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Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...

May 30, 2021
You will be teleported to me very soon. -They're coming, George. Please. -I'm going as fast as I can. -My God, hurry up. That? Hurry. -It's okay, we're safe. Oh my god, how far down are we? I feel like I'm depressed. -We are in the mountains, it says we are in the mountains. -My God, it's okay. This mountain biome is bothering me. Oh, we're out. Okay, yeah. We are like at the top of the mountain. -Can you teleport me too? -Yes, you should go out. Three, two, one. Perfect time. Guess which direction. Which direction? I think it's going to be... -I would say...
minecraft but my friend is a dog
I say it this way. -I would say it's going to... it's going to be this way. I know it's like that, so... The eye is in the middle. Ha ha ha. -Jorge. -You also teleported me to you. -We could have both died. -Oh, it's backwards. -Well. -Oh, it will be like... It will be like right here. Yeah, it's literally probably like actually... Like if we just dug like here, we'd probably get it. Like here or something, but... -Should I throw it away? I want... Let's go a little further. -Ah! Okay, I'm helping. -Please! Heal me. Heal me.
minecraft but my friend is a dog

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minecraft but my friend is a dog...

Heal me. -Run, just run. -Ah! Stupid skeletons. -You hit me! -Come here. -I just imagine that you are going to be in the air with the dragon. They will teleport me to you in the air and then, unless I land in your water, I will be dead. Oh, that's true, actually. -You can just dig down here. I bet you it's here. It's a great thing. It's this way. -The strengths are enormous,


