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Mr AMG on Lambo’s Urus! The Good, the bad, and the Audi!

May 04, 2020
So guys welcome back to pre-race checkout and today I want to talk to you about a Lamborghini tractor, no no that one. I'm talking about the original Lamborghini, so a very successful tractor called Lamborghini trattoria came my way in the past. and it was run by Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was a very successful businessman thanks to that company, now for Ushio, like many successful businessmen, he also had a passion for cars, he was also a bit of an engineer and had a Ferrari 250gt between other cars. having problems with the clutch of his Ferrari and eventually ended up complaining to Enzo Ferrari himself now in this fateful meeting a dust rivalry was born but it still burns today and it was at the fateful moment that Enzo told Ferruccio it's not the car it's the driver He sticks to his tractors, oh dear, and it was that challenge apparently made to Ferruccio that set him on fire, so what did he do?
mr amg on lambo s urus the good the bad and the audi
He decided to set up a small factory in Santa Carter and Together with some former Ferrari employees they set out to build a 50 mile super GT and they did. They built the Lamborghini 350 GT and the rest, as they say, is history. Now I mentioned this just to give you an idea of ​​Lamborghinis. original origins and how they weren't just supercars back then but then Lamborghini took a massive detour and decided to bid on a military contract and they did it with this cheetah now you'll be forgiven for thinking it's a Hummer because it was heavily inspired on American trucks at the time some say it was a bit more than inspiration so it featured a Chevy v8 in the rear so it was actually a rear mounted engine and because of that it was handled like absolute rubbish and the car was ultimately not accepted for the military contract either so when Lamborghini was bought in the mid 80's this project was not completely in Bandhan but the new owners took all the money that was invested in that and they decided to redo the fr project from scratch and changed the rear end engine design to a front mounted v12 out of the contacts of that time which was one of the su most impressive sports car of all time so we had a v12 in the front that did 450 brake horsepower and it cost about the same as a Countach back then so this was a very serious thing in terms of numbers not just in terms of performance for an SUV but also price and so of course it attracted wealthy people including Sly Stallone and eventually that's why the car got the nickname Rambo Lambo now this was not the project more successful for Lamborghini they only sold about 300 of them in total and then it folded up and we never heard of a Lambo SUV again until around 2012 in Beijing we saw the Lambo E


concept but before that we actually saw something else , now the E


concept was made to tell t8 Lamborghini customers that they wanted more of an everyday car to go along with their howling two-seater naturally aspirated supercar, so it was before the Eurus concept t We had something that was perhaps a little less controversial and that was the concept of a stock 8 at least I think that's how it's pronounced now that it was of course a super saloon and I wonder with the kind of backlash that some people wonders about being a Lamborghini SUV if this would have gotten a more positive reaction I think it would have because in general as gasoline seemed to prefer performance sedans to performance SUVs in fact even if it had taken the Eurus design and kind of crush I think it actually looks pretty cool or certainly would still be a little better received but you see the thing is SUVs have changed in recent years now car manufacturers , especially boom performance manufacturers, know how to handle heavy cars. much better so look at the cars now like the AMG GL c63 the stell vo Quadrifoglio even the upcoming AMG GT four door all pretty big on heavy cars two of them are SUVs one is a super sedan but now they know how to handle weight, they know how to handle it very well, so SUVs are no longer thought of as just off-road cars, they are now legitimately high-performance cars, so what do you think you think Ferruccio would be? turning in his grave, I don't think so, I mean the man who built tractors, in any case, I think he would be happy for Lamborghini to beat Ferrari by making the first super SUV, but now let's talk a little bit about euros.
mr amg on lambo s urus the good the bad and the audi

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mr amg on lambo s urus the good the bad and the audi...

