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Mike Tyson's opponents BEFORE and AFTER Fighting

Mar 18, 2024
Now I think I've grown enough, you know, to get in the ring and beat this guy physically. I never felt better. Believe it or not, you know, I feel so strong that it's over, it started again at its best. Iron Mike was nothing short of absolutely terrifying, his dark aura and fearsome punching power made him one of the most destructive in boxing history, the Brooklyn native rose through the ranks at an alarming rate, eliminating all


in his path to becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion. of all time with only 21 years of age in this video we will show you Mike Tyson's


before and after the fight that I encountered when


him, you are my experience, my basic blow, which is the left hook and keeping it at bay.
mike tyson s opponents before and after fighting
I don't want to run away from her. I want to stay there and fight because nobody hasn't done that and see how he reacts. I feel like I have a better chance of beating him if he goes in layer rounds, but doesn't go in. The later rounds are fire in the first rounds I am strong in the last rounds I get strong and I feel like I can't beat Mike Tyson February 1986 Mike Tyson and Jesse Ferguson, men in the ring, this fight was supposed to show that Mike Tyson he was a serious contender for the world title and not just a hype figure as many still believed he was good, right?
mike tyson s opponents before and after fighting

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mike tyson s opponents before and after fighting...

Tyson presses Ferguson against the ropes where he performs his signature combination of a right hook to the body and a right hook to the head. Jessie falls. to campus I think that hook broke Ferguson's he's in desperate trouble he won't last much longer Rivera almost stopped him there keep a little distance so he's going to take a point he's disqualifying Jessie disqualified no, not really just I got out of my game plan, but Mike is a good fighter. I just went off my game plan. Yesterday you said you were worried about the hook. In fact, it was the hook he caught you with.
mike tyson s opponents before and after fighting
Yes, he punched me in the nose. He stunned me. The water got into my eyes and I came out. In fact, you hear all the trainers and other fighters who say don't fight in another guy's game when you plan to do well in their game with him. This guy is vulnerable and makes a lot of mistakes. and I'm ready for the guy and I've also looked at the things that Mr. Tyson does, the flaws in him and I know what I'm going to do for him when he makes those mistakes. We haven't seen Mike Tyson hurt in a fight.
mike tyson s opponents before and after fighting
However, can you hurt Mike Tyson? Is there a way? Is there anything you and your people feel he is susceptible to? Yes, I can hurt him and I'm going to hurt him in front of him and so we just come to the fight and Look, I have some things I want to show Mr. Tyson. I choose not to say them, but it will be quite evident when the fight begins. There is something that hurts too much and I know what the fight with the Tyson boy took place. On July 11, 1986 in Swan Lake, New York, Tyson weighed 220 pounds and Boyd weighed 21 pounds less as he watched Mikon.
After Bell Tyson took a minimal position and started putting pressure on Boyd, he immediately broke his nose and it was rumored that he had been like that. The first blow being 15 Lorenzo actively began the second round, he approached and from the clinch tried to find a gap in Tyson's defense. Boyd's punches were weak compared to Iron Mike's punches after several significant body shots. Tyson launched a series of powerful hooks. Hitting the boy. in the jaw and knocking him out Boyd did not get up around minute 43 seconds of the second round Tyson won his 24th consecutive victory and remained an undefeated fighter Lorenzo evaluates his performance how he hits he is stronger than I thought uh He caught me very well in the ribcage here on the left side and then I got scared because I told myself to remind myself not to put my hand down to protect it.
He hit him again. I lowered my elbow just in case. You don't know it's a right hand and then a right hook to the chin. Is he the hardest hitter you've ever been around? Yes, yes, yes, in Terry Anderson and they considered him a great puncher, but he doesn't PCH anything like that. Mike, in your opinion, can this man, Mike Tyson, beat any heavyweight in the world right now? Yes, he will go to the end. I've been doing a good job. He's a good fighter, but now that we know each other, I'm the champion, but no.
