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Overpowered THANOS vs AVENGERS

May 01, 2020
I was away for Easter. I never got the bunny jump emote. Now I can never be thin. I'll still be on the bunny hop. I'm going to put this in my video because it looks lazy, prepare to not feel so good. The good thing is back in a fortnight along with a group of Avengers like Captain America's shield, Iron Man's gloves or the boys tilt Thor's axe, yes, it's the thinnest verse Avengers Mode there is a good team of guides There is a bad team of guides, the bad guys have to find each Infinity Stone and eliminate the heroes, the heroes have to stop them and eliminate the enemy team.
overpowered thanos vs avengers
Every Infinity Stone found makes us more powerful. It's absolutely so stupid. I'm so excited. It looks like they're releasing Marvel skins in the item shop, so if you want. to help me throw laser code two ways if you use an e, it's someone else's code. I'm into Athanasius minions, so if we want to be slimmer, honestly who cares about being a minion, we have to find an infinity stone we want. become the big meme I remember from old Venice videos we sit in the sky until a rock falls to the ground boom with Thanos like honestly I don't want to play this game if I don't then I will.
overpowered thanos vs avengers

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overpowered thanos vs avengers...

I'm literally sitting in heaven Jukes was just in a hospital. He's high on painkillers, so today he'll be a little slow. The first stone is arriving. Oh, you will be mine. Thanos is back. It's good to see that your friends have spent like a year. come take a look Juke come take a look at a good exercise powers thanasis I'm not really sure what he can oh yeah I'm finding out what's up idiot you're my minion buddy I'm big cool your little one cool okay honestly Don't think I'm going to fight until you can go get me more stones.
overpowered thanos vs avengers
Are you going to get me some stones? Then I'll start making it right so that each stone gives different powers. Red is double HP. Orange is a siphon. health when killing the purple one is a laser six times more powerful, the rest, who cares, they all stink, those are the three you want, that's how pretty, our big grapes will get hard, the hero is a cow and for tennis, They will kill me for studying drums, yes. They will if they can get that purple stone, it's time to do six damage for your laser, yeah, okay, now it's time for us to fight.
overpowered thanos vs avengers
I have more health than 6 times damage, yeah, don't hit people for me, I don't think so. it's not a car that also this power level just isn't fair what is your exact sprite gets contaminated a brother goes unfulfilled does 300 damage per second oh no this is a premium grape content this is exactly how it happens in the end of the game mate Thanos just runs around yelling y8 and laser and people I've seen it you can't prove me wrong so we need to get those extra stones we need to complete the objective guys Dennis is here and you don't have any ant means to crawl on me but it's not right so the laser range sucks.
It's over, where's the second one? Yeah, you don't have Ant-Man to save you. He's not crawling up my ass. Oh, they're all on me, brother, they're all on Pharos. I'm trying to take myself Thanos doesn't get health at Kilburn Bean that's not how it's supposed to end I'm dead, okay, sacks, I was thinner, what's the point of living? I killed 50 people, although that's impressive this time. become a superhero jug, I'm going to be a banana ray, yes at the end of the game a banana really kills Thanos, he's actually allergic and I eat one and suffocate, so basically you start with a map, that map takes you to your superhero weapon that we have. kill hundreds of Thanos as followers and stop them from getting all the stones, what superhero power do I get, I will be banana man, I am captain banana, I can throw the shield, AHA, yes it is the y8 shield, I am captain eight, captain .
Bernard 88 I can also block and I can throw yeah, okay man, let's go hunt the grape, you know, banana verse, cool, I'm the captain, eat banana and I'm going to kill him. I already have two stones, so we have to do it. win this game, let's go out with this big pumpkin, cool, get someone there, yeah, no big deal, right, let's do some surgery with a grater on the grape, crush the grape, I crush the big one, no big deal , friend, there is a normal day at the office, but now to beat a great perform surgery on a great but unfortunately the great died and search I'm camping I'm camping this stone I'm performing a trap play Chuck camping this stone I can't get them all the stones we won the game oh chuck just gave me the gorlitz from iron man oh these feel so good i'm camping the pass i'm just going to sit on the stone and just blow it up i love update days they're just stupid like there's no stress here it's just stupid it's so good but it's about to reappear, I think it's moving, yeah, there we go, it's gone, oh man, oh yeah, good luck getting the stock in chief, good luck, oh, that's it he tried, he tried to achieve it by literally breaking the mud so that the enemy team will be left without respawns if we kill. oven, we won the game, so everyone just ambush Thanos, team him up, everyone just ambush Thanos, he's the last of his team, okay, let's perform surgery on this big jerk, let's finish him off, he's dead, he's dead , there is one player left down there, yes, he is dead.
I need a hiding place somewhere until you get all the stones and give me all my powers. Oh, let's just say I'm going to get hard in this big hole, don't mind me. I was listening to it, so there was a hero here, yes, we. Now I'm hiding memes like his nose. I need to protect myself, so I'm just hiding under Grant. Yes, welcome to the club. Then he's about to throw some punches. The things you do while you wait for people to get the stones, that's where the purple is. stone that causes more laser damage and orange is safe so if we can get all of those they would get sick.
Although I have to get out of my hole because storms are coming. I'm just running up the hill, mate, keep going for a while. jog fast, then if not, he's working out here, he's got some love handles, he's waiting for you guys to get the stones, he'll get it, he's good, yeah, circus office, okay, Danny Boy can fight nearby, yeah, now he They've softened, I'll probably just kill everyone, yeah, why? That guy didn't die? I like this yeah, I'm flying here I'm coming, I'm coming in okay, start with any guy to do his business yeah, okay, come on it's like yeah, feel the power, yeah, the gauntlet is complete.
We're not answering anymore, we can actually win this and I play drums like a champ, oh that's the way to do it buddy joke we cracked the code if you want to earn us a grape you're sitting on the bass do some DJ sets , let your minions get the stones then you emerge they make the lobby not feel so good honestly I'm so happy they brought this back it's so much fun it's so much fun right sorry confused by imma dig lit, It seems that I am a titan. destroyer of the universe and I'm also trapped in a crack

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