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Pranking My Mom With Troom Troom Pranks !! *surprisingly successful*

Jun 02, 2021
Hello everyone, today we are going to make a very exciting video. In this video we will prank my mom with the Trump drum jokes. The reason I'm whispering and you're getting this little ASMR segment is because mom is literally everywhere. She listens to everything, it's very difficult to make jokes with her nowadays, her eyes and ears are everywhere, so yeah, that's what we're going to do today. I'm so excited guys, I feel like I could talk out loud about this because you know. She will have no idea what is true, true things, does she know what she is?
pranking my mom with troom troom pranks surprisingly successful
No, she doesn't know what it is. I feel like watching, recreating and just reacting to



's videos was a trend like two years ago and of course. I missed the trend, I'm late, we all know, we all know, but randomly while I was sitting at my computer and flipping through YouTube videos, I saw and was asked for a Troom Troon prank video and I felt like the stars had fallen. aligned and that's what I was supposed to do this week, so that's what we're doing today and who better to joke with than the most gullible person on planet earth.
pranking my mom with troom troom pranks surprisingly successful

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pranking my mom with troom troom pranks surprisingly successful...

My mom, she will find these jokes funny. I'll say these jokes are horrible like I'm not. I know that if someone would really fall in love with them, it's less of a joke and more of what's happening this is so random this is so strange it's more what this is going to cause that's the reaction that this is going to cause so I think without more ado, I'll open the video and show you what we're going to do and then I have to do the


today and find a way to prank my mom, so let's see, okay, I totally forgot.
pranking my mom with troom troom pranks surprisingly successful
I'm telling you what shroom trum is only because I feel like it's common knowledge, but it definitely isn't. the thumbnails are very very bright colors, heavily edited like I don't know what this is and as you can also see they get an absurd amount of views. These 14 Weird Ways to Sneak Food in Class have 123 million views, if this video can even get 0.01 of that I would be over the moon, this is the video where we are going to do some 13 Funny Pranks Prank Wars , 21 million views published two years ago and that thumbnail is like bringing me bacon and bubblegum.
pranking my mom with troom troom pranks surprisingly successful
Grapefruit with a fixed faucet, a knife and a telephone, oh, we're not going to make all the jokes either. They're actually condensed like 11 jokes in this video and I think I picked five of them to make five that I feel like I can. Run the best and also five that have a chance to go well, so I'm going to have lunch outside. What can be more delicious than a juicy burger? I open the wrapper, the first bite is the sweetest. Oops, it's actually sweet. Well, basically. The premise of this prank is that you take a cake and decorate it to look like a hamburger, cut out the top to make it look like a bun.
It's going to be hard to make it look really good because I'm not an artist, but I'll try because theirs really isn't that realistic. I feel like this is before the time when people made cakes that looked like realistic foods or realistic items. This was like this before that and it doesn't look realistic, so I should be able to make an unrealistic burger with cake. I think I should be able to do this well. The hardest part of this will be like entering a scenario where my mom likes to order or wants a burger like her.
I don't really eat that many burgers, so that's going to be the hardest part of this. A fondant burger is not what I would like for lunch. Goodbye to my dreams about meat and cheese. Goodbye to my dreams about meat and cheese. So that's the first one. one, my friend joins me with an incredible "ok." I'm like in a serious spiral like I don't know what to say because I think if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and I have to say this joke I have. There is nothing good to say about this one like this.
I don't understand. Not really. It looks like they made fresh citrus juice inside a grapefruit. You put a drink in a grapefruit and then put the top of a can on it. Steak tongue opening mechanism carefully so you don't cut yourself, trace it on a grapefruit, cut a hole and take out the pulp too, like the word meat, pour orange juice into the empty grapefruit and place the tongue that opens . Emma opens it. grapefruit can take straws and enjoy the juice like that's a joke, I don't get it, maybe it's a trick, like it's tricking you, like you think it's a grapefruit but it's actually orange juice or oh, you thought this.
It was a pop but it's actually a grapefruit like my friend couldn't find gum okay this is my favorite like I was really excited to make this one after lunch. I give you mine. She unwraps a piece of gum. Put a stick of gum in a. slice of bacon and cut off the excess, it's not nice, dry the bacon strip with a napkin, wrap it in aluminum foil instead of the gum, place the bacon strip in the wrapper and secure it, Emma unwraps the gum but finds a piece of bacon. instead of the gum, yeah, so that's the next one, it has the potential to be