You don't bother me, you know he's trying to get what I want, what I have and, um, that's enough for me, this is what BR thinks, yeah, I work hard, I train, I prepare physically, yeah, I'm a soldier of the Cross and I will defeat all the demons. come, this is my calling and I will do it with great style and excellent grace because I love my love November 22, 1986 Las Vegas Nevada the young heavyweight sensation, Mike Tyson, 20, who made his professional debut just a little while ago a year and half-time ago he enters a world title fight his opponent is 32-year-old Trevor Burbick for whom this is his first title defense since winning the title in March 1986 before the fight Burck said he would deal with him in seven rounds but Tyson set himself the goal of dealing with bck much earlier, it didn't help that Trevor himself greatly helped Tyson with this task instead of moving and trying to stay out of his opponent's way, he stood right in front of Tyson trying to prove he could. fight him face to face but no one could fight face to face with the Mike Tyson of the mid 80's and soon Bck and his coaching staff and everyone who saw the fight became convinced of this fact.
Mike shakes Burck and nearly knocks him out. Below, however, Tyson does not rush his opponent but rather acts in a style called controlled aggression. Burbeck is in a dangerous position but is saved by the bell in the opening seconds of the second round starting with a powerful right hand. Tyson finishes what he started in The first black is on the ground but immediately jumps up trying to show everyone that he can continue, but Burbick was far from okay, he was in shock and couldn't come to his senses, but at the same time Tyson didn't force a hasty conclusion and only attacked when he was sure of the result just over half a minute before the end of the round, Tyson lands a right hand to Burk's body and misses a hook but then throws a left hook that didn't look heavy, but it was what It happened to Trevor.
Burck after that blow looked comical and sad. Burbeck still managed to get to his feet, but he counted to 10, but well-known referee Mills Lane stopped the fight and now the former champion can barely stand as the great trainer cut him off. Yamato met Tyson and told him Mike you will become the youngest world champion in heavyweight history those words were prophetic but unfortunately Cat did not see the triumph of his student he died exactly one year before the victory you felt that if You could show him that you can make his best shot so that later you can master him.
I think that's probably the game I thought I could make, you know? But was he a better puncher than you anticipated? Yes, PR was quite difficult because I felt it. It wasn't a one-punch knockout, but it was pretty tough and I said, well, I shake him it's for the second round, yeah, and I said, I'll shake him for a second. I said he will come back and I can kill him, but apparently. They caught me as Angela F. I was faster than you expected, pretty fast. I saw it, but um, you know, I still can't believe it, but you know, if I was trying to force myself to believe that um, you felt that the youth of him.
Being overcome by your experience and strength, yes, I felt I was strong, quite strong, and that was the mistake I think I made. The hardest hits you'll ever experience, it's a fun point because they come on different perches. you never saw them. I'm not really sure if I saw the one that hit me there. I overcame the first one and did it for myself. I guess I got it and I want to act because the last fight, uh, uh, the tit. and um uh Bone Crusher fought the walls and um I don't plan on doing the walls I think Tyson was so used to coming in and punching guys in the chin and punching them or calling them out or walking away um I think Smith just Three the point of that you know the kid isn't uh Invincible, he's just too young to understand.
I think I forgot more things that he probably knows or that he probably will learn and whatever, so he still has to go to school and hasn't faced a coret. like me, he hasn't faced Cal with a fighter, he hasn't had a real champion and I'm the champion Mike Tyson against Pinkin Thomas. The battle took place on May 31, 1987 at that time Mike was the owner of the WBA and WBC Thomas Rebounds came into this match with a good record of a series of three wins in a row and was considered a serious test for Tyson, of 20 years old, and at the beginning of the match it seemed that Thomas managed to cope with Iron Mike's pressure for five rounds, however, in the sixth three-minute period, Tyson carried out a series of powerful uppercuts and uppercuts with both hands, some of which landed right on his opponent's jaw, Thomas stumbled and then, after another left hook, knocked him to the canvas.
