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May 04, 2020
today i am playing


but the


increases every 20 seconds you might be thinking who is afraid of


well i am if you touch it you die and if we die this video ends before we start however we have than turn on the mod, see? this water is currently blue and beautiful when you click the like button and three two one go that's three now wait oh no i'm drowning an asset i know how to swim in that water wait because i love my hoodie yes that's why yes but it seems be ok for squids maybe more than ok - whoa jelly wanna guess i'm going down oh a jelly just came out with the chest here with the team grab it i don't have any tools i was going to chop down some trees man i'm cinnamon or just I merge with you, jelly, jelly, do you see the third jelly?
minecraft but the floor is rising acid
I'm sending it to you, okay, no, what are you doing? for leaving him behind in the first place, when you died, it all ended well, i know he didn't die, you should have. I brought some food we'll pick up some old clogs ok and then we'll build a path back and that's actually birch blocks and I won't tell you what kind of wood it is sorry chill you want me to get jelly hey come here i want to try to see if this is like an instant i'm saying here here yes ok no help yet time you already went to hell if i was there one more second it would have been game over ok that's not good , I'm going to get my tools, I'm going to get your stuff jelly, wait jelly, go guys I'm going to go there, Josh, honestly, just go to the jelly, now, Josh, okay, there are trees too, come on. bring mountain trees guys i'll get it let's go find kenny just go straight like this yeah i needed my we we wasted so many blocks because Jelly built an up flip and not out of wood we're wasting so many resources right now it's your turn to see those chickens down there that are about to be eaten so I have to see this no guys we have to save that's exactly what I was working on Josh I'm taking bad thank you very much stop yes I have a request Jilly don't you want to bill that? you wanted to do you're wasting so no one knows yeah i know you think i got cause some people take some good ones?
minecraft but the floor is rising acid

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minecraft but the floor is rising acid...

I'm here and now I couldn't waste anything and we'll wait the typical jars just complain this is risky it's raking in so much right now pretty fast I don't know I think I'll win the game if I just get a bunch of dirt you're right guys you are a bunch of dirt ok hey josh i can push it down there's going to be five guys yes i can push them down no they can't totally trap them down there just so they know i can only build a straight crainer yeah wanting to be a troll and just totally failed on that yeah but hey you control me like you him yeah it's actually going up a lot but you guys control the course up guys hold on this was the valley we were in and it's gone down full wait wait yeah look at it where the memory poor zombie there on the edge is a creeper skeleton therefore you feel bad.
minecraft but the floor is rising acid
Zombie slayer, wait, what if I push Josh to make him stay put? Josh, we don't want them to know what, wait, another zombie just showed up. zombie and mrs. zombie and then we have a skeleton, the creeper - they're about to choke the guys a bit us, to be honest, they're both dead, okay, we gotta go, jelly, you gotta move now, okay, oh man, wait, I have an idea guys cool you know there aren't many trees left here I say let's try it and everyone on the other side come on we gotta be real quick it's going up so Elias Mountain is where the zombie is. at least go there for a bit joe i'm not sure if we can get there on time we didn't make it on time you know these challenges john look down sorry ok you have to be careful no i'm not getting ahead of myself absolutely no it's almost you actually it's almost here okay yeah we got it we have to go up no I'm doing it Creina yeah you know what sorry guys look at this poor lion. the point i don't know in front of me here is that morally it wasn't josh trees and then we have to move on man these trees c and we don't have old clogs.
minecraft but the floor is rising acid
Does anybody remember how high these mountains used to be because shit they don't look that high now guys I know you don't know bug you blocked me man this is bad really bad I need more Lenny mother I need my dirt I need my door what please look at that spawn area over there where the zombies are spawning thats sad where are they they are under the mouse. Look at them, Julie, are you blind? Okay, we should probably keep dating. I am doing that. I am doing that. In fact, Josh, you're the one who's always dealing iron. it's true that the jelly is not helping us right now let's focus on what's going on yes thank you with us oh thank you.
Wow, okay, I love it. i want a guy to stop arguing that the highest mountain in the world is the only mountain left at the moment anyway, well yeah it will be how the right area is pretty tall right look follow me and um um Yeah, but the acid's pretty close. I really want to follow Josh. I feel like he will follow. I feel like he's going to betray Sunday. Oh Josh was better than us. I haven't wasted a single block, but it's really closed. Guys jelly, it's like right under your feet, wait, why is your jelly?
I really don't want to be pushed I'm fine I don't blame other people for their own actions I just saved your life I was really trying to push you jelly he saved you yeah funny I'm going to build myself a little house on the top of the hill boys no, this is my corner yeah with nothing a house together guys yeah look we're working together for once this is just easy huh somebody got a door we need a door really this is Tara she gets two doors which looks better Hey I also brought a chest look look I can too I can write on the


too wait what do you mean train?
I'm pretty carpeted, it's our house, it's beautiful, it's okay. The ladder you built is gone and Josh just tried to kill me oh she's getting toxic now she's available. God, get off me, okay, bye-bye losers. I have my own plan. i'm pushing bad vibes jelly what yeah we're pushing the bag obsessed a young NC guys i'm taller than you guys i owe it all to myself real tall yeah look at me guys i mean joint team josh this time what are you really? i'll join team jelly oh no you're not hey your building is gravel so hey you got a memo you got it what do you call me?
I don't know where Jelly is right now, I feel like I feel like Josh or Craner as one of you. he is going to push me. I don't like this at all. Craner, what are you doing? We do not do anything. We continue going quite far until a crater. Hey, oh, good, okay, I'll walk away, wait, where's Josh? Oh he's coming at me yeah funny reason right I need some funny reason behind oh hey man let's be honest guys I feel like I'm surrounded right now we ready to go ya know so what to kill us each other right no it's all fair game at this point wait he built a bomb oh wait wow so no that was fun we all die sweet again make sure you go to a funny comedy situation if you want to get some amazing merch this video will end now so you better click next click here. here you can do it let's go click click click click click click click click click

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