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MOST Viewed MINECRAFT Shorts on YouTube

Apr 12, 2024
then licking that was not satisfying oh wait, it's plastic, isn't this? I am here to satisfy my wife. I need to find the clip that will satisfy my wife because if I don't, I can shave her mustache, wait, come on. It starts with the first clip, yeah, what do you think of that? Come on play with torches what's going on well so Preston your snow clip was a level so we need an S level to get through it and I'll give you a little bit of a B this is just. a b oh look at the rendering distance that is cut up there it's cinematic guys don't get married it's very difficult to satisfy your wife oh it's realistic I always have a cow arm I like it realistic you know what's about to happen it's going to light up, come on , How is this?
most viewed minecraft shorts on youtube
How is this? How is this? It's happening just wait, wait, come on, wait, they all got burned oh no, they didn't, that's all you have to say for Brianna, she's being mean, no, I'm not okay, stand perfectly, falling in the hole, okay, that's pretty cute, that's a b-plus. wow wow I love sand falls oh my god this is my favorite so far oh my brain hurts so much but it's cool oh my god it's beautiful holy shit it's that realistic I don't know where it is but it's majestic okay how are you? this breaks chests and they just leak all kinds of gems, they are very well organized in a box and then you just break the box and release them all, oh this is going to be a lot harder than I thought guys what? okay so it takes speed the tree should grow instantly is that what takes speed is good yeah it's like speed whoa whoa okay no because this isn't the one that oh I love the clips of stairs, this is the one, whoa. oh wait, it's sand or corn oh my god, it's going to look like popcorn oh no, he's going to combine something sand wait it reminds me of hourglasses you know when you can do like him or her when you get married it's time to give This is an A plus an a, what does that mean?
most viewed minecraft shorts on youtube

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most viewed minecraft shorts on youtube...

You have to be an S level to beat the cowabunga snow clip. I like it, I want to go to the movies and eat popcorn. Now it looks like a worm wave. Oh, and it even breaks. I didn't like the ending either that took away points from me at the end it's like how do we lose points for this? no girl in real life or in Minecraft can say no to Diamonds the only thing that is unsatisfying is this video with some of Brianna's answers that's great yeah I'll give this an A A minus What about the minus?
most viewed minecraft shorts on youtube
I don't know why we have a complicated category. Why do we have an A plus an A and an A minus? It's like school Marie is actually a teacher. look at this, okay emerald button piston, my cousins, no, come on, they died for a good reason to satisfy you, no, that's a failure, what's okay, are you trying to give that one an F? Yeah oh I like this one yeah right it's like a musical instrument I like this one because it makes me feel tingly inside oh it's back with the people oh I love it dude the slime looks amazing this is literally Shrek's urine, it's beautiful why now I don't like it, again, it's not over yet, the slime is coming back sweating huh, what do you rate as a plus?
most viewed minecraft shorts on youtube
The fact that you only read about an A plus is so disappointing. I like it, it's still an A plus. Now what's up with this? My eyes hurt, my eyes always hurt, he's losing points, oh. continue, what's going on, since uh, 2023, you met me, you know, this is what I give an A, but it was a third wave that you showed me, so it's a little disappointing, this is a good death trap here same, it's just that it doesn't hurt to breathe, they're just snowmen. Oh, one of these killed me, so now what do you care?
Then the taxi. This is a nice thing. Even though he killed you, you would still like him. It's a nice thing. That's why girls like bad boys. I like the waves. I know I'm sure there are many ways. Well, I would say that of all the waves that I've shown you so far with sand, I think this one is the best because of the rainbow pattern, you know, this is not my favorite of the waves, is it a flower? Oh, we survived, the dropper never survived these, okay, cool, uh, everything. Brie dies to everything. I show her that she dies too.
Don't push this. I like it because she is showing me that I can do a dropper successfully. Are you bullshipping? No, maybe I'll get you the next release. Okay, oh wow, man, you're cool, so you think this is cool? Oh no, Preston, what grade would you give it? Okay, if this is just look, it gets better, oh yeah, oh, it's beautiful, come on, if that was an egg, how come this isn't an S level? So it's no longer an A plus, it's an A plus plus that doesn't even exist. I make the rules, she doesn't make mistakes, she's fine, she waits because if you keep the water on a plus plus, she reminds me of high school when she was getting swirls.
I'm sad you were home, my dad gave me eddies. I give it an a. it's not an A plus or a plus plus and this YouTube guy has been short and satisfying for ages and he can do it again it's the water I don't know what it is oh this is better than the other one I have a little A little problem that it's not contained isn't that the satisfying part is seeing pieces come off right now, okay, but then you see that she's getting a little carried away, okay, now don't even look at it because apparently Bree hates the wave that I know if you're in a concert with Bree and you say: Hey guys, let's do the wave, she's like dying, no, five times nice B, little B nice more action.
I feel like they're making an aquarium, oh what do you mean? wait, that's worth the wait, are you debating? wait, either she's debating or I'm being debated I'm debating if the glass beat the snow it's not going to beat the snow trying to get me out of this grave oh, it's like water cheese, this is just amazing, I love the sound, That's great, April, okay, water, oh, great music, are you doing the Avatar thing? water, water, but wait, it's not water, I don't understand, oh, it's making ice, no, it's a TNT snake, it's kind of the wave again, that's cool, this is not my favorite, what are you going to to be honest?
Why wake up prettier? Although shaders make everything look better, well,


