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Ranking strangers IQ based on first impressions

Apr 12, 2024
What are we going to do today? I was thinking we can watch some videos to react. I'm in my Newark. I'm watching videos to react. Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning in for another qualifying episode before we start our show. I want to give a big shout out to our sponsor Grant, I won't let you mention your sponsor and I won't get paid for it. I will only consume your free content. He's a one-way friend of Street. I wasn't planning on going to college and that wasn't one of my goals, my parents were like, well you should apply to at least one college and I was like, "I'll never be okay, so this is what's wrong with me.
ranking strangers iq based on first impressions
I have a a really high IQ and one of the benefits of having a really high IQ is being able to tell if someone else has a high IQ so this shouldn't be a problem for me we're fine here and then I came to you this it's so awkward, like, how do you do it? because there's no one to direct it properly, because imagine in the trap that you just threw into this room with five other


and they're like okay, split up who you think is the most. smart and the dumbest. How awkward, this part I wouldn't say is testing your IQ, it would be more who is comfortable saying something awkward because I'm going to say, hey, you look a little stupid from behind, no one is going to say that. , So this.
ranking strangers iq based on first impressions

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ranking strangers iq based on first impressions...

It's just as dynamic socially, yeah, I'm 24. I did well, okay, undergrad at Yale, although undergrad, anyone can get a undergrad like that, it's the easiest major for her in finance. I don't think smart people go into Finance, although I apologize for anyone who likes it fun, I mean I've met a lot of people in Finance, they were probably my least favorite type of people in college. I'm Tyler, I'm 21 years old. I graduated high school and work in the Marine Corps. I'm Kaylee, I'm 25 years old, I'm a software developer, I went to Ohio University and I have a bachelor's degree, yeah, watch out for that guy, no one signs up to be in an IQ video if they have a low IQ.
ranking strangers iq based on first impressions
The right people who sign up for IQ videos even have a very high IQ or believe they have a very high IQ and the people who usually think they have a very high IQ are people with a slightly above average IQ. I think what happens with people with the lowest IQ is that they don't really think they like looking too smart. IQ 100 is the average of the half of you who are below and have higher rates. There's nothing wrong with us having an IQ below 100, like when people hear, "Oh, you have an IQ of 90." you must be stupid but it's like literally half the world has less than half look to your left look to your right you have people around you you can be dumber than one uh half of them smarter than half of them Maria I I'm 30 years old, I have my PhD in cancer biology and I work in a biotech industry, how are you going to classify it?
ranking strangers iq based on first impressions
This will be purely IQ in school. I went to the University of South Carolina and attended undergrad. University of Florida I feel like IQ is such a bad way to classify people's intelligence, although well, when they talk about their successes like, oh, I'm in finance, oh, I do cancer research, a lot of things that have little to do with IQ, you. Hello everyone, my name is Sean, I am 27 years old. I'm the social media manager for our company and I also work for an agency social media manager. This guy must be the dumbest. I got a double major in dance if I were him.
He's not the dumbest when he started his job, he's definitely the dumbest when he finishes his work reading all that social media. Hello everyone, I'm Ray, I'm 24 years old. I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from Harvard. Hello, okay? They say never judge a book by its cover, but that's a rule followed by low-IQ people who work in consulting. Oh, they're not babies anymore, we need a Maybe it's good to identify what intelligence means for everyone. I think intelligence is best defined as your adaptability and problem-solving skills. More than your education, obviously, the education you've gone through puts a lot at stake because it gives you more resources, more ideas to draw from formal education definitely helps, but I don't think it's in any way essential.
Of course you would say that you are the only one with a high school diploma. How convenient that you don't think that education is the most important thing, but he has a very nice way of speaking, although he seems very disciplined because he is a Marine and I like that about him. So what is most essential? I would say the most essential thing would probably be common sense. Yes, for me personally I think intelligence is both eqiq and Common Sense Street Smart intelligence, all of that brings people together. consciously or unconsciously when they see someone they form an opinion immediately as I am sure we all did immediately when I saw you I said to myself Maria don't judge him just by his look I don't know how intelligent she is but I don't I don't like it, I also hate when someone It goes for me personally, although I like it personally, sometimes I do it, but I hate when other people do it and it's something I'm going to try to stop, I also like how I say the word like. very similar to what you know, I know, I say the word like a lot when I feel like I have to make small talk or like or when I have to fill the silence with words and I'm just rambling, I would use the word like a lot I have a lot things that bother me when it comes to the english language and the phrase for me personally I don't love it even though I do it myself, I could be throwing you off or that's what it is but talk the talk and walk the walk.
Sean, I didn't want to judge him by how he looks or how he dresses or how he acts, so I thought


he's smart, this is the


impression, judge, this guy has a high school diploma from the army, okay, first impression, It's in the glass. right, what do you want me to say? These are first impression compressions. I'll put it last just because when I was in school, all the other people liked bright neon colors and stuff, they were usually the ones who did the worst in class. If we're


