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Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time

Feb 27, 2020
Did you know that you can be arrested for eating SpaghettiOs? Let's talk about it. ♪ (theme music) ♪ - Good mythical morning! - It might surprise you to know... ...that in all the years we've known each other, and all the stupid things we've done on this show and off of it, I'm proud to say we've never been arrested. No. I guess we just had a long run of luck, Rhett. - Yes. - But listen. If you're interested... being arrested, take notes. Because today we are going to chronicle some of the strangest


in history. It's


to... - ♪ (drums) ♪ - ...You Have the Right to Remain... ...Silent.
most bizarre arrests of all time
Anything you say can and will be used against you on... Good Mythical Morning. That is this show. It's this show. And last month, in Portland, Maine, a tree was arrested for obstructing traffic. This is the


exciting thing that's ever happened in... - ...Portland, Maine. - Well, I've never been there. I imagine not a lot of exciting things happen there. - But the tree. - It's not a tree, exactly. It was actually... ...a man dressed as a tree. It was Asher Woodworth, 30 years old. From the start, this is a man who understands the value of wood.
most bizarre arrests of all time

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most bizarre arrests of all time...

So he's on my team. Do you know what happens if you burn a tree? It turns to ash. Yes, that's true. That's another thing. There are a lot of wooden jokes we could do, but we should probably move on. No. Eddie literally said, "Uh!" as if he took her breath away. - As if you had stabbed yourself. - Thanks for the support, Edward! He said that he "planted" himself, ha ha, in the middle of an intersection. (Frantically stuttering) Look, there you have it! Where's the "Uh!" For that? Because he wanted to see how he could impact people's natural choreography.
most bizarre arrests of all time
It turns out that people fitted the natural choreography of him simply driving around him and calling the police. And his natural choreography was affected when the police showed up and forced him to handcuff her. And we have the video. Watch this. Here he is being escorted away from the intersection. (Link laughing) Oh my God! He is just an absolute tree! (Rhett) I love how he keeps doing the tree thing. - (Rhett) Look how slow it's going! - (Link laughing) (Rhett) "I'm a tree. I can't move too fast." (Link) And the police, it's as if they were helping a disoriented person.
most bizarre arrests of all time
I'm thinking about bringing Tree Man back and doing this at an intersection in Los Angeles, but something tells me that LAPD won't take me as kindly as they did, like the Maine police did, to this guy. Neither do drivers of vehicles here in Los Angeles. - Right. They will run you over. - So don't do that. Speaking of trees, in 2005, Dieter Braun, 43, from... - ...Recklinghausen, Germany... - Mhm. ...was arrested for being a public nuisance. Ah OK. Well, it's not too weird, is it? Unless the public nuisance is running naked, screaming at the trees. - Oh, that happens some