He didn't have time to get up before the end of the count and the referee stopped the fight that's the referee stopping the fight Angel D says there is no fight and it's a pleasure for me to give you a chance for the title you deserve it I think what happened because of how good I am, I know how good I am and to have been criticized and throughout the whole process, I mean, you know I owe it to myself to go out and beat Michael Tyson like I did. I'm his father, he's made for Tyon.
I owe it to myself to go out and beat this fall and be called the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Mike Tyson vs. Tyrell Bigs, so I'm hoping for a good clean fight. Do you have any question. good luck because again Mike Tyson's hand is very good, whatever the fight lasted until the seventh round, from the beginning Tyrell immediately enters the clinch Tyson punches from the left, hits with a forearm and knocks out the mouthpiece of Big, another persistent clinch and Mike Tyson throws a hard short left blow to Tyrrell's Temple Tyrell bigs falls off the ropes his face is covered in blood but he still manages to reach the count of nine and decides to continue the fight breaking the distance a little Tyson pushed another one on the left side of the jaw the blow was the last one for Tyrell Bigs what took him down was just body blows when they hit me with a body blow and I heard it I was actually crying there making woman gestures like I'm not I could find it, but I knew it. that he was soon breaking down, you're saying Bigs was crying when you hit him, yeah, when, when did that happen and maybe in the fourth round, so you knew you had it at that point, but I knew he was being tough.
There's a deal for you to fight Mike Tyson, yeah, there's a deal, there's some things we still have to figure out, but it's a deal, you know, I'm ready to go there with Mike, uh, sometime in January, when everyone the days want and out of this fight I hope it's fair the last time I didn't understand it and I complain about it the world has seen it now I hope that once they see it one more time it's fair I'm going to hit this guy came out on the 22nd January 1988, a young heavyweight champion from New York faced the former heavyweight champion of the world.
I'm going to go down in history, not Mike Tyson, he will go down in history as a fool if he wears out the fight to the end. line, he's going to destroy himself with what you feel, WR, what you feel, you feel I'm a bit of a B, don't bite your tongue about it, but when you see me use it, write it down. Promoter Don King lured Larry Holmes out of retirement. with an offer of $3 million to face Iron Mike, this is a fight that Tyson prepared for his entire life, the pair fought only once and after the fight, Holmes once again retired despite the brazen claims of he.
Holmes had a difficult time keeping up with the younger, faster and stronger Tyson. Like many of the fighters who challenged Tyson in the past, Holmes often managed to win in an effort to stop the aggressive Tyson in the fourth round. Holmes started off well by hitting Tyson several times with his left jab as the round progressed, however, Tyson would continue to attack Holmes. After referee Joe Cortez broke up the second clinch, Tyson hit Holmes with a left-right jab combination that left Holmes on the canvas. Holmes was able to get back up, but was immediately met with a furious combination from Tyson who dropped Holmes a second time with a right hook to the head.
Holmes got back to his feet and was able to respond to the referee's count of eight. Tyson would continue punching Holmes. Holmes with powerful combinations until he finally delivered the final blow with 7 seconds left in the round a right hook that dropped Holmes for the third time in the round, after which Cortez stopped the fight and awarded Tyson the victory by technical knockout. You know, you fought the big, big punchers, Ernie Shavers, uh, Ken Norton, how would you rate uh, Mike Tyson, hitting power well? he's a sharper hitter than other guys, other guys hit a lot harder, uh, but he's a sharper hitter, you know, hit me here in the forehead and knock down my delivery and uh, that's all you know, just don't I had more balance.
I don't want to go I don't want to go I don't want to go here I know everyone thought I was laughing out loud Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinx was aboxing match that took place on Monday, June 27, 1988. Both men were undefeated and each had the right to be the legitimate heavyweight champion at the time Tyson held the belts of all three major sanctioning organizations, while Spinx He was the champion of the ring and was considered the lineal champion. Tyson won the fight by knocking out Spinx in 91 seconds and he's down again and in serious trouble, a right hand right on the chin, you know, but uh, he hits pretty good, he hit me in a spot on the top of my head, which I think anyone would do.
