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My Mom LIED - Im NOT BLIND - A True Story Animated

Jun 01, 2021
my name is michelle hi michelle what would you do if you woke up one day you opened your eyes and realized you couldn't see anything anymore that would be so scary it would be instant so it would happen gradually i guess for her as instant i grew up with my parents in a house with a big garden and a swing my father spent most of his time at work so all day I was alone with my mother she would not let me for a minute all the corners of the furniture in our house are covered with a special foam rubber, not sure if chair legs are sharp let alone dangerous i have never hurt myself on a chair especially the sofa how do you get under there and the floor was covered with soft fluffy rugs. soft and fluffy that understated rug looks like it has stubble on it and it wasn't about playing in the garden i spent a lot of time looking out the window the swing on the patio honestly that looks great why have a whole playground in your swing set garden slide everything if your son is not allowed to use it it's like here are the things he can't use here they are let me tempt you with that my only way to get a breath of freedom was when mommy fell asleep she slept very deeply.
my mom lied   im not blind   a true story animated
I that even a herd of elephants couldn't wake her up, let's put it to the test and in the future he played a cruel joke with her, wait, you didn't release elephants in your house, did you? I guess we're about to find out once. on my 4th birthday, when mom and dad were at home preparing gifts for me, i noticed the front door was open, that was my chance, so i ran out into the street and immediately ran to the swing, not really into the street, but keep going his backyard turned out they were higher than he could reach but i managed to climb over them my feet didn't touch the ground i figured it was a bird and i spread my arms like i was so happy i was a mistake i fell and it got dark in my eyes I remembered this day in so many details because it was the last day I could see that not from a swing, like how high these swings were.
my mom lied   im not blind   a true story animated

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my mom lied im not blind a true story animated...

Imagine someone asks how you got


. Oh, I fell off some swings. Did you break any bones? i have been on many swings and i never felt like it was dangerous my mom said i asked her to turn on the light she burst into tears and said the light was already on and i didnt see anything because i went


after the hit poor thing i didnt understand how good that was mum said i have a rare disease of the lens of the eye heltetitis hasn't been studied much and therefore there is no medicine for it this is a congenital disease but it intensified after a hard hit sounds like some writer was on webmd looking for diseases that can cause blindness you know when like you have I don't know a headache and then you google it and it's like you're going to die in five days that's why I never google anything because it's always like the worst possible scenario and it's like you're having a heart attack and you're dying and you think I just have a headache and I need to drink water mom said that the eyes during this disease are very weak and even the slightest current or a drop in temperature can cause severe inflammation and I can lose my sight forever.
my mom lied   im not blind   a true story animated
I was a child and it scared me a lot, but fortunately, according to the parents, this process can be controlled. make a person go blind this seems ridiculous mom didn't stop calming me down she came up with fairy tales about blind princesses oh this is pretty wholesome actually i mean it's probably going to take a sinister turn because so it's how these stories always go, but for now let's enjoy it little by little i got used to the new world my parents made a room for me in our basement is it just me or these glasses it seems that the virtual reality glasses i equipped them with special sensors that responded to my voice sensors to know what instructions aren't clear and dad gave me a new dress every month our new dress is really what blind girls need but hey if it makes her happy like she's going through a lot whatever whatever he needs, you should give it to him well if you can't afford it of course, I felt the fabric is texture silk velvet velvet linen is okay, correct myself, that's cute, so everyone likes it like to feel different, that's really nice, I like that, that made me really happy because I was still a girl who was pleased with the attention. and gifts and also pampered me with the most delicious dishes I have become a


gourmet if only I knew that it would not lead to anything good and although all my whims were immediately fulfilled all your whims were immediately fulfilled except that you know that is allowed outside i begged for at least half an hour guys she begged for at least half an hour she is relentless an unstoppable force a total of 30 minutes but my parents over and over again said categorically no if i was in the room upstairs not in the basement, I would try to escape, friend, you fell off some swings and went blind, now you want to jump out a window, let's go down a little bit, the window is much higher than the swings. if you got blind from the swings i don't even want to know what a window is going to do and you can't even see what you're doing the room was locked with two padlocks i heard it because of the sound i got older but nothing. i changed the same gourmet food new dresses every month i feel like this is a


with themes we can all relate to, you know you're stuck at home for what seems like an endless amount of time but seriously i'm pretty sure that this is like childhood. letting your son out of the house for 10 years not even for a walk seems unfair and it means i was sure he was ready to go because i was not going to sit in this basement until the end of my life i turned 14 and i felt that it was time to go out into the big world at least beyond that bunker when he once again started this conversation with my mother, she got angry and rep


