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Most DANGEROUS The Voice performance in history? | Journey #29

Feb 27, 2020
You're supposed to be here. You are one to watch! Thank you very much "play sound" ♪into♪ Habla español? (You speak Spanish) No, not at all. How is that? No Spanish, no Spanish. Hey... Hey, me too... we fit well together. What do you call? I'm Ayden Calafiore, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Melbourne. Wait, you were here last year, right? I was here last year too, yes. My name is Ayden Calafiore, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Melbourne. You may know me from the last season of The Voice. I came to the blind auditions... I was a little nervous... ...I felt my heart in my throat...
most dangerous the voice performance in history journey 29
I was, you know, completely scared. So no one turned for me. Delta is one of four coaches who wanted to run last year but didn't. After the blind audition I was very sad for a few days. But it was like someone had, you know, lit a fire in me. First of all, you look like me when I was 17, which is why I think we should work together. Second, the fact that you're back... ...shows me... that... you really like her... ...and take my advice when I tell you that you're done. for the next... ...platform and I hope to win this one too.
most dangerous the voice performance in history journey 29

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most dangerous the voice performance in history journey 29...

I believe in time and this moment now is the right time. I feel like my time alone with you is what I specialize in. So I want you on my team. Delta I think I would learn a lot from you... ..because you were also the person who wanted to turn me around last year... ...and you already listened to me and the other coaches didn't... and I am very grateful for that. Daddy, come to me! Let's do it! There's a "BUT" behind that speech... I still pick Joe. Yes friend, you chose well. Knockouts are... intense. Three artists enter the ring. one goes out First up tonight is Team Joe.
most dangerous the voice performance in history journey 29
Well hello. Hello! Your theme is....... ....Ariana Grande. Forgiveness! that becomes difficult. So not only do we try... to hit the notes and the melody, but also... ...we try to feel comfortable with your appearance, okay? Try to smile anyway, it helps with your speech. this song, there is something sexy in this song... So you have to try. Joe wants that sexy doe in the song.'s not so easy for me to do that... you know... ...because I'm an age... don't feel so good in that sexy thing . Aydan you sang 'Despacito'... ...the


annoying song since 'Karma Chameleon'.
most dangerous the voice performance in history journey 29
And I remember thinking, "That's such a popular song, can you catch up?" ...and with that song you did. I think the person I want to work with... someone who will work very hard... Aydan. Aydan, congratulations! For this battle I took my two best fighters... No... - I knew it! Stop! When I saw Maddie walk through the door... first thought was, "Oh no." It is clear that both are a little sad to see each other. It's definitely hard to get that close to someone... ...and then if you want to succeed, it has to be in their disappearance.
Both are great artists. And when I look at all six of them, I'm like, okay..., "what's going to be the best challenge for everyone?" You have delivered such explosive


s. What I need from them during this


is... get that stage that this song deserves. A little note for you Aydan, it is the faith in the verses. Yes. - Attack him, you know. When I look at you, Aydan, I feel that you are someone who is... ...ready to start. You are in such good hands with Joe. And clearly you are a force, the two of you, as a team.
The fact that you went on stage... ...danced on your butt... ...and still sounded good... really something that's very hard to find. Having said all that... I have a difficult decision to make... so... I want to work with the person I feel like... ... dedicate myself, work hard... ... and, I think that at In the end I can... ... show and show the confidence that I need and that is Aydan. Aydan, congratulations! I'm about to go on live TV for all of Australia. It's strange. Because last year too, I mean... - Yeah. ...You auditioned to be back... - Yeah. and you're already so far.
Aydan is only 17, but she can dance, she can sing, she's a complete package. I'm always impressed... ... and that's why I always give you songs that are real, like... ... maybe upbeat pop songs, right? - Yes. So I feel like this time... It's time to give you a challenge. I wonder if you can finish that last formation... Yeah, I think so, I think... Like, go there, like... can do some cool stuff with your good head