Okay, cut up a used mascara wand. I'm excited for this one. In fact, cut the brush and put a thin black elastic band on the lid. attach the brush to the other end of the elastic band place the elastic band on the tube I open my mascara Oops it's an Emma business like she literally has the best settings for that so this one is going to be good I'm saying that now. I'm going to be good, the redhead wants to bake a cake, why does this one have like her name is Emma, ​​but then the other one is called redhead?
I don't get it, why I mean, I get it in the sense that she has red hair. She is a redhead but why isn't she a brunette? So why is she Emma but the other one doesn't have a name? This is going to be the hardest one, guys, to make sense of the white and yolk, this is going to be a It's hard to put a little bit of the white and yolk mixture into a syringe, then fill the syringe with air and expel it out. egg, the mixture comes out under air pressure, be sure to do it gradually so that the pressure does not break. the dry shell how am I going to do this is not going to turn out well and fill the empty egg using a paper cone hot glue the hole paint it for a camouflage I break an egg on the dough who breaks the egg like this splashes falling a wonderful feature, she She always seems so done like that, like the redhead, she's always so sick of these


, so those are the ones I choose to do, okay guys, so with that in mind we have five pranks to do, so let's go into the other room and let's do it right.
I'm going to start with what I think will be the easiest, which I think will be this mascara wand. That being said, I spent like 20 minutes cleaning this mascara and actually cut it off. my hand and it was like bleeding everywhere, so we're already off to a very, very bad start, but now it's clean, so it's okay, all we have to do is cut the reel, oh my God, okay, I mean, I guess this is a cable, oh my God. maybe i need a wire cutter are you real it could be a wire cutter i'm sweating let's see i just found these little baby wire cutters these should work i think oh my god my hand doesn't has the strength, this is the At that time normally I would call my mom here, but I can't call her because she can't know the real cut like this was like a piece of paper, okay, that should be good enough.
I took out the spool now I just need to cut some black rope here, so I'm just going to cut a little piece the size of the little thing, maybe a little longer so it'll be really fun when it comes out, you know, I'm going to hot glue it on even this part as I thought. This was going to be so easy I'd be struggling, oh my gosh, okay, let me try again. I have to let the glue dry before removing it and then stick it here. I'll give the moldings credit, they make it look cleaner. oh my gosh this is not what I expected it to look like this is the easiest one and seeing as it wasn't even as easy as I expected I'm worried about the next ones and just put it here okay. look oh my gosh I'm about to put on some mascara last step okay now we're going to make the grapefruit drink like basically the grapefruit is replacing the can um I don't really understand this no I'm going to lie and I have no idea how my mom will react to this, but we'll try.
The first step is I have to drain this. It's a milkis and it's actually expired so I don't mind draining it but I'm going to have. I like to stick it in the bottom, so I'm going to do that in the bathroom, I think just because it might get dirty, come on, let's stab a can in the bathroom, like hey, I'm scared, okay, let's see what this is like. I'm going to go, I'm just going to stab him. It feels weird. Oh, I just shop around the room. The part that matters is the top, so I have to get this out safely.
Oh my god, this is dangerous, since this is for children. I don't think so, like this is dangerous, oh my god this is scary, like I'm the first person to say that, like I don't know if kids should do this, you could cut yourself really easily if you do it. I'm going to do this prank, make sure to be careful, don't touch your hands during the prank. The kids made this part look super easy. They just like to brush this part. They just cut the can. I don't know if I like the fact that the edges are so pointy and I'll drink a nice orange juice from there.
I'm just going to measure the circle and then the dotted line, so I'm supposed to cut the grapefruit. Thank goodness this is easy to cut, I thought: is there something that is really easy to do? Tear off that central part. Oh, it smells very good. Now I have to get rid of the meat. Can I get something out of this? how my spoon bends how I can't get this flash out of here oh there we go finally oh no, but I'm digging myself like a big hole here you know what I think is good enough it's great to have been through a lot, I'm going to keep going Go ahead and fill this grapefruit that's so weird, oh my gosh, it takes a lot of orange juice, okay, here we go, it's full.
I'm going to put a lot of hot glue here and stick it on my grapefruit, why am I writing? that I like it now, as if to say, yeah, this is a little weird, isn't it? I can't wait to open this in front of her. She will be like a grapefruit full of orange juice. Look, okay, next is the gum, the meat gum. to be exact, you basically take a wrapped piece of gum and you're going to cut off a piece of what they had was bacon. I just bought this turkey, so it doesn't really matter, it's basically just putting in, you know, a piece of meat. you know why this is messed up.