It would make Li head or fall backwards if they were hit where I did. I see myself knocking out my Tyson, knocking him out spectacularly. I refuse to be hit. I refuse to be hurt. I'm resisting, there's no way he's going to do it. hit me no way no way no way you know, very, very explosive, don't blink, don't blink. I would like to thank all the Brits for coming and I promise I won't let you down. I come in with the belt and I leave with my belt thank you very much and God bless you all I'm in great shape I'm in fierce shape as always and I'm looking forward to a good fight and to be victorious and world champion I'm I'm just here to work.
I'm ready to do it. God bless you. I'm going to rock him to sleep. I hope Don King has room in his lap. I'm just saying, it's interesting that Mr. Bruno is speaking very bravely and boldly, but we. We will see MGM Grand Las Vegas February 25, 1989 this was the date and location of one of the most anticipated boxing fights of all time Mike Tyson against Frank Bruno this would be Tyson's first fight after firing trainer Kevin Rooney Tyson He was coming off a first-round knockout of the previously undefeated Michael Spinx, which not only gave Tyson the lineal heavyweight title but removed any doubt as to who the rightful heavyweight champion was, the fight got off to a fast start with the two men exchanging blows in the middle of the ring as soon as When the round began, Frank Bruno Bruno came to try to mix it up, he is holding on to Tyson's head.
Tyson has no clear effects, but he was caught by a shot from Frank Bruno Tyson trying to defend himself at the end of the second round. Tyson punched. Bruno with a right hand that sent Bruno into the ropes feeling like a knockout Tyson would continue to hit Bruno but Bruno was able to hold on and survive the round and round B number two trying to put on a better fight than most people thought possible . round Tyson dominated the fight until the fifth round with one minute left in the round he continually attacked Bruno with powerful combinations gives him room to get off the ropes he scores with Lance's right hook Bruno is in big trouble now he's ready to start it hits right hand as best he can, still in big trouble, hook catches him, right hand catches him, the fight would finally end with less than 10 seconds left in the round, but before Bruno could fall , referee Steel intervened and stopped. the fight that gave Tyson the victory by technical knockout, okay Frank, you are one of the few people who has had the experience of being here with Mike Tyson, how is that a very, very good experience?
He's a good fighter, but like I said. he's just a human being like everyone else, but you didn't have the kryptonite tonight, no, tonight you don't have the scream, but you hit him with a terribly good punch in the first round, a left hook, did you feel that crumbled a little? Yes, I felt it. He went down very well, but was he too smart to take any more hits? It's a very good fight as I said you couldn't take anything away from Mik TY Tyson and I thought he had the power to beat him tonight but unfortunately I didn't.
You didn't win, did you fight the best possible fight you could fight because it seemed like you were more aggressive than we anticipated? I really shouldn't have fought a slightly more constructive fight, but I can't really take anything away from Mike Tyson. a good fighter, the only thing I really see is me defeating Mike Tyson, it's like a dream keeps coming, like mom, it accompanied you to the top and when you get there you are at the top of the mountain. I'm thinking Mike Tyson is the mountain I have to climb mentally and physically to fight this little guy and here I am, getting ready, all of a sudden he gets caught.
You know, it's only a week before I'm ready to leave. For L City I do the last two weeks of my training. I am prepared, the technique and everything I want to do and suddenly it has changed. I mean, this is what I've dreamed of being in a big fight where the opponent is just as good and you just have to keep in mind that little Edge Tyson's next fight in his comeback period was against Alex Stewart, a fighter promising with each of his 26 professional Knockouts victories, although the fight was initially scheduled for September 22. Tyson suffered an injury while he was training.
