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Pac Man Board Game with Ryan's World!!!

May 04, 2020
some reason dad left him. Ryan left him. And mom just left it. - that's the question is it's my turn to do it guys, believe me or don't do that slider, you could have called me a liar, I trust you, Oh Ryan, get dressed, mommy, thank you, dad, dad, he called me, did you? Are you ready, dad, who just arrived? bigger I don't know why not, man, we don't know what 20 feet deep around the - I know someone did it right, Brian, so now we move on to the eighth lien and then just tell us how many alien cards you have. you have your dad: millions of letters.
pac man board game with ryan s world
I gave up all the alien cards here. I'm going to leave them in the next step which one, so mom will leave which parts. I'm a witch, Clark, that means she has no right, no, she just used to. I know I just put it down to Oh, your mom doesn't lie, so yeah, okay, so someone else knows I can't say it here. I got to the nose and it's growing. This doesn't look good to me guys you already got me so that means maybe we went with the dragon whose turn went to daddy so daddy starts by driving or my second favor yes favorite.
pac man board game with ryan s world

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pac man board game with ryan s world...

I don't think they did. a dragon I'm the most honest person you keep calling me why I'm always an honest answer since dad is not a card he can really draw one I know so what we're going to do is shuffle this all over again and start over we continue on all the bits there we just reach for the cards and this is my card don't forget guys, you're on my team hey, I'll show you the cards that I have this has this hey, hey, keep your turn in mind, are you ready? Well, next Ryan starts off on a big foot.
pac man board game with ryan s world
Mom's turn. I know even as well, Julian zero. Great, so mom is ghosting. So I have two ghost cards. Mom, mom, mom should only have one. Look, do I have something? Get ready to surprise me. Two witches really just sacrificed the rich. If you think you can get rid of both, then get rid of your nose. Yes. The fuse line. I want to put two cars so you can be. fact, yeah, for the fact that you only put up one card, I think you'd be honest, yeah, Ryan is being honest with this one, which I think Ryan is fine, actually, what wait, wait, just switch, we're done, what? where did you get it from? let me see, let me see your - wish, yes, of course, yes, Pinocchio starting here, we move to the dragon, mom first.
pac man board game with ryan s world
I'm starting with three dragons, wow, three, difficulty one, yeah, okay, it's the trainer, she'll let me go with three dragons, daddy dragons. How many dragons do you have? We're attacking zipper zipper you have three Bigfoot. Wow, I know I have a Bigfoot, so there's no way Brian Ryan Zimmerman is okay, so sniff mom, you guys know where your dad has five aliens. This is my card. Do you think he has five aliens? There's no way Dad has a 5/8 with the zipper. I'll call you. There's no way they're going to show me your five. An herb. Here's another nose.
Have you ever seen a long dough like that? This before, so since mom lost, you two will receive a surprise Kinder egg. Wow, how can they run it? Subscribe if you want more family


nights when you're up there, who knows if it'll be my nose in yours. Yes, we have this fun