First off the name I needed to get it out of my system and I know you all are probably saying it at the same time but that's enough childish humor let's get down to business. This year they have kindly lent it to us. on eliminating before the race by aleem who you may know better as lord aleem from instagram now Lamborghini itself is not a huge company it's actually quite small but they are part of the VAR group so they have the luxury of pick and choose component It's that they want to meet your needs and we've seen that with the hurricane the r8 shares so much and much of the same is true with URIs, perhaps to the point of failure, but I'll leave it up to you guys to decide later, so the actual platform itself is shared with the Audi q7 and q8 the engine the twin turbo v8 four liter is also from Audi unfortunately we don't get the v channel howl v12 of super cars because you need to talk in a 4x4 not so that you can attach it to inter it broke out a v12 but i digress it also has a gearbox from porsche we have suspension and rear axle from the bentley been tiger and it has rear wheel steering and other components all coming n together from these different companies but then they have been Lamborghini changed and changed and modified and introduced in this one the Eurus but no other SUV in the group has all of these parts together and they certainly don't have a 650 brake horsepower engine with 850 Newton meters of torque that can do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds so this on paper could be a very serious machine but before we do we can explore some of that and how it all comes together in actual driving the car , we have to address the design now, this is a very Marmite thing and you didn't need me to tell you that because you already know the infamy of Cars, so what do you think of the design?
mr amg on lambo s urus the good the bad and the audi
I've noticed some really cool stuff, but let's break it down to the basics first. the hood and the lights come on so we can all agree it looks nice it looks like a Lamborghini but then you have a really big front intake and of course it's needed to cool the engine because the engines in the back front, unlike supercars, you can't have a small-nosed SUV, but then when you start looking at the details in the front and start exploring the rest of the car, I noticed certain patterns or certain geometric shapes that were replicated absolutely everywhere. one was a hexagon and the other was a Y-shaped design and when I looked around the car I started to see it in every area and then you start to see the attention to detail that has gone into the design of the Eurus, whether it's you like the finished product or not you have to admire how far they went using these geometric shapes let me show you where I found them i mean they are absolutely everywhere you look straight ahead you have the hexagons you are in the shape of a Y we got to the headlights we are in the shape of a Y on the side there again even the little textures instead of leaving them blank have been done using those shapes as you go over the side even the side profile of the car has that y shape and then i noticed the arches of the wheels are also half hex but the artists on the wheels also look very similar to what we saw on the LM 0-2 but so does the little vent over the front wheel arch so you are looking at some Connection. a bit to that original SUV the boar running d also has that within the rubber of the floor mats the beam of light within the rear light and of course the front light as we saw and again the textures of that wise shape flowing to Through that even the 22 inches on this car have that spoke design.
mr amg on lambo s urus the good the bad and the audi
And I mean the attention to detail and obsession with these shapes. I had never seen it in the design of a car. I mean, it's just obsessive. and it's just little things like that that let it down, but overall it's pretty interesting. I actually like the rear better so let's take a look now there are two spoilers here one is the most obvious but there is one on top of the rear. Windshield too, which is very, very Lamborghini. I like the look of it and it gives the roofline a really cool look. The entire light strip with the Lamborghini logo.
This whole rear end screams Lamborghini to me. You have these air vents on the side. again looks Very sporty, the pipes are almost identical to what you will find in a hurricane. I like how aleem is made of black. Its rear diffuser is also much better than the standard chrome you get on the car in general. It looks very, very Lamborghini from the rear, but then there are some really weird shapes and weird views of this car. I want to show you some of them now, and in that sense, the layout can be awkward in some areas.
We also have the Lamborghini Carbon Sora Michi carbon ceramic brakes. they are the largest to be mounted on any production vehicle in the world with a size of four hundred and forty millimeters in the front and three hundred and seventy millimeters in the rear they are absolutely gigantic so you have the roof line I don't know what you guys think about that of course is very sloppy all very angular in fact the whole side is angular and if I hadn't shown you the specific shapes within the design you would be forgiven for comparing it to a Lexus SUV as I've joked many times on my stories on instagram and I apologize for that I'm a bit childish but the overall effect is Marmite but I wonder what a Lamborghini customer will think compared to someone else outside the brand but One thing I said to a lot People wondered if Lamborghini based its super SUV on the lmo2 or if it was like a modern version, sort of like Mercedes AMG continues to do with the G Wagon.
