it.
Make a small standing diorama for your Mini LMT at home, so let's fasten the cable ties to four of. You have to open them under the vehicle and then we also free the Mini Arena from its plastic and, in theory, we can work with it like this. Now close it again and then do something with it yourself, great, so on. , we already have the vehicle drop test here, curious, yes how Monster Truck works, I'm completely new to the topic, that means for me before. Now, for example, I picked up the Losi LMT 1:10, which is also around the corner with a completely different price, so I thought I'd treat myself to a little fun to find out if this topic is about monster trucks and monsters .
If it really resonates with me as I imagine it. , if later it's great, if later it's nothing, you can still sell it to someone who wants to continue


. We have a remote control here, which is also the one I have now. I almost see it on the bigrock 6S. there it was at the bottom with a slightly larger base, but definitely on the Chrome slt2, which means the wheel has not been reinvented, but as we just announced, we will also include the USB charger and then we will have the packaging. empty but of course there are also the batteries, the Losi sticker, a wheel motor key and also an adapter friends and look, the adapter is from this IC 2 to EC2 ha and it also seems to me, it is a battery adapter for So to speak, your smart battery can also be connected to a regular charger if necessary, as long as you have an EC2 connection.
Loading could also be interesting or maybe there's another reason why not. I don't know yet, friends, we will clarify, in any case, you will still receive batteries for the spark. There is a join loop, which means a receiver loop that you can then connect if you need to put everything back together. Pair it again and then we'll see what else is inside. We will have the connector guide again, which we already know and have here. Oh wow, Adam Anderson Grave Digger started in 2007, no, Dennis Anderson, sorry, started in. 2007, four-time world champion, world record holder for the longest wheel on the monster truck.
Cool WS, we do that too folks. I don't know much about the history of the gravedigger. Detail, but I think it's great that when you buy what you are. First I picked up a little bit, which is actually what it's about because these are real people, real vehicles, real emotions, cool, like I just mentioned, and like I said, we have the batteries, the adapter, which we'll clarify. At one point and then a relatively generous manual. There's probably also the quick start guide behind it. No, there is definitely more information here. There are also trim parts that are made of aluminum, yes, so there are relatively. the vehicle is even more stable and even more, if you want to tune it, you can do that and then we have a good manual here that simply describes everything you need to know how to open and close the vehicle because, as far as I can see, it is not a conventional way, that's what it's called here.
I think it's cool, like a wing nut shown here. I could turn it a little, yes, it is too transverse when it is up and then I have to open the body. Come on, come on, ah, the mother gives you three thanks, so here on the side, go up once, turn the right side up once, it's actually a great beginning and now it will be in tada at some point. Open vehicle, very, very cool friends. I think, but before we go into the chassis in more detail and show you all the details, we will definitely need a K and we are going friends, we have already returned from the carporn, so I think the vehicle is very beautiful and also very successful.
I would like to show you something later. I have already built it myself, so far there have not been as many Monster Trucks in the world of Monster Cham as I said, so we will talk about a topic again later. Now I would like to finish this quickly with you and then I would bring you my little project of heart to show you something again. Let's get started, so first we have the licensed BKT tires on the vehicle, which we see on almost everyone. On every monster truck there is definitely some foam in the tire, because they can be pressed very, very gently, so somehow the rubber is chosen thicker and a little firmer or they actually have the shape in the tire because, for example , there is something.
It's something I miss with other monster truck tires. I'll show you a quick comparison later, which means we definitely have licensed tires that are very true to the nice original BKT green rim and also a nice low bed, a great thing. As we just clarified, there's no body or pins that we have to somehow hook onto the top, but instead we have this body closure that works with these little wings where we can then just readjust everything, you can fold it up and then work with our 2S Lipo here in a relatively relaxed way, yes it is a rubber suspension principle here and then you can take out the Smart Lipo 810 MAMP 2S 7.4 volts and it is actually as I suspected, this adapter is used for that.
If you could then charge the Smart Lipo with another charger, the only question I have is how it balances everything, but we have already charged Lipos on normal USB chargers so yes it will work, I think Spektrum will already know what they are doing In any case , they have the adapter cable with them, which I don't need right now because I have the adapter cable to connect to the big charger or I just use the USB charger for the small vehicles, but I think it's cool that they do that. We package it up, which means we've thought a bit more broadly, so the loop we need for the ESC shows up again for programming, so we go back to the vehicle battery.
