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Most EXPENSIVE BBQ of My LIFE! Franklin Barbecue & Salt Lick, Austin TX

Feb 19, 2020
Welcome back to Guga Foods, as you can see I'm not home today, I'm right here at Franklin's Barbecue. We are waiting in line it is very cold Emilio here come here Emilio I have my brother Emilio here I have my friends here Oscar and the teacher come here with me. It's really cold, but these guys are used to the cold, you know, but I'm freezing like there's no tomorrow. What's up everyone, we're here at Salt Lick, it's a very famous restaurant in Austin, Texas. Now they have a great special here that is basically $24 and you get unlimited meat so that's great let's give it a try.
most expensive bbq of my life franklin barbecue salt lick austin tx
For me my main favourite, the best thing they had at Salt Lick was the pork ribs, the beef ribs were good too but I felt like they put so much pepper on it I'm telling you guys it's got a lot of pepper. You know it's not like ribs but beef ribs so they don't have as much meat as ribs. The sausage was fine and the fixings were fine. And if you're going to Salt Lick, be sure to try those spare ribs. Now as you know I'm not alone on this journey, I had my friends with me and this is what they had to say about it, check it out.
most expensive bbq of my life franklin barbecue salt lick austin tx

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most expensive bbq of my life franklin barbecue salt lick austin tx...

Overall it was a good experience, the good thing is you don't have to stand in line like here in Franklin. I like beef ribs, I like pork ribs, I like sausage, but nothing surprises me. But it's good it's good don't get me wrong it was good or the vibe is you feel like you're in Texas and that's a good thing. I was expecting more than brisket and beef ribs. My favorite was the baby back ribs and the brisket was good but I expected a little more the place was amazing very big smoke everywhere so the experience was amazing.
most expensive bbq of my life franklin barbecue salt lick austin tx
But the food I expected a little more the taste was very good I liked the pepper so it was good flavor and good texture but it was good but not spectacular. But my favorite was definitely the spare ribs and I really liked the sausages and the brisket, yes I expected a little more I think it was a little no I won't say dry but it wasn't as moist as I expected. he. But overall I think the experience was great, great atmosphere. I think it's a real Texan place. A lot of people, they were all nice and friendly, so I think the


important and valuable thing is the experience, it was great.
most expensive bbq of my life franklin barbecue salt lick austin tx
We all had a wonderful time at Salt Lick and if you get a chance to experience it I highly recommend it, it's a great atmosphere restaurant and you will enjoy it. But we're here in Franklin right now waiting for this line. Let me tell you something, if you want to eat good


in Franklin, you have to commit, we arrive at 5:00 am. And we're not even the first in line. And right here behind me, there's not a lot of people right now, right? But look at this! Look at the size of that bite, everyone look at that!
It's not playing, I love it. Okay, I'm going to go for the short ribs too. Falling off the bone as you can see. Look at that, and yes probably oh, there you go. There you go, right there! It smells amazing. Okay, enough talk, let's try it. Alright. This is the floor perfectly, perfectly, perfectly. Oh man! Flat was very juicy, amazing. And now I have to prove the point. Unsurprisingly very fat oh just, just falling apart, completely falling apart Come on man! Wow, that's one wonderful brisket! It's a wonderful brisket, I understand why people line up. Oh Lord.
Absolutely incredible to all the brisket that's why everyone says it's the best, and it's the truth, it's the best. Get that pork chop everyone, check out that pork chop. Here's the pork chop. Fall off the bone for sure. Yeah, 100% falls off the bone, check that out. Completely bone is off. Oh Oh Ah ha ha ha... That's good. Here we have the turkey everyone. Let's give it a chance. Lots of seasoning on the turkey. Lots of pepper. That clarified butter is very juicy. It's good! Oh the sausage Oscar. We are ready for the sausage. Here's the sausage for everyone.
Let's try that sausage, I also like sausage, I like everything. 80% beef 10% ah, no 15% pork and 5% beef heart, beef heart. Hello Aaron, how are you? We have Aaron here. What is happening? What are you working on? We order quite a few. Thank you so much. It's absolutely stunning. Awesome! Another level man. Thank you. It's a different level from what we've tried before. Well, we use a lot of good cord blood. It's a lot of fun to see a pork rib next to a beef rib. Yes, it dwarfs it. Look at the contrast. Absolutely. Thanks guys for hanging out, yell if you need anything.
Thank you so much Aaron, I appreciate it! What do you think of the beans? To me it's like a chili bean or something. I like it. Oh, it's spicy. I like it. It's spicy. It's spicy. I taste a bit of chili sauce on them. It's good. We also have coleslaw, let's try it. Oh I like that, I like that. This is a good Oscar. I like that I like it more than I like beans. It's nice and refreshing, it cleanses your palate as you eat because obviously you're eating a lot of meat and everything has a lot of


But man, this salad I definitely recommend to everyone. It's nice, very refreshing because it's all


pepper, salt pepper. It tastes fresh. Yes. Fresh. Correct, it cleanses your palate. I was expecting something sweet but it is not. No, not sweet. But the magic is really the brisket. The brisket is magic. Oh that's good, I'm impressed, I am. Best brisket I've ever had? i ever ate I ever ate! it's awesome everybody awesome. Here's the pulled pork. It is sweet. It's cold? It is sweet. That's a big pulled pork. Yes I like it. It's very good. But the brisket is better, huh?
Oh, of course, yes. Is very good. Try the potato salad. There's a lot of pickle there. Oh man, that's a lot of pickles, yeah. It tastes like 75% pickle, yes. The flavors are very well balanced and that's quite interesting because nothing is overpowering, not too much smoke, not too much pepper, not too much seasoning. The amount of seasoning is absolutely perfect. Cooked to perfection obviously. Everything just falls apart as you eat it, there's nothing, there's no real bite in the resistance, everything is falling apart, everything. And if that's what you like then this is perfect, if you like a bit of a bite then a lot of people will consider cooking it.
I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it very much, that's all I have to say about it. Side dishes for me, the winner has to be the perfect coleslaw. Yes, the coleslaw was good. Perfection. It is


? Yes. Yes Is it a long wait? Yes. Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Yes, it's worth everyone. He does a great job on the BBQ and if you have the time and patience to experience it, go for it! The wait was worth it. Oh, it was worth it. Yes, I agree with you, I'll do it again, I would do it again.
The wait was fun. Yes. He wasn't just sitting. And you don't have to know anyone to come here. I introduced myself and made friends. There you go! Thanks for hanging out with us. Oh yeah. It's been fun. You see it's a wait but you know if you speak


and time doesn't take that long to pass right? No, it flies by. Yes I agree. It was fun. It was amazing, amazing it's the best BBQ I've ever had. I mean it's the best barbecue in the world, probably. Amazing! The best there? Beef ribs, dinosaur ribs, yes. Because the brisket is amazing, but they only do the ribs on Saturdays, so it's something special, it's like a bone this size.
If its big. Yes. First of all we can all recognize the hat all over the world. God bless America. So it is so. Oh wow I think that's amazing, it's the best BBQ I've ever had. The beef ribs were very good, my favorite was the point on the brisket. Oh, wow! falling apart That was incredible. The flavor so intense I don't know how much to say but it was really very very good you have to. Alright guys this was our experience in Austin with my amazing friends. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you enjoyed it, be sure to give it a thumbs up.
If you're not a subscriber, be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember that if you are interested in something I use, everything is always in the description below. Thank you very much for looking and see you in the next one. Take care of everyone. Bye bye. Thank you.

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