I mean it might not look very interesting with some. modern design elements from Lamborghini and such but then I realized that the lmo2 isn't exactly an icon of the auto industry and it also didn't sell particularly well that Lamborghini should have to hold its own in terms of aerodynamic design and then it really wouldn't be a super SUV with it would be more like the G Wagen, a really nice looking fast retro SUV that wouldn't really do that well in terms of handling and whatnot, so they went with the supercar look, which is more understandable considering its Target is a super SUV that wouldn't have worked and I was wrong about that so I'll put my hands up because I kept saying that but I think a lot of what the Euros look like depends on how you spec it. aleem went completely dark with the stirrups which looks great from certain angles but then from the side profile it's quite voluminous because it's all one look whereas if you have a color like something more vibrant like giallo it will go shorter in the middle because there's a lot more contrast between the black side sill and the yellow part of the body so you've got a little bit of black in the mouth and the whole thing looks a little more Lamborghini to me not to say this no no because Reminds me a lot of the Hurricane front and rear I had but yeah I think it depends on the look you go for this is certainly a lot more SUV you go for the brighter colors it looks a little more.
Lamborghini I think I'd be remiss not to compare it to the Aventad either, just to see how it looks in comparison, I think it's pretty similar. I wonder if we'll see more of that kind of design when more Euro models come out. I mean, let's not forget when the Cayenne first. It came out it was a very ugly looking VW and eventually matured into a beautiful SUV, maybe this started off a little better and will get even better as time goes on. A lot of it is Lamborghini first off let's congratulate al-iman wait for choice because as you know I absolutely hate having black interiors on the channel at least we got something kind of exciting here we got leather and red Alcantara for the whole show. pretty


so it's a


starting point for us to break down this interior and I want to do that right away so let's compare it to the hurricane first.
I think there's a lot of things you can see here that coincide with you having a very strong mid center console of course we have mission control we miss it on launch instead of the home button the vents are on same position as hurricane, same styling but then that's when things start to drift away and if you've driven any modern OD cars I'll start to see a lot of similarities to those I mean if we turn this on with the lovely little things like this are really important. Turning the key if you've seen recent QA or an 8 these screens are literally lifted out of their slightly revamped skin it also has the hexagonal texture within the software so there's a bit of Lamborghini now too. if you like the a8 system, great if you're notfan of it as i am not i just dont like touch screen systems not touch screen only systems i feel like you need to have some kind of control unit to control things because doing this and looking in there when you're driving it's just not ideal and it's not safe and touch screens i think when a car is moving and the suspension on this car as you'll see later it's a very sporty car so pointing and button pressing is not ideal and then if you want I go into navigation and I want to write a destination. this keyboard or I have Scott scribbling letters here again I can't find it sure and then that continues to the front here but before I show you guys I just want to compare this directly to the q8 and when you look at the curates inside it all looks very similar to the URIs but it looks like a much cheaper version of the URIs the interior of the URIs looks very Lamborghini until you get to the driver area now this really annoys me because drivers hate me is always the most important part of the interior of a car car you have seen where I have done my other reviews. the digital screen a8 s and most ann Oyingly the screen doesn't bother me too much because it's a good screen in fact all fonts but it's the steering wheel because this steering wheel you'll notice it because of the buttons and I could tell right away that they're again outside of your modern Audi and even in the shape of the steering wheel there are some unique Lamborghini bits so we have this metal underbody with the Italian flag on it, the airbag itself and there's a lovely detail of a metal ring at the 12 o'clock position and it looks good that part but the rest is all Aldi and paddle shifters you're worried you'll have the huge ones on the hurricane and aventador these are like miniature versions of those you still they're better than just having the standard ones and I like the metallic feel and in practice they work and feel really good so it's a bit confusing but my favorite part is that it's actually called a tambura which roughly translates to as battery and it controls all the performance related parts of the car so i want to show you some of this now on the left hand side we have anima which stands for adaptive network intelligent management system but forget what it does basically is control your performance driving modes so at the top we have you have strat or comfort then you have sport field and then if you get the off road package you get three more well done lean to go back because even though we probably won't use it it's a bragging right we have we have three more drive modes and there we have Subbiah force and terror for gravel or other terrain and never for snow so this car in theory is capable of handling all of that we are not going to do any of that in this review because we care more about daily driving and performance than in between of course you have your absolutely crucial start/stop button on a Lamborgh ini and you have your parking manual there's no driving though which is brilliant your reverse is here you give a good yank like a Starship Enterprise commits but to start driving like the Hurricane and Aventador you have to clicking on the palette and I love that it's little things like that that are really important especially you're going to call this a super SUV it's the little things that you do every day that need to click so on this side we have ego now ego is basically setting the performance of the car yourself so how the gearbox, suspension and steering react, you can put it in ego mode and for example have everything in the sport apart from the suspension which is a nice way to drive but when i start to look at the interior as i saw it outside you start to see those geometric shapes everywhere and i love it because it means a lot of time has been taken to look at the design so and even the cup holders are that particular shape and the parking controls next to it what houses the screen is an outlet on the air vents are hexagons the seams on the seats are hexagons so the Bang & Ol ufsen speaker covers have the Y design, so you get all these beautiful details and then you hear this sound, yeah that's the Audi sound, why can't a simple file be replaced with something else.