You could rub it so it's not too wet. He doesn't like going through gum. Now I'm going to put my gum right in the middle of the meat and we'll just go. cutting a piece of meat, honestly, this is a terrible thing for someone. Can you imagine that you are about to eat a piece of gum and it is a piece of meat? How disheartening that would be, like you don't know how. how long has it been there you don't know anything about this piece of gum it's disgusting oh my gosh but it looks so perfect and it literally took like a second okay I'm going to make three just because I want all the front pieces to be join together because I don't want to like grab one of the friends and it's not meat, so I'll continue.
I'm going to put this in my bag and my bag will smell like meat. I actually feel that way. It could also be a decent joke. I think it's disgusting, don't get me wrong, but it might be a little funny. We know their reactions are going to be absolutely crazy, so gum meat sticks, oh my goodness, it's hard to get in there. as strength for them, it's hard to put pressure on them to get them trapped, get in there, that's good enough, close that and that's another whole one, okay, this is the one that makes me the most nervous about this egg because I've tried it. cracking an egg without breaking it and it's hard and I don't want to waste a bunch of eggs, I hope I can get it first, I try to be very careful with that but I'm nervous about this, you and I really were.
I couldn't find a syringe that was as pointed as a quarter of a mushroom, so I don't know how this will go. Well, I'll start by poking without breaking the egg, oh my goodness, it was actually very easy, I don't like it. On this one I feel like I need the hole to be this big, I'm just going to suck on it a little bit, okay, I'm sucking on it and then and now I'm supposed to force air in. It's very strange, as if this is done. for kids, what kid is really doing this? Then you go slow and you will push everything.
I'm actually surprised this is working so well although to be honest it doesn't look good, although now this is the strange part, not really, it did. definitely the weird part, okay, so now I have to do it. I'm going to put this in a little tube. Put this here. Pour some sprinkles into this. Oh my God, I'm going to have sparks everywhere. They're not going to go in like 25. of what's actually going in. Now I'm going to glue the top of the egg closed, it's like the glue is bubbling. The last step, I guess, is that I have to paint the top to camouflage it and then this one will be okay, guys, the last one.
It's going to be the hardest to do. This is the burger. I have this little hamburger that I feel like already looks like a hamburger, so I almost feel likeI should leave this uncolored in fondant, this middle part definitely looks like a hamburger, okay, they said it was like sugar paper, but I'm pretty sure they were talking about fauna, lettuce, so green, a bun, like orange, yellow, tomato, that's red, wait, sir, lettuce, green, orange, okay, yes, I think so. You're okay, I feel like I won't need much for the lettuce, this is actually fun, this is fun, oh my gosh, okay, I love it, this is the one I was most afraid to make, but it's turning out to be. very funny, should I make a video on cake decorating?
Guys I think it would be fun, to be honest there is so much talent in cake decorating. Seriously, it's ridiculous. There's no way my mom would fall for this like she had eyes. she will see it before she bites it and it will stop her in her tracks. I feel like that's pretty good for green. I'm going to grab another piece and this will be for maybe the bun. Take some yellow. Mom is literally downstairs, I keep running and getting things out of the refrigerator and she's like, what are you doing? I'm not like anything, she's going to be like what, oh god, oh no, oh my god, she's turning pink, oh god, what does she look like? like a bagel, okay tomato, here we go, cheese, now bagel, I'm going to need as much of it as possible so everything is good, gummy, gummy, so we have the bottom, in the middle, now we need to cover things with fondant, where it goes. to get a little interesting now i wish i had a rolling pin a rolling pin would come in handy in this situation maybe a glass oh yes ok this is working pretty well oh no it's sticking to the glass oh my god no that's it interesting okay, the background, this will be the background and then we'll wrap it oh my gosh I'm making such a big mess guys oh my gosh I was starting off so strong I felt like I was really doing a good job. and now I feel less of it, but it's okay, down, up, wrap it around, this is a mess, oh yeah, it's a mess, wrap it without breaking it, that's the move right now, oh no, I didn't even realize What was happening, okay?
I'll fix it later now I probably only need about two slices of cheese. Wow, this is very strange. Everything is like this. I'm so stupid. I need flour, that's what I'm missing and I don't think I have flour. Well, this does. In a sense, if you're really doing this, don't forget that you need floured tomatoes and lastly, the lettuce that you're trying to squish to the right made it look like a kind of wavy, wavy piece of lettuce with a little bit of tomato with a continuation of lettuce on the side with another one, you guessed it, tomato with the burger on top hanging cheese, why does this look good and then we'll ruin it all in a moment?