... ... that I know you have We got very technical, when it came to some high notes. Really choosing his moments to really go for it.
If Aydan commits to the triplet and ends up big like she intends... ...she'll bring the house down. The high tone... ...what happened to the high tone? What happened to the high pitch? - I'm pretty sure there's a good... ...high note at the end of that song. Actually, first of all... ...fantastic achievement. - Many thanks. But I say this to everyone... ...everyone should have faith in their instincts. You could hit that high note. You could hit that high note and the notes way beyond it, okay? Trust your


. I don't know what she is talking about, it was perfect.
I know exactly what I'm talking about. He still had a great performance... No, he still had a great performance... ... but I say... ... he should stay here... One, because we all like him as an artist we want to see him grow.. It's great, but I want to see him push. He deserves it for himself. I think she tried hard tonight. - You deserve to try harder! Let's find out... Who made it to next week's show... Team Joe... ...everyone is safe tonight. What do you think of Kelly's comments? I understand what she means... trusting my voice. But I want to prove her wrong, you know?
If she wants to hear high notes, let's give her some high notes, okay? I want to give Aydan the latest song from the artist. That has a lot of high notes. I think we're in a good place with the vocals. I want this to be an epic choreographic moment. I brought my friend Shannon from Los Angeles. And she actually she's one of the guys... ...who danced with Michael Jackson. One thing that really worries me is mastering her singing... ...with his dancing moves. It's something that Michael Jackson did very well. He was always on it. This is the third week of his life.
And...'s time that... ...we show people another side of Aydan. I think this time it's about... ...taking it all away. No light show, no rain, no dancing. I just want you to be up there and sing. Ballans may be the ultimate culprit. You have to show heartbreak and connection with a song. What is special about you that you like? I really like the emotion behind it. About two years ago... My great-grandmother passed away. And she was...she was like a second mother to me. This song came out after she passed away. So, I'm drawn to this, you know, this particular song.
You know, I used it as an outlet. There's nothing left to hide, just me and my voice. And it's very, very scary, you know, it's going to be a big thing for me. So... I hope I don't let, you know, get the best of me. It was very beautiful... was a little more revealing about who you are. And I think that's the way to go really, you know... ...more of that, you know? Because you've come here with these great songs... ... week after week... ... and now we're really hearing a little more about who you are. And that's good.
Thank you very much. Hello! How are you man? - How are you friend? Yeah, I was really dazzled when I saw Nick. It was like meeting Joe again, you know... ... I came back to square one... ... and I thought I didn't know what to say. I mean, from the beginning... I was really impressed the first time I heard you sing. So I think for this next step it's about combining... ...everything you've done so far, so well. Not to mention, the stakes are high. He's the tough brother, if you haven't noticed. Yes. - you mean? But I know you want it...
So it's time to step up. You know, he rained... ...we had dancers, we had some fire, whatever. ...maybe we should let you fly... That's really a good idea. - I think it's good... I think we should let you fly. - We'll let you fly this number. TRUE. What? Let's call our airman. I'm not kidding, I'm tying you to a rope... We'll take you up in the air and sing. TRUE? It will be the



Voice performance ever. They're kidding, right? Am I really not flying? You're supposed to be here. You are one to watch, young man!
Thank you very much. I came here to prove to myself that he could turn a chair. And now I'm in the grand finale. It's like I have to pinch myself to wake up. With the blinds, Aydan was my first choice. And now she is my last surviving artist. And he couldn't be more proud. You did it! Man, we did it. Everything you've done so far has led to this day. We are going to look for it, we are going to look for that victory. Oh yeah. The first artist... ...who didn't get enough votes to win The Voice this year... ....and now he's dropping out of the competition...
Aydan, from Team Joe. Oh, come on! Joe, thank you very much... ... this experience that I shared with you... ... has completely changed my life... I have never had so much fun on stage.

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