s. - Why, Dieter?
Why? Dieter? - Uh... - Do you have a "why?" Here is the "why". His marriage counselor advised her to do it as...-..."relaxation therapy". - The naked part or the screaming part? All of it! He said, "If I didn't go into the woods and yell at the trees, my marriage would probably end." - Oh! - Which is weird, because if I stripped naked... ...and ran into the trees and screamed, my marriage would be over. - Yes of course. That's how it works here. - I think. He says: "Feeling the... ...breeze on my bare skin really calms me down." Well, you can do that by yourself in your backyard.
It had no calming effect on anyone else. Especially the trees. - Yes, I can imagine. - I would think. - My kindred spirits out there. - Don't disturb the trees with your... - ...naked screams. - Dieter, stay away from those... Redwoods, the Rhettwoods, that we're planting in Northern California. I don't want to see your bare tail around my Rhettwoods. - (laughing) - In 2014, Ashley Huff, 23, from Georgia, was arrested for SpaghettiOs. Let me explain. - Please explain. -She was a passenger in a car that was... ...stopped. One thing leads to another. The police find a spoon in Ashley's bag that is covered in a mysterious residue.
She says... (southern accent) "It's SpaghettiOs!" And then they said, "That seems like the worst lie of all." A grown woman saying it's SpaghettiOs. So she's immediately arrested for possession of... - ...methamphetamine. - Well. And then there are the lab results that prove the spoon. Now, first of all, she's going to jail. While she is in jail, they run a test in the lab. And they determine that there was meth in the spoon, even though it was really just SpaghettiOs. But I think what happened was the person in the lab said, "Wait. What kind of adult eats SpaghettiOs and then throws the spoon in the bag?
A drug addict. It has to be someone who is high." I think that's probably what happened. - But they... but THERE WAS meth. - There was no methamphetamine. The lab "came back" with positive results. It turns out that these lab results can be false positives all the time. - Well. -And she later she was acquitted. After spending more than a month in jail, she was acquitted and only SpaghettiOs remained. And now, since this, the number one defense in Georgia criminal trials has become (Southern drawl) "They were just SpaghettiOs." - "It was just SpaghettiOs." - Everyone is using it.
They're all getting down! - Oh, are they? - Yes. For SpaghettiOs. - (crew laughs offscreen) Speaking of SpaghettiOs, there's only one reason you should never visit a graveyard. And I meant "ever" to visit a cemetery. - But I said "never". Just ignore that. - I know what you meant. I'll start again. Speaking of SpaghettiOs, there's really only one reason why you should visit a graveyard. It has nothing to do with SpaghettiOs. That was one of those "I'm trying to transition, but it's not working." - Right. - But some people will be like... - ..."I guess that makes sense." - It was for the SpaghettiOs! - Yes of course. - That reason shouldn't get you arrested. (Link) Anthony Stallard, from Portsmouth, UK, aged 24, was arrested in Kingston Cemetery where he was posing as a ghost. - (laughing) - Literally raising their arms... ...and yelling "Woo-oo-oo!" in the mourners! - While people were there at a funeral? -He was saying "Woo-oo-oo" to the the graveyard. - Did he look like the... ...dead man?
Did you know who was dead? Because that would be weird. "Uncle Johnny is there." No. I'm sure he was doing it very tastefully too. - Well. -He made a tasteful "Woo" in... ...the graveyard. Before that, Anthony was watching football kick around graves, this guy is 24, while he was singing out loud with his friends. It's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, that's fine. As you may have guessed, Anthony had been drinking quite a bit before the debacle. - I guess Ecto-Cooler. "Woooo!" - (laughing) It's okay. - Get it? - It's known to induce those... - ...types of effects. - I'm not afraid of any pale white guy.
Kick a soccer ball. Against graves. - (crew offscreen laughing) - Do you know that song? - I'm not afraid of any pale white guy. - I understand, yes. - Kick a soccer ball. - Because you're like Ray Parker, Jr.... - favorite artist. - Mhm hm. But the cloak made him less important. He said: "He has accepted that his behaviour, if he had been outside a cemetery, would not have been inappropriate. But inside a cemetery, as people mourn their loved ones, it could be." (laughing) "COULD be! COULD be!" - "It could just be. "Woo-oo-oo!" - If you take it too far, it could be.
Eighty-nine-year-old Edna Jester of Blue Ash, Ohio, just wanted some peace and quiet. But she could never get it because the kids in her neighborhood always played soccer right outside her house - Ohhh!- And every once in a while, a soccer ball... ...would land in Edna's yard and she'd have to go get it. for them. And Edna hated this. She was quoted as saying (louder voice) "I'm 89 years old... ...and I want some peace of mind. This is my life here in this chair, looking out that door. And all I see is playing with the ball down over and over again.