That takes me out of the experience, but then there are some lovely details inside. Let me show you some of those now especially things like the door handles here are beautiful they are very Lamborghini and I like the space behind the center console like Well and of course it has Lamborghini written here like it would on the other cars , so there are a lot of things that keep you thinking it's a Lamborghini. through them and when you get thicker you get a very similar to the Aventador too so these are all plus points. I hate though how you have to go through all of these to get back. example I want to console sport to get back to comfort I have to go all the way down and then back to comfort instead of just pushing up weird final note on the layout I just want to show you how this looks compared to the lmo2 because I think there are some similarities there so it's a mixed bag there's already bits and pieces here if you know how to look them up and most of the structure looks very Lamborghini also looks a lot like the Eurus concept so I'll really leave it to you guys. to decide, for me the most annoying thing is the steering wheel and I apologize if I keep talking about it later in the review also in terms of the rear space it's really good there's a lot of space in the rear I'm not going to bother sitting there because there really is a lot of space it's a big SUV and it has a lot of space the trunk space is also huge it has lovely details in terms of the Lamborghini logo on the headrests and everything looks like the rear seats of a Lamborghini really should but now As with all performance cars we've tested it's important to see how it sounds so let's fire it up on the Strada and see how it sounds it was a very powerful start and it's very loud there's that Audi sound again when you start cold sir , it's very, very loud, it actually reminded me of the hurricane, not so much, but let's give it a few revs, head back to Radha and then when you get into Corsa you can hear the flaps open. there's no exhaust button so you can't do it manually that's one of the loudest things I've ever had accelerating on this driveway that sounds really really good I think but I really want to see how it sounds on the road Accelerating here is not going to prove anything and Northern isn't talking about the specs either, so let's get going, let's see what this big, fast super SUV can do on more challenging roads for any of you keeping score.
Now I'm taking the car-to-car mix to the next level so we have leather and cloth here and leather and cloth here I'm not sitting in the seat anymore I'm the seat so I think what I immediately feel is that 850 meter Newton you've talked about when energy opens up it's like a damage bust and the waters of this reservoir are flowing that's what it feels like it's like an endless supply of energy and that's what you want a heavy torque figure to feel like in a car like this. I'm taking this curve like 90 mph is doing it with ease.
I can't seem to find a speed or here where it just doesn't pick up speed like a maniac like I'm doing 85 now with a lot of power in them and that's something you can immediately relate to. his account and then you go into Corsa you see the HUD change you see the screen and the front change and everything about the card changes at the same time and it's even stronger than the way the body feels changes well it becomes even more stiff controls the body paper even more and now that the power from the reservoir is completely on demand d the only thing that lets it down is that sometimes the gear response is sluggish, especially going downhill which is something you wouldn't normally associate with a Lamborghini because the hurricanes once the hurricanes gearbox is very responsive so i think the 8-speed on this is a little disappointing and i said i cant really decide any kind of engine lag and this is the most exciting setup and certainly also in sport now the braking power the braking power is also very good and that's quite important for a car like this you need to have good braking power because You've got a lot of power and it's scary power as a driver even for someone who's used to fast cars because it's a 2.2 ton thing now 0-60 is meant to be 3.6 seconds I don't doubt it for a second but let's see if the control Launching is easy to do on this car that's what I meant about the work it's very fast let's talk now about the sound so I start on Strada which is Comfort as we mentioned so you can see it do It doesn't sound like much right now in the race, so let's put it first on the next notch which is sport mode on the anima you immediately get big decibels of immediate sound response from the engine so this is the middle ground and as we saw it gets louder on the course and without It certainly gets a little more energetic too.