here. and we can make funny faces look at these funny people here look at all these funny people making funny faces guess what face you have exactly so try to guess what face you have are you ready, leave a giant nose? well you can smell things easier the transfer through the yellow I want to show you all the funny faces they have which one is your favorite which one do you think is funny who is Swanee Anja like she has so much candy that's why her teeth look rocky, I know well, it was true, drooling out there comes with pods that are scary, what mmm, what is that, he looks like a monster, oh champion, that's what it seems, so everyone is like champions, okay, I randomly choose a side, I find the braces, yes, I like it.
Braces can fix it, we cut it or something. What is it? It looks like a blue tongue. Lana is eating too many sweets. She's fine, one more keeping her mouth. Yes, believe me, what we do is that each of us chooses a faith at random and we have to guess on what basis. We chose well, so let's get started, here's our hand, oh, these are clues so we can try, yeah, yeah, and if we're hot, kill you, what can we do later? Okay, my turn, look, I'm going to choose this one, we can. See you, you might see mine, so that's what mom has, what do you think of the jam?
It's a little scary, scary, oh, that's the clue, see, that's why I'm, oh, that's scary too, guys, ready, yeah, okay, so I'm. First I'm going to guess, I'm going to ask Ryan to do my face. I am eating something? Alright? I was thinking it could be Sofia because she's eating a cherry or, yeah, or Hannah because she's eating a delicious popsicle there with a blue Tom. I don't see anything in this. side, so anything on the boys side let's see who or Charlie blowing gum or it could be Johnny eating, you know, a delicious candy cane, that means I'm down to four people, that's easy, so since I did the right question, I can actually ask to get on I got lost I'm a girl no I'm not a girl just delete this that means I have to be on the boys side okay your turn this is to put pressure on you and to my girl, yes, of course, the girl, since I am the girl that you can eat some of this or it can be any of this any other question do you want me to eat something, are you eating something?
Oh no, you're not going to eat anything. My turn is good, very good, because I'm a boy, so I'm Charlie or Darney, your turn, I have darker skin, yeah, yeah, so it's really close, you have between She with dark skin or cool, oh, one more, okay, so Ryan has a card, choose your second part, so whoever gets the three cards first, wait. If I'm not Charlie, that means I'm Donny, am I Donny? Yeah, okay, Ryan, it's one on one. It's good, awesome. I'm afraid. Now you have to face number two. Turner no, no, it's just short for me, yeah, let me see, oh, that's it. what you get creepy or anything a little bit creepy you put it on your face and you see it well so that's Ryan hmm it's my face what you think about it a little scary why I think the eyes keep saying I don't understand what It means everything, the mouths they have are scary.
I didn't really look, maybe because it looks funny, that's what mommy, do you think? I can guess it's like what his first question is in his mouth. I'm afraid of my girls. Girl, how do I keep doing it right, hey, are there any more questions you want to ask? Am I on the big side? Yeah, how do you know you're okay, you're a good chubby? So here's Ryan's auction, all the roses, whatever little things you're eating. something you're not going to eat anything don't eat my turn ah my egg boy is this a boy's face you guys aren't not sure that I have a girl baby it's okay, it's your turn then if you do it you look like an old man a hundred years old I'm eating something now I'm young I'm young now I'm not going to write it it's your turn so don't eat anything you're not old go ahead a lot of braces you have like teeth you don't lack teeth that's fine so I'm not going to eat something and I'm a little scared , that's all I have and I take it out.
I'm talking no, no, okay, so I'm not going to stick my tongue out, man, this one I'm going to choose something around your church. on my 2.28 yeah Ella and Megan and mom are doing that's one I don't know who that is um the oddity thank you I'm Angela no it's Ryan's turn if you can get this last face you win but that's okay I I will update. Wow, that's the manga, you said I have a lot of teeth, right? But I'm not thinking about my language and I'm not that scary. Angela, why am I so confused?
Guys, help me. I have grains? I have grains? oh okay Ryan your turn my boys are you on the boys side okay my turn. I'm trying to guess mine. I have a mole? I have a small mole like what is a mole? No, this is a mole right here. No, no, you. You do? Okay, I deliver on the girls slide. I have to be no, not on the girls' side, no, no, no, no, girl, what, I don't know, my turn, oh, I really hope I want to do this right. I don't understand. it's me it's grace yes Emma grace yes okay then I also have two points this was my face before this is my face whoa I think interesting interesting okay Ryan your turn what do you think you are?
You're right so Ryan has three is the winner, so I'm going to give a good surprise before I do it. I'm going to see how long it takes dad to guess his character. Are you ready, oh, are you ready, yes, your nose, yes, it seems that you didn't question the boy's B first, no, no, no, you are not a child, yes, I show my teeth, there are no teeth, it's okay, two questions, do I have light skin?, yes, oh, the three questions are not as easy as it seemed when I hit a policeman, no, no. keys, you know those tickets even yes, yes, Ryan hasn't asked yet, I have no comments, no, no, I think I know what it is, I have this percentage, yes, oh, I answered five questions for you, yes, yes, well, well , to win and the huge. nodes


game here's your surprise toy right here oh that one, let's play a prize this stimulant yes, I work more I can smell it yes something yes I think it's a gum okay, well, cotton candy, I'm playing, oh yes it's like cotton candy sugar Danny Oh, precious, so we're trying to match it with the collector.
I think this is right here, venison is common, but it has a blueberry flavor, so hey, blueberry, thanks for watching our table player who Knows that you have a nose too, wow, so each of us let's take too much, but there's only three of us, which one do you want? Ryan. I guess these two belong to me, okay, so all you have to do is pick a card and any cards you want. if you have the same color or shape you can smash it so for example it's ready for girls and switch oh yeah there you go whoever smashes it first gets the car so in the end you get the most cards , win.
It's good, you have that letter for someone. it means anyone can smash, it must match better, that means we have to pass this to the player on the left, okay, that's right, it's maximum, it's not okay, so what you have to do is pay a penalty, let me, that means you get a give back two cars yeah Karan this will be next take off all this mustache everyone mom never wins so you guys tie this so here's your Peppa Pig surprise. I guess the game is over, let's see if I can break your heart. I could share it, it's okay if you have the biggest one, so in the Sheep, as always, we should check how many foods, weight-wise, mine, small, is already there.
Dave Powers does this, it probably is.

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