Wait because I have this terrible bread to put on top. I don't know anything about this bun, oh my god, oh my god, this isn't the worst, seriously, this isn't the worst. I definitely didn't think it was going to turn out that good and it didn't turn out that good but it looks like a burger like seriously what the hell this isn't bad oh my gosh I'm so excited about this okay I'm going to put this in the fridge I'm going to hide it in the refrigerator so my mom can't see it, but I have an idea of ​​where I'd like to stop by a drive-thru and get a fast food box so there's no suspicion, but we'll see how this one goes, but that's all the jokes trumtroom I had to do.
Let's do it now we should do the prank so we'll see how it goes wish me luck okay guys today we're just going to match this cabinet door there's like a million shades of white there's cool whites warm white so let's take this. and we're going to find a match, then we'll paint it probably tomorrow, yeah, yeah, and the breath, all that twisting, everyone carries the door on the door is dirty so I'll clean it with my only gum sure I love a piece thanks You're welcome these are beautiful hey oh oh there's a piece it's so what was that in your pocket what was that in your pocket ah that's random oh my that's disgusting I don't know what that was are you trying this oh try it oh my god, mine is normal, I've never had that before, what kind of gum is new, it's so flimsy it smells better than it smells better, what's wrong, are you being serious right now, my, it's not right, something's wrong with this one gum, are you eating?, try it, it's so disgusting, it's because it's turkey, I thought it tasted like cat food, oh my god, I wasn't expecting that. that working thing that was so weird oh my god I literally literally like it I can't believe you fell for that now that I know what it is I'm not that scared but it was so gross when you weren't expecting it. eating it right now, here's a real, oh my gosh, that was, oh my gosh, how did you like that mom?
Okay, so these are all 12 volts is what we're supposed to have. Well, what are you taking? Would you like a sip? Sure what it is. oh yeah, that's refreshing, that's delicious, it's orange juice, grapefruit juice, it's in a grapefruit, orange juice in a grapefruit, what's got you, how cute, what a great way to serve a drink, yeah, well, I almost cut my hand, that's nice, even though it's not. It's a good idea to drink it from there - it tastes ten times better than in a glass. I need to focus the camera. Come up here, ready, set, okay, just look here.
Do you want to put your chair? up is all the way up uh with a little bit of white you should know on your eyelash you should put a little bit of mascara in the corner of that oh it really looks like you missed putting a mascara on here it's weird I guess It doesn't really matter you put some on yeah you wanted I'm like, well, she really cares about how I look right now, so I'm not going anywhere, but if I have to get my eyelashes done, let's do it, it's so funny. She's such a little brat, that's so funny.
She didn't really need to slide me. I guess where or what egg she will catch. It could be the first one and things like this first, but I guess the other one will grab it. The closest thing to her is just grabbing things to make it look like we're cooking something. I'm just making a t-top in stop-motion. Oh, that's fun, so I'll involve you for a bit. Okay, I just have to configure. my phone, okay, it's down there, oh, that looks good, this won't really make any sense until we're done, okay, so the first thing we're going to do is we're both going to have to crack the egg at the same time. well, it's like looking at the camera, okay, a crack with one hand, a crack with one hand, okay, like two eggs each, yeah, like nobody's business, a hand like that, but part of stop motion is that I hand it to you and then you break it, okay, so just with one solid movement I can do this, so here's a practice, okay, pass, okay, crack, crack, so it's like as long as I pass it to you you're cracking it, okay, it sounds good, okay, ready and like on camera, yeah, I'm nervous, I'm nervous too, okay, okay, okay, one, oh my god, that was so weird, this egg is heavy and then all of a sudden it puts you down, you little rat, like, what the hell are you going to stop?, oh, what the hell.
It's just that it's spraying sparks it was supposed to leave the egg how did you get those there? It was hard to get down here I'm just showing mom something they brought the food that's good yeah thank you I'm trying to diet but it's like so strong oh well tomorrow oh my gosh it's so good it's like a big cake it's like a load of sugar goodbye to my dreams about me and cheese you have me in everything literally oh my god you guys who literally couldn't have done it was better I don't know how these jokes worked so well initially I didn't think they would work I feel like part of it was the delivery, I definitely packaged them in a way that they could be believable, but yeah, so this is a It's a lot of fun, a little bit different from what we usually do here on this channel.
I know we play a lot of pranks on my mom, but they're not real pranks, so if you enjoyed this video, be sure to let me know below as always, thank you. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one, bye.

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