If it doesn't come in my garden, that's fine. But if he comes to my garden, I'll catch him. No trespassing." - "Playing the ball down?" There were a few run-on sentences on that, but we get it. You don't like the ball in your garden. Then one day in 2008 when the ball landed on it. In Edna makes good on her threat. She takes the ball. She puts it inside. And then the owner of the soccer ball tells her parents. And then the parents call the fucking police. They won't even talk to Edna. "Well, she's scary. - This is an old lady!
Have you seen The Sandlot? There's probably a dog. You know what? She doesn't respond well to negotiations, because the police actually gave Edna two warnings, but she refused to flip the... - ...ball It didn't help, though... - (growling) ...that the cops issued the warnings through a football over the fence. - (laughing) - That was in bad taste - Isn't that speaking your language? - She said, "I'm not going to give up the ball... ...up. No. That's the only protection I have. They know that if he comes into my garden, I'll catch him, and that takes them a bit away from me." This is a tough woman. - This woman has courage. - Now she has all the... ...
Police balls? - He has all the police balls - (Link and team laugh off screen) That's what Edna knows now. No. That's not true. - Yes. He didn't give it back? ball back... the boy. The cops didn't throw their balls over the fence because... - That was a joke. - ...I made it up. But they arrested her. And she went to prison, and she died there. - It's also a joke. (laughs) - (laughs) And funny! Wow, old ladies dying in prison! It doesn't get any better than that! The charges were dropped. The charges were leveled against Edna, but she promptly sued to the teen's parents for emotional distress.
You know what you should have tried? You should have tried "I'm not... afraid of any white woman with my soccer ball." I should have done that. Next time. - B but I don't have another. - Speaking of weird hostage situations... in Leavenworth, Kansas, 2013, Bryan P. Smith, 26, good old Bryan P. --.. - (Rhett) Yeah, I know him. -...he agreed to take care of his friend's... spider. Which really is the true test of a friendship. - (laughing) Yes. - You know? If you're willing to... ...keep the spider from him. The problem was that when his friend went back to get the spider, Bryan invoked "no backsies" legal precedent. -He stayed with the spider. - I didn't want to return the chandelier... ...back.
And listen. It escalated from there. He said, "If you want your spider back, you have to pay me $100." He held the spider for ransom! - (laughing) This is not cool, Bryan P.! - One hundred dollars, I mean... - Not cool, man! - Sixty dollars will get you a good chandelier. The friend refused to pay. Bryan then threatened to kill the spider by shooting him. (laughs) "I'm going to shoot your spider, man! Because that's what it's going to take to kill this spider!" - Don't step on it. Shoot him. - "A bullet." So his friend calls the police.
The cops go to the friend's house, but Bryan calls him while the cops are there and he says, "Are you ready to do this?" - (laughing) - Which, okay, is good enough for the... ...cops to arrest him right then and there. - What was I going to do? - Uh... - Shoot the spider, I guess. - Shoot the spider? Well. (laughing) Or trade for the $100. I dont know. He was ordered to serve 14 months. Plot twist: The spider was involved the entire time. Mm. The spider didn't like Bryan P. either, huh? (laughs) I don't know what got the spider out of the situation, but he was...-...definitely in on this the whole time. - Hopefully you can avoid getting... ...arrested now that you know how some people got arrested stupidly.
That's what we're doing. We are doing our part. Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. - Do you know what time it is. - Hello. My name is Nathaniel. We are at 10,000 feet in Haleakalā. And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythic. If you get arrested, it's cold in jail. You should wear a good mythical hoodie! - Strategic advertising in jail. - (laughing) Yes it is. - Click on Good Mythical More... ...where the crew members will share their run-ins with the law. Oh! - (Rhett) "Scream at laughing gas." - (both laughing hysterically) - Greetings, laughing gas! - (laughing) - I didn't see it coming! - You have brought so much joy! (both laughing) - You are as silent but deadly as a fart! - Whoa!
But you are not mortal. You make me laugh. You can do everything. You can do anything to me right now and I wouldn't mind. (both laughing) Pull the ear? - (stops laughing) Nope. Do not do that. - Forgiveness.

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