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Pups Save a Tyrannosaurus’ Birthday and MORE! | PAW Patrol | Cartoons for Kids

Apr 27, 2024
call Rider, what's up? Mir Pollo Goodway L, you better cover yourself, Mar, far away, but don't worry, no chicken is too big, no puppy is too small, oh no, here come those pasky puppies. Debris, clear the way for chetta. You got it, no, I have this big job, Rubble Chase, get those people moving, everyone, get out of the way, a giant chicken coming, okay, Ella, it's time to get her out of town, it's time to be professional , hello chetta, follow me, thank you mighty


for saving b. day and thanks chetta for shrinking back to a huge size oh, you're welcome here Goodway whenever you have a problem just call for help Dino rescue the puppy save a stomping Triceratops who is a triceratops and is biting his pads Choice CH oh, It's so adorable, come on take a group photo of us on our Dino Wilds adventure, okay, but make sure the flash on your camera is off.
pups save a tyrannosaurus birthday and more paw patrol cartoons for kids
Triceratops scare easily, oh it's okay, that's all everyone says, chick, chick, oh, it's falling right at us, it's scared, calm down, big fella, turn back the clock. to call the Paw Patrol on our way Dr. Turbet, let's go to War to the rescue Paw Patrol Rex I have a radar image of the Triceratops in Motion it looks like it's heading towards Big Horn Rock uh-oh, that's the nesting place of the Velociraptor oh no, he will scare the mother Raptor and we will crush the Raptor eggs, not if we stop him first. Rex, do you know any shortcuts?
pups save a tyrannosaurus birthday and more paw patrol cartoons for kids

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pups save a tyrannosaurus birthday and more paw patrol cartoons for kids...

Of course, just follow me, but there is no trace. It's not used very often, mainly because of the Tyrannosaurus.Rex let the mom Raptor know that we are here to help Rubber Roar, we are going to move you and your eggs to a safer place, okay, Dino is getting closer, We better move those eggs quick Rubble, put some palm branches on your shovel to make a nice soft Nest in it Ryder Rex use your claw to put the eggs in his new Nest, let's Dino do this R claw 1 2 3 one


to go fast oh no I can't grab it, watch out and Rubble, take the eggs to Dr.
pups save a tyrannosaurus birthday and more paw patrol cartoons for kids
Turban Composite Debris in the egg Double duty, come on Mama Raptor Rex, we have a Triceratops to stop and a chicken to rescue, we need something to calm that triceratops and attract it back to its habitat. I know something the Triceratops can't. resist s cats starters Dino snack delivery service thanks guys claw hey boy I have a good stack here for you come on chetto I have you a chicken rescued by Dino oh thank you Paw Patrol for rescuing my chick wi and saving the velocir after the eggs , you're welcome and if you ever have a stomping chai ceratops to stop you, just Yelp ask for help and I'm so sorry I scared your dinosaur, well how about a group without flash?
pups save a tyrannosaurus birthday and more paw patrol cartoons for kids
I hope not this time, now everyone says PAW chick. Patrol PAW Patrol ready for action Rider South, the turvette is in danger Dino, the


are trapped in a runaway Triceratops, that's a tough ride so for this mission I'll need Sky, let's go to heaven and Rex, let's go to Dino , let's do this right. Paw Patrol is backing up Annoyance in the air Chase we need a distraction launcher Skye now's your chance someone grabbed the harness here you go first one of one to go din Bronco fast I'm up to my chest in time Robo doog put down the Grabbers the


man Dino in the hle Rex, go and keep the Triceratops C, easy bet, easy bet, we'll buy you time to buckle the big guy up, let's bring it out, good job, now let's fris.
Dino C Rex Robo dog claw myth, let's lift them up thank you. for saving us from that prehistoric danger Paw Patrol, you are welcome whenever you are on a runaway Triceratops, just Yelp for help Paw Patrol ready for action Rider sir, thank you pups, we have to rescue a baby St aurus trapped in a hole for this Mission I I'll need Rocky. I need you to use the Grabbers on your truck to move one of the trees. I'll need Rex too. I need you to use your Dino claw to move the other tree. Let's have Dino do this and Sky once they move the trees.
You will use your plane to get the baby stegosaurus out of the hole. We go to heaven. Alright. The Paw Patrol is on a roll. We're almost there at Trap pyasa. Guys, a little further. I'm very happy to hear it. We're here Paw Patrol this stegosaurus is super stuck that's stegosaurus hold on buddy we'll get you out okay Rocky Rex move those trees on it Dinosaur claw 1 2 3 colossal hold cooperation pups okay Sky it's time to get him out of there harness RoR can you do this, just get into the sling, that's it, Roar and you're in for a great job.
Rex Sky, take him up now. I just need to find a place to put it. Look who found his mom. Powerful pups ready for powerful action. Riders, sir. thanks for rushing the pups, this is a very strange rescue, for some reason the copycat used his whirlwind power to carry the flounder to the top of the volcanic island, help, oh no, we'll need almighty paws on the deck, it's okay the mighty pups are in a wheel oh watch out there's a lot of hot lava there it is pups wait Captain Turbet pups everyone jump on the flounder all our extra weight should be able to tip the boat away from the crater and will slide down the volcano.
Is working. Wait, come on pups, get ready for a wild ride. My boat is as slippery as it is seaworthy. Thank you. Powerful puppies. Dino rescue pup. Save the baby Raptors. This should give you


wind power. I added more speed to your fan. Zuma. Thank you. Ryder, let's give him a Hey guys, what's up? Wow, that fan is super powerful. Now I can fly without my wings. Patrol Ryder, a spes