things, how about this? Yes, a gym. Path to all angles of the gymnasiums, like vertebrates, I mean. Is it going to fill your inventory too much? My wenis is tickled right now. Oh wow, he'll shoot all these zombies. That's impossible. That was a trap. Okay, ignore the enchantments. They are satisfied? I'm just going to show you this clip again because you remember this clip. here is the current winner and to keep this mustache alive I have to find the clip that satisfies Brie More than this powder snow Do you think it's going to be difficult?
I mean, just look when oh, what's that silver fish? Wait, you don't like those, they're not perfect, because this is what he's going to do. TNT cannon, wow, that was a slime, but not just an ATT cannon, it will be one shot, everyone, come on, rate me, you just love me, oh, oh, okay, what? Do you think it will pass a very quick test? What will happen when that TNT explodes underwater? A goblin will come out of the well. What the pipes will have to snake. Oh yeah, sploosh, that's one more A, okay, your favorite, uh, obviously Brie is related. to the villagers why rate it's a lot of creepers yeah you're losing no wait wait just wait Look what happens okay he'll kill them all yeah yeah he didn't really do anything for me maybe this is something that I made of men.
I don't explain it, oh, it's true, I love it, no one can say no to a good lava, it's great, it's pretty good, no, he doesn't really get hurt, he's a majestic man, the Lavagirl imagines him on a track, his cape moves and is blowing, he is in pain. He doesn't show it, what does he say? Model ride, what's up with this one? Do you know what's going to happen? There is a villager there. Did you just confuse a copper bar and a villager? Villagers everywhere are offended, actually, it's really cool, besides, okay, how about it?
This, oh wait, wait, wait, wait, once you add the lava, yeah, oh, this is steaming, it remakes us in my food often, it makes it steaming and hot. It's Charlotte, oh wait, don't show that ass, why did you spank it? I don't like what I'm seeing on the bag wait I don't know why but weed gives me Hebrew G verse because it looks like hair it's more than a hair it's kind of like uh honestly Bree I thought you'd find this really cool wanna know why because you're a Reed gold digger do you love cleaning? Yes, this clip might help you, then, okay? like cleaning it's like the entire universe is being absorbed by a sponge what's wrong with the physics of motion?
It scared me because it was disgusting, it's like cheese with chunks, how about this? Come on, you love bees, little bees, oh what was so bad? I thought of this clip. I was sick why not, it was so good, wait so is the clip good or bad? Am I shaving or not? That's an S, that's an S level. I just had to shake your boots a little, wait, you're satisfied, I'm look. Still, ladies and gentlemen, I discovered the secret of women, it is honey, because we are sweet, you can call me honey, stop.

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