Oh butterflies I think you immediately feel the Lamborghini side of this tune where it doesn't feel like the Audi or Porsche variants of this engine it's really It's a sweet engine actually so the decibels are pretty high at revs probably here which is good ok it's not a hurricane loud but the revs build up and it sounds in a very familiar way to me at least a bit as a previous hurricane owner so the creaking noises you get on overdrives aren't as loud then nothing is as loud as the AMG v8 on that like on my GL c63 s the revs are louder than that, much louder, but actual clicks and bench creaks are not. you don't have the decibel in t The end of the engine is a little weird because it's meant to be a super SUV compared to those that are just a normal sporty SUV but I think the revs really ring out and then like we had it before it we put in Corsa and against even stronger I think the explosion at the end when the gear change is a little bit stronger and also compared to the hurricane I think the revs sound pretty similar but not quite as creamy as that car which of course has that lovely v10 but this is not his property here is not like the other car in our group is not like the hurricane but has its own song which is not nasty this is july sounds good sounds powerful one thing that is very frustrating as i also found out in the Julia Quadrifoglio is that there is no exhaust button so if you want the valve to open you actually need to put it on Corsa or Spore and of course everything else changes then it's also just one button anywhere.
It's been good and we've borrowed a lot from the road group on this car, why not just have an escape button like a Cayenne does too? combination then, of course, you have infinite grip with this four-wheel drive system, so it's really a lot of fun compared to something like the GLC or the Estelle via Quadrifoglio. The sound makes it sound like a super SUV, even if the bumps and whatnot. they're not that loud but I think this could come when something like the new GL e63 s comes out with a tune from the e63 which will have revs probably sound very similar to this but this sounds a lot like the e to me and then it will have the pops and louder explosions so it's difficult because this cold will be much closer to this certainly in terms of sound now I want to talk to you about handling and I'm going to stay the course.
This and the link is what I really like and really don't like on this car, it's a bit of an odd statement but I'll qualify it and you'll understand so I'm going to start with the steering. I don't like the steering on this car because it doesn't feel very natural. you don't have enough feedback through the wheel I'm not sure where the front wheels are and it doesn't give you the confidence to just know where the front end is going and combine that with the lack of visibility you have here at the front as well and It's kind of scary in a car that can go that fast.
I'd really like more feedback through the wheel than this when you compare it to something like the GL c63 s at a much cheaper price but that feels a lot snappier and snappier just because of the steering but then on this car that big equalizer and what I love is the rear wheel steering. I love rear wheel steering, it's one of my favorite technologies to come. in cars lately this one has three degree low angle in the rear and just like on my mu DPR and it shortens the wheelbase when you do smaller maneuvers so park in town but when you take corners like this the corners get they feel magical in such a big car its just frustrating that as a super suv i mean it had to be so big it could have been a super car still as a smaller suv maybe like the stell vo and the glc just more powerful because it feels fat compared tothose cars.
Active body roll stabilization, so it doesn't keep the car as flat as I'd heard the Eurus was. It actually gives you an idea of ​​how the bodywork moves and it's quite nice especially when you start assuming a lot of exaggerated cornering it's at that point with the URIs really amazing when it starts to behave like a sport like there's no way that something this big can get like this but it actually does it's really amazing I think that's what's so addictive about URIs and it's where most of us go to underestimate the car and then realize that it has a great ability to handling this thing would really take points off an Audi rs6 Avant and this is how i want you to remember this if anyone ever asks you about the handling everything looks feel and sounds like


rghini but i am thrown out of the experience every time I see this steering wheel, all those navigation screens, it really hurts me on this now if we go back to comfort or Strada, that I now have to go through all the gears Sowerby a terror in all Strata there we go Yeah as you can see I don't like to do that so I want to talk a little bit about everyday driving.
