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NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch [Official Music Video]

Mar 25, 2024
wow Hu hu Mr. Halloween's face my skin send it here we are older from here Mr. Le homega what is it? It hurts too much Pain too much Pain too expensive or toothache Malaysian football + many are like every corner ukas I like you Adele municipal like you you make me the weather 3D It looks so baby It hurts so much It hurts when a ball goes I forget it in the chocolate outside Where is enabled The mother of the command methods of attending the UEFA World Cup then I was born and I saw it go behind the face Zara you think the


Arena The best song you ever felt like you fall and then you turn the nakuru of the moon with you Noble all Play Play Play hogan what's so painful? so much work throw me through the work or the pain throw me the the ball hurts ah yes yes
nle choppa   walk em down feat roddy ricch official music video

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