From his sparring partner Greg Pige, the cut required 48 stitches, causing the fight to be rescheduled for December 8. As soon as the fight began, Tyson attacked and landed two punches on Stewart, the second of which knocked him out. He was knocked to the mat less than 10 seconds later. Early in the fight, Stewart was able to get up before the count of five and continue, but was met with a lot of powerful punches from Tyson, a good right hand that hurt Steart again, but Steart is still upright at 1 minute 5 seconds into the round. Stewart was again knocked down by Tyson's right hand, this time he got up just before the count of eight and referee Frank Cappuccino allowed Stewart to continue with the three knockdown rule, in effect he was ordering Tyson to continue his attack. furious at Stewart trying to get a third knockdown to give him an automatic victory at 2 minutes 27 seconds into the round Tyson landed a short left hand on Stewart and knocked down Stewart for the third time ending the fight and giving Tyson the victory by technical knockout well Stuart said that Tyson was a mountain that had a climb he just knocked off that mountain you describe what happened just to get caught early that's all you feel there with this Tyson who seems very fast and even skilled on the bombs he drops just I didn't get off that's all it just didn't come out that's all Irish Hurricane Peter MCN I'm Hurricane Peter McNelly from Medfield Mass Saturday night watch me kick Tyson's ass but if you haven't done it yet the arrangements for the PPV, make them soon because remember what happens when I wrap you in my cocoon I am happy to be here everyone has made their statements um Mr. mcy had a nice statement I am ready to fight thank you all for your support the fear and the The threat that Mike Tyson carried on him in his run-up has never been better exemplified than in the first 10 seconds of his comeback fight against Peter Mcney on August 19, 1995.
McNeely began the fight by aggressively attacking Tyson as soon as the bell rang. initial bell. Tyson was able to avoid Mcneely's wild punches and land. a straight right that threw McNeely to the canvas less than 10 seconds into the fight after referee Mills Lane stood until the count of 8. McNeely was allowed to continue and resumed his assault on Tyson, the two men exchanged blows in the corner in the first minute of the round. Less than 20 seconds later, Tyson landed a right hook that again dropped McNeely with McNeely clearly hurt by The Exchange. His manager Vinnie Veon entered the ring to prevent McNee from further damage, causing Lane to end the fight and award Tyson the victory. disqualification correct that was not correct that was not correct this happened so quickly can you really evaluate what kind of test this was?
Did it end so quickly that you can't tell? You know it as soon as the bell rang. He came at me and I have too much time to anticipate anything, so just with Instinct he started throwing punches. He was basically planning to counter him. Hit him, he whispered to you at length, he talked to you for about 45 seconds, what did he say to you? um, it was more gibberish, I didn't hear much, but um, he's a good person, he was definitely ready to continue as you saw. He was right above B, was it two falls? Well, he was on top after both falls.
He is not a Denon Defender. He's fast and he's a fast puncher, but he hit me. My spy buddy hit me harder. Garang Lane, do you want to ask me? About me, what did you say to Tyon? You had some words with him after I told him he was a champion and that I respected him and when I was a kid he was one of my heroes and you guys know what I do. what I do, I put people in body bags when I'm right so we know what's going to happen and I give all the people who want to make deals their microphone, uh, I suggest you wait, you know, of course, you could lose a lot. of money, so wait a little longer and I know you don't think you're going to be.
I know you don't think that, regardless of my tray. I know no one believes I've been training. A long time and I've been waiting for this opportunity my whole life and I know some of you probably don't know me but those of you who do know I'm coming to fight my man we definitely heard this 15 years I've been doing this we've been hearing this of different types um we'll see, we'll see on January 16, 1999 Tyson would face former IBF heavyweight champion Francois Baa despite his long layoff Tyson was right about his chances of getting a victory over Baa by knockout those two continue to lead after the B we re-enter the ring the two were destroyed 12 seconds before the end of the fifth round Tyson was able to land a short right hand that fell to the canvas vaa tried to get up twice and was almost able to respond to the count of Steel at nine, but went back down and Steel stopped the fight at 2 minutes and 59 seconds and Tyson received the knockout.
