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ONE HOUR of Extraordinary 4-CHAIR TURNS on The Voice

Mar 18, 2024
foreigner I try to make you stay but you're wild oh thank you wow big boys hey I'm leaving now it's okay and you need less time of course it's okay so go ahead and break my heart again time. Are you the definition of insanity? It's over, oh it must be nice to love someone, oh you let you break those handcuffs, it's okay later, that same perfume in that same size, go ahead and break my heart again, leave me wondering why the hell I let you in . It must be like this. loving someone who lets you break once twice and you were here before i couldn't look here in the eyes she's like an angel your skin makes me cry for all i can later what the fuck am i doing here okay she's what what the hell am I doing here?
one hour of extraordinary 4 chair turns on the voice
I don't belong here, I thought, oh man, close enough to start a war. Everything I say, you always say more. I can't keep up with the alternating tables under your thumb. I can't breathe enough together. okay, turn the tables, turn the tables, turn the tables, now asking all my friends, please, but I want a bridge too foreign, won't you see me, please tell me the foreign life? To make you feel my love when the night shadows There was no one there to dry your tears. I could hold you for a million years. To make you feel My Love.
one hour of extraordinary 4 chair turns on the voice

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one hour of extraordinary 4 chair turns on the voice...

You're wrong. I know it from the moment you belong. Oh yeah. I couldn't make you happy. Make your dreams come true. There's nothing I wouldn't do to go to the air of this Earth for you To make you feel my love Thank you for making you feel my jealous love I'm all over your eyes when I'm down I get really down when I'm up I'm high, don't come down, then I get mad baby, Believe me, I can love you like that and I can leave you just as quickly in glory. Look, I have problems and one of them is lawsuits, you have it, so I have problems.
one hour of extraordinary 4 chair turns on the voice
By your side soon life in prison thank you party girls don't get hurt I can't feel anything when will I learn? Push it down Push it down one two three one two three baby one two three one two three one two three one two three all about the foreign choir this is what you get when you play with fire in my house oh wow it's so crossover this is it What do you get when you play with fire and both are Yes I can imagine oh oh the king There were nights when the wind When my body finished crying in the international It's so hard to believe It all comes back to me It all comes back to me Now without knowing it baby Thank you, I'm jealous of the rain that falls on your skin, it's closer than my hands have ever been.
one hour of extraordinary 4 chair turns on the voice
I'm jealous of the foreign rain. All I do is cry behind the smile. I wish you the best heartbreaking misery. It's hard for me to say I'm jealous. Someone said you have a new friend. Yes. I know it's stupid, but I have to see it for myself. Oh, and I'm here. Why can not you see me? But I'm not the guy you're taking home. I will continue dancing on my own in the four


s. that's huge I'm in my bed and I won't listen to you and I can't take it back I can't unpack the luggage and I'm falling again thank you what am I now what am I now and if yours I did meet a strange lady she made me nervous wow she made me he brought and gave me breakfast beautiful wow I love his awake


this is mine slack Jordan but there's not much to say and I said to the man who tries ah we mean brilliant men plundered to cover oh no one could save me in my life with you I never found that way fall in love the lights go out the show begins there is always a tomorrow I know tonight I miss you oh, so long for this to share with me the special day foreigner come back and sleep maybe one more time so you understand the sky there is restlessness for love only truth and trenches up and arms justice only that I found from now or we have moved to the coast too and it seems every day I look more like you my The hair has become curly like yours, maybe even more and I'm sailing, I give you a wave.
I pause and think about the way you are etched in the soul in the ocean, the place where you want to spend, your body marks time and ditches us. find what we've been through I've already ended up abroad as often as I could have the little things I should have sat I just never took that but you always on my mind tell me a thousand times foreign videos oh my God what is it? happening here thank you foreigner tell me the way you love me from your point of view whoa yeah I couldn't believe it or I see it for myself okay do that it's thank you I try to speak with my opinions because no one listens to me anymore a hundred million stories and a hundred million songs that feel stupid when I sing no one listens to me no one listens to me I talk to shooting stars but they're always wrong I feel stupid when I pray don't do it anyway if no one needs no one please please please I need someone no one's listening live foreigner there's nothing I wouldn't do to have just one more chance to look you in the eyes the end of his help by hurting you you know we may never see each other again before we leave we won't say goodbye wait Put my hands down and my heart it'll start for nothing wrong tonight no cotton days counting the days since my level has been I'm going to stop every breath I've been taking since I've been holding on to all that you come back when you can find some peace because every word that's been said to me since Your life is like an old street cold.
I have been told to put you out of my mind because I hope to never lose the bruises that you left behind oh my Lord oh my Lord I need you by my side there must be something in the water, every day we get colder and if only I could order you to keep it from my head move on though I'm nothing until you are now there must be something in the water 'cause every day it's getting cold it was sorry I've excused you for a while while I'm white and I'm so good in the middle of the night in the future wow amazing fun dance thank you baby yeah yeah trying so hard. capture the moment this morning I don't know while I dream of movies a French kiss when I wake up one morning everything is fine for anything yes I want to live foreigner foreigner no, I will be there you will never be alone tonight all I need is To be still alive is your love For you, what's going on?

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