trust, I'd definitely put Sean first.
I like this guy, although I like the way he talks, so direct, to the point, so articulate, so what is the definition we are going to follow? Somebody has? Anyone as a starter, you can be honest, start on that side. I feel like I have a good mix of both, like being book smart and street smart, so yeah, I think I have some opinion that there are so many aspects of intelligence that really go beyond IQ and EQ. Even those two different factors don't really capture what it really means to be smart. I know I'm not from Yale.
I don't have a PhD, but what I lack in those areas I can still solve problems. use my own abilities establish my emotional intelligence as well as my social intelligence in addition to my education and background I feel like I have high emotional intelligence like I'm aware that you're aware that you're far away if you're aware that I don't say things like that bro, even If true, people with enough conscience would like to pretend to be humble to fool people into believing they are humble. My environment as a software developer. My problem-solving skills are obviously top-notch.
I guess I would say that my entire life I have had to fight to be seen as intelligent. I think I'm so used to having to do that as a woman to step up and be like, you know, I deserve to be here, my first job out of college. I was working at a law firm, a gentleman came up to me and said hi, you don't look like someone who would work at a law firm, you look like someone I would go on spring break with, yeah, there's the believer, that's a little sexist. Although I'm going to say it, it's actually very sexist and obviously among everyone here I have the least formal education.
I consider myself intelligent, my mental dedication and my ability to adapt and solve problems in what I do. In the Marine Corps, I'm a Seaburn Defense Specialist, so I think by virtue of what I do, that already requires a certain amount of intelligence. Sorry, quick question. Do you think only certain people can do your job or do you think anyone can do it? your job is only for certain people, you have to take the ASVAB before you get into the military, that's not really how much you know, it's how well you can learn information and I got a 94 on that, it's not a number of how much you study, how much you know that you're not really going to get better at learning, does that make sense?
I completely disagree with you, you will not improve at learning, the idea that you can improve at learning is an important meaning of intelligence, I strongly agree dyslexic, I have ADHD, I choose a woman with difficulties and I am on the autism spectrum , dyslexia means there is a big gap in understanding so I got a 99th percentile in certain areas and I like the way she disagreed with it, even though it was a lot it's a clear point, I don't agree with you, I like it, that's very refreshing, what percentile in 12 years and I still basically can only order a burrito, so I have a question, why did you go to Yale and why did you go to Harvard?
I know maybe they are the best school in the country, that's what you're looking for ma'am, my parents are immigrants from China. I am also a first-generation immigrant and college student. My family always emphasizes the importance of formal education. For me, that was something I really strived for. I wasn't planning on going to college. I did not do it. It wasn't one of my goals. My parents were like, "Well, you should apply to at least one college." I'll never come in here and then I went to go, why don't you rank each other from one to six, including yourselves, and give reasons why you want to do what you're doing, why you're going to be okay.
Here we go, first impression. look, chat with these things, obviously, I'm sure there will be a plot twist or whatever. Oh, the blonde woman is actually the smartest one because she goes against the traditional representation of blonde women, because I don't think Jubilee was like yeah, Asian man. The smartest blonde woman, the dumbest, no one wants to see that video, bro, but I'll still go for first impression. Social media manager. Dumb, okay, that was a strong word. The least intelligent. The army guy. The second least intelligent girl in the number three red pants. Number four jeans.
Uh Yale. girl at number five right and asian guy number one, there you go, I have to go one no, oh yeah, two, what's the Asian guy from Harvard, oh wait, no, she's doing it, nevermind, sorry, That makes sense, one is the smart one, so that really makes sense, but the girl in red pants number two hell no three four five six okay, I know it's a little harsh, but first impression is that she's in the army , has a high school diploma, they're telling you to judge a book by its cover, I would. Classifying yourself as a six doesn't mean you're not intelligent.
I also think I don't place much value on the military, as I understand the stereotype as the southern soldier. uh, grumpy guy deal, like I understand the stereotype, but man. She just said it like maybe you'd think it, but she just said it, period and respect, no, yeah, I'd probably do one, two, three, four, five, six, look, okay, look, if I were that one. dude you know what I would have done I would have put army guy five sorry navy guy five and then social media manager six okay at this point they are both being hit on but at least change it up a notch bit, you know, put the other's six, they'll both be five and six, sorry I'm the villain of this episode, does anyone think they're both ends of the spectrum?
I would say I am one at least because I know what I am doing and I am sure of it. how holy your trust, wait, you also have to classify everyone, that is very unfair, no, no, no, no, I would say one, two, three, four, five, six, okay, I think one, two, three, four, five, six, this is very clear, like the top half and the bottom half. Until now, since the Asian guy in red pants and the girl on the right have always been in the top three, scream girl, and the other three have been in the bottom half, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to look past the education of going to university, I think you learn. much less emotionally, but I still think you're smart, thanks one, two, three, four, five, six, one, immigrant parents, first generation, going to college, that won't raise your IQ, having immigrant parents, doesn't that your IQ is higher, as it happens. you are disciplined and it makes you better at studying I have more pressure to succeed, but having immigrant parents makes you have a naturally high IQ no, just studymost humble modest humble humble he gave himself number two I don't know oh wait, right? give it 10 number two three scientists with a doctorate in cancer biology I work at a biotech company we make covid-19 test kits oh no you're not terrible madam I don't care if you're the smartest here I hate you the worst part is it's not the bragging, it's the little dance she does, stuff like that, it's her biology scientists, I work at a biotech company, we make a covid-19 test kit, no, no, no, no, I'm sure it's all that's true, but things like that and then. six, it has nothing to do with your background.
I don't think you really have the highest EQ of all of us. Tyler, he took last place for me personally. I don't understand why they say he has nothing to do with your background. it's all about your background you have a high school diploma and you're in the military it's all about your background and okay it's the first impression but don't say oh it's not about where you are well what are you because the shape behaves, it was classifying intelligence according to its point of view and not taking into account other people's points of view or collecting results, but it was actually limited to its body language. behavior the way the shape behaved in which he acted towards the group I would put one two that's how I know you're dumb that's how I know you're dumb you rated the red pants pull the number one three three four so the reason why Number one for you is that I think that you have the highest not only EQ score of everyone, but also the way you present yourself, as well as being a PhD student.
I think it's a huge thing when I put myself at six because I feel like I might be the weakest in terms of actual IQ score, hopefully I can make up for it, oh god, oh I feel bad, she last rated herself , keep your head up, King, so I put myself as the least intelligent, however, if it can't be me. I definitely think Tyler, unfortunately, his way of thinking is linear and I think intelligence is almost like a sphere, it's an image and right now he's just coloring with one color, so you know, with the rainbow, that's the most Interesting thing someone has said in this video so far. has a color on the crayon box, as well as using the word crayon man because when you think of crayons, you think like a baby, a toddler, another way of saying he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he uses crayons.
Damn, who has him? the most number one up there also I feel like you were definitely three, right, yeah, I mean, yeah, I think I was expecting to be ranked a little bit lower at first glance and the first interaction with me it's hard to tell how smart I am. It's hard to tell how smart someone is if someone is upset with their position. I think it makes sense that he's down here as the guy who graduated high school and then joined the military; I probably wouldn't be at the top. If I were in his place, I would definitely have ranked among the lowest as well.
He has that awareness that he's not taking it personally. I feel like there could be bias at work in terms of classification. You're okay, he looks. I do. I don't blame any of these people for classifying them the way they are classed because this is the first impression, like it's stereotypes, it's prejudice, you know, preconceived notions, so I think it's okay, I would change the lady in pants red one or two, but that's all. I agree with this, they are victims of society as we all are, but I agree with the classification. I think you're probably the smartest of all of us.
It would feel strange to place you there and not recognize the dynamic in which we are. They did, they just made them take an IQ test at that time. I bet they are making ones where you have to like pay to see themselves taking an IQ test. It was definitely hard to hear solid things quantified even if you don't buy. on IQ tests it still gives you a number at the end of the day, which is something you have to deal with. I literally thought when you said to open the computer, we would look at social media.
I didn't think about an IQ test. would be part of this, we were expected to be ranked by intelligence, you know, an IQ test, it's not that far from being a wrong possibility, so number one is Raymond, number two would be Kaylee, number three will be Tyler and number four would be Shera. number five is Sean and number six is ​​Maria no oh ah asian guy on top though oh my god ah oh he doesn't look happy she doesn't look happy at all sugar I think an IQ test proves something I don't think it's intelligence it's I'm definitely trying something.
IQ tests are now known to be flawed and