I am currently doing nonsense. which I've been doing averaging 12 mpg which is pretty expected but I did have a long drive when I picked it up from pet headquarters in Birmingham back to London and got around 27 mpg which is pretty good on a long ride for a super powerful 650 brake horse suv but in and around town i've noticed i don't get more than kind of a 1516 because this is the kind of car again you really want to drive fast you don't want that is in strata you prefer to put it in the sport, open the valves a little and when you have the opportunity to do some nonsense because the cards respond very well.
I love how this car handles. I hate myself for loving how it actually handles. Feels so bad like I'm committing some serious sin in the world of gas freaks The suspensions are a bit mixed for daily driving I like it because I like the way supercars and sports cars feel so you feel every bump in the road which is unpleasant for a lot of people i like it but it makes the everyday driving look when talking about families or what so what not a bit cumbersome really seems to feel a lot of the bolts and bumps and jolts even on the motorway it seems to unhing the car a bit.
A bit because it seems to ride very sluggish on the highway, but taking that long drive from Birmingham to London was really very nice, just chewed up miles, felt, dare I say, more like an Audi SUV, which is not a bad thing because the first idea of ​​the major luxury car makers in the world, so if you're going to base a daily luxury or mid-luxury car on something, it might as well have a Decent base group base and it does and it looks like you can do miles and miles and miles and miles and this car has done miles.
I am comfortable and I have problems with the sound every day because right now I would like the flaps to open just by driving because I want to know that I am in a Lamborghini but I can't I have to go to sporty or thicker and if I go for the city ​​in 3rd or 2nd which is what auto mode wants me to do or do i have to put it in manual i want to seem like an absolute. all i needed was just a hammer on that until they put it in the facelift it's hard or ne to give a verdict on this car because i know who it's designed for and you guys know who it's designed for it's also designed for someone who have had a Lamborghini and once a daily car or have a Lamborghini and once a daily car or do you understand what a Lamborghini means and have not been able to get one because they needed more practicality so there is a very specific customer for whom you do not it can be argued that someone who might want a q8 or a q7 or a cayenne turbo or whatever would come look at this car i don't think the market is for that for Lamborghini there is a very specific purpose to make more units give to your customers an everyday car that is practical and then push what will be a very profitable car.
I'm sure everyone will spread all those profits into future products to make them even better, whether that's justification for making a car. I'm not convinced, but to serve the purposes of their customers to have a day to day. You can't really question someone's choice. Personally, if I was going to spend 200K, I personally wouldn't buy this car. I would go get Estelle via Quadrifoglio and a c63 and a 35 and they will spend the same amount of money but the client wants this not to be the case. Not even considering that because you can make the same argument about a hurricane, in fact, when there's an RS version of the q8, you're going to have that scenario where you have an RS q8 and you have this one, the uri are probably both using very similar technologies to what you have with the r8 and our account but that doesn't mean URIs won't sell they absolutely will sell because again that's not the point of this car the point is it's a Lamborghini there's a lot of Lamborghini flavor in this car, first of all it's really easy to drive, it's capable of safe fun, like you'd find in the hurricane, it's something people get mad at Lambo owners for, but this is what it does whether you like it or not. it's replicable it's extremely fun when you drive fast this is a niche that's not going away anytime soon this is a car that's already selling successfully and of course we only listen and use if you haven't heard that Ferrari is also going to make a super SUV I think it's called Perot's song Feel free to correct me in the comments so unfortunately these cars are here and I say unfortunately because I personally don't like them.
One thing that I can't take off the cards for how I feel about it is how well it goes about what it does and I think I respect it for that because it can be handled so well yeah I would love a direction that has more feedback and that's something Lamborghini will work on in the future but the way it ramps up speeds up the sound quality despite being a turbo engine the way the car seems to handle its weight in v physics is exactly what i expected it to be made this car. I'm fascinated to see what this model would look like a bit more performance oriented. and if ever there is l I also like an SV version.
I think this is a very good base to start with as a first hurrah, so thank you very much for watching this video on the Lamborghini Eurus more than ever. I want to hear your feedback in the comment section on this car. I have been having a hard time coming to a definitive conclusion because there is no definitive conclusion to be fair to any car. It's such a subjective thing. subscribe and share this video and as always I'm going to launch at sunset

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