, just scared a family of birds of prey, the parents scared him away but the babies fled into the jungle, okay Rex, it's time for a raptor.
Roundup, let's roar to the rescue. Paw Patrol roar, roar, roar, come on baby. Raptors, get out, get out anywhere. you're oh there you are Rory, where are Rosie and Rhonda hiding? Hi Rex, hi Ryder. The Ro sisters must be hiding. His parents chased away the T-Rex and are probably looking for their lost baby. Now Suumo can help you gather baby Raptors. Robo dog and I will find the parents and meet at Dino Tower thanks Ryder okay let's get together some Raptors rescue rafts okay let's get Dino to do this this is Rosie and this is Rhonda hey Rory Come back buddy, Rory left us outside, how are we doing?
I'm going in how about a hug eh oh yes the clock is ticking thanks for the lift and the hug now to stop roaring wo wo wo wo C thanks again whered Rosie oh no, they're going to fall. I got this, that's Dino Ric. hey let me try it, yeah we feel like your TCT, yeah Dino you did it buddy look it's a raptor family reunion, thanks to you and the pups, especially Zuma, and props to you too, And if you ever need a Raptor Roundup, just ask for help if you could get a piece of that meteorite.
I would get my super building powers back. A piece of meteorite. Okay, my magical super machine powers are back. Oh, it's just as amazing as I remembered. I'm going to use my teleporter Ray to snatch them all away. from Adventure Bay where the lemonade stand is go, it's going to its new home Harville if you want lemonade you'll have to come to my town hello Alex Ryder you won't believe it Harold Humdinger is in a super huge giant robot and he made the lemonade Stand, he disappears , uh-oh, he said he'll take him to a place called Haral Ville Mayor Goodway, let me guess the giant robot problem, yeah, head to City Hall, don't worry, no robot is too big, no puppy is too small, that you heral is home and there is no PPP in sight.
I'm going to teleport those puppies to the North Pole. It's time for this big robot to come down. It's time to smash and roll. pop, save a baby stegosaurus, now try to ride, the


dinosaur remote control is installed and all ready to go, good job Rocky, now I can control it without even being in it, hey hey little one, that's not for you. I thought the stegosaurus is like plants, no. puppy pads go ahead let go of Stevie sorry Ryder I'm taking these stegosauruses for a nature walk but Stevie keeps chewing things come on Stevie see you later bye have fun hey my pop hat , no time for fun, kittens, find some dinosaur eggs, do you think something is right? is going to fall into my lap, oh huh, this isn't a dinosaur egg, it's Ryder's PPP platform with Dino Patroller controls, looks like we'll have a new vehicle soon, kitties, huh, oh no, the Dino Patroller must be following the P. pad's Homing signal if we follow it it will take us straight to my P pad let's roar to the rescue Paw Patrol oh no Rex the patrol dinosaur is out of control and rolling towards you on the baby stegosauruses thanks buddy I'm in it, rubber, rubber.
Come on, come on, Dino Dash, that was too close for comfort, good job, Rex Rocky, we have to get you into the driver's seat of the dinosaur patrol car to override the remote control, okay, but how later use that rock as a ramp? and hold on. patrol dinosaur with your Grabbers it's time to rescue a rocky ramp rer woo there autopilot is off now how do I set the brakes here comes our new ride now kitties huh oh why doesn't this dumb slippery thing stop you hunk the size of a dinosaur? of trash, I got it, m Humdinger, uh, a baby dinosaur, oh, you'll be perfect for my new Foggy Bottom Dino Ranch, come here, little buddy, oh no, Humdinger is chasing Stevie to that old broken rock bridge, we got We have to stop them, it's okay, Ryer. uh oh paw patrol i got it okay stevie just walk slowly towards me the stegosaurus is that parents say thank you for keeping their babies safe every time there's a baby dinosaur in trouble just to ask for help and the Next time you visit, make sure the bridges are fixed, come on.
Kitties, let's go back to Foggy Bottom where it's safe. Don't you think you and your kitties should stay and fix the bridge for all the trouble you caused? Hey, it's okay. Paw Patrol ready for action. Rider sir, great because we have a dinosaur. we rescued in our paws a pterodactyl named Maverick that crashed into a ledge and now his wing is stuck under some rocks, poor guy, so for this mission I'll need Rex, let's Dino do this and chase, chase, is on the case, okay, Paw Patrol is on. a roll perfect timing puppies okay Rex, you know what to do Dino CL, good job Rex Chase, you're next zipline, the zipline looks good Chase, a zipline harness is coming, you go first, I'll be right behind you, way to go M, yeah, woohoo, his wing looks pretty sore.
My mom can help. She can fix anything from fins to Flappers. Oh, her wing just needs a little support until it heals. I think I have a brace over here. I found it somewhere. Can I get some help? Rocky, I'm your puppy. Dr. Turbet, it's working, keep pitching, ah, looks like Maverick got his trust back. Thanks for The Sensational. Save Paw Patrol when your pterodactyl is in trouble. Just scream for help. My plan works perfectly. Attention, citizens of Adventure Bay inside this energy dome. I can do anything. I want and no one can get in or out, we need the Paw Patrol, whoops, the impersonator is somewhere on top of the mass, it's time to go into floating mode.
I don't see him anywhere, Ryder, I bet he came in, there must be a hidden one. door somewhere I found another way in Ryder near the water Suma Marshall it's time to recharge I'm inside the Dome Rider and I have my eyes on the coffee c not for long I'm on his furry tail it's time to make my greatest saint there It is and there is the door, let's charge, smash and roll. I can't thank you enough for freeing us from that horrible comfortable cat every time you're trapped inside a giant dome, just scream for help, watch your local TV. full episode listings

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