that it was too dangerous on the street for a blind girl.
my mom lied   im not blind   a true story animated
I feel like mom has this condition where you make a loved one sick just so you can control it. one thing that a lot has it for power, i didn't expect to be called that, but it's ok, i decided to act differently and started to prepare an escape plan, all i needed was a key, but mom was too careful and never gave it to me. left in the room when he was gone where are you going you've never been outside where a blind girl who's never been outside knows where to go I'm kind of terrified like I want to help her but she's a cartoon and I know this isn't real , but I still want to help her, therefore I persuaded my mother to stay with me.
I told her that for several days in a row I had nightmares and that I wanted her to be close to her. What would you do in my place like this when my mother falls asleep firm? As usual, I got out of bed smoothly without waking her up and started looking for keys. I managed to find a bunch of keys with a huge key chain. There were several keys and among them a very small one stood out. I immediately understood what it was about. because mom was sleeping near her, wait I heard you were waiting, wait, is it for her?
Is it for her? i feel like she's going to get a really bad rash like you don't clean your face where the blindfold is also why is it locked she looks so aggressive i immediately put my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming even though the room was loud dark enough but i saw a glow on a small rectangular screen on the nightstand, isn't she blind? Okay, I had a feeling that I was leading to this and I'm still in shock and along the walls there was a dim light. I did not have time. looking through the rest even from a morning such a dim amount of light i felt a strong pressure on my eyes i mean if you haven't opened them in 10 years since that day my life has divided into before and after the plan was born in my head very quick I just needed a few days in three days I'm going to take off the blindfold so my eyes can slowly get used to the light and then I'm going to take my whole bunch of keys from my mother and I'm going out of the room to the street I think you need to call the police this is crazy i would try to go to the hospital myself and find out what was wrong with me if it was a miraculous healing or my parents cheated on me my whole life definitely in the second you are in an



on youtube girl if only i knew how everything would actually work out in the first three days everything really went according to plan mom stayed with me for the night and i tried to get used to the dim light there was no time left i took the key chain opened the door and left the basement I did not remember the location of everything in the house well and the increased sense of space helped me quickly find the front door I went outside for the first time in 10 years I am excited for her this is exciting and it was only the beginning of dawn but the first one the sun rays literally burned my eyes it was an incredible pain my eyes started to water a lot but inside i rejoiced it was an amazing moment i walked out the door unhindered the car i was driving i saw a man a middle aged man in a cap bright red that's the first thing you see well I asked to be taken to the hospital he took out a rectangular thing there must be a phone my mother told me about and then he dictated the address into it wait he didn't say he used one every day for his lessons why does he act like if i didn't know what a phone is suddenly he said that he was connected to the internet and with his help you can find out anything he asked me to spell out my diagnosis then he said what a disease there is no police car arriv very soon, a tall man in uniform asked my name and asked me where he lives.
I started to cry. We went to the police station. I couldn't even imagine what was in store for me. I dictated the names of my parents. their dates of birth a few minutes later i heard a policeman tell his partner that these people had never had children how would they know that information a police station would have like who has had children but they tried to adopt a child oh my god they stole it from another person and that's why they want her gone because everyone would know or people would recognize her oh my gosh it all makes sense they were turned away because they were being treated in a mental hospital.
I couldn't believe what I heard. Would you believe it I tried to cope with the scare such a good twist I didn't see it coming it turned out that I was taken from the yard of a large family from a neighboring state they are fine no no they are not mom and da I cried and repeated the correction fake mom and dad cried those no it's his real mom and dad who just wanted to protect me because my stroller was sitting in the yard for days and no one cared well that's a perfectly reasonable explanation for kidnapping a child not my family was a couple of alcoholics who had four kids and The worst thing was that they didn't even remember that 15 years ago they had a daughter ok I thought it would get better for her but this sounds pretty dark on those rare days when the mother was cooking the food though it was disgusting but she had no choice she was constantly hungry no There were formal clothes, you won't believe it, but I already regret not having a blindfold because above all I would like to stop seeing this hell that was around oh, it's I am so sad and of course I really missed my mom and dad who raised me, they were strangers, but they really loved me and were ready for anything for my happiness, I don't know anything about that.
Your mom and dad had you trapped as a prisoner I don't think that's love after several weeks of a life like this I complained to social services and they sent me to a shelter that's where I am now yes I already know what the internet is with what life The eyes are the best quote ever. I know what life is with eyes. Anyway, guys, make sure you check out Dory's story. They are the original creators of this story. I have left its link in the description. I love them all. stay cool be sweet and don't forget to be nice to each other bye

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