. "Okay, do you want to just dig down here?" -Yes, just dig. Right here. If it's not here, then you're in trouble, Dream. -Well, it's going to be here.
minecraft but my friend is a dog
There won't be a fortress here. Oh! Okay whatever. -I have an iron sword. My iron sword just broke, I need it. Oh I got it. It was very timely. -Oh, I hear it. It's right here. -Hey, I was on that. -Okay, it's here. Oh, wow. Look, it has extra things. -He has one eye. Oh my god, I hate silverfish so much. -Dream, there are so many. -There is a little. There are many, be careful. Oh Lord. Why are there so many? I can't even hit them. -Help me, I'm low. Feed me please. -Run. Oh, I gave you the good food.
minecraft but my friend is a dog
I'm an idiot. -Give me more food. Give me more food. I'm feeding you. Dream. Oh Lord. Okay, look. -Please run. Please just run. Wait, I'm just running with lava. Dream. Where are you? -I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay, I'm trying to kill them. I don't know where you went. -I'm going to die. -No! Eat, just eat. -I'm fine, I'm fine. Careful. Dream, stop generating so many of them. -I'm not breeding... -Don't hit them. Don't hit them, please. You are making them breed. You are making them breed. -Feedme. It's because I don't do enough damage. Feedme. Feedme. Feedme.
Kill them, kill them. -I'm trying. Aaah! Dream, stop touching them. Well? Leave them alone. Leave them alone. -They're going to kill me, George. Leave them alone! Well. Oh Lord. They left? I do not have food. I literally have no food, I have two fish. How do we run out of food? Oh, there's bread for me. I vote for searching chests around us. -Well. And then we go find more food. But here is a zombie. I can have it. Where are the... Oh my God? Oh Lord. That? Run Run. -Alright. It's good for... -No, seriously. Run Run. -It's good for getting meat, I'm killing them.
Oh Lord. Dream, please. If we die right now, I can't eat the rotten meat. -Keep feeding me. Yes, feed me. Alright. Come on. Just let them. Leave them. Leave them. Leave them. Leave them. What is this idiot doing? Well. We need nine more enderpearls, Dream. -This is a lot. -Then I think what we should do, Dream, is go look for food. Okay, yeah, I'm just going to elevate, okay? I'm going to rise. -Alright. Look at me. If I see you. You are doing a good job. Keep doing it. -Hahaha. You sit there and keep doing that and I'll rise, okay?
I'm going to rise. -I'll get it. Oh, I can't break blocks. -Ha ha ha. True professionals don't need to break blocks. -I know. I was going to do that. A unique diamond. Oh, there's an Enderman right here. -Kill him. I'm trying. Oh, he punched me in a hole. I just realized there are cows here. -I killed him. -Oh, he dropped one. There's another Enderman right here. Be careful, dream. They do a lot of damage. Careful. -Okay, I'm fine. There is also a Creeper here. He dropped another one! -I have an iron nugget, take it. -I do not want it.
Oh, it's a raid! -Oh God, you had the effect. -Well. Go get... -Get the bread! Get the bread! -Get it. Get it. -I can not do anything. -Okay, oh my God. This is not OK. -Quickly. I need food. -I'm going as fast as I can. I do not have food. Oh, there's... There's a raid! Are you serious?! Run! -Run towards these. Run towards these. -Oh Lord! -Run towards these here. I'm getting the wheat. I'm getting the wheat. I think we'll have to leave this place. I can't believe the raid has started. I completely forgot about that. -I forgot about the effect of the potion, oh my God.
I have a pile and a half of bread. Surely that's enough for me, right? -I guess we don't need much more food. I need food though. It's fine for you, but I need food. There is a lava pool here. Should I create another Nether portal? -No. Jorge! Half of my damage is yours!! You are no longer my owner! -You can't deny me, I am the owner. -You hurt me! -What are you going to? -No!!! My armor! -I disown you! -Dream that I'm going to die! I'm going to die! -I disown you! I disown you! You've been killing me this whole game!
My love is going to break. Dream, stop! Stop, please. -You've been killing me this whole game! -Dream, it's okay. Alright! What was that, Dream? -Can you please let me up? Okay, you can go up. Come here. Alright, let's go, Dream. Everything's fine. I have 21 raw lambs. It's enough? -There is a town of acacia trees around here. I need iron. -Well, you can go into the ravine... -My armor is very broken. Why is this ravine so... ...good? That? Do you see how much iron there is? -A lot. Smell this. It's okay, I'm fresh. Nothing, dog, nothing. Okay, then...
Oh, we need enderpearls now. -Please help me. -I'm trying to cure you. -You're not healing me. -Oh! -I'm fine. -I'm healing you. You are dying. -Kill this stupid zombie instead of healing me. He keeps hurting me. -Okay, he comes back here. Why are they so difficult to reach? Oh, there's an Enderman here. -Actually, there is an Enderman here. Oh what? That's another one. -Wait, where are you? -There is one there in the tree. Ah OK. Come on. So, get this one. -Oh, I think he's smaller. Okay, I see it. He is in my render. -Keep it there.
Okay, that one didn't drop anything. Oh, this... -You hit me! Sorry Sorry. Oh, oh! -He dropped one. He dropped one. -Can you cure me? -Come here. -Please heal me. -Stop running away! -Because the skeleton is shooting at me. Well. I hate these mini zombies. -Because they are babies, you mean? -Yes, I hate them. -Go! Go! See. Increase. -I'm leaving, I'm leaving, I'm leaving. -That's quite a bit of damage. Oh, we have another one! Are you dying? -Yes, you are dying... I am dying for you. How many do we have? Four? We have four. Five more. -George, you are such a bad owner.
I'm starting to want to bite you, okay? I'm just starting... Hahaha. If I were your dog right now, I probably would have ripped a big chunk out of your arm right now. A big... Oh! -There is a big man there. Oh, there's another one over there. Where? Ah OK. Stay with me. Let's get this one. -I brought... I'll bring the other one. -Ah, be careful. Careful. -There are many things. -This one dropped one. -There are a lot of... -I'm... HELP!!! -Run! No!!! Oh Lord. Come on! -Hello Dream, you look like a dog. -Hello! Look at us.
He's beautiful. -My baby.

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