It's a pretty big battery pack that comes here. Put the rubber pads here and then we can attach it to the ESC, which means it will then come here. I'll show you because you have the connection port here on the side. and the battery is plugged in there, which is where it's located under the motor and we actually have a metal frame chassis for the chassis, so it should definitely be noted that the frame is made entirely of metal. Then you can also order aluminum. tuning the pieces as clarified above to give everything a complete finish when we turn it from the bottom, yes, we have metal links, sorry, it was yes, it's four links, so it's okay, I don't.
I have to apologize, I didn't say anything bad, we have four links, I just didn't see the upper links, only the lower ones come there, the rotends are made of plastic, the links themselves are made of aluminum, so we have hybrid driveshafts, yes, that means parts made of metal and other parts made of plastic. I think it will work well there because it is probably not bad at all with Monster Trucks if the axle moves a little with flext m, then we have the so-called stabilizer bars, which we need for solid axles. Yes, I know them now, for example, from the short-haul truck area.
These are bars that install on the front and rear of the monster truck and we have them. then at the front there is a servo on the front solid AEL which then simply takes care of the steering, yes there is also the Spektrum sx18 which has a combination ESC and a receiver which here also means that the SLT ESC 2 in 1 means receiver and ESC cable. i.e. the window controller that I also have can be programmed separately using two jumpers. The on/off switch is located here on the side. I have the gearbox here on the side, the exhaust system that the gravedgger comes with is nice and decorative. you can see that everything is still inside the body.
We've got the cage, we've got the LED light kit that goes all the way to the front and I would say, guys, let's put the batteries in here for a moment, let's put the batteries in the spark plug, turn the guy on here, we'll definitely have some residual voltage on the battery Well, hello, yes, maybe you should also turn on the spark, then the vehicle would like that too, Friends, we have it with lights here in the front, the wing is closed, we are there, we must get in there, so make sure see all the sides also organized.
It closes because if for example a wing nut is again a little out of position here we will damage ourselves a little more as we want, so close it well, let's take a look, it is dark here and the lights are also slightly reddish pinks. So I think there will be a white LED underneath and the light housing is a little bit colored there, but it looks great, or on the back there is a hammer on the front, so we have the light back on. We saw it like I said, then you can isolate the direction.
Adjusting the spark here we also have what I know now, but I don't know what it is for and since the battery is not full, it doesn't have as much power. right left but look here the servo works because I have to set up a small arena too, you know Monster Jam doesn't work without an arena and no arena is finished today, that's what it's called, but still it was about unpacking and youWe're definitely a little smarter now, one or two of you might even catch it if it's the missing Mini LMT, for my part I'm just going to load up the vehicle, then I'm going to set up a nice MonsterChamp course for us here in the basement and then I'll see if I can't handle it and then you show me what's possible with the little Mini LMT because I've seen some really interesting videos about it on the internet and I'm curious to see if you can quickly imitate it yourself, similar to what we've already done with Arm Gromes.
We've made some stuns and friends. Now I would do a quick size comparison so you know where the Mini is. LMT is going and folks let's get the grrome arm to go with it yeah because they are both Z 18 vehicles. The tire size is almost identical, maybe you could go here and put the Losi LMT tires on a small one. chrome, then you would have a nice monster truck only with a different body, but because of the size of the vehicles, of course, it is a little taller, you don't have a solid Axel but a Z8 18 1 Z 18 Monster.
Truck Monster Jam Monster Truck


asher yes friends the loser Mini LMT is unboxed. The unpacking is done so far. I think the thing is really cool, it has real weight too. He has a decent fighting weight and I think he needs it in terms of everything. the tricks he's supposed to do next. The suspension is very soft and well tuned right out of the box. Like I said, now I'll have to charge the battery. Prepare the sand and then we will do a first race. I'll see if it works here in the basement or you can't even see a sunny day outside as fast as I touch it with my arm and yes, we'll see what it does in terms of performance and if it delivers what it promises but I'm confident, like I said, there are enough of them already videos on the internet about the vehicle, so the only thing left is to see if I can drive it and I'm there too.
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