on incorrect sample sizes. I have very severe dyslexia. There are two questions on that test that I automatically basically can't answer. I'm sure if you studied for an icon test, you would do it. do much better IQ tests are just one aspect or way of measuring intelligence what a humble king what a humble king someone so intelligent before this all I knew about IQ tests is that they existed and the I stands for intelligence that I had never looked at on IQ tests before I came here today, they said EQ, that was the first time I heard that term in my life, going back to intelligence, it's not just your IQ, it's your EQ, It's your common sense, it's street smarts, I'm sure it's some kind. metric similar to the SAT score and ACT is a metric for college admission, but there is more to that person than that test.
I'm really excited that I wasn't the last because I thought I was going to be the last. I'm not going to lie, I think The IP Test is a good engine to see how people handle pressure, but I think it's easier for it to make sense in our heads, oh, you're smart and you're not smart, I definitely don't think be the best metric I have been exposed to. to tests like these probably more than most people here, that already gives me an unfair advantage, this is my villain redemption or the confinement of the divider. I'm done, the most important thing in live chat is happiness, it's okay, no matter how smart or smart you are. you're stupid if you're happy you're better off than most people on this earth because most people on this earth aren't happy can we have everyone in the chat type happy or not happy because of how you feel about the life there are many things?
I'm not happy, which reflects badly on me because you guys are watching my stream, you know what that says about me man, and I'm mentioning happiness because when you ask streamers if they're happy, I'd say most of them would be. . Say no, they're not happy either, which may seem strange to you because it's like, oh, you guys make a living playing video games, you make money from it, happiness is relative, you know? That's why I say if you're happy with life, then you're winning.

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