Victoria, he grabbed my arm. and he was trying to break my arm, you know, like twist my arm and uh, I was telling riv, I said Riv, you know he's trying to break my arm, it almost looked like you were trying to break his arm there, no, he He got tough with me, so I got tough. I can't remember everything I said to him, but you know he was trying to psych him up. I tell him you know everyone is watching you. You have to start


because you are losing. I did the same. As much as he could tell me, I did everything I could, that's what he told me and I will get better.
I have heard. I was laid off for two years. What are you waiting for? We are working. We will improve. This is just the first fight. I just walked into the punch, I mean, Mike threw the punch and we all know Mike has a lot of power, he's probably one of the hardest punchers in boxing and uh, I just walked into a punch and a punch that you can't see and that is. a punch with me Iron Mike first traveled to Europe for a fight back in 2000, although he was far from his prime and fell from grace after serving time behind bars Tyson was still one of the most popular sporting icons in the world for two weeks, the English capital stopping at every sight, fans flocking from all over the country to see the action live.
Mike Tyson faced British champion Julius Francis at the Meen Stadium in Manchester on January 29, 2000. Mike Tyson is human just like all of us um he bleeds he feels pain just like everyone else two arms two legs I'm not just a puff of smoke that goes with you know what I say like Scotch M you know I have I've been there with the talented young fighters of this country and I've beaten them. If he's the same, he's like with anything, if you think you can do it, you're going to do it. They're going to beat me, simple as that.
Fastest takedown for 30 seconds against injured left side of body, could be in trouble right here, started down, left, fight ended quickly as Tyson knocked out his opponent within 63 seconds of round two, round two, He has fallen three times, how much more punishment do I have? I think we'll give it one more, but that'll be it, anyway, he's showing that he's got guts for the fifth time and that's it, he says goodbye, that's all the fans would want to know. I'm sure he's a legitimate opponent, a recognizable name. that will be in the plans next who will be next oh I fight anyone Shelley FR will tell me to fight you know what I have to tell you your mental blow is really hard thank you are you okay yeah yeah now I'm the body?
The shots were the thing, right? You were very brave tonight, you held on and you held on. Did you do as well as you thought? Well, no, obviously not, because I think I could come here and win. You know, that's what I believe you. you know what I'm saying I think I could win the fight thanks for inviting us here Mike finally you say whoever Shelly says to fight can you give us a name or two? Mike was the youngest heavyweight you've ever met and he won the fight. Tyler and you know what a moment to break it, you know, I think I've grown up, you know, to get in the ring and beat this guy physically, I never felt better and on October 20, 2000, Mike entered the ring against the Polish boxer Andrew. golod in one of the most unique fights like The Showdown in mtown before this fight,Tyson was on a three-fight winning streak following his return from a 15-month suspension related to that infamous incident involving Evander Holyfield where he bit the former heavyweight champions. heard in the third round of his heavyweight rematch directly against Byson at the Palace Arena in Michigan, however, Tyson was once again at his explosive best after flooring Galotto with a powerful right hand late in the first round and G what. a straight right hand, right on the ground, the same open right hand that he cut between the first and second round.
GTO was begging his trainer to stop the fight. Golod's trainer, The CTO, however sent the Polish fighter into a second round that subsequently followed a similar line to that of the first. After another attack from Tyson, the former Olympic bronze medalist decided to quit even though his trainers were happy to continue after I quit at the end of two rounds oh look at that, oh my god, first of all, today was not my day, but I had a head, but what about the fall? Did you really recover from that knockdown at the end of the first round?
Actually, I just slipped, you know? I haven't been. I hit it real good, you know, just know, it was a slip, a slip on the ground, so that's it. I got up and I'm sorry to all my fans. You know who is counting on me. Know. I just knew they have my day. today please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any new episode about the boxing legends of the past until next time.

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